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StS Gallery: BAD art STOPS fundraising
Image: Democracy is for the weak!

UPDATED. ODT takes up the story in Friday’s newspaper.


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StS: 'Not the end'…

### D Scene 29-4-09 (page 4)
Stadium opponents watching closely
By Michelle Sutton

Stadium opponents are issuing a warning to Dunedin City Council, despite losing its High Court battle. Stop the Stadium’s High Court bid to block the Otago stadium was turned down by Justice Lester Chisholm who said it didn’t get “past first base”.
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### D Scene 29-4-09 (page 4)
Stop the Stadium’s shy backers

Anonymous donations from publicity shy businessmen are helping fund Stop the Stadium’s legal fight with Dunedin City Council.
{story continues}

Other stories in D Scene:

    ‘Long-lasting legacy’ – McCully (page 4)
    Re-tender for locals – Farry (page 5)
    Redundant Keith’s a huge stadium fan (page 5)
    Sukhi’s call to arms (page 10)
    Word of the week: underwrite (page 11)
    Letter: Don’t spoil oil – Jeff Dickie (page 11)

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D Scene: 'Jobs, jobs, jobs'

### D Scene 29-4-09 (page 3)
By Ryan Keen

For the government, it really became a no-brainer to grant $15 million towards the construction of the city’s ambitious and highly controversial roofed stadium project.

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### D Scene 29-4-09 (page 5)
Roofed wonder: Construction companies hail project as saviour
Stadium to spur big jobs boom
By Michelle Sutton

Dunedin’s $200 million stadium is being heralded as a saviour by the city’s flailing construction industry. Building bosses say jobs were going to be shed from Dunedin’s construction sector unless the project was given the green light.
{story continues}

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StS press release

Received yesterday – here in full. Does this mean StS is winding up…

Tuesday 28th April 2009


Dunedin Ratepayers Abandoned

Considering the history of the stadium project, Friday’s court outcome can be no real surprise. From the very beginning this project has been an affront to all standards of democratic fair dealing, in which the people of Dunedin have been sidelined while ever-increasing amounts of their money have been appropriated to build a folly that will weigh upon us for generations.

Dunedin people, who overwhelmingly reject this stadium, have been abandoned by every stratum of government supposedly in existence to safeguard their rights and interests. The DCC and ORC, rather than protecting their ratepayers, have frog-marched them into disaster. Our local Members of Parliament, with the honourable exception of Green MP Metiria Turei, have been noteworthy only on account of their complicit silence, while the National Government has aided and abetted the abuse of due process and the swindling of our ratepayers. Rodney Hide, after specifically promising to investigate the stadium’s finances, made an ignominious retreat.

And now we have a judge who considers that there is no significant difference between the project as it now exists and what was originally presented to the public – no difference, in other words, between public and private funding. A judge, moreover, who is willing to make a hasty and far-reaching decision while claiming that he is unable to follow the argument put before him. The final arbiter between right and wrong has proven a broken reed.

All we can do now is commit ourselves to remembering the identities of those who have driven our city into this debacle. Remember them well – all of those Councillors who, in capitulating at every stage in this shabby process, have shown themselves unfit to govern. And let us communally ensure, before very long, that these people are removed and their period of ill-governance is put to an end.

Bev Butler
Stop The Stadium Inc
Ph (03) 477 6861


### ODT Online Wed, 29 Apr 2009
Butler mute on future actions
By David Loughrey

Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler last night refused to be drawn on what actions the group might take in future, despite a press release yesterday that appeared to concede little could be done to achieve its goals.
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TVNZ Sport: Blog FOR the stadium

Thanks to UglyBob at SkycraperCity blog for the reference…

### TVNZ ONE Sport: Rugby Published: 10:50AM Tuesday April 28, 2009
New stadium a triumph for Dunedin
Blog by’s Max Bania

Despite all the debates the Dunedin Stadium is finally going ahead and’s Max Bania believes that city will be all the richer for it.
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Max Bania – short profile Link


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If you ever needed any more proof the StS hurt Dunedin…

So I am wandering downstairs in my new office to the cafe at the bottom of the building, and what do I hear bellowing over a full cafe, a supposedly intelligent person (well he does work as a scientist at the University) holding forth about a ‘miniature tin-pot stadium with a glass roof and grass that won’t grow’. He knows of no other stadium in the world with a glass roof where the grass grows – and he was (as per usual with the exceedingly uninformed but incredibly opinionated Anti crowd) lecturing this to his colleagues.

I mean what the bloody hell is one to do with this except get a little juvenile and start saying, “we won we won”.

Holly Crap, I mean really, it’s not a bloody glass roof, it’s not a small tin-pot building and (this is the irony) the scientific studies carried out show that the grass will grow.

I’m lost for words.

The StS, hang your head low, your campaign of disinformation is seemingly timeless. Would have been nice to have been a complete twat then and there, whip out my iPhone, record his comments and in a couple of years time when it’s done and dusted and the grass is still growing under the ‘glass roof’, just to play it back to him and say, really, were you sure of what you were saying?


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Latest on contract + Second injunction

How are you measuring support Mr Chin…

### ODT Online Tue, 28 Apr 2009
Council signs stadium contract
By David Loughrey
Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin, deputy mayor Syd Brown and Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry yesterday signed a contract with Hawkins Construction to begin building Dunedin’s stadium.
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### ODT Online Tue, 28 Apr 2009
City people urged to ‘Love Dunedin’
By Dene Mackenzie
Dunedin residents will be urged later this year to start supporting the city and its many attractions as part of a campaign being driven by Tourism Dunedin and local tourism operators.
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