Oct 14, 2013 @ 11:40
As Paul’s introduction (2007) says, What if? Dunedin… is a site about the new stadium. Since then, in an organic way, we’ve broadened our editorial reach to matters arising in the city’s social and built environment. This continues under my ownership of the website which began on Oct 4, 2013. Huge thanks to Paul for offering me the privilege of overseeing all community discussions to come.

–Elizabeth Kerr

Editorial contact: ejkerr at ihug dot co dot nz

Mar 2, 2007 @ 1:57
This is a site about the new Dunedin Stadium, to be situated near but not on the waterfront of Dunedin.

Since Feb 2008 the direction of this blog has moved somewhat. Past committee member of Stop The Stadium Inc. (STS) – and campaigner against the extent of public funding going into the stadium – Elizabeth Kerr has become a contributor. In the end there simply was no choice but to invite Elizabeth on board. Her knowledge of the important planning issues is vital to the continual debate. Also with the demise of the STS as a forum for sanity (or even debate), there simply weren’t any sane voices from the opposition getting through.

So this site will now view two sides of the debate, we may not agree with what each other has to say, but then that’s life isn’t it, doesn’t mean an alternate view doesn’t exist.

This should be a place for all comments, constructive or not on all aspects of the architecture, site, design, form, function, role, place, sociological, philosophical even theological (if one thinks that a divine inspiration is needed).

We need

precedents (Bejing Olympic Pool, Alianz Arena)
examples (Vancouver whitecaps new waterfront stadium)
inspiration (new wembley or RIP Stadium NZ)
desire (Guggenheim in Bilboa)

We need pics and or links (Vancouver public transport, for one. Their new waterfront stadium has only 150 parks? In a city of 2 million, because everyone loves the public transport there, 150 parks!!!)

One last point, when else in our lifetime are we going to see dear old Dunners throw a couple of hundred million dollars at one project, let’s really have a say of some sort.


Paul Le Comte