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Controlled funding pies and the suit-wearers for professional sport

A new home for the academy was signalled as part of the $15.7 million Logan Park redevelopment plan, initially released in 2005, and the cost would come from that budget. The city agreed to provide the academy with a headquarters when Dunedin was picked as its South Island home. Sparc confirmed a $1 million grant for the two-storey building. The Dunedin City Council would meet the remainder of the cost.

The building would be owned by Dunedin Venues Management and run by Dunedin Venues Management Ltd . . . the academy would occupy one end of the building, and the Highlanders the other.

Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry said he expected the facility, with input from the scientific community, the University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic, along with technology work by Dunedin businessman Ian Taylor, could eventually attract more international interest than the stadium itself.

### ODT Online Tue, 31 May 2011
Piling begun for academy building
By David Loughrey
Work has begun on the new Academy of Sport building on the north end of the Forsyth Barr Stadium, which later this year will house both the academy and the Highlanders rugby team. Dunedin City Council community life general manager Graeme Hall said piling work had begun last week, and the two-storey structure was still on track to be completed before the Rugby World Cup begins in September.
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### ODT Online Tue, 31 May 2011
Boost for academy
By David Loughrey
The Otago Community Trust has donated $65,000 to the New Zealand Academy of Sport South Island, the trust announced yesterday. The funding would be used to build a high-performance floor for the new facility. The floor would have a seamless surface with an indoor track built into it. The money would also help build a recovery centre with a heated hydrotherapy spa.
ODT Link


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Dunedin City Council contracts

### ODT Online Mon, 30 May 2011
DCC contractors in firing line
By Chris Morris
The performance of Dunedin City Council contractors holding $10 million maintenance contracts is to be scrutinised, amid claims the workers are literally spraying money away. Council staff, together with Crs Andrew Noone and Lee Vandervis, will meet Fulton Hogan representatives next month to discuss complaints about shoddy and inefficient work practices.
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RWC Bunting: Drape It Good

Dunedin City Council
Media Release

RWC2011 Bunting Available for Sale

This item was published on 26 May 2011.

Stand by for an outbreak of Rugby World Cup 2011 official bunting across the city.

The 12m-long rolls of bunting contain 10 metres depicting the national flags of teams playing at this year’s Tournament, plus several 2011 Fern Leaf flags.

Retailers, schools, sports clubs and community organisations are all urged to purchase the bunting to decorate their businesses and buildings.

Flagz Ltd, which makes the product, is offering the bunting for $11.95 plus GST for one 12m length.

The bunting can be ordered on the official order form, available by email from It will take four to six weeks for your order to arrive.

Developed to promote Rugby World Cup 2011 in communities, buyers will be reminded to take care to ensure the bunting is not used in any way that suggests an unauthorized commercial association with the Tournament.

Information about the relevant restrictions is available on

Contact Kim Newman on 477 4000

DCC page link

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Wreck of the Hindenburg

Image posted by GoluBoy at SkyscraperCity on 19 March 2011, 09:42 AM.
[ownership information not supplied at the website]

Stadium Open Day – Saturday 11 June, 11am – 2pm
@OtagoNZ Stadium Preview Sure To Please: Just less than two months out from completion of Dunedin’s largest infrastructura…

24.5.11 ODT Online: Ban on Mexican waves at stadium
World Cup rugby fans planning a Mexican wave at Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr stadium are likely to get a stern telling off from police.

(24 May, 4:27 pm) @Police_NZ News: It’s the Behaviour Not the Mexican Wave Police Say – Dunedin Police would like to clarify comments in relation…

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Audacious idea: New Zealand X-Prize Environmental and Energy

Kea “New Zealand, New Thinking” event, New York

### Last updated 05:00 22/05/2011
$1b prize plan for NZ’s future
By Rob O’Neill – Sunday Star Times
The Government is being urged to invest in new strategies to lift the country out of the economic mire, with one successful entrepreneur suggesting it invest $1 billion in future energy technologies through an audacious prize.
New Zealand needs to build a country around the promises of tomorrow, not the legacies of yesterday, Hyperfactory founder Derek Handley told expatriate Kiwis in New York last week as the government announced the partial sale of many state-owned energy assets.

