DCC considers sale of “149 properties”

Tomorrow’s ODT carries carefully arranged details…

Kevin Taylor [odt.co.nz tweaked by whatifdunedin] 1blkKevin Taylor, City Property “good, bad and ugly” manager

Updated post 19.9.14 at 11:29 a.m.

### ODT Online Fri, 19 Sep 2014
$10m property sell-off possible
By David Loughrey
Houses, empty sections and parkland are among 149 parcels of property across Dunedin being considered for sale, as the city council looks to add $10 million to its coffers. The council released its “work in progress” list after a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act request from the Otago Daily Times. […] Council infrastructure and networks general manager Tony Avery yesterday said the list was a starting point.
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News conferred last week:
█ Cr Lee Vandervis now sits on the DCC Audit and Risk Subcommittee. [ Minutes ]

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: odt.co.nz (tweaked by whatifdunedin) – Kevin Taylor blackened, a bit


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28 responses to “DCC considers sale of “149 properties”

    • Elizabeth

      Old news, play between Cull and the gangs:

      ### ODT Online Thu, 10 Feb 2011
      Cull defends leasing of flat to ex-gang members
      By Chris Morris
      Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has defended his decision to intervene to help ex-Black Power members lease a council-owned flat in an area of North Dunedin popular with students. Mr Cull yesterday confirmed he helped arrange for the tenants – up to four men, two women and two children – to lease the council flat until May this year. The men living at the address were believed to be former gang members, but were trying to turn their lives around and needed help, Mr Cull said.
      Read more + Video


      ### ODT Online Tue, 8 Jul 2014
      DCC considering contracts for gangs
      By Vaughan Elder
      The Dunedin City Council is investigating giving council contracts to Notorious Mongrel Mob and Black Power.
      This comes after the once warring gangs made national headlines when they gave a joint submission at annual plan hearings in May, asking councillors to consider giving them a contract to maintain some of the council’s green space. Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said since then council staff – as part of a wider review of procurement practices – had begun looking at ways council contracts could be awarded to smaller groups, such as the gangs. This would likely involve breaking up some council contracts into smaller packages, Mr Cull said.
      Read more

  1. Elizabeth

    DCC Property List (via LGOIMA request by ODT):

