Oh christ !


LGNZ is one of the most bureaucrat-ridden dopefests imaginable.
Each year LGNZ spells DOOM to New Zealand ratepayers.

Dear Lawrence, the Yule-tide LGNZ president, mighty fruitcake and plummiest of puddings, pumps the line: “Mayor Cull has tremendous experience….”

“Tremendous” has several meanings, each cast in very deep shadow.
Good grief. “Experience” might be life at DCC after Jinters.

By power of office, the mayor is responsible for the districts of Dunedin and Central Otago having a non-compliant EXTREMELY DANGEROUS POWER NETWORK. SECURITY OF SUPPLY is a novel idea. Further, the mayor is ‘religiously’ of the opinion that sea level is rising rapidly [scientific measurement shows this as patently untrue]. He vows that Climate Change is the reason South Dunedin flooded in June 2015, NOT his council’s abject failure to maintain STORMWATER INFRASTRUCTURE. Nope, the mayor has not been himself since Jinters. He is left shamelessly repeating his wrongful greenie “perceptions” to cleanse, it seems, the feet of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment – a worse custard of deceptive thinking and lack of practical governance cannot be imagined.
Makes the ears grow.

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Mayor Dave Cull appointed LGNZ Vice President

This item was published on 09 Dec 2016

Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull has been appointed Vice President of Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ). The appointment was made at today’s LGNZ National Council meeting. The National Council met for the first time this week to discuss priorities for the coming triennium. Mr Cull was appointed to the Vice President vacancy left by former Horowhenua Mayor Brendan Duffy. Mr Cull will remain in the role until the LGNZ AGM in July 2017 when elections will be held for the President and Vice President roles. Mr Cull says, “I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to further represent the local government sector, particularly to central government on major issues such as the Local Government Amendment Bill [*weeps], managing water allocation [!!!] and climate change [wtf].” LGNZ President Lawrence Yule says the LGNZ National Council has had a refresh following the recent local elections and he’s thrilled with the quality of the new Council. “Mayor Cull has tremendous experience and will be an excellent Vice President,” Mr Yule says. LGNZ represents the national interests of councils in New Zealand and leads best practice in the local government sector.  It is governed by the LGNZ National Council, made up of 15 elected members from throughout New Zealand. Mr Cull has been on the LGNZ National Council since 2010, and recently was also elected as the Metro Sector Chair. More details about the new LGNZ National Council are available at www.lgnz.co.nz
Contact the Mayor of Dunedin on 03 477 4000.
DCC Link

LGNZ is one of the most bureaucrat-ridden dopefests imaginable.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.

*Image: oar.org.nz – Cull snipped redrawn by whatifdunedi


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5 responses to “Oh christ !

  1. Elizabeth

    LGNZ puts in place fee “above annual subscription” for all councils, regardless of whether they participate in audit scheme.

    Fri, 9 Dec 2016
    ODT: ORC opts out of fee for scheme
    The Otago Regional Council will not pay a fee of about $8000 which Local Government New Zealand is trying to levy on all its council members, even if they opt out of a national “excellence” programme. […] Under the programme, individual councils wishing to participate pay a substantial sum, perhaps about $60,000, to undergo an extensive audit of how well  their processes operate, including, apparently, their ability to reach goals. Cont/

    • Gurglars

      Ability to reach goals!

      None of that thieving bunch should get a game, much less be allowed near the penalty shoot out.

      Agenda 21, Climate change, cycleways etc all of the worst excesses and money grabbing schemes have Lawrence Yule, Dave Cull and their ilk at the centre.

      Never forget, Yule wants regional income taxes.

      Taxes rise until the customer complains.

  2. Gurglars

    Gurglars latest report on cycleway usage.

    Whilst driving sedately up the Kurow – Omarama highway recently I spied more cyclists than I had ever collectively seen.

    Eighteen yellow clad old fogies blithely cycling downhill on the highway.

    The expensive to build alpine cycleway and also, like the stadium, expensive to maintain facility –unused, unwanted and ignored.

    Just another example of the inanity of planners.

    Humans are not sheep, they won’t go where you try to direct them.

    By all means encourage people to cycle and accept the consequences. More cyclists, more deaths from cycling.

    We’re all gonna die, just get used to it.

    Trying to stop the practice is the greatest stupidity of collective man–
    think snake oil salesmen, botoxers, Jenny Craig et al.

    Can one not see that the DCC saving cyclists is causing the likelihood of more deaths from crashing power poles!

    Would you prefer $47 million spent on power pole replacement or $47 million spent on unused cycleways?

  3. Elizabeth

    ### breitbart.com 8 Dec 2016
    Delingpole: Trump’s EPA Pick Proves He’s Serious About Slaying the Green Monster
    By James Delingpole
    Anyone who doubts that President-elect Donald Trump means business on slaying the “Green Blob” really needs to look at the guy he has just appointed to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is a friend of the fossil fuel industry and an outspoken critic of the EPA’s activist agenda. Though his academic degrees are in political science and law, