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In brief: STS AGM (Sunday 30 Aug)

[not that it matters!!!!!!]


Mon 5:48pm Channel 9 News hosts an interview with STS president Dave Witherow. Rebecca Meek leads in by claiming there are big changes ahead for STS, that it will move it in a new direction with the new committee.

Not quite right, folks. As recent posts to ODT Online and What if? reveal.

Indeed, Mr Witherow says: “This is a bit premature. We want to refocus but can’t change direction without consulting the membership. So this is a mooted change in direction. I suspect it will be fine with the membership.”

He doesn’t believe the stadium can be stopped, but thinks the stadium is “destined to be half constructed…it will stand there and decay”.

The last six months had been “very disillusioning” for the STS membership.

“We thought we had a council of human beings,” he says.

Dave Witherow is certain there will be a surge in STS membership in the next year “if we change direction”.


Mon 5:15pm. Have only just picked up the ODT print edition. (see page 1) The new STS committee is:

Dave Witherow (president)
Gavin MacDonald (vice-president)
Pat Johnston (treasurer)
Carol Sawyer (secretary)
Darryl Ostrer
Rolf Feitscher
Lyndon Weggery

Unless I’m mistaken, Mr MacDonald is is a regular contributor of letters to the Otago Daily Times. Lyndon Weggery is well known for his active interest in council affairs and has been commenting recently on Dunedin’s water. Mr Ostrer and Mr Feitscher appear to be new names (to us anyway).



Sun 22:07pm. Bev Butler and husband Peter Attwooll have resigned from the STS committee.

Dave Witherow is the new STS president.

Pat Johnston continues as treasurer.

Carol Sawyer, wife of Dave Witherow, continues on committee taking up the role of secretary.

Dave Witherow wants the society to morph into a society to campaign for a new council… But it was accepted that this meeting couldn’t get the authority for that.

No resignations of any former members were notified and accepted by the AGM.*


On Newstalk ZB news this morning, Dave Witherow was cited as saying STS could avoid paying any money owing… Then we get the ODT report:

### ODT Online Mon, 31 Aug 2009
Stop the Stadium to target councillors
By David Loughrey

Stop the Stadium has a new president and a new mission, with major changes to the organisation following its annual meeting yesterday. The organisation’s direction could not be changed without consulting members.
Read more


### ODT Online Mon, 31/08/2009 – 8:39am.
Comment by ro1 on Stop the Stadium does not have a new direction

As a member who was at yesterday’s meeting, I would like to correct this report – Stop the Stadium does not have a new direction.
Read more


### ODT Online Mon, 31/08/2009 – 11:23am.
Comment by anneeliot on No new mission

I was also at yesterday’s meeting and I can assure readers that while Mr Witherow went on at length about his aspirations for Stop the Stadium (STS), no decision was made or able to be made about the future direction of STS at yesterday’s meeting.
Read more


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Friday stuff – Architecture

### Thursday 11 June 2009 08.30 BST
Shortlist for Britain’s top public architecture prize announced
By David Batty

An environmentally friendly ringroad and a school sports hall made from recycled freight containers are among the 24 finalists competing for Britain’s top public architecture prize.

One of the projects, picked from 125 submissions of new work from the public sector, will be chosen to win the ninth Prime Minister’s award for Better Public Building in October.

The competition was set up to try to improve standards not only in public sector architecture but throughout the building process, from procurement to interior decoration.
Read more

Public architecture award 2009 (15 pictures)
The Prime Minister’s Better Public Building award aims to show how ‘architecture of the everyday’ – streets, schools, bridges and stations – ranks among the most imaginative and beautiful designs being built today.
Selected highlights


### Engineering News 1 May 2009
Stadium projects safe and sustainable – Jordaan
By Philippa Levenberg

As the infrastructural phase of the 2010 FIFA World Cup preparation project nears completion, concerns emerge around whether the acquired assets, which will cost the South African government over R20-billion on completion, will be used after the final goal is scored.

In an interview with Engineering News, 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee South Africa (OC SA) CEO Dr Danny Jordaan assures that the project, including five greenfield stadium projects, five stadium upgrades and the development of associated public transport infrastructure, will deliver maximum returns on the investment for South Africa.

“In a developing country, the most important question to ask when planning and implementing a project of this nature is what the postevent use of the infrastructural investment will be,” says Jordaan.
Read more


### AIArchitect September 19, 2008
Miami Marine Stadium Wins Historic Designation
By Russell Boniface, Associate Editor

How do you . . . lead a restoration effort for an architecturally and regionally significant structure?

The City of Miami’s Historic and Environmental Preservation Board has nominated the Miami Marine Stadium for historic landmark status from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Miami-based Friends of Miami Marine Stadium, under the umbrella of Dade Heritage Trust, has been working with AIA Miami in seeking to restore the 1964 concrete Modern structure that sits on the Virginia Key barrier island facing Biscayne Bay and features a view of the downtown Miami skyline.
Read more


### Architecture Week – Page D1.1 . 26 April 2006
Design Department
Recreational Morphing
By Brian Libby

A generation ago, the University of Cincinnati was a commonplace American commuter school riddled with surface parking lots, the campus severed by a busy thoroughfare. Despite being nestled in the heart of a large city, it felt suburban. But over the ensuing years, the university has undergone a billion-dollar makeover.
Read more

Brian Libby is a Portland, Oregon-based freelance writer who has also published in Metropolis, The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, and Architectural Record.


### Architecture Week – Page D4.1 . 19 August 2009
Design Department
Magic Blue Box
By Terri Peters

A giant blue cuboid has sprung up in Copenhagen, Denmark. This striking scaffolding box wrapped in translucent blue fabric is the new Copenhagen Concert Hall. Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning French architect Jean Nouvel, with acoustic design by noted Japanese consultants Nagata Acoustics, the building is the new permanent home for the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

Visitors arriving by train will find the immediate context of the concert hall strange and uninhabited, aside from the giant blue box. At first glance, there seems to be little more to this neighbourhood than a train platform. Seemingly marooned in a vast dusty wasteland — Nouvel has said he imagined the building as an asteroid crash-landed on the site — the building’s simple form comes alive at night as a massive projection screen for video and images, a glowing lantern surrounded by canals.

Nouvel has managed to create a world-class national concert venue for Copenhagen — something the city previously lacked — as well as the local heart for a growing community, mixing practical and high-performance Danish modernism with jubilant and theatrical French avant garde.
Read more

Terri Peters is a writer and designer based in Copenhagen and London.


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Basil Walker: “My purpose is not to stop the stadium.”

“It’s to stop Queenstown paying for the stupid thing.”

### ODT Online Fri, 28 Aug 2009
Case stalled over security issue
By David Loughrey

The only current legal challenge to the Forsyth Barr Stadium appears to be in limbo. Queenstown man Basil Walker said yesterday he had filed the necessary papers for security of costs so his appeal hearing could go ahead, but the Otago Regional Council said it was yet to receive security.
Read more

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Carisbrook valuation

### ODT Online Fri, 28 Aug 2009
Value based on splitting Carisbrook
By David Loughrey
A Dunedin valuer’s assessment of Carisbrook, which the Dunedin City Council says guided its thinking when it bought the stadium, valued the property at between $7.1 and $7.5 million, Mayor Peter Chin said yesterday.
Read more

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Stadium: ETFE roof

Innovative Stadium Roof: Subcontract Announced
Press Release: Forsyth Barr Stadium
26 August 2009


The contract for supplying and installing the permanent roof for the Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza has been awarded to Vector Foiltec, Stadium Trust Chairman Malcolm Farry announced today.

The Forsyth Barr Stadium roof will be the first ever permanent roof over a natural playing surface, using 20,558 square metres of ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene).

The transparent ETFE panels allow sunlight onto the pitch for natural turf growth while providing protection from the elements for spectators and players. The roofing system consists of ETFE sandwiched within an aluminium frame which is inflated with low pressure air to provide stability and resist wind and snow loads.

The successful contractor, Vector Foiltec, invented ETFE roofing and has a track record of successful installations around the world.
Read more

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STS posts Injunction Appeal documents

Injunction Appeal documents supplied today:

STS Argument
DCC Submission
STS oral submission

• [DCC source file] Jim Harland and Athol Stephens Affidavits
• [Courts of New Zealand] Decision

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$294.8m investment for Otago region

The National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) announced this morning, provides an investment of $294.8 million for the Otago region over the 2009-2012 period.

