Vogel Street Party —Saturday, 10 October 2015

Vogel St Party banner
Admission: FREE

The inaugural Vogel Street Party was held last year in conjunction with the first ever Dunedin Street Art Festival; this year’s event will again be staged in the warehouse precinct and will collaborate with the Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature group for a party themed around Literature and Light.

LITERATURE To celebrate Dunedin’s creative city status as a UNESCO City of Literature Dunedin, New Zealand. You can find us sitting alongside only 10 other cities in the world that hold this status, including Edinburgh, Melbourne, Dublin, Prague & more.

LIGHT As 2015 is the International Year of Light, the VSP will be Dunedin’s major effort to join in the world-wide celebration of light and light based technologies.

Vogel Street Party image 685083-320448-34 1

The events, exhibitions and activities will follow these themes and showcase the talent and creativity we have hidden in our city.

The Vogel Street Party 2015 — fun attractions for people of all ages.
PARTY STARTS 10 October at 3pm.
Note start times vary for Open Hours at Heritage Buildings.

█ Webpage: http://vogelstparty.nz/

█ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1611938749075531/

█ Download: Vogel Street Party PROGRAMME

OPEN Buildings [excerpt from programme – click to enlarge]

Vogel Street Party 2015 open buildings

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University blues, connected ?

Updated Post
Wed, 7 Oct 2015 at 11.17 p.m.

“If you’re in Dunedin, I wouldn’t recommend coming to Otago University on Wednesday” —the online threat now deleted from bulletin board 4chan.

### ODT Online Wed, 7 Oct 2015
Warning to stay alert after uni threat
By Carla Green
Dunedin police are continuing their investigation into an online shooting threat made against the University of Otago. […] Acting Area Commander Inspector Mel Aitken said police would maintain a visible presence in the university area, and a number of contingencies would remain in place. People on the university grounds should remain vigilant and alert, she said, and any suspicious activity should be reported.
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OUSA would be posting the messages on its Facebook page, and the university would also be communicating via social media and the student email network.

[this morning]
### ODT Online Wed, 7 Oct 2015
Students on edge after Uni shooting threat
By Carla Green
Several University of Otago eateries will not open today and the central library computer lab is largely empty as the campus responds to a shooting threat made online. Several students spoke of being on edge on campus this morning after the threat was posted by an anonymous social media user on bulletin board 4chan just before midnight on Monday.
Read more

### ODT Online Tue, 6 Oct 2015
Shooting threat at Otago University
By Timothy Brown
Specialist police are investigating an online threat to carry out a shooting at University of Otago in Dunedin tomorrow and have moved to reassure the public, saying “appropriate measures” are being taken. Acting Otago coastal area commander Inspector Mel Aitken confirmed late this afternoon that staff from the High Tech Crime Group in Wellington are investigating the anonymous threat.
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### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 13:08, October 7 2015
Wellington’s Victoria University is being evacuated over bomb scare
By Talia Shadwell
Part of Victoria University in Wellington are being evacuated after a note was found claiming three bombs would explode on campus by lunchtime. Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford said a staff member had found the note about 9.30am by the lifts in the Murphy building on the Kelburn campus. It stated that three bombs were hidden somewhere on campus and would go off by midday. The note was short and offered no explanation or motive for the bombing, he said.
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### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 16:51, October 7 2015
Massey University evacuated after threatening note
By Kelsey Wilkie
Massey University has become the third university to receive a threatening message. The campus has evacuated its registry building in Palmerston North after it received a threatening note aimed at staff on Wednesday afternoon. “We have received a note threatening the staff in our Contact Centre on our Manawatu campus and have evacuated everyone from our Registry Building as a precaution,” Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey said. “We are aware there have been threats made against Otago University and Victoria University over the past two days. So far those threats have come to nothing but, at this stage, keeping our students safe is our key priority,” Maharey said.
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DCC v Tauranga CC + costly stadium cycle/walkway :[

Updated post
Wed, 7 Oct 2015 at 3:14 p.m.

Received from John Evans
Tue, 6 Oct 2015 at 3:50 p.m.

Radio NZ advised today that job applications for Tauranga had increased by 50% from Auckland’s over the past year. Auckland jobseekers look for the exit (updated at 4:52 pm).

