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South Dunedin Retail Centre

Editor’s note:
This post has been updated following revisions to the DCC project information available online subsequent to the Open Day held on 30 November at the Dunedin Gasworks Musem. The Concept Design Options will be available online for public comment shortly.


Dunedin City Council – Council Projects
South Dunedin Retail Centre

The purpose of the South Dunedin Retail Centre Strategy is to identify an integrated package of actions that can be used to revitalise the retail centre, both economically and socially.

The suggested goals for the strategy are to:
* Re-establish the economic role of the South Dunedin retail centre as a retail destination for the city by developing the centre into a place that people want to visit and spend time.
* Restore the social role of the centre as a place that provides opportunities for local residents to make regular contact with each other while engaged in routine activities.

The package of actions required to achieve these goals will need to include actions by both the Council and the community, in order to be successful.

What is happening and when can you get involved?

Stage one – now completed
Issues and Opportunities – November 2009 to March 2010

Stage two
Options Development – March 2010 to December 2010
* Develop opportunities and options identified as priorities in stage one.
* Undertake more consultation with building and land owners, tenants and key stakeholders who are affected by or will need to contribute to options.
* Opportunity to comment on concept design options online or at King Edward Street until 17 December 2010.

Summer Celebration and Heritage Open Day
An open day for a number of heritage sites around the retail centre as well as other activities, are being planned for late January / early February 2011. Further details will be advertised.

If you would like to find out more or have ideas to offer please contact Emma O’Neill on 477 4000 or email

Stage three
* Draft Strategy – July 2010 to early 2011.
* Preferred option for King Edward Street developed February 2011.
* Prepare Draft Strategy.
* Formal submission period and public hearing process on the Draft Strategy.

Stage four
* Analyse submissions, amend Draft Strategy and release final Strategy.
* Develop detailed design of preferred option for King Edward Street
* Implement projects identified in action plan
* Implement King Edward Street changes

If you have any comments or enquiries please contact Emma O’Neill, City Development Team, City Planning by phone 477-4000 or by email

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NZ Herald’s spin on Dunedin

How to push the Otago Farmers Market, yusss!!

### 5:30 AM Tuesday Nov 30, 2010
Dunedin: Buckets of cool charm
By Rachel Grunwell
Like your frocks fabulous and your produce pesticide-free? Dunedin’s for you, writes Rachel Grunwell.

Dunedin is cold and there’s nothing much to do there. Yeah right, as the folks at Tui would say (with apologies to Speights). Rather, Dunedin boasts gourmet kai, fabulous fashion, world-class festivals, stunning scenery fit for the big screen and a deliciously scandalous castle with secret gardens.

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DCC Finance, Strategy and Development Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Strategy and Dvelopment Committee was held on Monday 29 November 2010, in the Fullwood Room, Level 3, Dunedin Centre at 2.00 PM.

Agenda – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 46.6 KB, new window)

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 224.8 KB, new window)
Reconstitution of working parties

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 284.7 KB, new window)
Purchase Card Review – attachment

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 1.6 MB, new window)
Stadium Update

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 43.7 KB, new window)
Purchase Card Internal Audit Review

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 2.1 MB, new window)
Tourism Dunedin Annual Report 2010

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 46.9 KB, new window)
Waipori Fund

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 76.7 KB, new window)
Project Fund

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 177.4 KB, new window)
Commercial Filming Policy

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 101.3 KB, new window)
Increase in the capital of Dunedin City Holdings Ltd

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 412.7 KB, new window)
Financial result

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 156.3 KB, new window)
Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 76.3 KB, new window)
DCHL Election

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 99.2 KB, new window)
Directors’ fees

According to the reports above DCC has a Community Resilience Forum… (formerly the Community Sustainability Panel). The new name seems most appropriate when viewed in relation to the Council’s brazen spend on the stadium and the entirety of the Council’s debt management systems.

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Frustrations over new DCC website

On Sunday 27 November DCC launched its website upgrade

Site navigation is impaired – the old site worked better for quick access to council committee minutes, agendas and reports.

The Council’s standing committees are listed here.

You can no longer click a link for each committee to bring up the whole of its minutes, agendas and reports in date order – the most practical way (for me) of doing quick search. You have to use the prescribed search tool (blah).

The search function is a dog, it’s slow to key in your search if you’re searching multiple documents or are unfamiliar with ‘what’ to search. The search page fails to let you know your search has been successful by autoscrolling the results up your page. I stupidly keyed in repeat searches without realising the search had completed successfully.