In Dunedin it includes:
• work on four-laning the Caversham Highway at the city’s southern entrance is expected to start during the next three years. This section of State Highway (SH) 1 is prone to traffic congestion during peak-hour travel times
• progress over the next three years on the Fredrick Street to SH88 realignment project to smooth traffic flows, improve safety and ease congestion on this section of SH88 around the new Otago stadium and Otago University
• the SH88 Dunedin to Port Chalmers cycleway will be extended all the way to Port Chalmers.

National Land Transport Programme 2009-2012 (PDF, 4.08 MB)
Otago (PDF, 734 KB)

NLTP on Public Transport
There has been a substantial increase in funding for public transport services nationally across 2009-12 with an increase of 30% to $630 million compared with the previous three years.
This NLTP allocates $11.6 million to public transport services in Otago. This includes encouraging drivers to use public transport in Dunedin, with the aim of reducing the number of vehicles on key city roads at peak times.
This in turn will:
• reduce traffic congestion
• delay the need for expensive road infrastructure to carry larger traffic volumes
• help improve travel times for private and commercial vehicles as well as buses.
National Land Transport Programme
Press Release: New Zealand Transport Agency

Wednesday, 26 August 2009, 3:31 pm

The NZ Transport Agency will release details of a multi-billion dollar investment in New Zealand’s land transport network on Thursday morning (27 August).

NZTA will publish the 2009/12 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) at midday on Thursday, outlining planned investment in land transport activities across the country over the next three years. The NLTP invests in a range of projects in all regions.

The new three-year timeframe for the NLTP allows for investments with a longer-term view, and allows local government and the wider land transport sector to plan ahead with increased confidence.

The preparation of the NLTP has been informed by 16 regional transport committees and the Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA) developing and submitting regional land transport programmes outlining activities to be prioritised for NLTP funding.

NLTP documents, Q&As and regional media releases will be available on the NZTA website from midday Thursday, at

NZTA Board Chair Brian Roche will present the 2009/12 NLTP at a launch event at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington at 11am on Thursday. Transport Minister Steven Joyce will also speak at the launch.


Many rural projects cut back…

### ODT Online Fri, 28 Aug 2009
$295m for roading in Otago
By Mark Price
Otago roading projects are to receive $295 million over the next three years, $51 million less in subsidies than Otago land transport authorities were seeking.
Read more

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Architects for university stadium buildings

### ODT Online Thu, 27 Aug 2009
Stadium buildings architect named
By David Loughrey

The University of Otago has appointed architects for stage one of its $50 million development at the Forsyth Barr Stadium, but construction will not start until after the realignment of State Highway 88 away from Anzac Ave has been confirmed. Warren and Mahoney will take on the project, with McCoy and Wixon assisting.
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DScene: Delta, STS, DCC larks

### DScene 26-8-09
Suite for some (page 1)
Stop The Stadium has lost another legal fight, but it’s still throwing punches. One target of the-cash strapped group is Delta Utilities spending on a corporate suite. See page 5.

Thank you (page 3)
By Dave Wood, acting editor
Dunedin councillor Richard Walls was heard to ask at a recent council meeting if D Scene was still going. The question illustrates the soundness of the move by the former mayor to immerse himself in a community blog to help his understanding of what is happening in Dunedin.

Register to read DScene online at

New board appointed (page 4)
By Wilma McCorkindale
The new board of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd has been appointed by the Dunedin City Council and it’s top heavy with out-of-towners.

STS gunning for Delta (page 5)
By Michelle Sutton
The cash-strapped Stop The Stadium group has hit out at Dunedin City Council-owned Delta Utilities having a $500,000 corporate suite in the new stadium.

Counting the cost (page 5)
Construction costs for Dunedin’s new stadium are out, but court costs haven’t been tallied yet. The council and the Stop The Stadium group say they will release how much they spent fighting each other about the stadium in court.

Saying bye to the ‘Brook (page 6)
ORFU chief executive Richard Reid hopes to learn this week that Carisbrook has been given a Welsh farewell next year by hosting an All Blacks v Wales test. He talks to Michelle Sutton about saying goodbye to The House of Pain and most – but not all – of the union’s multi-million dollar debt.