Handley said $1b is less than a tenth of what the current government has committed to infrastructure projects in the next few years and about the same amount spent bailing out South Canterbury Finance investors. It is also “about twice as much as the amount we hope to lose by hosting the Rugby World Cup”, he said and about the same as our bill for six weeks of imported oil.

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Industrial land – Taieri, Dunedin

“We had a shortage of industrial land in the city. The Taieri land might not be developed yet but we need to take a very long-term perspective on its development.” –John Christie, Chamber of Commerce

### ODT Online Sat, 21 May 2011
Industrial zoning fails to sell Taieri sections
By Allison Rudd
When the Dunedin City Council announced plans to rezone 52ha of land on the Taieri Plain from rural to industrial, it trumpeted the Taieri as a location which would attract new businesses to the city and allow existing companies to expand. Nine years on, almost all the land remains undeveloped, populated by livestock rather than people.
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DCC quake support #eqnz

### ODT Online Fri, 20 May 2011
Quake support defended
By Chris Morris
Less than half of Dunedin’s $250,000 fund for earthquake relief work in Christchurch has been spent, but Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull says the city has kept its pledge to support the Garden City. Mr Cull was satisfied with the council’s efforts and the amount spent so far, which largely represented the cost of council staff, vehicles and equipment dispatched to Christchurch following specific requests for help.

DCC quake support
• Councillors created $250,000 fund for Christchurch earthquake relief work on February 28.
• Figures show $99,849 spent so far.
• Spending covers cost of sending DCC staff, equipment and vehicles to Christchurch.
• 36 staff deployed in various roles; water and waste services ($49,272.54) and building control ($34,542.41) units the biggest contributors.
• Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker praises Dunedin’s efforts; Mayor Dave Cull says more spending could follow.

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Information received today

The following relates to the use of ratepayer funds by Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust (CSCT) to investigate options for Carisbrook (read marketing and project management spend).

Over $67,000 was spent just in the last 3 months of 2007 with one Auckland marketing business. Arrow International project management took $2.6+ million over the same 3 months.


This is Dunedin City Council’s breakdown of the CST costs in reply to a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) request made by Bev Butler:

Investigation Costs Stadium LGOIMA (PDF, 112 KB)

The council response has been circulated to Councillors, with the addition of comments from Acting Chief Executive Athol Stephens, to give some context for the figures:

“From October 2006 to April 2009 there is nearly $17.4 million of expenditure. All of these costs are included in the total construction costs of the Stadium of $198m.

The pattern of expenditure starts with formation of the CSCT, development of the concept (mostly under Arrow International’s supervision), investigation by Horwath of the financial viability, peer reviews of the same, acquiring the land, marketing of the concept and applying for the district plan change to permit the activity.

From September/October 2008, design development begins in earnest. Design engineering and architectural firms such as Jasmax, HOK, Connell Wagner, Holmes Fire and Safety, SSDM (Sports Surface Design and Management), Rawlinsons, Hawkins and SKM (Sinclair Knight Mertz) and other smaller engineering and architectural firms begin to appear.

In March 2009 the Council decided that the feasibility of the project had been established and signed a constructuion contract with Hawkins Construction Limited on 27 April 2009. The list of expenses attached brings the Council, by and large, to the point where design, cost and operating viability has been established and actual construction can begin. All these costs have been included in in the total cost of the Stadium.

The Trust costs are salaries and wages, communications, advertising, events, commissions, legal services, consultant retainer expenses, marketing, sale campaigns, motor vehicle, travel and communication expenses. These expenses were advanced to CSCT in equal instalments against a council approved budget. Audit New Zealand carried out an audit of the expenditure approval processes.”

Two minute extracts were also provided to Councillors for background:

SC2200115511051716501 (PDF, 23 KB)
SC2200115511051716502 (PDF, 44 KB)

The information is in public domain.
Files and comments supplied by anonymous source.