The number of Aucklanders looking to leave the city and get jobs elsewhere is up by almost half from last year, new job figures from Trade Me show.

Population increases since Dunedin Debt burden blowout

One of the reasons applicants will seek positions in Tauranga (and not Dunedin) is the greater efficiency of the Tauranga local administration where Tauranga has less than half of the council employees, Dunedin ratepayers support.

Tauranga does not have an expensive indoor stadium (and it rains just as much), it does not have a $50 million overspend on council buildings, no Chinese garden, no Toitu museum.

Is it possible or even likely that Dunedin council has got the reasons for living in a city completely wrong.

New entrants want well organised RUBBISH collections, good management of water, waste water and SEWAGE.

They apparently do not want hare-brained schemes, and they don’t need mantra promising 10,000 more jobs, they are getting them due to increased population and an absence of stupid council schemes.

The only jarring note is that Tauranga is actioning 150km of cycleways. But my take on that is the cycleways are a National government pushed scheme and probably all of the cities are developing cycleways at our expense. What this means of course is that no city will have a cycling point of difference and therefore tourist numbers will be hardly likely to increase simply because of cycleways at ANY location. After all how many cyclists do you see on our cycleways. Apart from the rail trail (a genuine cycle path), the rest of them have SFA, bugger all, None basically.


Ah, Mr Coryn Huddy still has a top paying job after slinging a gun while drunk at Fubar Stadium, then losing it. Thanks Terry Davies for using our Rates to pay freaking idiots. See other references at What if? Dunedin. Why were the police never called by DVML management? —the firearm incident happened prior to Terry Davies’ arrival as chief executive.

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
New cycleway/walkway officially opened

This item was published on 06 Oct 2015

Dunedin City Council today officially opened the new cycleway and walkway linking the wharf area with the west harbour near Forsyth Barr Stadium. The walkway/cycleway completes the connection between the eastern and western parts of the harbour cycle network and also means safer and easier access for people going to the stadium. It includes well-lit shared paths across and under the State Highway 88 bridge over the Leith and connects with Wickliffe Street near the corner of Fryatt Street.

Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull says, “The completion of this particular walkway/cycleway is an important milestone in Dunedin’s wider transport network. It ‘closes the loop’ on the harbour cycle network and also provides better connectivity and safety for a range of users.”

Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee Chair Cr Kate Wilson says, “I’m very pleased to see the extension of this shared path providing better connectivity towards the centre of town from State Highway 88.” Cr Wilson says the new link will be great for families gaining confidence on bikes and she’s now looking forward to further cycleway extensions which will open up cycling over time for many more commuters and recreational riders.

The completion of the new link also has several benefits for people going to Forsyth Barr Stadium. Dunedin Venues Chief Operating Officer Coryn Huddy says, “It is now a safer journey for stadium patrons because they no longer have to cross the busy State Highway 88.” “There is also faster access to the venue with walking times reduced by around 10 minutes for people parking in the vicinity of Fryatt Street. There are potentially more car parking options available as well because other spaces near the harbour may previously have been considered too far to walk,” Mr Huddy says.

The new cycleway/walkway project cost a total of $440,000.

This walkway/cycleway is the final stage of completing the State Highway 88 realignment project, for which the New Zealand Transport Agency was a co-investment partner.

Contact Transport Projects Team Leader on 477 4000.

DCC Link

Douglas Field Published on Oct 6, 2015
cull and kate cycleway opening 6 10 15
Propaganda talk by ‘Hatter’ Cull and ‘Turkey’ Infrastructure Chair on central city cycleway link in Dunedin.

### ODT Online Tue, 6 Oct 2015
Safer way to get to stadium
A new cycleway and walkway linking Dunedin’s wharf area with the west harbour near Forsyth Barr Stadium will enable safer and easier access to the venue. The Dunedin City Council officially opened the $440,000 cycleway/walkway today, which completes the connection between the eastern and western parts of the harbour cycle network. It includes well-lit shared paths across and under the State Highway 88 bridge over the Leith, and connects with Wickliffe St near the corner of Fryatt St.
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DCC suckered by Black Power leader

blackpower2 [3news.co.nz] 1Image (detail): Ross Setford via 3news.co.nz

Received from Gavin Bartle
Tue, 6 Oct 2015 at 10:51 a.m.