Offices may move (page 8)
By Wilma McCorkindale
The word on George Street is Dunedin City Council offices might join the city’s library in the former Chief Post Office building.

(page 8)
Dunedin City Council property boss Robert Clark is declining to release the cost of a study into re-development of the Dunedin library into the Chief Post Office building.

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DCC press release – DVML (venues company)

### 25 August 2009, 10:08AM
Directors appointed for Dunedin Venues Management Company
By Dunedin City Council

At its meeting on 17 August, 2009, the Dunedin City Council appointed nine directors to sit on the inaugural board of the new Dunedin Venues Management Limited company. Former judge, Sir John Hansen, will chair the board and Peter Stubbs will be deputy. The other directors are Stewart Barnett, Bill Baylis, Peter Brown, Malcolm Farry, Peter Hutchison, Jennifer Rolfe and Kereyn Smith.

Dunedin Venues Management Limited (DVML) will manage the Council’s suite of venues. Initially, the Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza will be its focus but it will also manage, at a later date, the Dunedin Centre complex following its major redevelopment and the Edgar Sports Centre.
Read more at infonews

ODT Link


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Railway corridor

Someone brought up the issue of the changes to the road plan which have come about as a result of the stadium construction. There is no doubt that the main highway linking the city and Otago to its main port should not be down Anzac Ave, and that it needed to be re-routed.

But then there was criticism that the railway corridor could be used for the road. Let’s look at that railway corridor, it’s hardly a productive place in which aesthetic sensibilities need be considered. Really do we want this ‘useful’ space being preserved?


And these are the neighbours who won’t be sleeping so well at night with the increased road traffic.


Posted by Paul Le Comte


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ODT on legal challenge to this site

### ODT Online
Legal threat over stadium website
By Chris Morris on Tue, 25 Aug 2009

Legal action may be taken over acrimonious comments posted on a website dedicated to discussing Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium. Dunedin man Paul Le Comte, who started the What If? Stadium of Dunedin website two years ago, took the site offline on Sunday morning after being threatened with legal action. He said Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler and her husband, Peter Attwooll, made separate phone calls to his home on Sunday.
Read more


With regard to this article in the ODT this morning “Legal threat over stadium website” this will be the last thing I have to say on the matter.

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Mayor Chin to publicise STS cost to Council

### ODT Online Tue, 25 Aug 2009
Group to face hefty legal bill
By David Loughrey

Stop the Stadium faces paying up to $17,000 in court costs, after its challenge to the Dunedin City Council’s funding of the Forsyth Barr Stadium was yesterday dismissed.
Read more


### ODT Online Tue, 25 Aug 2009
$13m stadium funding ‘error’ revealed
By David Loughrey

Stop the Stadium may have lost its Court of Appeal case, but the group says it has exposed incorrect claims about stadium funding by the Dunedin City Council.
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1. STS response – appeal 2. Coastal protection – comments

STS statement re Appeal decision

STS is disappointed with the Wellington Court of Appeal result but pleased the action has forced the Dunedin City Council to admit that what they told the Christchurch High Court was wrong and the Council, NOT the Central Government, are making up the $13 million shortfall.
Read more

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2011 RWC: Queens Wharf Party Central

### RNZ News Updated at 7:36am on 24 August 2009
Queens Wharf competition launched

The Auckland City and Auckland Regional councils have jointly announced the next stage in the multi-million dollar re-development of Queens Wharf on Auckland’s waterfront.

A design and ideas competition has been launched, which will help shape how the new facilities may look for the 2011 Rugby World Cup and future use as a cruise terminal. Designs must adhere to a $76 million cap. So far the Auckland City Council has committed $54 million, leaving a $22 million shortfall.

A shortlist of designs will be announced at the end of September.
Read more

Here’s the direct link to the site.