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And we let Dunedin residents vote . . .

National quality of life survey… less than half Dunedin residents understand how Dunedin City Council makes decisions

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Insanity has a name: DCC elected arm

While you’re at it why not create a bad name for photography, thanks ODT.

### ODT Online Tue, 17 May 2011
City councillors focus on the big picture
By David Loughrey
The cover of a questionnaire about to go to every Dunedin household will feature a stock photograph, after city councillors baulked at the $2000 cost of taking a new one. The sideline debate came during a discussion on the council’s Your City Our Future (YCOF) consultation, intended as “future visioning” to help decide the city’s direction.
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Port Otago downgraded to regional status only


### ODT Online Tue, 17 May 2011
Maersk to drop weekly service to Australia
By Simon Hartley
Shipping giant Maersk, Port Otago’s largest customer, is dropping its weekly direct Southern Star transtasman service to Australia, the country’s largest trading partner. While the financial ramifications for Otago exporters are unclear, Port Otago will lose 10%, or about 22,000 TEUs (twenty foot equivalent container units), during the next year.
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(16 May) News of Port of Otago’s downgrade filtered through on (Black) Friday.

It has yet to hit Otago Daily Times’ reporting with any force . . . we might get some analysis if we’re lucky, or interested.

Maersk. Fonterra.
Two cosy words that when read together spell no accident.

It’s been in the offing. Maersk has pulled the rugs on a number of New Zealand ports, Otago included – no doubt to ratchet lower port charges, not merely to facilitate freighting of New Zealand exports into Asia.

It’s far from clear what the costs of reducing local ports of call (in favour of long distance trucking and rail freighting to the North Island’s port of Tauranga) will be for exporters in the Otago Southland region.

We noticed, with suspicion, it was Lyttelton that walked away from a merger with Port Otago. We knew it wasn’t all down to [pretext] #eqnz.

We note too – sadly, for the regional economy – that Otago is frightfully good at exporting raw, not processed, logs. Such a very happy picture we have left of what POL is good for, apart from calls by oil boats and cruise liners.

We lost transhipping with no warning. Wonder if ORC is ruffled or upset. Who knew.

ODT has hidden or failed to surface with the implications of the Maersk decision, preferring to run a diatribe about KiwiRail and “inland ports” for Otago. It’s not as if the subjects are not connected. We expect the local newspaper to make the major news statements and connections palpable, in a timely manner.

A whole weekend has elapsed. Further, Maersk’s decision is in no way surprising, there was ample time for ODT to research the background.

Clues. Fonterra has been using POL logistics to prototype and determine how inland ports can be rolled out across New Zealand.

Worries. Port Otago has been on an export ‘growth wave’, not of its own making, for some years. Does the port board know how to create growth of its own or diversify its activities to meet the challenge dumped on it by (cosy) Maersk and Fonterra?

Did the port company properly attend to risk management before Black Friday?

(Aside) POL chief executive Geoff Plunket reiterates – as we learned from POL’s Peter Brown a few years ago – the company is of the view that State Highway 88 (Dunedin to Port Chalmers) has sufficient capacity to take all trucking freight. Public safety didn’t come into the equation then, and it doesn’t appear to now. But how many trucks won’t be using SH88 at all in the near future.

Lots to think about. Investigation required. News media, DCC, EDU, ORC, Otago Chamber, POL, exporters, port workers, unions, KiwiRail . . . it’s your time to start digging.


Friday 13 May Maersk changes to benefit NZ exporters Maersk Line NZ Strengthens Links With Key Regional Hub Ports

Monday 16 May KiwiRail backs inland ports


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DEBT is worst case World Cup scenario

### ODT Online Sat, 14 May 2011
Farry silent on stadium sponsorship deal
By David Loughrey
Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry says he will not respond to claims made about the trust’s sponsorship agreement. Stadium funding opponent Bev Butler told the recent Dunedin City Council annual plan hearings Forsyth Barr had “paid nothing” towards the head naming rights for the stadium, and suggested the council should ask the company to do so to reduce borrowing costs.
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### ODT Online Sat, 14 May 2011
Worst-case World Cup scenarios
By Elspeth McLean
Stadium collapse, terrorism, a snowfall causing transport mayhem, a norovirus or flu outbreak and large numbers of drunk people are just some of the scenarios considered by emergency planners in the build-up to the Rugby World Cup.
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“the drawcard of Forsyth Barr Stadium for major events – of which it must hoped the Elton John concert is but a forerunner – should not be underestimated”

ODT Editorial: The benefits of competition

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Dunedin: What makes a good city?