On 6/10/15 10:20 am, “Gavin Bartle” wrote:

Dear elected representatives, [DCC]

Today I read with horror an ODT article that DCC is channeling ratepayer funds to an active senior member of an organised criminal group.

I’m not sure what kind of game you all think your playing, but is an absolutely unacceptable use of rates money.

This man, Albert Epere, is a current and active member of a vile violent group of thugs that prey on honest Dunedin citizens, he is in no way reformed or renounced his criminal associations.

This funding must be stopped and the contract terminated, the staff who allowed this must be instructed not to be so foolish again.


Gavin Bartle

From: Lee Vandervis
Date: 6 October 2015 at 10:44
Subject: Re: rates money funnelled to organised crime
To: Gavin Bartle

Hi Gavin.

That I agree with you, is suggested by my request for information today as below.

Kind regards,

—— Forwarded Message
From: Lee Vandervis
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 09:29:43 +1300
To: Sue Bidrose, Sandy Graham, Andrew Noone, Andrew Whiley, Chris Staynes, Doug Hall, Hilary Calvert, John Bezett, Jinty MacTavish, Kate Wilson, Lee Vandervis, Mayor Cull, Mike Lord, Neville Peat, Richard Thomson, David Benson-Pope, Aaron Hawkins
Conversation: Gangster’s DCC Contract – LGOIMA requests for information
Subject: Gangster’s DCC Contract – LGOIMA requests for information

Dear Sue, Sandy, and Mayor Cull,

Who made the actual decision to award a $52,500 DCC Contract to a gang leader outside of the contractual requirements specified in our DCC Procurement documents?
Will the gang leader Mr Albert Epere be contracted to do the work personally himself, or is he contractually free to ‘arrange’ others to do the actual Contract work?
Why did Councillors not get the opportunity to debate and decide on this clearly political departure from DCC Procurement process?
Have the Audit and Risk Subcommittee given their stamp of approval to this risky departure from best Contracting practice?
Please forward a copy of the full original contract awarded to Mr Epere.

Regarding Mongrel Mob and Black Power access to DCC contracts Mayor Cull is quoted by TV3 as saying “The work is on a trial basis and the gangs would have to “satisfy” the chief executive and show they were up to the job before being awarded a contract, Mr Cull says.”

Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/nznews/mongrel-mob-and-black-power-bid-for-council-lawn-contracts-2015030913#ixzz3nj6k6e77

What has Mr Epere, leader of Black Power, done to satisfy our CEO that he is up to the job under the terms of our Procurement and Audit and Risk procedures?

Cr. Vandervis

—— End of Forwarded Message

█ 6.10.15 ODT: Gang boss secures council contract
A Black Power kingpin with multiple prison stints behind him has won a $52,500 Dunedin City Council contract to maintain several areas of the city’s public land. […] The contract was signed yesterday and covers land in Opoho, St Leonards, Abbotsford, Logan Park, Caversham Bypass and Bridge St.

Albert Epere, a patched Black Power leader has served prison terms for assault and grievous bodily harm.

Rebecca Williams [DCC] said she did not know “anything about becoming a Black Power member” and confirmed the council had not looked into what it took to become a patched gang member as part of its due diligence for the contract.

Douglas Field rebecca and mad hatter cull with black power memberRebecca and Mad Hatter Cull with Black Power member. Douglas Field (6.10.15)

█ 8.5.12 ODT: Five sentenced over Dunedin gang clash
With Epere, Ryan and Witehira, the judge acknowledged they had all been out of serious trouble since about 2003 and Epere and Witehira were now involved in organisations putting something back into the community. And Ryan had moved away from Dunedin and was taking steps to sort out his life.

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8.7.14 DCC: Mayor Cull and council staff consort with criminal gangs

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DCC: Public Notice Draft 2GP + “Community Presentations”

2GP banner

Proposed Second Generation District Plan (2GP)

If you’re struggling with the Proposed 2GP webpages and how they tie together, whatifdunedin STRONGLY ADVISES you sight a paper copy of the full document at the DCC 2GP drop-in centre (11 George Street), DCC service centres or public libraries before setting out to write your individual or group submissions. Note you may also submit further submissions in discovery, utilise this opportunity fully.

