Dunedin Santa Parade (6 Dec 2015)

Dunedin Santa Parade 6 Dec 2015DCC Link

█ Proudly brought to you by the Dunedin Santa Parade Trust and Sponsors.

The Dunedin Santa Parade announces the Arrival of Christmas in Dunedin.
Dunedin’s Annual Santa Parade is now in its 18th year. This is Otago’s largest free public event! A dedicated team of volunteers are delighted to bring this Parade to Families and Children.
Exciting floats, many bands, marching, Fire Engines, animals, Clowns and of course – Santa. The Parade is followed by a family concert in the lower Octagon.
The parade route starts at The Regent 24 hour Night and Day Store on George street, at 3pm, and travels straight down the main street through the Octagon centre and finishes in Moray Place South by The First Church.
For more information including route map, go to the Trust website at http://www.dunedinsantaparade.co.nz/

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DCC: Business survey to rate council service

█ Note: the online survey is anonymous.

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Business sector asked to rate DCC service

This item was published on 30 Nov 2015

The Dunedin City Council today released an online business survey to check how its services are being perceived by Dunedin’s business people.

The DCC committed to introducing a proactive and business-friendly approach across the DCC when it launched Dunedin’s Economic Development Strategy in 2013.

The online survey asks Dunedin business people to think about the service they have received from DCC staff over the past eight months. The survey results will be compared with the answers received by the DCC’s Enterprise Dunedin business unit from the first survey which was launched in April.

The survey specifically targets businesses which had direct contact with the DCC over the past eight months – those identified will receive an email asking them to complete the anonymous survey.

General Manager Services and Development Simon Pickford says the survey will help to gauge where things have improved and identify areas that still need to be addressed.

“The results from this survey allow us to see if we are heading on the right track by analysing how we have fared over the past eight months. But more importantly this survey marks the start of an ongoing quarterly report which will track the satisfaction of business people who have used the DCC’s services.”

Mr Pickford says that in the past the DCC’s business friendliness hasn’t been well measured but this new measure is a further step toward solving that problem.

“This is about creating a better two way conversation with business owners around town and about the type of service they are receiving. We aim to consistently be more business friendly. This is the start of more regular reporting on business satisfaction.”

█ The survey will close on 11 December 2015 for analysis.

Contact General Manager Services and Development on 477 4000.
DCC Link

█ Read the report (dated 20 May 2015) for the last business survey here.

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City council “justifiably proud of its fiscal discipline” —Cull The Delusional

ODT 30.11.15 (page 8)

ODT 30.11.15 Letter to editor Dickie p8 (1)

Comments received at other threads:

Submitted on 2015/11/30 at 9:34 am
Several more blocked drains seen later on Friday and also more on Saturday, including some so bad they were flooding right across the road.

And today in the ODT we have the Mayor slapping ratepayers across the face again with the laughable claim that rate rises are due to rises in the cost of bitumen and pipes.

Considering how much is spent on bitumen and pipes, compared to wages and interest, that sounds [like as] big a lie as “the drains are properly maintained”.

The ODT should call Mayor Cull on this – because blaming year after year of rate rises on the costs of bitumen and pipes sounds like a big fat lie.

[Published in abridged form at ODT Online: Your Say:
DCC not responsible for flooding? Yeah right]

Submitted on 2015/11/27 at 9:26 am
Just posted to the ODT website –

“Taking the kids to school this morning, the drain at the end of our road is blocked and water is flowing across the street. So I started counting blocked drains on my short journey to Queens and Tahuna schools. Grand total – 14 blocked drains, including three bad enough for large amounts of water to be flowing right across the street.

Similarly a relative’s business in town has been flooded several times, every time because of blocked drains. Often they are left with the choice of going out in the rain to unblock it themselves, or hiring a private contractor to suction-pump it.

Because even though the DCC know it’s a problem, they still don’t maintain it.

Do the DCC not realise that all they do is make themselves look like either incompetent fools or liars, when they make the laughable claim that the drains are well maintained and do not contribute to flooding?”

Submitted on 2015/11/27 at 11:36 am
Several more blocked drains seen on the way into town, including two so bad the water is flowing right across the road. And it wasn’t even raining very hard at that stage.

At least three of those flood across the road very time it rains hard – ie 10-20 times a year.

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Lively dialogue with DVML’s Terry Davies —Not ! #LGOIMA #Stadium

Received from Calvin Oaten
Sat, 28 Nov 2015 at 5:35 p.m.