### May 11, 2011 – 7:07pm
Open Space Technology to be used in Dunedin
Meetings to discuss public issues are held frequently in Dunedin, but tomorrow a meeting will be held that differs from the norm. There will be no agenda, no guest speakers and no flashy presentations, all factors in a relatively new meeting technique called ‘Open Space Technology’.

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Dunedin City Council building control fees



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Carisbrook Stadium Trust

ODT 31 May 2008 (PDF, 200 KB)

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WHARE MAORI – new series

Whare Maori – Maori Television from Sunday 8 May 2011 @ 8.00pm

The 13 part documentary series presented by Rau Hoskins explores and celebrates buildings and histories of the communities they inhabit.
Rau travels the country exploring what underpins Maori architecture.

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University of Otago Keynote Design Lecture

Glen Hazelton
Policy Planner (Heritage), Dunedin City Council

“Dunedin’s Historic Buildings: Here Today – Better Tomorrow?”

Date: Monday 9 May 2011
Venue: Archway 3, Union Street east, University of Otago
Time: 1:00pm

All welcome

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Here we go, more of the sports funding ASK befalling Dunedin City Council, lining up all the (d)ucks and such

Using the old gallery as a “sports house”, providing a permanent base for a variety of sports organisations, had growing support from within organisations, and would allow greater networking opportunities and sharing of resources.

### ODT Online Thu, 5 May 2011
Sport Otago proposes ‘sports hub’
By Chris Morris
Sport Otago has called for changes to some of Dunedin’s recreational facilities, including turning Logan Park into a fully-fledged sports hub and supporting a “two-pool option” for the city’s aquatic facilities. Speaking at yesterday’s Dunedin City Council annual plan hearing, Sport Otago chief executive John Brimble said Logan Park was now the focal point for sport and recreation in Dunedin.
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As we have always suspected, passive recreation at Logan Park for Dunedin residents and visitors will be completely sidelined by organised and professional sports bodies getting the jump on Dunedin City Council for MORE ratepayer funds for their own cause.

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Mural find at Garrison Hall, Port Chalmers

### ODT Online Wed, 4 May 2011
Mystery mural uncovered at Garrison Hall
By Nigel Benson
A mural which has been hidden for more than 100 years has archaeologists excited. The 20.4m by 3.6m mural was discovered behind a hardboard wall in the Port Chalmers Garrison Hall last week.

“Finding this has just been amazing; it’s hugely exciting. It’s very rare to find something like this. I was utterly gobsmacked,” architectural conservator Guy Williams said yesterday. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s of national significance.”

Read more + Images (click to enlarge)

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What’s on in Dunedin TODAY?

Dunedin City Council

12-2pm Drop-in session for questions on the draft earthquake-prone buildings policy
Clarion Building, 286 Princes St (next door to Nectar Café)
Come and talk to staff and councillors about any questions or feedback you have about the draft dangerous, insanitary and earthquake-prone buildings policy.

4-6pm Drop-in session for questions on the draft earthquake-prone buildings policy
Fitting Shop, Dunedin Gasworks Museum, Braemar St, South Dunedin
Come and talk to staff and councillors about any questions or feedback you have about the draft dangerous, insanitary and earthquake-prone buildings policy.

Review of Dangerous, Insanitary and Earthquake Prone Buildings Policy

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evolving tweets . . .

A guy unknowingly live tweets the attack on the #OBL compound in Abbottabad: (via @hackernews)

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Driving Miss Daisy

Uploaded by CozmoNz on Apr 13, 2011 (bad language warning)

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