    The following properties are being considered for sale by the Dunedin City Council: SEC 83 Station Rd, Sawyers Bay; LOT 6 Hall Rd, Sawyers Bay; 114 Stevenson Ave, Sawyers Bay; 188 Ravensbourne Rd, Ravensbourne; 45 Clifford St, Dunedin; 24 Cornhill Rd, Dunedin; 68 MacLaggan St, Dunedin; SHINGLE RESERVE SO 14528 TN OF DUNEDIN Clyde St, Dunedin; 113 Harbour Tce, Dunedin; 183 Dundas St, Dunedin; 1 Shand St, Green Island; 12 Ethel McMillan Pl Dunedin; 34 John St, Abbotsford; 11 Matthew St, Abbotsford; 1A Penrich St, Abbotsford; 31 Abbotsford Rd, Abbotsford; 326 Main South Rd, Green Island; 96 Bay View Rd, Dunedin; 169 Main South Rd, Green Island; 5 Kinvig St, Dunedin; 10 Newington Ave, Dunedin; 70 Harrow St, Dunedin; 105 Stafford St, Dunedin; 151 Forfar St, Dunedin; 61 Lindsay Rd, Dunedin; 176 Caversham Valley Rd, Dunedin; 246 Highcliff Rd, Dunedin; 51 Aytoun St, Dunedin; 22 Leithbank Rd, Dunedin; LOT 3 Beach St, Dunedin; 161 Ashmore St, Dunedin; 5 Ferntree Dr, Dunedin; 26 Cooper St, Dunedin; LOT 20 Harbour Heights, Dunedin; 285A Brockville Rd; PT SEC 405R Glenross St, Dunedin; 21 Garden Pl, Dunedin; 17 Henderson St, Dunedin; 23 Pitcairn St, Dunedin; 5 Rockside Rd, Dunedin; SEC 185 Ashmore St, Dunedin; 73 Hillary St, Dunedin; 137A Doon St, Dunedin; 209 Somerville St, Dunedin; LOT 45 Burns St, Mosgiel; LOT 28 Paterson Rd, Wingatui; LOT 131 Green St, Mosgiel; LOT 14 Cherry Dr, Mosgiel; 130A Tyne St, Mosgiel; PT SEC 41 RIVER SECTIONS SO 9032 WEST TAIERI DS Centre Rd, Momona; 15 Sinclair Rd, North Taieri; 315 Harington Point Rd, Peninsula; 781 Portobello Rd, Dunedin; 11 McTaggart St, Company Bay; 18 Kellas St, Macandrew Bay; 21 Wharfdale St, Macandrew Bay; 3 Carnock Rd, Harwood; 34 Tidewater Dr, Harwood; 28 Oregon St, Dunedin; 16 Frances St, Broad Bay; 92 Main Rd, Fairfield; 812C Brighton Rd, Brighton; LOT 8 Old Brighton Rd, Fairfield; 22 Friendship Dr, Waldronville; 480 Brighton Rd, Brighton; LOT 53 Mold St, Middlemarch; PT SEC 1290R Mareburn Rd, Hyde; LOT 20 Coast Rd, Karitane; LOT 20 Cupar St, Waikouaiti; SEC 10 McGregor St, Waikouaiti; 4 Kirkwall St, Waikouaiti; 210 Edinburgh St, Waikouaiti; 4 Invervary St, Waikouaiti; 1 Wick St, Waikouaiti; 3 Cole St, Brighton; 380 South Rd, Dunedin; 135 Dukes Rd, North Taieri; LOT 3 Dukes Rd, North Taieri; 45 Mure St, Mosgiel;67 Gladstone Rd, North Mosgiel; 174 Malvern St; PT SEC 158 Constitution St, Port Chalmers; SEC 157 Constitution St, Port Chalmers; 4 Kaio Lane, Port Chalmers; 1 Kaio Lane, Port Chalmers; 101 King Edward St, Dunedin; 14 Waldron Cres, Dunedin; LOT 21 Bradford St, Dunedin; SEC 21 Fea St, Dunedin; 81 Glen Rd, Dunedin; LOT 2 Neidpath Rd, Dunedin; LOT 3 Neidpath Rd, Dunedin; 41 Neidpath Rd, Dunedin; SEC 124 Pentland St, Dunedin; LOT 3 Irvine St, Mosgiel; 211 Puddle Alley, Wingatui; SEC 5 Waipori Falls Rd, Berwick; LOT 3 Cargill St, Mosgiel; SEC 35 McLaren Gully Rd, Otokia; PT LOT 51 Clyde St, Mosgiel; SEC 46 Grainger Rd, Outram; 14 Buskin Rd, Dunedin; SEC 67 Bedford Parade, Brighton; SEC 162 Church Hill Rd, Green Island; SEC 6 Bald Hill Rd, Middlemarch; SEC 6 Brecon St, Middlemarch; SEC 1 Swansea St, Middlemarch; SEC 3 Dry Ridge Rd, Middlemarch; SEC 5 Sutton-Clarks Junction Rd, Sutton; SEC 28 Clarks Junction-Lee Stream Rd, Deep Stream; PT SEC 18 McGrath St, Waikouaiti; LOT 11 Kilgour St, Seacliff; SEC 92 Hawksbury Bush Rd, Waikouaiti; 2 Clackmannan St, Waikouaiti; PT SEC 27 Mount Cargill Rd, Waitati; PT SEC 4 Duncansby St, Karitane; LOTS 1/2 DP 4406, LOT 3 DP 26920; 23 Boundary Rd, Green Island; 17 Boundary Rd, Green Island; 140 Emerson St, Concord; 11 Boundary Rd, Green Island; 76 Lovelock Ave, Dunedin; 9 Boundary Rd, Green Island; LOT 2 Forth St, Dunedin; 257 Hillhead Rd, Dunedin; 132 Glen Rd, Dunedin; PT LOT 1 Craigleith St, Dunedin; 10 Victoria Rd, St Kilda; 13 Glendining Ave, Dunedin; LOT 4 Craigleith St, Dunedin; LOT 1 North Rd, Dunedin; SEC 88 Leith Valley Rd, Dunedin; 14 Glendining Ave, Dunedin; LOT 1A Andersons Bay Rd, Dunedin; 590 Andersons Bay Rd, Dunedin; 305 North Rd, Dunedin; 35 Reservoir Rd, Burnside; Ammunition Track area; 135 Factory Rd, Mosgiel; 11a Woodland Ave and various others; PT SEC 1 Puddle Alley, Wingatui; 93 Friends Hill Rd, Wingatui; LOT 1 Garthmyl Rd, Middlemarch; PT LOT 13 Reservoir Rd, Waikouaiti; SEC 9 Garden Bush Bush Rd, Waikouaiti; 229 Snells Rd, Waikouaiti; LOT 16 Leith Valley Rd, Dunedin; PT LOT 11, Reservoir Rd, Warrington.

