Cull consorts with losers at LGNZ

### October 10, 2014 – 7:21pm
Nightly interview: Dave Cull
Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has just been involved in the national council strategy day, held in Wellington and organised by Local Government New Zealand. He joins us to explain what it was, and why it was important to attend.

At the Local Government New Zealand website:

National Council
The LGNZ National Council is the elected leadership of LGNZ.
As well as being a Mayor, Chair, Deputy Mayor or Councillor, National Council members also act as the governing body of LGNZ, set and guide policies and oversee them to point of achievement.

The current members of the LGNZ National Council are:
• Lawrence Yule | President | Mayor, Hastings District Council
• Brendan Duffy | Vice President | Provincial Sector | Mayor, Horowhenua District Council
• John Forbes | Rural Sector | Mayor, Opotiki District Council
• John Carter | Zone One | Mayor, Far North District Council
• Penny Webster | Zone One | Councillor, Auckland Council
• John Tregidga | Zone Two | Mayor, Hauraki District Council
• Jono Naylor | Zone Three | Mayor, Palmerston North City Council
• Adrienne Staples | Zone Four | Mayor, South Wairarapa District Council
• Richard Kempthorne | Zone Five | Mayor, Tasman District Council
• Tracy Hicks | Zone Six | Mayor, Gore District Council
• Len Brown | Metro Sector | Mayor, Auckland Council
• Dave Cull | Metro Sector | Mayor, Dunedin City Council
• Stuart Crosby | Metro Sector | Mayor, Tauranga City Council
• Stephen Woodhead | Regional Sector | Chair, Otago Regional Council
• Fran Wilde | Regional Sector | Chair, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Individual profiles here.

Lawrence Yule (left) - Brendan Duffy [] 2

We know president Lawrence Yule (left) from his fluffy comments on the ‘positive’ health of local councils and his backing for debt funding… Now, Brendan Duffy wants Yule’s job at LGNZ (for $80k). Mr Duffy got Horowhenua into major debt, it’s one of the most indebted councils in New Zealand. We hear his private business isn’t doing too well.

Liability Cull gets $3k for being on the LGNZ Council —like that’s any investment in clear thinking.

It is LGNZ’s collective stupidity that hits New Zealand ratepayers in the back pocket – LGNZ policy and strategy is all about the increase and furtherment of ‘make-work’ schemes for council staff, until councils like Dunedin’s go down in a screaming heap [we’re well on the way, complicated by layers of fraud and corruption started in the Harland era and continuing today, as subject to Deloitte massage, the go-lightly investigation in play -> admit no council liability].

Best thing we could do is shut down LGNZ, immediately.

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3 responses to “Cull consorts with losers at LGNZ

  1. Cars

    As I have said before, all council employees and councillors should be barred from attending any conference or gathering of like whether locally or Internationally. Their mantra is always, ” by What methods can we further screw ratepayers”.

    Climate change is their current theme.

    If sea levels are going to rise how can they charge ever increasing rates on what must be commensurate diminishing of seaside property values?

  2. Elizabeth

    Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) —give us strength to lobotomise !!!

    ### November 12, 2014 – 5:43pm
    Local government conference tackles issues of risk
    Another significant business conference is under way in Dunedin, linking members of local government from throughout the country. The summit involves more than 200 people, who all work in or with councils and other territorial authorities. They’re in town to discuss risk, and how it can be turned from a negative into a positive.

  3. Elizabeth

    “There have been five mayoral delegations from Dunedin to China since 2010, plus CEO and deputy mayor delegations. Dunedin has also hosted four delegations from Shanghai in the past year.” –Yule on junkets !! (Daaave’s bolster)

    ### ODT Online Thu, 20 Nov 2014
    Door opening between China and NZ regions
    By Lawrence Yule
    Dunedin is a glowing example as agreement between local governments in China and New Zealand paves the way for regional growth, writes the president of Local Government New Zealand, Lawrence Yule. This week’s visit to New Zealand by Chinese President Xi Jinping is arguably the most important by a foreign leader in recent history – particularly for New Zealand’s regions.
    Read more

    ● Lawrence Yule is president of Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ).

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