Dunedin to host LGNZ 2016 conference —FFS TIME TO TAKE IT OUT

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Dunedin to Host 2016 LGNZ Conference

This item was published on 21 Jul 2015

Dunedin is all set to host the Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) Conference for 2016 as this year’s conference wraps up in Rotorua today. LGNZ announced Dunedin as the host city for next year’s conference this week. The conference will bring up to 600 delegates to the city from 24-26 July 2016. Delegates will include mayors, chairs, chief executives, councillors and senior management from New Zealand’s councils as well as senior government ministers and stakeholders from the private sector, businesses, central government and non-government agencies.

[PROFLIGATE SPENDER ALERT] Mayor of Dunedin, Dave Cull says, “This is great opportunity for us to showcase Dunedin as a conference destination to the rest of the local government family. We don’t often get the chance to welcome people to Dunedin from every part of New Zealand at once. Delegates will get to experience New Zealand’s only UNESCO City of Literature, Gigatown winner and the country’s wildlife capital firsthand. It will also be an opportunity for all kind of councils to look at the challenges they have in common and discuss solutions.”

[DEBT-SPENDING PROPONENT ALERT] LGNZ President, Lawrence Yule says he is delighted the conference is returning to the deep south. “We have had a number of conferences in Dunedin over the past 20 years and the southern hospitality is always great,” he says. “The city has completed a significant upgrade of the hosting facilities at the Dunedin Centre and Town Hall and you put forward a very strong bid.”

The conference bid was made by Dunedin Venues and Enterprise Dunedin at the start of the year. They presented the Dunedin Centre and Town Hall facilities for the event and used Dunedin’s reputation for innovation, creativity and wildlife as a drawcard.

Contact Dave Cull, Mayor of Dunedin on 477 4000. DCC Link

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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10 responses to “Dunedin to host LGNZ 2016 conference —FFS TIME TO TAKE IT OUT

  1. Gurglars

    God! Help us.

  2. Gurglars

    Dunedinites should march on this conference when it arrives.

    The conference is designed to achieve the following.

    Convince the government to allow cities to tax in addition to rates (this already happens in the USA and elsewhere)

    Increase the indebtedness of cities and ratepayers

    Find more ways to socially engineer citizens

    Reduce car activity

    Increase bicycle lanes

    Increase traffic lights

    Increase Salaries for employees, particularly those who stuff up

    If citizens had any sense, they would ban their city from going to the conferences. Nothing good can come of these conferences for ratepayers and yet ratepayers pay for the participation of city officers and councillors.

  3. Peter

    It would be interesting to know what resolutions were made at the last conference to show intent to do something positive for local government. In that way we could assess the validity of these conferences.lf they can’t point to specific targets reached, these conferences are nothing more than useless talkfests and an opportunity to get out of the office.

  4. Elizabeth

    John [LGNZ junky] trots out the old DCC/Chamber party trick, dem FICTITIOUS multipliers……. FO

    600 delegates from around New Zealand would gather in the city, making use of Dunedin Town Hall and other Dunedin Centre facilities from July 24-26.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 24 Jul 2015
    Civic leaders’ conference worth $1m
    By Chris Morris
    A gathering of New Zealand’s civic leaders in Dunedin next year is expected to pump the better part of $1million into the city’s economy. But it is the chance to showcase the city and its attractions to the country’s mayors and council chief executives that excites Enterprise Dunedin director John Christie.
    Read more

    • Gurglars

      Yes Showcase Dunedin to all the mayors (and public servants).
      All the mayors will be considering moving to Dunedin and promoting the city in advance of their own bailiwick. As to the employees, you don’t have to promote it, they will all want to come to Dunedin, $450,000 to lead failed Delta, $500,000 to lead the failed SDHB. Money for jam! We’ve already had them from Waitakere and England, they will come without promoting it through some schonky conference.

  5. Elizabeth

    Colin James: Think local? Don’t be loopy. Follow the money
    July 28, 2015
    Minister of Local Government Paula Bennett often sounds like the minister against local government. Too much of this might play into Winston Peters’ hands. Bennett’s favourite phrase for councils has been “loopy rules”. A group under MP Jacqui Dean hunting them out has received 2000 submissions. Bennett also says councils must become “efficient and effective”, jointly running services and sharing best practice. If not, Bennett told a National party conference workshop on Saturday, “I am going force that”. Last week she told the councils’ Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) conference “you can’t … continue as you are.”
    And, she shouted at the National workshop, she wants “yes” councils, ones that say yes to development. Grievance at councils was a subtheme at National’s conference. It also came up in an economic plenary session and another workshop.
    Read more

  6. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 6 Aug 2015
    ORC head ready to take on role as new LGNZ chairman
    By John Gibb
    Otago Regional Council chairman Stephen Woodhead is keen to take up the challenge after recently being elected unopposed as chairman of Local Government New Zealand’s (LGNZ) regional sector group. Mr Woodhead, who was previously the group’s deputy chairman, replaces former Greater Wellington Regional Council chairwoman Fran Wilde, who has resigned.
    Read more

  7. Elizabeth

    ERADICATE LGNZ BS —for peace in the regions

    Sat, 23 Jul 2016
    ODT: Hundreds expected at conference
    More than 560 delegates, including mayors, chief executives and other leaders and councillors from throughout the country, will converge on Dunedin when the latest Local Government New Zealand conference starts tomorrow. Senior government ministers and stakeholders from the private sector, central government and non-governmental agencies will also attend.

    █ Latest annual conference focuses on planning for the future, until 2050.

    WHERE WILL THAT GET US – entrenchment at #DUD

    Vote Cull OUT

  8. Gurglars

    Bugger, if I was home I could have picketed these idiots.

    A conference designed to rob ratepayers.

  9. Elizabeth

    “How do we capture NZ Ratepayers’ Money for our Comfy Salaries”

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Mon, 25 July 2016
    Local government conference kicks off
    The country’s annual Local Government conference is back in Dunedin for the first time in almost a decade. More than 560 delegates have piled into the Town Hall to discuss how to make New Zealand a better place to live and work. But it’s also serving as a way to address the tension between local and central governments.
    Ch39 Video


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