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Turn it up!

If it’s good enough for dear old Syd Adie to inflict his protectionist/NIMBY/grow-old-and-gather-moss attitude on the good people of Dunedin, and for others to risk a council to further their I’m-not-paying-for-that attitude, then it’s more than time I took the gloves off and got in boots and all over this and other closely related topics (how may clichés can one put in an opening basket sentence).

Fortunately for myself and the good people of Dunedin I’m off to sunny Vancouver for the next 6 months. This is good for several reasons. I’m finally going to get the time to really fill this site up with readings and other material all related to building this stadium. I’ve collected a wealth of material, sorry some of it is academic and thus really interesting but bloody dry. There is enough to provide a new post a day from now till the day the first sounds of the Military Tattoo resonate around the new stadium. This is also good for the people of Dunedin as I may have been tempted to provide a counter to all those wishing to stand for council with the sole aim of shutting down Dunedin and turning it into the Syd Adie Memorial Town For the Progressively Challenged (picking a bitter theme here yet?).

I’d be more than happy to be the Patsy for the developers and the money men. If this sounds all a little too much for such a pinko greenie like myself, don’t be fooled, there is such a thing as progress and development with a social and environmental conscience.

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