—–Original Message—–
From: Calvin Oaten
Sent: Sunday, 1 November 2015 10:10 a.m.
To: Sandy Graham
Cc: Dave Cull; Sue Bidrose
Subject: [LGOIMA] Request

Hello Sandy,
I have been reading the annual reports of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) and am somewhat uncertain as to the true position regarding the matter of charges/fees for the use of the Stadium. We were given a detailed report in the 2014/15 Annual Plan wherein it [was] disclosed that the DCC/ratepayers would be making a one off lump sum of $2.271m to DVML by way of calling up unpaid capital. Then there is to be $715k per annum paid also by way of calling up unpaid capital. An event attraction fund of $400k per annum, source ratepayers? These two annual sums are I believe revenue to DVML. We won’t talk about the later decision to fund $2m per annum as a rent subsidy to DVL, due to DVML’s inability to meet the $4m rent required towards DVL’s debt reduction.
There is no mention of the Stadium in the 2015/16 Annual Plan with any reference to funding shortfalls even though both DVML and DVL continue to run deficits.

Zeroing in on sports events held in the Stadium (because that is its primary purpose) I see that in 2013 there was (sic) 44 events attracting 205,511 attendees.
In 2014 there were 39 with 206,123 there and in 2015 for 33 events 174,575 turned out in support.

DVML showed revenue of $6.085m in 2012 and $8.205m in 2013. These were of the Stadium only, thereafter it includes the Edgar Centre, the DCC Convention Centre plus the Ice Stadium management. This brought about an increase in revenue to $9.127m for 2014 and $9.960m in 2015. Similar pattern for the operating expenses over those same years.

In order to enable one to get an assessment of where these obviously inadequate revenues come from I would request under the [LGOIMA] the following points;

1. The main events being rugby, which of the ORFU, the Highlander Franchise or the NZRFU staged what events over those years? What was the rental received by DVML from those respective bodies per event and do they figure in the revenue statements?

2. What was the amount of revenue received from the other lesser codes which used the same facilities?

With respect to the Operating Expenses outlined in the reports, 2012 as $3.862m, 2013 $3.589m, 2014 $4.361m and 2015 $5.407m.

1. Of those expenses I would request under the [LGOIMA] the amounts of those expenses which could be described as paid inducements or subsidies to perform in the Stadium, albeit sports and concerts?

I trust that this information could be made available within the statutory twenty-one days and thank you in anticipation.

Calvin Oaten

Terry Davies (1) 194022Terry Davies, DVML Chief Executive [via whatifdunedin]

From: Terry Davies
Subject: FW: [LGOIMA] Request
Date: 27 November 2015 3:53:09 pm NZDT
To: Calvin Oaten

Dear Mr Oaten

I refer to your email dated 1 November which has been referred to DVML to respond. I have responded directly to your questions below:

1. The main events being rugby, which of the ORFU, the Highlander Franchise or the [NZRU] staged what events over those years? What was the rental received by DVML from those respective bodies per event and do they figure in the revenue statements?
The rental received for these events is withheld under section 7(2)(h) and (i) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 to allow DVML to carry out commercial activities without prejudice or disadvantage.

2. What was the amount of revenue received from the other lesser codes which used the same facilities?
The revenue received for these events is withheld under section 7(2)(h) and (i) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 to allow DVML to carry out commercial activities without prejudice or disadvantage.

With respect to the Operating Expenses outlined in the reports, 2012 as $3.862m, 2013 $3.589m, 2014 $4.361m and 2015 $5.407m.

1. Of those expenses I would request under the [LGOIMA] the amounts of those expenses which could be described as paid inducements or subsidies to perform in the Stadium, albeit sports and concerts?
The expenses incurred and event attraction funding for these events is withheld under section 7(2)(h) and (i) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 to allow DVML to carry out commercial activities without prejudice or disadvantage.

DVML’s audited annual accounts are published which shows revenue and operating costs and this is available on line at http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/519711/Dunedin-Venues-Management-Limited-2015-Annual-Report.pdf

You are entitled to have this decision reviewed by the Ombudsman.

Yours sincerely
Terry Davies


From: Calvin Oaten
Subject: Fwd: [LGOIMA] Request
Date: 28 November 2015 12:08:46 am NZDT
To: Sue Bidrose

Hello Sue,
You will have been aware of my queries expressed recently via the [LGOIMA], re the DVML revenue [breakdown].
Well I would have to say that the reply as received is totally underwhelming. This would have to be the most condescending, snivelling, performance by a highly positioned manager one could expect. Hiding behind a clause in a flawed piece of legislation to deny a citizen stakeholder information which ought to be available, on the grounds that it would compromise the company in carrying out its business without prejudice or disadvantage is nothing but
a complete ‘cop-out’ by a less than forthright person. Unless there is detail showing activities detrimental to achieving maximum returns to the company, then I find it a disingenuous and rude dismissal of an honest request.