DCC in providing the online Proposed 2GP “eplan” is depending on you The Public to ‘give up’ on the district plan document – to drive through the DEVELOPMENT CHANGE in effect, unopposed. Nothing could be clearer. Don’t let this happen. Talk to family, friends, colleagues, lawyers, planners, RMA professionals, anyone (!!) and hard grill the DCC chief executive, group and general managers, and City Planning officers as soon as possible to help frame your response(s).

Useful 3.10.15 banner 2


Diane Yeldon
Submitted on 2015/10/03 at 6:54 pm

I have come to the sad conclusion that city planning is now just broken and unfixable. 2GP depends conceptually on the Spatial Plan and here are the Strategic Directions from the Spatial Plan (quoting):

The Spatial Plan is based on six key Strategic Directions: 1) A liveable city and 2) An environmentally sustainable and resilient city, (which) are supported by four strategic directions: 3) A memorable and distinctive city; 4) A vibrant and exciting city; 5) An accessible and connected city; and 6) A city that enables a prosperous and diverse economy. (ends)

Just as people say about using computers: GIGO (garbage in, garbage out), if you start a plan with GARBAGE, you can’t possibly end up with anything but garbage. 2GP just lifts this ‘vibrant’ and ‘exciting’ woolliness from the Spatial Plan and will give specific Rules supposedly derived from it the force of law in the new District Plan.

And no longer are explanations for District Plan Policies and, more critically, Rules required by law. So the local authority doesn’t have to justify the existence of a Rule at all, let alone in any accountable way. Rules can now exist just because they say so. (Definitely more authoritarian.)

If anyone wanted to understand what kind of city 2GP is likely to result in when operative, then a useful approach might be to work backwards from the Rules. I am quite certain that the Rules will not result in these green Utopian, ‘affluence and fun-for-all’ Strategic Directions becoming anything like a reality. Especially when you take into account how little money is likely to be around in both the private and public sectors to make some of these wish-list items happen.

More likely, there will be plenty of business for planning professionals and lawyers to try to clarify and argue how Rules etc might be applied to a specific site and proposed use. All trying to make sense (for a fee!) of what will appear to the vast majority of people as a chaotic and incomprehensible mess.


█ For related posts and comments on the Proposed 2GP enter the term *2gp* in the search box at right.

Dunedin City Council
Public Notification of Proposed Second Generation Dunedin City District Plan

This item was published on 26 Sep 2015

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) requires the Dunedin City Council (DCC) to prepare a district plan to manage Dunedin’s natural and physical resources to meet the needs of Dunedin’s current and future generations and to provide for their social, economic and cultural wellbeing. The DCC has prepared the Proposed Second Generation Dunedin City District Plan (2GP), which is proposed to replace the current and operative Dunedin City District Plan. The DCC is now notifying the Proposed 2GP for public submission pursuant to clause 5, schedule 1 of the RMA.

█ Submissions must be lodged before 5pm on Tuesday, 24 November 2015.

There are many differences between the current District Plan and the Proposed 2GP. The Proposed 2GP affects all properties in the DCC area and may change what you and your neighbours can do with your properties. We encourage you to take a look to see what it means for you.

In summary, here are some of the key changes. The Proposed 2GP:
● includes a new strategic directions section that sets out key issues for the city, ‘big picture’ outcomes to be achieved, and sets up the plan’s zoning and other methods
● includes new hazard management areas, where it is proposed to manage development to better protect people and property from natural hazard events
● identifies some new coastal and other landscape management areas where limitations on new buildings are proposed
● strengthens the rules for indigenous vegetation clearance
● increases the number of rural and rural residential zones, and increases the minimum site size for subdivision in most of the rural zones
● includes nine new medium density areas, where development density can be increased
● proposes a more enabling approach to earthquake strengthening and additions and alterations necessary for the re-use of heritage buildings
● includes two new residential heritage precincts (Queen Street and Arthur Street areas) and a reduction in the area of commercial heritage precincts
● makes it easier to build family flats in most zones to provide more housing options for extended families, particularly in response to an ageing population
● includes new rules related to public amenities and temporary activities, to enable smaller events to be held, and some public amenities to be built, without the need for resource consent
● manages the height of fences along the boundaries with roads and reserves to maintain a visual connection with these spaces, to improve safety and maintain amenity values
● reduces some on-site car parking requirements for residential properties and other activities to enable people to have more choice in deciding how much car parking is needed
● allows garages and carports to be built in the front yards of houses, with some limitations, rather than always requiring a resource consent.