Admit I have the tendency to miss obvious things, I’m a computing novice! You need to be more than this to deal with such a busy jam-packed website.


Dunedin City Council
Media Release

24 November 2010

New Look for DCC Website

The Dunedin City Council’s website has been refreshed and the new-look site will be live from 27 November.

Since the website went live in July 2008, feedback has suggested that customers seek improved functionality, more accessible navigation elements and enhanced online services as well as improvements to layout and appearance.

Accessibility for those with visual, hearing or other impairments has been improved with a text-only version now available, high contrast, and contextual links for those who use screen readers.

DCC Webmaster, Sean Lee, says, “This is the site’s first major overhaul since it was created in July 2008 and we will continue to monitor it to identify usage trends and customers’ requirements. We seek our customers’ feedback and do our best to accommodate all we receive.”

The next stage in the DCC’s website refresh will be a complete review of the content to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

Contact DCC on 477 4000.


Council media releases no longer feature a review date and time (dates feature at the home page and here) – this should be rectified too at each release page.

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DCC borrowing capacity

### ODT Online Tue, 30 Nov 2010
$250m rise in DCC borrowing capacity
By Stu Oldham and David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council looks set to increase its capacity to borrow by $250 million to provide security for gross debt that should hit $712 million by 2013. Its finance, strategy and development committee yesterday agreed by just one vote to get the council to increase Dunedin City Holdings’ (DCHL) uncalled capital to $850 million.

Crs Brown, Bill Acklin, John Bezett, Neil Collins, Paul Hudson, Andrew Noone and Richard Thomson voted to recommend the council increase DCHL’s capital by $250 million. Crs Wilson, Vandervis, Jinty MacTavish, Chris Staynes, Teresa Stevenson and Mayor Dave Cull voted against the recommendation.

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Phillip Cole on Dunedin buses

How can public transport be reinvented as the true people mover in Dunedin? Phillip Cole calls for a brave approach to some hard decisions.

### ODT Online Mon, 29 Nov 2010
Thinking transport, boldly
By Phillip Cole
Reading “Hard decisions on buses loom” (ODT 19/11/10) one cannot help but be filled with a sense of foreboding about the future of public transport in Dunedin. At least two Otago Regional Councillors appear prepared to fight the corner for a public transport service in Dunedin – Councillors Deaker and Scott – but the ORC is at a crossroads regarding which direction to take.
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Stadium roof dew

### ODT Online Mon, 29 Nov 2010
Concern stadium roof dew may reduce light
By Stu Oldham
An irrigation system could be installed on the Forsyth Barr Stadium’s roof if dew prevents sufficient light getting to the playing pitch, it was revealed yesterday. Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry confirmed an on-site review suggested dew on the ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (EFTE) roof could affect winter light levels.
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Search engine terms at What if?

Today, someone typed “community or chaos dunedin”.

We’re too scared to search that, especially now that the local body elections have passed.

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Port Chalmers community garden *sigh*

### November 24, 2010 – 7:51pm
Community Garden closes after toxic metals found in soil
Port Chalmers Community Garden The Patch is closed after toxic heavy metals were found in the soil, leaving organisers heartbroken. The Patch had been providing food for the community for nearly two years before a series of tests discovered lead and more in several areas.

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UNStudio (formerly Van Berkel en Bos Architectenbureau) is a Dutch architectural practice specialising in architecture, urban development and “infrastructural” projects.

The practice was founded in 1998 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos. The initials “UN” stand for United Network, a reference to the collaborative nature of the practice comprising individuals from various countries with backgrounds and technical training in numerous fields.

UNStudio has an average work-force of 100 employees and a management team made up of two directors and three partners, Harm Wassink, Gerard Loozekoot and Astrid Piber. Architects such as Winy Maas and Jacob van Rijs (who helped found MVRDV) have worked at the firm.