Sue, I am dissatisfied with his response but if you think it is the way it should lie, then I would be deeply disappointed. I would appreciate your comments as I treat this as a serious affront.



█ In other developments, ICC felt the need to secure games for its stadium. What have Terry Davies, (“make it work”) Dave Cull and Sue Bidrose been up to in behind ?

### ODT Online Fri, 27 Nov 2015
Rugby: Highlanders private investors revealed (+ video)
A group of South Island private investors has been granted a five-year licence to run the Highlanders. The group, headed by Ticket Direct boss Matthew Davey, has taken a 77% stake in the Dunedin-based Super Rugby franchise, with Otago, Southland and North Otago Provincial Unions having a 13% stake. New Zealand Rugby (NZR) retains a 10% share for the first two years.
Read more

Otago Daily Times Published on Nov 26, 2015
Highlanders private investors revealed

29.11.15 ODT: Rugby: New operators for Highlanders
The Invercargill City Council has underwritten the venture to the tune of up to $500,000 in return for one guaranteed game at Rugby Park each year for the next five years.

29.11.15 ODT: Canadian finds his ticket to success
Matthew Davey says the Highlanders helped make him – now he is ready to help return the favour. The Dunedin businessman says he started the company he founded, Ticket Direct, at Carisbrook in 1999, and it has since grown into a multinational entity based in Dunedin.

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● 18.6.14 Crowe Horwath Report (May 2014) – Review of DVML Expenses
9.6.14 DVML: Crowe Horwath audit report (Hedderwick)
2.6.14 Stadium costs ballpark at $21.337 million pa, Butler & Oaten
● 20.5.14 Tim Hunter on Ward, McLauchlan, Hayne #Highlanders
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DCC Citifleet: Well-connected stave off Open Inquest

In order to maintain the fairy tale, said The Faerie Queene….
Or. Full circle.

### ODT Online Thu, 26 Nov 2015
In-chambers Bachop inquest
By Chris Morris
There will be no open inquest into the death of former Dunedin City Council Citifleet team leader Brent Bachop. Instead, the death of the man found to be at the centre of the council’s $1.5million vehicle fraud is being dealt with in chambers, the Otago Daily Times understands.
Read more

The Faerie Queene
A lovely Ladie rode him faire beside, Upon a lowly, Asse more white then snow, Yet she much wither; but the same was full low, And ouer all a blacke stole she did throw.

(c) The Fitzwilliam Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

The Faerie Queene is an incomplete English epic poem by Edmund Spenser. The first half was published in 1590, and a second instalment was published in 1596.

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13.3.15 Cr Lee Vandervis: LGOIMA request – Citifleet … Deloitte Report
19.12.14 DCC: Limited Citifleet investigation about insurance
19.12.14 Vandervis: Deloitte and Police Citifleet investigations
19.12.14 DCC Citifleet by email . . . . woops! (another timeline proof)
18.12.14 DCC: Deloitte report released on Citifleet #whitewash

█ For more, enter the terms *citifleet*, *bachop*, *bidrose* or *vandervis* in the search box at right.

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*Image: bbc.co.uk – Isabella Salstonstall as Una from Spenser’s The Faerie Queene. The Fitzwilliam Museum via The Public Catalogue Foundation.


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DCC report: Mosgiel Pool Future Aquatic Provision

█ Full Council Meeting Monday 30 November 2015 at 1:00 p.m.
Council Chamber, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon

Agenda – Council – 30/11/2015 (PDF, 39.6 KB)

Other Reports to be tabled.

Item 16

Report – Council – 30/11/2015 (PDF, 7.1 MB)
Mosgiel Pool Future Aquatic Provision


Council 30 November 2015
Department: Parks, Recreation and Aquatics

1. This report presents high level concept design options and associated capital and operating costs for a new aquatic facility in Mosgiel. A decision is required on which, if any option should be progressed to developed design stage to enable more detailed operating costs, capital costs and whole of life cost options to be developed.

2. Staff have conducted a robust process, assisted by aquatic facility development and operation experts, using architects and quantity surveyors with substantial aquatic experience (including Selwyn) and with the input of Sport New Zealand. Despite this, and whilst reaching agreement on a preferred site, there is a fundamental difference between the staff position and that of the Taieri Community Facilities Trust (the Trust).

3. Council staff consider they can deliver a high quality aquatic facility containing two bodies of water that provide for casual recreation (leisure), casual fitness (lap swimming) and learn to swim that will be valued by the Mosgiel community. The Trust does not agree.

