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### ODT Online Wed, 4 Mar 2015
Council plans sweeping internal audit
By Chris Morris
An outside company will be paid to pry into every corner of the Dunedin City Council in the wake of the Citifleet fraud. The move came as members of the council’s audit and risk subcommittee yesterday endorsed two new policies designed to better protect the organisation from fraud.
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### ODT Online Tue, 3 Mar 2015
Look at audit, disposal policies
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council is continuing to close the gaps in its defences in the wake of the $1.5 million Citifleet fraud. Councillors at today’s audit and risk subcommittee meeting will consider a new internal audit policy, and an updated asset disposal and write-off policy, which aimed to better protect the organisation against fraud.
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The Council’s audit and risk subcommittee:
Susie Johnstone (Chairperson), Janet Copeland, Councillors Chris Staynes, Richard Thomson, Hilary Calvert and Mayor Dave Cull (Ex-Officio Member)

Agenda – Audit – 03/03/2015 (PDF, 105.3 KB)

Report – Audit – 03/03/2015 (PDF, 164.7 KB)
Audit and Risk Subcommittee Work Plan

Report – Audit – 03/03/2015 (PDF, 63.2 KB)
Governance/Financial Policies

Report – Audit – 03/03/2015 (PDF, 363.9 KB)
Updated Internal Audit Policy (Draft)

Report – Audit – 03/03/2015 (PDF, 216.7 KB)
Updated Asset Disposal and Write-off Policy and Procedures

Report – Audit – 03/03/2015 (PDF, 1.7 MB)
Significance and Engagement Policy

Report – Audit – 03/03/2015 (PDF, 38.1 KB)
Long Term Plan Update

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*Images: glasbergen.com – bad news toon-1682; pinimg.com – keep calm


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Town Belt Traverse | Sunday 29 March

Town Belt Traverse 1 Shoe

█ More details at the DAS website

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24.2.15 Town Belt Traverse 2015 —Sunday, 29 March

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███ What if? Dunedin supports SENSIBLE WALKING SHOES

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DCC: Mosgiel Pool private workshop Tuesday (tomorrow)

Updated post Wed 4 Mar 2015 at 7:55 p.m.

According to Mayor Cull all on his lonesome….

### dunedintv.co.nz March 4, 2015 – 7:03pm
Mosgiel pool development expected within five years
A new swimming pool complex at Mosgiel is likely to be developed within the next five years. That’s the expectation of Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull, following a planning workshop on the proposal. He says there’s likely to be a crucial decision made even sooner.

Pool 7Proposed Taieri Aquatic Centre [click to enlarge]

Taieri Community Facilities Trust (aka ‘Pooling Together’) — Who we are

### ODT Online Sun, 1 Mar 2015
Workshop to discuss Mosgiel pool options
Source: The Star [primary: DCC media release 24.2.15]
Dunedin City Councillors and the Taieri Communities Facilities Trust (TCFT) will hold a workshop on Tuesday to discuss proposals to build a new pool in Mosgiel. Mayor Dave Cull said the workshop, on March 3, would be an opportunity to discuss the framework around which the decision-making process needs to be based.
During Long Term Plan (LTP) discussions last month, the council agreed to include information on two-pool, three-pool and four-pool Mosgiel Pool options as unfunded options in the LTP consultation document for public feedback in March and April.
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Submitted to ODT Online. Not published.

Private facilities trust
Submitted by ej kerr on Sun, 01/03/2015 – 6:24pm.

TCFT is a private trust, its trustee board has not been democratically elected; the trust does not represent the Mosgiel-Taieri community or indeed the Dunedin community, comprising all residents and ratepayers.

Based on two reports from the trust to DCC (here and here, the second being a revision), both dated 21.01.15, there appears to have been no thorough community consultation whatsoever. The reports, as reviewed by council staff, appear to hold little credence in terms of identified issues and options, and that old chestnut, affordability (or not).

Critically accurate budget costings are not provided.

Projected figures would need to be realistic before full and proper community consultation occurs – but which ‘community(s)’ is it for canvass?

At this stage, to emphasise, the figures appear to be both contrived and substantially deficient. But there are wider matters too, for our collective consideration, affecting the future of the Mosgiel-Taieri area in relation to the greater city area which are sidestepped or completely omitted.

The idea that the trust (with help of council politicians and old boy networks?) is bulldozing to get a pool project budget line into the Long Term Plan is all rather previous, given their lobbying appears to be based on very poor homework akin to winks nudges between self-interested cronies, including Mosgiel-Taieri housing developers (effecting sprawl) and the local business association (mainstreet impresarios).

This ‘much of a fuss’ politicking isn’t helped by recent statements coming from trust chairman Michael Stedman, and the explicit two party / three party confusions of the latest council media release. Mr Stedman knows full well the mounting pressures of the stadium project on council debt levels and service delivery, with consequent erosion of ratepayers’ private wealth as our local population ages. Yet, was he ecstatically happy to compound all that by mustering those who would dive into a pool project for (only guessing) ‘elites’, without checking depth or other safety considerations for the already lumbered Dunedin community. Ah, the true mark of a leader.

█ The trust’s initial intention to meet with members of the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board? Invitation lost in the mail.