[12 hours ago]
UNStudio’s SUTD campus proposal will promote green learning
Architects at UNStudio and DP Architects have been selected to develop Plot A of the Singapore University of Technology and Design campus, which will be located on a site of 76,846sqm close to the Changi airport and Changi Business Park. The new campus has been designed to act as a catalyst and conveyor for advancement and bringing together people, ideas and innovation.
Read more at Ecofriend

**** > news

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Caversham Highway

### ODT Online Sat, 27 Nov 2010
Funds secured: highway work starts in new year
By Stu Oldham
Roadworkers will soon help Dunedin’s southern gateway lose its bottleneck after officials yesterday confirmed they had the money to widen it. The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has allocated $19.5 million for the first stage of the two-stage Caversham Highway improvements project, a decade after the rest of the valley’s highway was widened to four lanes.
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### November 26, 2010 – 8:42pm
Funding approved for first stage of the Caversham Highway
Funding for the first stage of the Caversham Highway has been approved, and work will begin next month. Officials believe there will be no major disruptions to traffic over the holiday period, and they claim that even at its peak, construction won’t cause significant delays.


### ODT Online Sat, 27 Nov 2010
Lookout Point bridge considered
By Stu Oldham
Private land might be bought to build a bridge across Caversham highway in Dunedin. The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has already bought more than 20 properties between Barnes Dr and Lookout Point ready for the widening and realignment of the four-lane highway.
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LIM “site hazards”


The LIM included a short statement under the “hazards” section, subtitled “site hazards”. It read: “This property is within an area that may be subject to increased seismic movement. The land at this address may be at risk of liquefaction in a severe earthquake. A site-specific foundation design may be required for this site.” Without a change, every home on reclaimed land in the city could find the wording on their LIMs.

### ODT Online Sat, 27 Nov 2010
Threat to property insurance
By David Loughrey
A significant tract of Dunedin’s flat land has been declared at risk of liquefaction, with the potential to jeopardise insurance cover in the area. The issue could affect home owners from Andersons Bay to North Dunedin, but Dunedin City Council officials yesterday promised to look into the matter immediately, after it was brought to their attention by the Otago Daily Times.
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Dunedin City Council – Media release
DCC Explains Stance on Liquefaction

2 December 2010

Following the Canterbury earthquake earlier this year, the DCC’s consulting engineers, MWH Ltd, suggested it would be prudent to give greater prominence to cautionary advice on Land Information Memoranda (LIMs) issued by the DCC for any property where there was a risk of liquefaction as a result of seismic activity.

Acting on this advice, the DCC believed it would be prudent to change the wording on LIMs and, accordingly, did so.

The message now reads:

* “This area has been identified as lying within a zone susceptible to amplified shaking in an earthquake and potential liquefaction during a severe earthquake event. The Dunedin City Council will require a site specific design for any new building foundation construction in this area.”

Such a change does not indicate any increase in risk but rather the public’s growing awareness, and interest in, the prospect of liquefaction in certain areas and under certain circumstances.

In Dunedin, there are significant areas of population living on reclaimed land or close to estuaries or rivers – as they have safely done for generations – where it is sensible to draw attention to such a risk, however slight. Indeed DCC Building Control has always required building foundation construction to take into account such conditions.

The DCC is of the view that its first responsibility is to property owners and buyers and it believes that the change in the way this cautionary information is offered suggests no increased level of risk, and should give no cause for a change in the way insurers or lending institutions provide services as they have done in the past.

Contact DCC on 477 4000.
DCC Link

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Carisbrook: Spoofs from zoo brain

Like this would solve it…

### ODT Online Wed, 24 Nov 2010
Opinion: Let the good times roll on
By Chris Skellett
What next for Carisbrook? Chris Skellett lays five funky options on the table.
After months of consultative meetings, working parties and focus groups, it has finally been suggested that Carisbrook should be redeveloped as a site for light industrial development or old people’s housing, or as a local sports ground for South Dunedin. Boring, boring, and more boring!
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DCC: low resident satisfaction with communication

### ODT Online Thu, 25 Nov 2010
DCC works on getting message out
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council’s communication with its public is being reviewed, following a residents’ opinion survey that showed continued low levels of satisfaction with that aspect of the council’s performance. Marketing communication agency manager Debra Simes said this week she hoped the review would result in an improved information flow, and better timing of communication.
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South Dunedin main street


### ODT Online Wed, 24 Nov 2010
Plans for discussion
By Chris Morris
Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull hopes upgrading King Edward St will help restore the lost vibrancy of South Dunedin’s main shopping street. Concept designs for the project to upgrade the street are nearing completion, and would be presented to the public at an open day at the Dunedin Gasworks Museum on November 30.
Read more


Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Public Open Day to View South Dunedin Concept Designs

