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Economic Impact

As stated there are two broad areas that I wish to comment on with regard to the stadium. Without a doubt the majority of the complaints or concerns surrounding the proposed stadium have been surrounding the economics of the project.

There is no doubt that the critics have issues with ratepayer burden, while others have fears that the council has stretched itself too far, while others have expressed concerns about the possibility of a recession having devastating consequences for the council.

While on the other hand, proponents are understandably bullish and while not exactly painting a picture of the streets paved with economic glory, they are understandably up beat about the prospects for the stadium. These protagonists also see the potential for peripheral development of course having a positive spin off from the development.

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Game on, lets go people!!!

With the Dunedin City Council’s decision to go a head with the proposed stadium of Dunedin, there are many issues that are worth investigating. I hope to cover as many of these as possible, and if anyone has issues, I will endeavour where possible to discuss these too. Having said that, I am a supporter of the Stadium, and am not prepared to get into a debate about the merits or otherwise of the stadium in the terms set out by the likes of Syd Aide.

There are still many concerns that many people righty have issue with. Some are concerned about the cost and the impact on the economy of Dunedin. Some are concerned about the environmental impact and yet others (like myself) have concerns about the design and functionality of the project.

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