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STS Appeal thrown out +Decision +Affidavits

### Channel 9 Online August 24, 2009 – 7:46pm
Stop the Stadium get[s] bad news regarding its appeal

Stop the Stadium today received the news they didn’t want to hear regarding the appeal of their case, arguing that the Dunedin City Council breached the Local Government Act by going ahead with Forsyth Barr Stadium. The Court of Appeal released its decision this morning, and stated that it was satisfied there was no breach of the Act by signing a construction contract.
Video Link (01:49)


### ODT Online Mon, 24 Aug 2009
Court rejects bid to stop stadium

Stop the Stadium’s bid to block the construction of the Forsyth Barr stadium has been thrown out by the Court of Appeal. The court has also awarded costs to the Dunedin City Council.

The court said in its decision released this morning it was satisfied the council had not acted contrary to the [Local Government] Act when signing the construction contract.
Read more

The Decision

Affidavits (PDF, 2.4 mb, new window)
Jim Harland and Athol Stephens’ Affidavits


### TVNZ News Published: 11:19AM Monday August 24, 2009
Dunedin stadium appeal rejected
Source: ONE News

Dunedin’s new covered stadium has cleared its final hurdle. The court of appeal on Monday morning rejected a legal bid from the city’s Stop The Stadium group to pull the plug on the $200 million project. The court ruled the project’s costs have not increased significantly from those set out in the council’s long-term plan.

“I think I would have felt very sorry for Stop the Stadium if they had won this because they would have been crucified,” says Malcolm Farry, the Stadium Trust chairman.
Read more


### RNZ News Updated at 12:18pm on 24 August 2009
Dunedin stadium opponents lose appeal

A Court of Appeal bid to prevent construction of a new stadium in Dunedin has failed. In April, the group Stop the Stadium unsuccessfully sought a High Court injunction, claiming that changes to the project’s financial structure would increase costs for Dunedin ratepayers.

Earlier this month the group’s lawyers told the Court of Appeal that the cost of the stadium’s construction was significantly more than the figure earlier included in the plan sent out for public consultation.

However lawyers for the Dunedin City Council said if further consultation was ordered, it would kill the project.

The Court ruled on Monday that the cost increase is not significant and the Dunedin City Council has not breached legal requirements in entering a contract to build the stadium.
RNZ Link


### NBR Monday August 24 2009 – 12:05pm
Green light for Dunedin stadium
NBR staff

Dunedin’s new rugby stadium will go ahead after the Stop the Stadium Society had its appeal against the city council dismissed today. The Court of Appeal has awarded costs to the Dunedin City Council.

The Stop the Stadium Society argued that the council had breached section 97 (2) of the Local Government Act 2002 when it decided to proceed on its plans to build Carisbrook’s replacement.
Read more


### NBR Monday August 24 2009 – 01:53pm
Court of Appeal dimisses allegations against Dunedin City Council
By Kelly Gregor

Dunedin’s new rugby stadium will go ahead despite legal action taken by Stop the Stadium Society that raised concerns on how the council would fund the multi-million dollar development.

The society had its appeal dismissed by the Court of Appeal today and costs have been awarded to the Dunedin City Council.

A local government bylaw, section 97 (2), was at the heart of the dispute.
Read more


### TV3 News Mon, 24 Aug 2009 12:58P.M.
New Dunedin stadium on track after appeal thrown out
By Dave Goosselink

The multi-purpose stadium being built in Dunedin remains on track, after a bid to block its construction was thrown out by the Court of Appeal.
Read more

### TV3 News online 24 Aug 2009 3:43p.m.
Comment by Phil

……and so the arms race of the 21st century continues, carried along on the back of the long suffering rate-payer. Who can build the biggest and best sports stadium regardless of cost and little regard to those who have to pay for it.


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Not acceptable under any circumstances!

This is a site for the free and frank discussion on the Stadium Construction.

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Rugby officials expressing anxieties about 2011 RWC budget in private for months

Taxpayers, run and hide !!!

### Last updated 05:00 16/08/2009
Hobbs: NZRU won’t go bust
By Greg Ford – Sunday Star Times

New Zealand rugby isn’t about to go broke, but chairman Jock Hobbs admits it will have to write a substantial cheque after hosting the Rugby World Cup. The Sunday Star-Times last week revealed the forecast loss associated with hosting the tournament had blown out from $30 million to $40m. The NZRU has agreed to pay one third of any loss.
Read more


### Last updated 05:00 09/08/2009
Loss blows out $10m as board is purged
By Greg Ford – Sunday Star Times

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is headed for a budget blowout. The revised budget for the New Zealand-hosted tournament, expected to be made public in the next two weeks, predicts a $40m loss.
Read more

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There must be an election coming up as the incessant groans of the discontents such as Vandervis and Smith are in full flight once again in the letter to the editors.

