Commercial residential, 143-193 Moray Place : ODT bias, ignores arguments of opposing legal experts

THUS we gather that the owners/editorial team of the Otago Daily Times have deemed Anthony Tosswill’s proposal for a tall fat Moray Place apartment building (commercial residential) is worthy of being built. Ra Ra ODT.

If you (ODT) want to print half the story, presume away…. to Not be the independent courier of what is public information contrary to the arguments of the greying Mr Page, Counsel for Mr Tosswill’s NZ Horizons Hospitality Group Ltd (widely suspected as a vehicle for Asian finance, yet to bring even one of “12 hotels” on his South Island wish list out of the ground – funny that).

For your attention :
The legal submissions of Ms Semple, Counsel for Millennium and Copthorne Hotels New Zealand Ltd (owner of the 3 star Kingsgate), an affected party.

Ms Semple maintains that the application cannot be lawfully unbundled.

Legal Submissions on behalf of the Millennium and Copthorne Hotels
Casebook for the Millennium and Copthorne Hotels

The legal submissions of Mr Hardie, Counsel for Misbeary Holdings Ltd are not yet available online at the DCC website.

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At Facebook:

If the independent commissioners agree with Mr Page then it’s “See you in Court, Buster”.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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5 responses to “Commercial residential, 143-193 Moray Place : ODT bias, ignores arguments of opposing legal experts

  1. Peter

    Don’t you just love how words can be mangled.
    ‘Unbundling’ planning rules meaning…. circumventing planning rules.
    How do these bloody lawyers live with this bullshit?

    • Hype O'Thermia

      I could go with “unbundling” -yes- if it meant a logical solution to the oversize plan of the planned visual naffness. Unbundle 5 star hotel from rental apartments, then a modest scale of building could fit on that site without being the physical equivalent of a fart in a lift. Whether rentals or hotel on that site, the other could be built elsewhere and if it were in a gully surrounded by large trees even the glass retro-Chase Corporation styling wouldn’t be unbearably vulgar.

  2. Elizabeth

    I have been in the ejk sick bay since Wednesday. Seriously ill.

  3. As many of you will know by now it’s with sadness that we discovered that Elizabeth passed away on Friday night after a short illness.

    I began this blog as a discussion of the social & built environment of Dunedin leading up to the idea of stadium being built down by the waterfront. At that stage I was undertaking a Masters of Design at Otago. Elizabeth has been a previous tutor in the Design department.

    Not long after the initial Stop the Stadium campaign had begun & this site became a focus for discussion, I invited Elizabeth to come on board as co-Editor of the site, offering a he-said/she-said, Pro/Anti points of view. I knew Elizabeth was the perfect person to come on board due to her vast heritage knowledge, design background & (as you all know) intense passion for this topic.

    Over the years, as the debate heated up, the volume of traffic to this site was incredible (I will post some stats later) and the readership of this blog extended way beyond the immediate pro/anti stadium campaigners.

    Despite it’s focus on the stadium construction, as you are all very well aware, this site has been more than just about the stadium, indeed this is now only a small part of the blog. This site is a rich & incredible resource about the social, cultural & built environment of Dunedin.

    None of this could have been possible without the passion & dedication of Elizabeth.

    A couple of years back, I handed over full control of this site to Elizabeth, acknowledging her immense roll in this site. We had an arrangement from the very start, which we both acknowledged again when I handed over control, that if at any stage the time was right, ‘What if, Dunedin?’ would be would up and gifted to the Hocken Library as a unique & out standing piece of social history of this great wee city of ours.

    We are currently working through the process with WordPress to wind up the site. The site & it’s incredible body of work will most likely still be accessible to the public, with 1 final post by myself & 1 guest obituary for Elizabeth.

    But at this time I would once again like to thank Elizabeth Kerr for her incredible passion for this city. We didn’t have to agree on much, but everyone will certainly agree that her passion, knowledge & dedication to the city of Dunedin will be missed greatly.

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