  2. Elizabeth

    Received from Dunedin Amenities Society
    Tue, 23 Sep 2014 at 4:11 p.m.

    Re: Location Location Location
    Here is the latest update from the Dunedin Amenities Society website. This week we look at the City Council’s proposed $10 million land sales across the city. Analysing the list of properties that the City Council is considering for sale makes for sobering reading. What is clear from the proposal is the possibility of shedding undeveloped recreational open space, playgrounds and esplanade strips which are designed for accessibility and conservation of waterways. So, the sale of such properties deserves close examination of public use of such land assets for suburban and rural community’s alike.
    Read more

    tui1 [dunedin-amenities-society.org.nz]

    The Dunedin Amenities Society established in 1888 is New Zealand’s oldest environmental society.

    Visit our website http://www.dunedin-amenities-society.org.nz/
    Follow the Society on Twitter
    Visit the Society on Facebook

  3. A very large list of urban properties which the DCC need not own. Further, the sale of these would bring each back onto the rate roll, thus increasing the rateable income. That can’t be bad. Obviously there will be some which might need reconsideration for various reasons, but most would just be surplus to the business of council.
    However, it is the central commercial stuff which has the real value like ‘Wall St Mall’, Parking buildings and surplus Industrial properties. And of course the out of Dunedin list, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, purely investment units which considering the parlous debt situation of the city, it has no business in holding.
    In an in-depth analysis I did a few years ago, with which Paul Orders concurred, the figure, depending on the equity position could release up to $110 million. Now that would make a significant dent in the debt position.
    I broached this matter with Dave Cull at a meeting in the Burns Hall. He rubbished it by saying: “Calvin, why would we sell investments which are showing good returns?” To which I replied: “Because we can’t afford to be property speculators, and anyway how valid are the supposed returns when we know for instance that the claimed 10% return on ‘Wall St Mall’ doesn’t take into account the $11m value of the land it sits on.” At that point he moved on to talk to others.

  4. Elizabeth

    Paul Pope emailed this comment – Paul, I think it’s worth others’ consideration:

    “I doubt the Town Belt property in 76 Lovelock Ave is really for sale, but its interesting that it was included. I looked through the list and a few alarm bells rang, but more for the loss of potential and the lack of investment on such sites. Also given that asset sales nationally have been so unpopular it will be interesting to see the community’s reaction as reality sets in.”

    Must get onto DCC Webmap and Google Streetview to check out one or two properties.

    And Calvin, nothing wrong with a local body holding investment property for offsetting rates – what type and where requires proper diligence.

    • Mick

      While I can agree with you that 76 Lovelock Ave is not really likely for sale, none the less it is on the list as are a number of other community reserves. My observation is that it is yet another example of the disarray that the DCC is in. The land in question is listed under Water and Wastewater department ownership – presumably on the strength that a water reservoir is sited there most of the value attributed to the water tank! Never mind the reserve status – never mind that the DCC waste and wastewater dept doesn’t really own it.

      Mind you with the parlous state of our affairs in Dunedin, selling off the Town Belt might just be the ticket.

  5. Elizabeth; you say, “nothing wrong with local body holding investment property for offsetting rates – what type and where requires proper diligence.”
    With a consolidated group debt of around ($620 million)? I don’t think so.

  6. Simon

    What’s the point in selling all the silver when the property that is causing the debt will continue causing debt when all the silver has been sold.
    What do you do then when all the silver has been sold, and the debt just keeps on growing from the property that is causing all the debt ?
    Wouldn’t it be a better idea to keep the silver and sell the property that is causing all the debt ?
    Or is that too hard for council to work out?

  7. Elizabeth

    Is DCC selling the properties listed above to raise funds for its own China-subsidised tower hotel/apartment tower ?! (joke)
    You do know that Wonders (by Cull) will never cease.
    But what did he do with the DCC’s $20 MILLION “cash on hand”, all spent on capital projects since group CFO Grant McKenzie took up his position ?



    • Mick

      Yes Elizabeth and I wonder how much of the $2.6 million the council has recovered from the purchase in 2008 of the Harbour Cone property. It was supposed to be a cost neutral deal. I seem to remember that the council flicked the responsibility for management of this over to a new trust or management board and then flicked the board $1,000 pa to cover the rates bill plus $500 for administration costs. That looks like it was hiding away. Be nice to know how much of that land is still on the council’s hands. Cost neutral? I think not. It seems to me that that was just another demonstration of DCC ineptitude. Dave led the charge for the Harbour Cone deal I seem to recall.