4. The estimated total capital cost for this option is approximately $14.4m, based on benchmarking, which can be refined and reduced through developed design, value management and procurement processes.

5. The Trust position is that for the same amount of money, ie approximately $14.4m, a four-pool proposal, as presented in 2014, can be delivered. The staff assessment of this position is that the capital cost is more likely to be approximately $18-20m, based on feedback from Sport New Zealand and the quantity surveyor.

That the Council:
a) Decides that Site A, located adjacent to the existing Mosgiel Pool is the preferred site for the development of a new aquatic facility.

b) Directs officers to progress the option of two bodies of water, delivering leisure, lap and learn to swim activities through to developed design including further refinement of capital costs, operating costs, and the development of whole of life facility costs, and report back to Council in May 2016.

c) Notes the estimated capital cost of the current concept for two bodies of water is $10,458,000 (buildings, siteworks and infrastructure) plus $2,379,500 (fees, consents, furniture and equipment) plus $1,567,000 (project contingency and ground improvement provision); a total of $14,404,500.

d) Notes that the estimated capital cost excludes an escalation provision, currently estimated at 2.8% per annum for the three years until the Council funding is available.

e) Acknowledges the continued commitment of the Taieri Community Facilities Trust to the project, through their participation in the steering group and input into the concept design process.

Author: Jendi Paterson, Parks and Recreation Planning Manager
Authoriser(s): Richard Saunders, Group Manager, Parks, Recreation and Aquatics; Ruth Stokes, General Manager, Infrastructure and Networks

19 October 2015
Feedback on Taieri Community Facilities Trust Feasibility Study (November 2014), Warren & Mahoney Architects (WAM) and Barnes Beagley Doherr (BBD) Master Plan and Cost Estimate (September 2015).


1. General observations – There is universal acceptance that the existing Mosgiel Community Pool is an asset at the end of its usefulness and fit with existing and future community needs. The Taieri Community Facilities Trusts (the Trust) Feasibility correctly establishes that historical reports, information and recommendations along with DCC support this view. What is unclear or fully evidenced in the study is:
– What needs assessment and demand are evident and directly related to the size, scale and component mix for the facility required? E.g. need for a FINA certified 10 lane competition pool.
– Confirmation of the likely and sustainable catchment that the centre will serve?
– The impact of the proposed facility on the existing aquatic network?
– What is the projects full capital cost and whole of life affordability for the community?

3. Site and location – It is agreed that Memorial Park is the preferred site for the development of a new aquatic centre. The Feasibility Study promotes the use of a site that impacts significantly the existing Memorial Park Gardens. This option seems unnecessary given the other options available at the park to DCC. Of the subsequent locations within the park proposed by Warren and Mahoney Architects (20.09.15) those sites favoured are those that enable the existing pool to operate during any development period, impact adjacent residents the least, provides multiple points of entry, maximises existing car parking and allows for future expansion should be considered. In this context Site A and Site B are favoured. Site A may offer the opportunity to upgrade and integrate the Caravan Park operation into the new facility, management model and provide a positive revenue stream for the centre.

6. Funding Strategy – the expectation placed on the Trust to raise 50% ($7.5m) of the capital cost of the project is considered unrealistic and unfair. Despite the optimism of the Trust would be unachievable by the second half of 2016 as identified in the Trusts timeline for achieving the pledged funding target. Undoubtedly, this would place extreme pressure of exiting funding agencies and fundraising organisations delivering alternative community outcomes and services for some time. One needs to ask the question – is the same expectation places on communities of interest to raise 50% of funding for developments of public libraries, community halls, sport parks and other public amenities?

Conclusion, the size scale and complexity of the proposed aquatic centre seems to address the wants rather than the needs of the community. Justification of the overall component mix, the need for 10 v’s 8 lanes, competitive aquatic sport needs v’s wider community recreation, wellness and entertainment (youth and older adults) would benefit from closer consideration given the significant level of investment under consideration. The size and extent of the projected catchment population may be inflated and with minimal consideration given to the impact of the new centre on the existing aquatic network of facilities and in its current form designed to compete rather than compliment Moana Pool. The assessment of capital cost seems consistent based on similar south island projects and assessment of construction rates without due consideration to those costs currently excluded. The projected operating budget is not inclusive of all relevant costs (debt repayments and depreciation) nor does it consider the whole of life costs for the assets which will require the need for an ongoing level of operational subsidy.