With concept designs for the King Edward Street area nearing completion, the DCC is inviting the public to a second open day, to be held at the Gasworks Museum.
Jane Orbell, chair of the South Dunedin Business Association, says the Association has been meeting regularly with the DCC staff working on this strategy and the development plans and she urges everyone to have their say.
“People need to take this opportunity to let the DCC know how they want to their community look and feel. People may have great ideas that haven’t made it into the plan yet… let the designers know on the 30th!”
At the open day on 30 November, from 4pm – 7pm, attendees will have the opportunity to look at the concept designs, and talk to DCC staff over a cup of tea and a sandwich.
While this is an informal drop-in session, the public will also be encouraged to offer their feedback on the designs. Emma O’Neill, Urban Design Special Projects Manager says the feedback received so far has been invaluable in the development of the concept designs. “We have had great input from the community so far on the project, and now we want people to tell us what they think about the options we have come up with,” she says.
For those who are unable to attend the open day, the designs will also be available at from 30 November until 17 December with an online comment form. The project team anticipate selecting a preferred option in the new year.
Contact Steve Miles on 474 3459.

Last reviewed: 19 Nov 2010 12:26pm


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New Scientist: Knowledge is power

If we are going to cut our energy consumption, we must first know where we’re wasting it. Giving us this information is a goal of the smart grid, which is coming your way soon.

In the second supplement produced by New Scientist in association with IBM, Kurt Kleiner reports from North America on the progress, potential and pitfalls of the coming electricity revolution.

Switching to the smart grid will mean a complete upheaval in the way we use energy. Consumers will gain much finer control over their consumption, but they will have to accept that their suppliers will know plenty about their habits at home and work. They may no longer have sole control over their own electrical devices. Utilities will need a totally new business model, since saving energy will be as important to them as selling it.

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As mentioned in the comments here someone pressed the wrong button the other day, and in true internet style, someone (me) was watching.

Interesting story in the ODT (Online) I finally got to read on Sunday morning about the last truss of the stadium being put in place. Cool I thought, get down there over the weekend and get some pics (as you do), only problem, the stadium truss isn’t up?

Now unless I missed something and the truss went up and is now back down again, this was a wee whopsie by the ODT, of course this was picked up the by the keen eyes of the readers of Whatif. The truss is firmly stuck to the ground and still being completed. I went back to the web page again today to see what the story is, and of course the article has been taken down.

I just hope they pre publish the results of the Melbourne Cup next year, give the folks of Dunedin a chance to get a bet on ;-)


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2010 Southern Architecture Awards – NZ Institute of Architects

### ODT Online Sat, 20 Nov 2010
Opera house cited in architecture awards
By Nigel Benson
The redeveloped Oamaru Opera House has been praised in the 2010 Southern Architecture Awards. The project by William Ross Architects was commended in the public architecture category of the awards, which were announced yesterday. The awards are organised by the New Zealand Institute of Architects.
The judges were Queenstown architect Michael Wyatt, Dunedin architectural graduate Hannah Sharp, Dunedin heritage consultant Elizabeth Kerr and Dunedin architect Chris Doudney.
Read more + Photos


### ODT Online Sat, 20 Nov 2010
PM praises NHNZ during opening
By Dene Mackenzie
Prime Minister John Key proved to be in top form when he yesterday opened NHNZ’s new headquarters in Dunedin. Mr Key told the audience it was a special day for him to be in Dunedin, as it was two years ago to the day that his Government was sworn in.
Read more + Photos

Selection of award winning entries from the jury tour in Queenstown Lakes district (snapshots).

██ NZIA 2010 Southern Architecture Awards – winners information, citations and more photos at NZIA website

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Oh for heavens’ sake, DCC

### ODT Online Sat, 20 Nov 2010
Wastewater plant plan
By Chris Morris
A plan to fast-track up to $11.6 million in spending on the Tahuna wastewater treatment plant will be scrutinised by Dunedin city councillors next week.Cr Syd Brown, the chairman of the council’s new finance, strategy and development committee, said he would be checking the proposal carefully over the next few days.

There was wide public support for the Tahuna project, but the proposal would have to go through a “testing process” and was not guaranteed to proceed.
-Syd Brown, Chair of Finance, Strategy and Development Committee

No project was “untouchable”, but debate and progress towards completing Tahuna dated back more than 20 years, and the project had strong community support.
-Andrew Noone, Chair of Infrastructure Services Committee

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DCC lacks clear vision for Carisbrook area

… is the assumption.