To understand in more detail how the Proposed 2GP affects you, we encourage you to check out the full version. The Proposed 2GP has been prepared as an electronic plan (eplan) and is most easily viewed online at http://www.2gp.dunedin.govt.nz.

A list of the material incorporated in the Proposed 2GP by reference, and details of where this material can be purchased, are also available at http://www.2gp.dunedin.govt.nz and form part of this public notice. This material is available for inspection at the 2GP drop-in centre, 11 George Street, Dunedin.

Printed copies of the Proposed 2GP and reports prepared under section 32 of the RMA are available for inspection until 5pm, Tuesday 24 November at:
● the 2GP drop-in centre, 11 George Street, Dunedin, 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
● public libraries and service centres at Dunedin, Middlemarch, Mosgiel, Port Chalmers, Blueskin Bay (Waitati) and Waikouaiti.

At our drop-in centre, DCC staff will be available to answer questions about the Proposed 2GP and help you understand how to make a submission. Alternatively, you can call 477 4000.

Community presentations will also be held as follows:

MOSGIEL: Tuesday, 13 October, 7 – 9pm
Lounge Room, Mosgiel Coronation Hall, 97 Gordon Road

MIDDLEMARCH: Thursday, 15 October, 7 – 9pm
Strath Taieri Community Centre, 11 Swansea Street, Middlemarch

PORTOBELLO: Tuesday, 20 October, 7 – 9pm
Portobello Hall, Portobello Road (Latham Park)

PORT CHALMERS: Thursday, 22 October, 7 – 9pm
Port Chalmers Town Hall, Grey Street

BRIGHTON: Tuesday, 27 October, 7 – 9pm
Ocean View Hall, 812 Brighton Road, Dunedin

WAIKOUAITI: Thursday, 29 October, 7-9pm
East Otago Events Centre, Main Road, Waikouaiti.


The Environment Court has ordered that the rules listed in Table 1 below have immediate legal effect from notification of this proposed plan ([2015] NZEnvC 165). As part of this order the Court has stated that any person affected by it may apply to the Environment Court to have this order set aside in respect of part or all of any of the rules in Table 1. Any application to have the order set aside is required by the Environment Court to be supported by a full explanatory affidavit and sent to the Environment Court in Christchurch and to the DCC.

Table 1: Rules that have immediate legal effect (RMA s86D)
Proposed 2GP - Table 1 Rules that have immediate legal effect (RMA s86D)[click to enlarge]

There are some rules that the RMA deems to have legal effect when the proposed plan is notified (s86B(3)). These rules protect or relate to water, air, or soil (for soil conservation); or protect areas of significant indigenous vegetation; or protect areas of significant habitats of indigenous fauna; or protect historic heritage; or provide for or relate to aquaculture activities. The Council has resolved that they will only have legal effect once the Proposed 2GP is made operative. The rules are listed at http://www.2gp.dunedin.govt.nz and form part of this public notice. The rules are also identified in the 2GP. The remainder of the rules in the Proposed 2GP will not have legal effect when the plan is notified. These rules will have legal effect when decisions have been made on submissions, unless the RMA deems any rules to be operative earlier.


Any person may make a submission on the Proposed 2GP (subject to clause 6(4), schedule 1 of the RMA, which limits submissions relating to trade competition).

To make a submission please go to http://www.2gp.dunedin.govt.nz. We encourage you to make an online submission using the form and guidelines on the website. Submissions may also be made in hard copy. Submissions must be made in the prescribed form (see Form 5, Schedule 1 RMA (Forms, Fees and Procedure) Regulations 2003) and state whether or not you wish to be heard. Submission forms can be downloaded, filled out and submitted at the above website or picked up in hard copy from the drop-in centre.

For written submissions:

POST TO: Dunedin City Council, PO Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058 – Attention Submission on 2GP

DELIVER TO: DCC Customer Services Agency, Ground floor, Civic Centre, 50 The Octagon, Dunedin – Attention Submission on Proposed 2GP

EMAIL TO: planning @dcc.govt.nz

█ Submissions must be lodged before 5pm, Tuesday, 24 November 2015.