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Pool 2Pool 4Pool 6Pool 5

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*Scanned images: These renders by Baker Garden Architects were presented in a project report from the Taieri Community Facilities Trust to the Council during pre-draft Long Term Plan 2015/16 meetings in January. Extra copies were provided for the public gallery. [public domain]


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DCC: DCHL/DVL/DVML limited half year result | Term borrowings $586.5M

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Dunedin City Holdings Limited Half Year Result to 31 December 2014

This item was published on 27 Feb 2015

The Dunedin City Holdings group is reporting an improved profit after tax and higher operating cashflows in its half year result, compared to the same period last year.
For the six months to 31 December 2014, total revenue increased by 9%, to $128.3 million. This was due to strong income growth from across the group.
The profit after tax has increased 17% to $10.1 million from $8.7 million for the same period last year.
Cashflows generated by the operations of the group were $96.4 million which was $4.4 million higher than for the six-month period last year. Capital expenditure for the group was $4.1 million higher than at the same time last year.

Term borrowings (including the term debt due to mature within the next year) have decreased by $25.8 million to $586.5 million. These borrowings include debt held with the Dunedin City Holdings (DCHL) group, DCC operations and the Forsyth Barr Stadium companies as they all flow through Dunedin City Treasury Limited, a DCHL group company.

Graham Crombie DCHL 2DCHL Chairman Graham Crombie says, “The first six month of this financial year have produced a pleasing result for the group. Cashflow within the group is strong, the profit is higher and debt has reduced. This is a good outcome for shareholders, the ratepayers of Dunedin.”

Aurora Energy Ltd has had a good start to the financial year, being ahead in revenue and with a higher profit than last year. This is helped by higher demand at present in Central Otago due to additional irrigation activity.
Delta Utility Services Ltd profit is slightly down on last year, but revenue has continued to grow. Last year’s results were influenced by the discontinuation of some activities within the group.
Dunedin International Airport Ltd profit was up compared to last year. Changes in capacity at the Airport continue to be a challenge for the company.
Taieri Gorge Railway Ltd is performing better than at the same time last year. The tourism market has picked up. Some of this has been due to the timing of the cruise ship session being earlier this year than last.
City Forests Ltd profit for the first six month period has reduced. Log prices have fallen from the highs last year. The drop in the New Zealand dollar has assisted the company recently.

Dunedin Venues Ltd and Dunedin Venues Management Ltd do not form part of the DCHL reporting group. Their results, however, have also been released for the six month period.

Dunedin Venues Ltd trading was very close to its result for the same period last year. For Dunedin Venues Management Ltd, revenue was on budget for the first six months ($3.9 million) which was slightly down on same time last year ($4.1 million). The loss for the first six months was $1 million. The company expects to makes its budget for the full year.

█ The half year reports can be found at http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/dchl

Contact Chairman, Dunedin City Holdings Limited on 03 477 4000.
DCC Link

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Blonde ‘lawyer’ takes over DVML —expect no change

Where do they get them.
Dumb enough to accept the blurb given.

DVML and DCC needed an expert psychologist. Not a token.
But if it makes the Smiths happy.

### ODT Online Sat, 28 Feb 2015
Auckland lawyer takes chair at DVML
By Chris Morris
Dunedin Venues Management Ltd’s new chairwoman says she is up for the challenge of Forsyth Barr Stadium. Ashburton-born lawyer Raewyn Lovett (54), now living in Auckland, yesterday took over from outgoing chairman Sir John Hansen, who was farewelled last night after five years in the role. Ms Lovett told the Otago Daily Times she was taking over an organisation that appeared to be turning a corner, helped by the recent stadium review and the company’s “very energetic” chief executive, Terry Davies.
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Raewyn Lovett 1Raewyn Lovett. In addition to my legal career I enjoy spending time in governance roles. I was Chair of Netball New Zealand for seven years and on the board of TTNL Limited (responsible for the establishment of the ANZ Championship). I am a chartered member of the Institute of Directors. Full profile here.

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*Image: Raewyn Lovett with fringe! (tweaked by whatifdunedin)

█ For more, enter the terms *dvml*, *directors*, *davies*, *stadium*, *stadium review*, *misses*, *cull*, *orfu*, *highlanders*, *rugby*, *suite 29*, *tvs* or *hansen* in the search box at right.


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Campbell Live | TXT POLL: Does NZ need a new flag?

Flag of New Zealand [en.wikipedia.org] 1The flag of New Zealand is a defaced Blue Ensign with the Union Flag in the canton, and four red stars with white borders to the right. The stars represent the constellation of Crux, the Southern Cross. More at Wikipedia.

Tweets 27.2.15 @CampbellLiveNZ [screenshot]:

Campbell Live tweets 27.2.15

### ODT Online Fri, 27 Feb 2015
Chin hoping for ‘huge interest’ in flag debate
By Chris Morris
Mr Chin (73), Dunedin mayor from 2004-10, was yesterday named with 11 others – including prominent New Zealand businessmen, academics, sportsmen and military figures – to sit on the Flag Consideration Panel. Mr Chin (73), Dunedin mayor from 2004-10, was yesterday named with 11 others – including prominent New Zealand businessmen, academics, sportsmen and military figures – to sit on the Flag Consideration Panel. Mr Chin told the Otago Daily Times he was looking forward to the role and hoped public interest in the debate would be “huge”.
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● Binding referendum for NZ flag design.
● No binding referendum for sending NZ troops to Iraq.

Surprise. John Key PM has a super-inflated ego.

█ See Russell Garbutt’s comment & following discussion at Peter Chin positive.

The Last Of The Rockstars Published on Jan 19, 2014
U2 – Get On Your Boots (Grammys 2009) – HD

Here’s the video screen sans audio:

U2 Spain Uploaded on Mar 3, 2009
U2 – GET ON YOUR BOOTS (Screen 360 Tour)
(No Line on the Horizon)
Alternate video

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