[screenshots – click to enlarge]

Mosgiel Pool - Trust selected sites

Mosgiel Pool - Sites Analysed by Architects

Mosgiel Pool - Site Option A

Mosgiel Pool - Brief Matrix

Mosgiel Pool - Brief Study 2B

Mosgiel Pool - Brief Study 3B

Mosgiel Pool - Brief Study 4B

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DCC report: Infrastructure performance during June 2015 Flood

Another chance to see glaring white WHITEWASH at Dunedin City Council. Read: How to exonerate DCC managers and CEO as they collect their exorbitant salaries. Meanwhile (*giggle) Mayor Cull blames climate change and sea level rise for the flood, like he’s not seen the staff report.
He’s not coping, is he.

South Dunedin flood June 2015 [stuff.co.nz]King Edward St - South Dunedin Flood June 2015 [Stuff.co.nz]South Dunedin Flood 2015 [Stuff.co.nz]


█ Full Council Meeting Monday 30 November 2015 at 1:00 p.m.
Council Chamber, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon

Agenda – Council – 30/11/2015 (PDF, 39.6 KB)

Other Reports to be tabled.

Item 17

Report – Council – 30/11/2015 (PDF, 553.9 KB)
Infrastructure Performance During June 2015 Flood Event


COUNCIL 30 November 2015

1. This report provides an overview of the extreme rain event of 3 June 2015, its impacts and the performance of the drainage infrastructure. It focuses primarily on the impact of the events that were experienced in South Dunedin, as this has been an area of particular public interest.

2. The analysis presented in the report is based on a flow balance model that has been developed for the purposes of assessing the impact of pumping station performance. The flow balance model has also been used to assess the relative impacts of the high groundwater levels in South Dunedin that significantly increase the amount of runoff generated by the rainfall.

3. The rain event significantly exceeded the capacity of the stormwater system in South Dunedin. The post event analysis has identified some opportunities to improve the performance of the existing infrastructure in large scale rain events, but would not prevent serious flooding in a similar future rain event.

4. Work is already underway to redesign the screens at the Portobello Road pumping station to make it easier to keep them clear during large events and is expected to be completed during the current financial year.

5. The planned infrastructure improvements will slightly reduce the impact of future flooding. However extensive flooding of low lying areas in large scale rain events, long duration rain events remains highly likely, particularly if the rain event coincides with high groundwater conditions.

That the Council: a) Notes the report on Infrastructure Performance during the June 2015 Flood Event.

EXTRAORDINARY !!! Just one recommendation, to “note”.
SACK NO-ONE for not doing their job. Nothing to see here.
(in effect) Blame inanimate stormwater pumping stations.


44. Using the actual pump data [Portobello Road stormwater pumping station] the flow balance shows a greater volume of water on the surface at the peak of the flood (red line) with a maximum of approximately 367,000m3 of water. This equates to an average water depth of 490mm across the estimated flood area. The tail of the flooding is also more prolonged than in Figure 4.

45. The pump data shows that the pumping station was not operating at full capacity throughout the event. This arose for a combination of two reasons – the design of the Portobello Screen and the pump control set up.

46. Portobello Pumping Station is protected by a large screen. This prevents debris that might damage the pumps from reaching the pumping station. The screen has to be manually cleaned to remove any debris that builds up on it. This is normally done once per week. Prior to event on 3 June 2015, the screen had last been checked and cleaned on the afternoon of 29 May. This has been confirmed by the job records which are automatically time and date stamped and include a photograph to assure the work quality.

47. The layout of the screen was changed in 2010 for health and safety reasons. Prior to the change, operators had to climb down onto a platform in an underground tank to rake the screen clean. There were concerns that this operation was unsafe during larger storms. Consequently, the design was changed so that the screen could be cleaned through an access hatch from the surface. This has proven safe and effective in other storms. However, this event was exceptionally large. The exceptional nature of this event meant that although operators attended the site frequently throughout the event, the water levels reached a point where they were physically unable to pull the weight of debris up through the water to remove it completely. Consequently, at times they had no alternative but to push any debris downwards to keep as much of the screen clear as possible. This will have had the effect of keeping water levels within the system raised and restricting flow to the pumps.

48. It is not possible to remove the screen during a flood event because the screen and fixings become submerged. Furthermore, the pumps would then be unprotected creating a high risk that flood debris would damage the pumps leaving them unable to operate, resulting in worse flooding for a longer period.

Author: Laura McElhone Group Manager Water and Waste
Authoriser: Ruth Stokes General Manager Infrastructure and Networks

Otago Daily Times Published on Jun 4, 2015
Raw aerial video of Dunedin Flooding
Video courtesy One News.

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