None would be surprised by me taking the bait and having my own little grumble about a certain Mr Smith.

It seems the fellow has strong objections to the suggestion the Dunedin tempt the Edinburgh Tattoo away, or hold our own here in Dunedin.

Firstly let’s correct some blatant errors. The Scots did not give us the word Daft like he claimed.

“daft O.E. gedæfte “gentle, becoming,” from P.Gmc. *gadaftjaz. Sense progression from “mildness” to “dullness” (14c.) to “foolish” (15c.) to “crazy” (1536), probably influenced by analogy with daffe “halfwit.”

(source, But this was just one of many that state the word cones from Old English. And if you are a geek like me and have read the Story of English and are currently watching that brilliant series by Melvin Bragg based on the book, you will appreciate that Old English is not Scots or Pictish.

The second blatant error is to again use that tired and boring Pork Pie, that this is a ‘Plastic Tent’.

That aside, I agree that it would not be the same setting as the majestic Edinburgh Castle. But considering that ‘the lone piper’ played splendidly from the roof of Carisbrook some years back for an All Black test. It had the same effect on me, spine tingling and tear evoking. If it was good enough to stick the piper on the roof…

The rest of his rant is so pathetic as to actually require a warm fire tonight and this page us the first I will crumple up.

Yes fireworks can and have been used successfully in indoor arenas, I have witnessed it first hand – without a single sprinkler going off.

Why will Howitzers going off in the FB stadium render the audience deaf but not at Edinburgh? Sorry sunshine if there are pyrotechnics (not the main point of the event) they will not harm the fuel installation many hundreds of metres away – more absolute bollocks!

Further if it was good enough for the ordinance to be man(or woman)handled at Westpac Stadium in 2000 when it was the first place on the world to lure the event away from Edinburgh Castle, then it will be good enough here in Dunedin – sans flagstones.

As I said I’ve heard some utter tripe from Mr Smith, and the ODT have been more than obliging in publishing his rubbish, this however is right up there.

As stated if it was good enough for that northern ‘Edinburgh of the South’ to host the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, I would say, YES it is well within the realms of possibility that we host it, or even a South Pacific version more appropriately.

{sorry if there are offending grammatical errors, I’m on the go with the iPhone}.


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A timely reminder

For those who visit and/or participate in this public forum on the Stadium, you will appreciate that I will accept a wide range of opinions from both sides of the camp. This is good for a robust conversation about this development.

However this is a timely reminder that although I set this site up as a forum for free and frank discussion, I do not have the time to check every single comment made on this site, and thus it is a place for people to moderate their own conversations – just as you would if you were talking face to face with people.

Unless you have the facts 100% correct about someone in particular (with the result that your comments could be defamatory), I would respectfully request that you keep your comments and thoughts to yourself. If you have checked these facts and continue to believe them to be true, and then in the public interest you wish these to be published, by all means contact me first.

I do not have the time to fend off lawyers because some are prepared to make cheap throw away lines. Unfortunately if we are unable to do so, I will be forced to close comments on this site.

Come on folks, you are all aware of the rules of life.

Have a great day, cheers


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Otago Community Trust

### Otago Community Trust 2009 Annual Report (page 2)

OCT 20-8-09 pic crop

Forsyth Barr Stadium at the University Plaza overlooking the Otago harbour, will be New Zealand’s largest indoor arena.

The Otago Community Trust has continued its long-held tradition of underpinning major community assets in Otago, and will provide $7 million towards the cost of construction of this new Stadium over the next two years.

Work has started and is on track for an August 2011 completion, planned to be ready for the 2011 Rugby World Cup – an opportunity to showcase the region to New Zealand and worldwide.

The new Stadium will be a multipurpose facility that can be used for a wide range of cultural, learning, community, business and sporting events. It will have capacity for over 30,000 in maximum event mode under one roof, and the flexibility to cater for smaller events.

