How much do we care about political party posturing #NZ


### New Zealand Herald 6 Aug, 2017 11:34am
The PM has ‘the personality of a rock’: Labour’s deputy goes on the attack
Nicholas Jones – political reporter
Davis appeared along with new Labour leader Jacinda Ardern on TVNZ’s Q+A programme this morning.

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9 responses to “How much do we care about political party posturing #NZ

  1. russandbev

    Watched this on Q and A and was impressed with both of them I have to say. In a few words Davis sums up the front bench of National well. In particular Coleman has consistently ignored the needs of those in need while being a nasty attacker of anyone that dares question him. His performance in the House is vindictive. Note the stock answer to questions by National which nearly always says “I can’t (won’t) answer, but what I can say is that Labour are a bunch of twits. And won’t Paula Bennett be regretting saying to Adern “now listen sweetie”. Adern could wipe the floor with any of the National front bench and the back benches are full of patsies. But I’m still not sure that I for one will ignore Winston.

    • Lets do it

      Once a flake. Always a flake. How much of the new Dunedin hospital rebuild money will be redirected to the new rail for Auckland airport. We may all have to enroll in a different election constituency to get Winston home.

  2. Elizabeth

    ### TVNZ Q+A 6.8.17

    Jacinda Ardern on her plan to win the election
    The new Labour leader talks about the biggest week of her life and the 48 days ahead.
    WATCH VIDEO (13:39) 

    Labours new leaders: Jacinda Ardern and Kelvin Davis
    The pair talk about the road ahead to polling day and whether they can retain the Maori seats.
    WATCH VIDEO (6:01)

    Jacinda and Kelvin – Panel
    Joining our host Jack Tame on the panel are Dr Jennifer Curtin, Mike Williams and Kim Campbell.
    WATCH VIDEO (11:14)

  3. Peter

    It’s great to see that Labour is off the rack with a fighting chance to defeat this vicious National Government. But, as much as I want Labour to form the next government, I am much too wary (cynical?) to expect the fundamental inequities…economic, social and political…..of NZ to change for the better in anything but a minor sort of way. Centre Left governments of the past, once in office, become exhausted, like all governments, and their agenda becomes one of staying in office rather than reform.
    Reform is always incremental and sometimes falls back into negative territory. We see it both nationally and locally.
    Sad to see the mess the Greens have got themselves into even if they brought it on themselves.
    At the local level, we may remember the early days of the Cull/ Orders council when transparency and rooting out corruption was a top priority? Or so they said.
    Now I understand there is serious infighting within the council administration, that has yet to surface, which makes real reform difficult to achieve. In time, the same happens with new governments as they become more shop worn over time.

    • Calvin Oaten

      Oh dear, it seems I’ve heard it all before, many times. You only need a bit of age to gather a few facts and fiascos. It is the game of politics, you have had the ball long enough, time to give me a go. The only difference is there are more than two nowadays with “proportional representation”. Still, it is hard to whip up any enthusiasm for the interlopers isn’t it.
      On the local administration, Peter, I think the system is well organised to fill their pockets with the job being secondary. You say there is serious infighting going on, well that will exhaust their energy while the city burns. With our Dr Who taking on the presidency of the local bodies’ greater outfit he will be out of the picture…if not in fact then in virtual reality. The staff will be free to create all the pandemonium that they like. Interesting to see the placements adds in the Sunday News for a complete staff setup for the Property dept. Don’t understand that. If it’s true then why not sell off the guts of it and leave it as closed. Too much of a shock I guess, and look at those jobs. All six-figure ones I suspect so it will be more of the same old gouge of the cashflow and deficits in the bag. Oh well, what’s new.

  4. Elizabeth

    ### 2 hours ago
    NZ politicians’ best and worst insults
    By Dan Satherley
    Kelvin Davis isn’t the first Kiwi politician to take a crack at the opposition, and won’t be the last …. if the Te Tai Tokerau MP wants to make a career of slinging mud, he’s come to the right place. Here’s some of the greatest insults Parliament has heard, and some of the worst.
    Read more + Video

  5. Peter

    I saw Kelvin Davis’ cracks as being merely witty. Not mud slinging as such. He wasn’t impugning the reputations of these Nats.
    Nothing wrong with colourful comments designed to get a laugh. Some people, who criticised him for making those comments, need to get a sense of humour.
    Pretty tame really compared to former Australian PM, Paul Keating, whose acid tongue was something to behold.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Good lord, “mud slinging”? Smart cracks humour, taking the piss, traditional and in this case well-phrased and well-delivered. These were not cruel knives designed to cut deep. A small bruise at worst, faded by morning. National have even grabbed one of the insults and turned it around for their own benefit!
      I think he was wrong about Coleman though. “Doctor” Death? Hospital Porter Death. What it loses in euphony it gains in accuracy, the porter who is never there when you need him, and due to a combination of inattention and inability delivers patients to the wrong wards and loses wheelchairs, not always empty.

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