### ODT Online Fri, 19 Nov 2010
Council to sell Carisbrook properties
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council is selling eight properties near the Carisbrook stadium, even though no decision has been made on the future of the stadium site. The properties, which have a rateable value of more than $1 million, are part of a package of land that includes the stadium and a car park next door that was bought by the council for $7 million from the Otago Rugby Football Union in a controversial deal last year.
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EXCITE – Otago Polytechnic student exhibitions

Students’ work from throughout the polytechnic is on display over the next few weeks as part of its annual Excite programme.

School of Art: November 20-25, noon-4pm, cnr Albany and Riego Sts.

Fashion design, product design, communications design, interior design: November 17-25, noon-4pm weekdays, 11am-4pm weekends, former Wickliffe Press building, Albany St.

Fashion design show: November 20, 8pm, former Wickliffe Press building, Albany St.

Creative studies: November 23-26, 11am-4pm, A Block, cnr Harbour Tce and St David St.

Architecture, building and engineering: November 16-20, 9am-4pm weekdays and 11am-3pm Saturday, L Block, Anzac Ave.

Trades courses charity house auction: November 20, 2pm, Parry St. InfoLink

Horticulture plant sale: November 20, 10am, L Block, Anzac Ave.

[Source: ODT Online]

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Leith Lindsay Flood Protection Scheme

### ODT Online Wed, 17 Nov 2010
Flood protection work set to start
By Rebecca Fox
Flood protection works in the Water of Leith could begin as early as next month on a stretch of the river in the Dunedin Botanic Garden as approval is sought for an alternate sequence of work. The Otago Regional Council announced in July that it would consider completing individual sections of flood hazard work on the Leith and Lindsay Creek, beginning with excavation work on the true right side of the Leith channel in the Cumberland to Dundas St reach in 2010-11 and completing work on the “stilling basin” at the end of the high velocity channel.
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Stadium matters, a little flurry

### ODT Online Wed, 17 Nov 2010
Tax break could save ORC $10m
By Rebecca Fox
An estimated $10 million tax break means the Otago Regional Council’s funding for the Forsyth Barr Stadium might only cost ratepayers about $27 million. In a controversial decision in 2008, the council committed to contribute $37.5 million towards the stadium funded by targeted rates to repay borrowings and special Port Otago dividends.
Read more


The “PocketStadium” software…

### ODT Online Wed, 17 Nov 2010
Program feeds stadium patrons’ hunger
By Allison Rudd
Three Otago Polytechnic students may have devised the ultimate in comfort and convenience – a software program which enables Forsyth Barr Stadium patrons to order food and drinks via their mobile phones and have them delivered to their seats.
Read more


From the What next? file…

### ODT Online Wed, 17 Nov 2010
Stadium plans will ruffle feathers
By Chris Morris
Feathers could fly if seagulls try to turn Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium into their next nest. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd staff – tasked with running the roofed stadium once complete – are planning to use trained hawks or other predators to chase down seagulls causing a flap inside the venue.
Read more

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Supermarket plans… “amicable” agreement reached over Dunedin Gas Museum issues

### ODT Online Tue, 16 Nov 2010
Supermarket closer as parties sign draft
By John Gibb
A proposed Countdown supermarket in South Dunedin has moved closer to reality after parties recently signed a draft consent order, and an Environment Court hearing was called off before its scheduled start yesterday.

Ian Butcher, an architect working for the gasworks, was “very pleased” with the outcome of lengthy negotiations with Progressive and the “very good” way John Sofo, an Auckland architect acting for Progressive, had responded to museum concerns about the south-facing wall.

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Redesign for Botanic Garden, without Lovelock Ave realignment

### ODT Online Tue, 16 Nov 2010
Realignment rejected after long debate
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council has realigned its policy on Lovelock Ave, reversing its decision on a project that has been years in development… In the end, the project’s backers were told to go away and redesign the project, and come back to the council with a plan that did not involve realigning the road.

After about three hours’ debate, Crs Cull, Vandervis, Thomson, Teresa Stevenson, Chris Staynes, Kate Wilson, Neil Collins and Jinty MacTavish voted not to go ahead with the realignment. Crs Bezett, Syd Brown, Bill Acklin, Paul Hudson and Andrew Noone voted for the project.

Read more


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