      • Elizabeth

        Mick – good question, information on this seems to have gone into the Dave Cull burial mound.

        • Mick

          The purchase of ths 328 ha. property in 2008 has to be seen in the context of the present proposal to dispose of a number of recreation and other reserves including a large slice if the Dunedin Town Belt even if the latter’s inclusion in the list is simply an administrative blunder. That is a lot of land that we never needed to own.

        • Elizabeth

          Cull was trying for brownie points with Harbour Cone – his politics and those of his followers/lobbyists won the day.

          I hope we’re selling the shackles, still waiting for Dave’s personal cheque for those.

  8. Where they had the ‘Kelly’s Canter’ up the hill at Palmerston, perhaps Dave could organise a cycle track from the top of Harbour Cone and institute an annual downhill extreme race. It could be called “Jinty’s Jaunt’. Bound to be a crowd puller.

  9. Elizabeth

    Renewed interest in asset sales […] fuelled in part by group debt totalling $621 million, as well as the prospect of declining company payments to the council from 2015-16.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 6 Oct 2014
    Interest in DCC assets
    By Chris Morris
    Dunedin City Council asset sales are expected to be back on the agenda early next year, and agents of potential buyers are already lining up for a slice of the action. The Otago Daily Times has learnt some councillors will push for a debate on more council asset sales – including the sale of minority stakes in companies like City Forests – during next year’s long-term plan budget hearings.
    Read more

  10. Elizabeth

    At ODT Online MikeStk hits Cr Whiley between the eyes, well and good.

    Not so cunning plan
    Submitted by MikeStk on Mon, 06/10/2014 – 8:44am.
    Come on councillor Whiley – don’t you know how we’re paying off much of the rugby stadium debt? It’s by bleeding the council companies – using money from their profits that used to go directly to the ratepayers as rebates to pay the interest and (hopefully) the principal.
    Read more

  11. Hype O'Thermia

    Woopsy. MikeStk lets cat out of bag. “Left hand, meet right hand. Right hand, see what left hand’s doing.”
    “Aaagh, shock! Do the rest o’ yous fullas know about this?”

  12. Elizabeth

    On 7 October, Dunedin TV (Ch39) featured an extended interview with DCC property manager Kevin Taylor.

    I’m informed today that the station experienced an equipment failure that night which resulted in the bulletin not being captured for formatting at their website.

  13. Elizabeth

    ### dunedintv.co.nz July 27, 2015 – 7:29pm
    Section of Logan Park to be sold
    A section of Logan Park is being sold by the city council, pending public feedback.


    [click screenshots to enlarge]
    DCC - Proposed Disposal (by Sale) of Part, Logan Park [screenshot]
    DCC - Draft Logan Park Redevelopment Plan - Preferred Option [screenshot] (poor quality lowres original)

    Dunedin City Council
    Proposal to dispose part Logan Park (by sale)

    Closes: 26/08/2015

    Pursuant to Section 138 of the Local Government Act 2002 the Dunedin City Council gives notice that the Council proposes to dispose (by sale) of part Logan Park as described below.

    ● Part Lot 1, DP 397579, part Computer Freehold Register 389453, 0.6170 hectares approximately (subject to survey). The area is located at 190 Union Street East, between the Otago Polytechnic campus facilities, the Otago Hockey turf facilities and the Logan Park and Business Womens Bowling Club. The area contains a former Bowls Dunedin clubrooms building which is currently leased to Otago Polytechnic and the remainder of the site used for car parks.

    Logan Park is situated in North Dunedin and has an area of 24.5621 hectares approximately. The land was transferred to the Dunedin City Council by the Local Government (Otago Region) Reorganisation Order 1989 and is managed under the Sports Ground Management Plan (1999) as a premium metropolitan sports ground. Part of land proposed for sale was previously leased and used by Bowls Dunedin (for use as greens and clubrooms) and more recently used with the remainder of the area as an off street paid car parking facility.

    A sale and purchase agreement was originally negotiated with Ngāi Tahu for the purpose of developing a residential facility for Otago Polytechnic but in late 2014 Ngāi Tahu withdrew from these negotiations.

    The Council has now approved the disposal (by sale) to be negotiated with the Otago Polytechnic of approximately 0.6170 hectares of the park subject to the outcome of public consultation.

    An information pack containing the public notice, a consultation document, location map, submission form, land title CFR 389453 and a copy of Sections 82 and 138 of the Local Government Act is available for inspection at the DCC’s Customer Service Centre and all Dunedin Public Libraries. The information and a submission form can also be obtained online or by phoning Customer Services on 03 477 4000.

