DCC staff-led CBD projects that impact ratepayers | consolidated council debt

DCC Envision Princes Street INVITATION 1Invitation [click to enlarge]

53,000 ratepayers | DCC Staff-led projects (sample):

Princes Street and South Princes Street Upgrade
Warehouse Precinct Revitalisation Plan
Dunedin Central City Plan
Dunedin City Integrated Transport Strategy 2013
Proposed Cycle Network
The Second Generation Plan for Dunedin

DCC Graphic - Princes St (CPO)Own Vision: Princes Street (entrance to Distinction Dunedin hotel)

DCC Graphic - Vogel StOwn Vision: Vogel Street

DCC Graphic - OctagonOwn Vision: Octagon

DCC Graphic - Queens Garden 1Own Vision: Queens Garden 1

DCC Graphic - Queens Garden 2Own Vision: Queens Garden 2

How much more

The Central City Plan involves these projects:
(er, thanks again Spendthrift Staff)

● Warehouse Precinct Revitalisation Plan
● Central City Heritage Re-use Grants Scheme
● Street Improvements in Bond and Vogel Streets
● Making Crawford and Cumberland Street Two-way
● Queens Garden Upgrade
● Exchange Square Upgrade
● The Octagon Upgrade
● George Street Upgrade
● Princes Street and South Princes Street Upgrade
● Pocket Parks
● Improved Pedestrian and Cycle Safety in the Central City
●●●● Other Projects and Initiatives

What “Other Projects and Initiatives” ?!!

As well as specific place-based projects, the draft Central City Plan outlines other projects and initiatives relevant to the central city area:

● Investigate the location and provision of public toilets and restrooms throughout the central city in a toilet priority plan
● Design a plan for the incorporation of public art in the streetscape
● Investigate opportunities for using a range of public spaces in the central city for events as alternative/additional venues to the Octagon
● Develop a plan to improve the pedestrian experience along the routes from the campus to the ‘warehouse precinct’ (night and day)
● Investigate opportunities for more play equipment in central city spaces, such as the Library Plaza and Albion Lane
● Improve the quality of footpaths, including paving surface, furniture, trees and planting, and making them wider where possible
● Encourage building owners to add decorative lighting to highlight buildings that have heritage/ architectural values
● Improve lighting for pedestrians in some areas
● Improve processes and streamline procedures to help building owners re-use their buildings
● Work on a strategy to overcome procedural and financial barriers to revitalisation in the ‘warehouse district’
● Make District Plan changes to better reflect built form, help and promote quality development, review activity zones and activities, and protect special character in the central city and large-scale retail zone
● Prepare a development resource package telling prospective businesses about the Dunedin facilities, amenities and lifestyle
● Liaise with a building owner/developer to undertake a pilot project to help develop a creative quarter
● Consider the location of key tourist information facilities
● Investigate the desired model for a central city retail management body
● Work on a plan to encourage trucks coming from the Southern Motorway and heading to the port to follow Strathallan and Wharf Streets.
● Investigate the need for the development of a parking building in the light of the vision for a creative quarter
● Work with ORC to consider options for improving public transport flow and provision in the central city
● Assess options to improve pedestrian and cyclist connections across SH1, the railway lines and Thomas Burns Street
● Investigate the need for a transport hub for coach parking, cruise ship passenger drop-off and visitor parking, including campervans
● Improve visitor and information signage throughout the central city
● Build cycle storage facilities in strategic locations
● Undertake detailed investigation of measures need to promote the ‘Western Inner Relief Route’
● Encourage the freeholding of leasehold land.

DCC Link

Jim is back

Someone just stepped into his role, with all the usual friction, complicity and conflicts. They’ll also bring in hairless and carless days.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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12 responses to “DCC staff-led CBD projects that impact ratepayers | consolidated council debt

  1. ‘Work on a strategy to overcome procedural and financial barriers to revitalisation in the warehouse district.’ I have a suggestion: get face stockings, a really fast car (preferably black), ‘sawn off shotguns’ and rob consecutively the Westpac, ANZ, ASB and BNZ banks. Drive to the hills and lie low for forty days and forty nights. It worked in Jesus’ time, can’t see why it won’t again.

  2. Plan ‘B’, substitute cycles for black car. Follow the ‘chevron’ bike signs and the getaway will be complete.

  3. Why is South Princes Street like ‘Evita’? It can’t live ‘down at heel’. (It’s a Broadway thing).

    • Elizabeth

      Spot the formula. Same illustrators (and intent) used to suggest ‘café city’ at every local authority across New Zealand that UrbanismPlus and Kobus Mentz contract to. Yawn + Yuck.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        You mean it’s not just Dunedin that’s getting that treatment, it’s happening all over NZ? Oh well it’s a good planet-saving move. Like having Maccas all over the world. When all places have been given the “generic ‘scape” makeover there will be no point in travelling to see other places, and that’ll cut down on the use of fossil fuels, and Jinty will be over the moon (with any luck).

        • Elizabeth

          I hear QLDC aren’t stupid enough to use that firm. Difficult to mask The Remarkables with a Tokyo-style Allpress franchise hoarding.

  4. Elizabeth

    Comments at a locally managed Facebook page:

    Lifting from WID 5.8.14 - Facebook entry

  5. Elizabeth

    This at the ‘Councillor Jinty MacTavish (Politician)’ Facebook page yesterday, and oh, ratepayers get to pay (again) for Mr Hazelton’s supply of cream cakes:

    “If this isn’t already in your diary for Thursday…well, it should be! Come help us dream Princes St. even more beautiful. It will be fun, because Dr. Hazelton says it’s going to be, and he’s in charge. Glen also says you can ignore the RSVP date on the invite…but do please RSVP if possible, because it would be sad to be short of chairs (and/or refreshments).”


  6. Hype O'Thermia

    O yummy yummy and jolly hockeysticks, what a jolly time we’ll have spending more of that magic money we don’t have on generic yet totally sustainable organic tiddling of a street that doesn’t need it, especially not generic pavement bulges taking out parking spaces. Businesses know the importance of parking, they won’t move into those dead shops to bring the area back to life if they see from the get-go that they’ll have more than the usual handicaps. There’s always somewhere else, it’s not like there is a shortage of business premises around Dunedin.

  7. Elizabeth

    The Life Force for DCC historic heritage has resigned. Has been in the UK recently – perhaps an opportunity tied to that ? Means DCC urban design is also affected.

    ODT says he has a crack at knockers.
    Better to enjoy the successes which are multiple.

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