LEAVE the Statue Alone —gormless university can piss off

At Facebook:

FFS pull your head in, lady.

This is a public statue properly positioned in a public space (Queens Gardens).

—NOT a trifle to be STOLEN by ivy-league wankers to decorate their private vajayjay !!

There is Nothing wrong with city brothels fronting public spaces.
Or, city brothels fronting public works of sculpture.
What is more Human, Egalitarian and LEGAL than that.

At a public forum this week the Dunedin City Council was asked for its support to move the statue of Dr Donald Stuart from its place in Queens Gardens to an undecided location near the University of Otago clocktower. Dr Stuart was the minister of Knox Church for 33 years and led the congregation until he died in 1894. (ODT)

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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9 responses to “LEAVE the Statue Alone —gormless university can piss off

  1. Ray McKendry

    Leave the men where they are so we can all see them and so tourists know where to find them. Having Dr Stuart moved into the University grounds is not helpful. It is not a central place and it is not so accessible as he would hardly be seen at all there.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    You miss the point, Ray. He might not be seen by many common people, but just think of the elite eyes of eminent personages that would encounter him in their own territory!

  3. Peter

    Shielding Dr Stuart from having to face a brothel seems rather prim. Who knows what he might be subjected to in the dead of night with so many young people hanging about.
    Oh yeah. I forgot. Dr Stuart is a rock hard statue.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Very good letter in today’s ODT from Sydney Brown of Belleknowes, giving context to Dr Stuart’s fame – certainly not restricted to education. His present site is perfect, he didn’t spend his life sequestered from the hard and sometimes seamy side of Dunedin. He was respected and loved by all sorts, I suppose that’s why there’s a statue in his honour.

  5. pb

    This ticks me off. Beware of history rewriting, statue relocating, university loons masquerading as puritans. The statue-knocking-down impulse is well documented. If they want a new statue, commission a new work, prove you love Dunedin. Did you know Rome of old was decorated largely by private citizen’s commissioned work (see Gibbon). People did not love Rome because she was great, they made Rome great because they loved her. Politically correct safe space Universities are on final warning for ugly motives.

  6. Gurglars

    Get over it, the statue will be moved.

    The brothel owners do not care if the statue is there or not.

    Dr. Stuart doesn’t give a continental sausage.

    Statues can’t see or hear bawdy noises.

    The inherently lascivious relationship between the LGBIT xyz communities in the DCC and the University will see lasciviousness prevail.

    With or without your support.

  7. Tom

    Forget the ….. statue. Let’s give a BIG THANK YOU to those hard workers who have got the railway line between Picton and Kaikoura up and running again, three months ahead of schedule . A magnificent achievement. With all the political shit that keeps grabbing the headlines, these guys and gals just keep on giving.

  8. Mike

    I’ve always imagined a long ongoing conversation:

    DS: Vickie , did you see that?
    QV: we are not amused
    DS: you never are

    Have considered he might look forward to not so much a change of outlook but a change of company

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