    Written submissions on this proposal should be received by 4 pm on Wednesday, 26 August 2015.

    Public Notice (PDF, 66.9 KB)
    This document is a pdf copy of the Public Notice for Proposal for Disposal of part Logan Park

    Consultation document (PDF, 71.4 KB)

    Draft Logan Park Development Plan (PDF, 185.3 KB)

    Proposed Site Map (PDF, 205.1 KB)

    Certificate of Title (PDF, 73.7 KB)

    Submission form (PDF, 49.8 KB)
    This document can be used to make a submission regarding the Proposal for Disposal of part Logan Park

    Section 138 Local Government Act (PDF, 69.0 KB)

    Information pack (compiled) (PDF, 647.0 KB)
    A copy of all documentation regarding Proposal for Disposal of part Logan Park

    Closing date: 26/08/2015
    Contact person: Tim Buchanan
    Public feedback:
    Online submission form
    ● Email to – loganpark @dcc.govt.nz
    ● Post to – Dunedin City Council, PO Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin, 9058 Attention: Proposal to Dispose of Part Logan Park
    ● Hand deliver to – DCC Customer Services Centre, Ground Floor, 50 The Octagon, Dunedin. Attention: Proposal to Dispose of Part Logan Park


    • Elizabeth

      External party from bloody China??? “….could fund, construct and operate the facility, “or any of those combinations”, and an announcement was expected within two months”.
      Local construction and related firms miss out again.

      ### ODT Online Mon, 3 Aug 2015
      Plans for new $20m hostel
      By Chris Morris
      Plans for a $20million, 235 room hostel are being dusted off by Otago Polytechnic as it seeks to increase its international student numbers. Polytechnic chief executive Phil Ker confirmed talks were under way with a potential project partner from outside the city – which he would not yet name – to develop the venture.
      Read more

      █ DCC is publicly consulting on a proposal to sell the subject site at Logan Park to Otago Polytechnic. The land is currently leased to the polytechnic.

  14. Gurglars

    In the sale of property by the DCC, how much will be sold to staff and councillors and when the rorts and kickbacks are noted how many dead workers will be blamed, for the next episode of the DCC, an ongoing problem, see channel 39 or your sky TV guide.

    Or an alternative, will the DCC set up a cycle track between the properties and onsell them as “potential tourism” locations ?

  15. Elizabeth

    The Malcolm Farry (EDU) / Peter Brown / Jim Harland brain fart – let’s invoice the momentous three for ratepayer losses, AGAIN.
    What, Daaave, no big green industries coming to the Taieri, and what’s that? DCC’s spend on improvements there helped former councillor Sydney to profit at his subdivisions. Win win nudge nudge. Save your frigging winks.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 12 Oct 2015
    Property sales loss $1.07m
    By Chris Morris
    The Dunedin City Council has spent $5.6 million buying up houses, and even a farm, to smooth the path for industrial development on the Taieri. The purchases were detailed in documents released to the Otago Daily Times, which also showed the council has lost $1.07 million after on selling many of the properties for significantly smaller sums.
    Read more


    ODT got led down the garden path by this couple, it appears. It’s out that they don’t have to pay increased rates while they’re farming – only on conversion to industrial use would the land owner pay $10,000 pa in rates, you say? The poor things had to work more jobs to meet the rates demand, yeah right – TUI. About time ODT got past the facades and lies presented to it for “news”. The ‘couple’ (for a family trust) were out to profiteer on land value, common rogues is the information to hand. Cr Kate Wilson, gullibly, fell in the hole.

    A quick look at DCC Webmaps for 91 Dukes Road shows the land use as “12 Rural Industry : Stock Finishing”, Total Annual Rates $4,596.60……………… tsk tsk.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 12 Oct 2015
    Council’s treatment of couple criticised
    By Chris Morris
    A retired couple forced to fight for five years to sell their farm to the Dunedin City Council were left with “a noose around their necks”, Cr Kate Wilson says. William and Fiona Smeaton owned the 15 ha farm sold to the council for $1.725 million in December last year.
    Read more

    • Wingatui Flyer

      Poor old Kate. First of all the cycle way F**K ups, and now she has been sucked in on this one. It’s a pity that she doesn’t do her homework. First step. Put brain into gear, then open mouth.

  16. Calvin Oaten

    Interesting the schedule of properties on page 4 outlining the purchase price, the sale price and the result. Mr Morris might be a No. one reporter but he forgot to ask the costs of conveyancing and agency commissions which would add considerably to the deficits. Neither Dave Cull nor Kevin Taylor thought to mention those facts. I wonder why?

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