Covered by a state-of-the-art roof, the purpose-built Stadium will protect everyone inside from the elements.

The University of Otago will become New Zealand’s first and only campus stadium, with new University buildings co-locating alongside the Stadium to house teaching, research and student services.

The net economic benefit to Otago and Dunedin was assessed at $24 million a year, bringing economic benefits through new jobs, attracting more visitors and students and retaining visitor spend within the region. Around 600 new jobs will be created during construction and 1,000 people will be employed for major events.

Forsyth Barr Stadium will be the focal point for major events south of the Waitaki.


We’re reliably informed that the University of Otago is MORE THAN a “campus stadium”. A little editing of the OCT item required…


### ODT Online Wed, 26 Aug 2009
Trust’s annual meeting more relaxed this year

The Otago Community Trust’s annual meeting last night was a subdued affair, despite a year when its investments were hit by the global financial crisis and it awarded its biggest grant – $7 million to the Forsyth Barr Stadium at the University Plaza.
Read more

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D Scene: Hotseat for mayor

### D Scene 19-8-09 (page 1)
Will Peter Chin be seeking re-election as Dunedin’s mayor? What does he think of the council’s critics? He responds to these and other questions from D Scene. See page 7
Cartoon by Pat McCarty. Peter Chin starring as Miss Havisham in ‘Great Expectations’.

Mayor speaks (page 3)
By Dave Wood, Acting Editor
Mayor Chin answers our questions, and his responses give a frank perspective of where he sees the council at…but his answers are also equivocal, curious and condescending.

Register to read D Scene online at

Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin Talks to D Scene:
My job is like a swan (page 7)

The questions:
What’s your leadership style?
In view of the criticism you’re coming under, do you cringe when you pick up the ODT each day?
What in your mind have been the council’s biggest achievements?
What in your mind have been the council’s biggest mistakes?*
How’s your blood pressure?
What are the good news council stories you think residents should know about?
What is your view of the increasing council debt as outlined by Calvin Oaten in last week’s D Scene?
Why do you think various anti-council residents’ groups are mobilising?
Why do you believe it’s the council’s role to help stimulate economic activity with its own projects?
What do you think about the Government’s investigations of the Delta land purchases?
It’s been said your leadership is undemocratic because you’ve always not involved councillors in decision-making, for example, your letter to the Government offering a social housing deal. Your comments?
How do mayoral pressures impact on your personal life?
What are your thoughts on seeking another term as Dunedin mayor?

Read D Scene for disheartening answers…

*Note to Mayor Chin: There is no group called “Save Harrop Street”. You listened to the (gutsy and polite) incorporated society Hands off Harrop, as well as other stakeholders and council personnel.

We hope that’s not “Swann” you mean, given your confusion with names.


Other stories:

Stadium fight hits court by Michelle Sutton (page 6)
‘Brook price confirmed by Michelle Sutton (page 6)

Councillors become rubber-stampers (page 13)
Dunedin people need to complain loudly about city council decisions, says former councillor and 2007 defeated mayoral candidate Lee Vandervis.

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Stadium in public view…

### ODT Online Thu, 20 Aug 2009
Stadium construction viewing stand mooted
By Chris Morris

A public viewing platform may be built to accommodate the interest in the construction of the Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin.
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Counsel for STS denies Jim Harland's claim

### ODT Online Thu, 20 Aug 2009
STS denies own rules breached
By David Loughrey

The Dunedin City Council took on Stop the Stadium’s processes at the Court of Appeal in Wellington this week, claiming the group did not stick to the rules within its own constitution. That claim was denied by Stop the Stadium’s counsel, who said while internal documents had not been released to the council, the rules had been followed.
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The realm of accountants…

Not long ago we were told by council sources the $66 a year may spin out to more years of ratepayer contribution than anticipated if the cost of the project grew significantly. That’s not alluded to here.

### ODT Online Thu, 20 Aug 2009
$66 a year ‘demonstrably incorrect’
By David Loughrey

An assurance the Forsyth Barr Stadium will cost the average ratepayer no more than $66 a year cannot be true, when other costs for the project have increased, Stop the Stadium’s counsel Len Anderson says.
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