After submissions have closed, the DCC will prepare a summary of submissions and publicly notify the availability of that summary.

There will be an opportunity for:
● any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest;
● any person that has an interest that is greater than that of the general public; and
● the DCC

to make a further submission either supporting or opposing a submission or submissions already made.

If any person making a submission asks to be heard in support of his or her submission, a hearing must be held.

The Council will give its decision on the Proposed 2GP (including its reasons for accepting or rejecting submissions). People that have made a submission on a provision have the right to appeal any decision related to that provision, except for if a submission seeks to withdraw the whole proposed plan.

Public Notice (PDF, 39.5 KB)
A copy of the public notice as a pdf document

Contact DCC on 477 4000.
DCC Link

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Kaipara Concerns —ADOTROL* disease [Dunedin mention, again!]

Received from Anonymous
Fri, 2 Oct 2015 at 6:49 a.m.

█ [fascinating] Latest Updates at KAIPARA CONCERNS

THE FLAG DEBATE 01.10.2015
It is worth reading Guy Steward’s article on the flag debate, the symbolism behind the flag, and the reasons why John Key is pressing for a change. Cont/

Many will have read the article on Penny Bright in today’s Herald and the massive legal bills that the Auckland City has incurred pursuing her for arrears of rates. Penny tends to polarise. To some she is a folk-hero espousing the interests of a fair and just society, and to others she is a no-hoper who should “get a life” and pay her dues. The reality is that she has discovered the Achilles heel of local government, and all the whitewash from the Council, the defamatory put-downs, and all the legal pressure they are putting on her, is not going to alter that fact.

All local authorities in New Zealand have the legal right to charge rates but only if, and I repeat only if, they comply with the requirements of the LGA in respect of consultation and only if they comply with the LGRA in respect of rating processes and rating documents.

Ms Bright has refused to pay her rates until she knows where the council spends its money – particularly on private contractors – and acts in a democratic manner.

Unlike taxes which are levied by statutes that are unconditionally binding on all citizens, rates are only binding if they comply with the law. Local government in New Zealand has long suffered from a chronic case of ADOTROL* disease [Arrogant Disregard Of The Rule Of Law] which has caused it to adopt procedures and documentation that are lazy, slovenly and simply fail to comply with the law. That means that most of the rates set by local authorities are unlawful. Cont/

[2.10.15 NZH Editorial: Bright’s free ride has cost us enough]

Alexandra Newlove’s article in the Northern Advocate reported Whangarei councillor Stuart Bell’s criticism of public–excluded workshops. “I don’t agree with having to make decisions on behalf of our community when, because an issue has been deemed confidential, the discussion I can have with the community on it is somewhat limited.” Cont/

How is that when someone goes into central government or local government their individual ethical standards become compromised and they adopt the party line or appropriate political line? Respect for the principles of law or fair play, or common sense for that matter, fly out of the window. We have seen it in successive Ministers of Local Government who chose to ignore the blatant illegalities of the KDC, and tacitly gave Jack McKerchar and Neil Tiller the stamp of approval for their reckless plunder of Kaipara ratepayers. […] But the ADOTROL* disease is endemic throughout the Beehive. Justice Minister Amy Adams has a severe case of the disease if the NZ Lawyer is correct. An article in that magazine claims that the Minister has refused to disclose details of why the costs of renovating Dunedin’s historic courthouse have leapt from $2.5 million to $15 million. Barrister Anne Stevens has slammed the secrecy saying that “scrutiny of decision-making underpins a democracy”. Cont/

[30.9.15 NZ Lawyer: Lawyers slam secretive plans for courthouse upgrade]

More to read at Kaipara Concerns.
But is it true activism stands more chance in Northland than Dunedin.

YES, because the Dunedin public are nearly if not always asleep. Or they want to pick up someone else’s trash to qualify for Darlene’s job keeping Dunedin ‘beautiful’ and semi-comatose.

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DCC appointees to draft 2GP panel #greenasgrass #infatuation

Received from Douglas Field
Fri, 2 Oct 2015 at 8:57 p.m.

DCC appointees to district plan [Douglas Field]

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2GP banner

Proposed Second Generation District Plan (2GP)

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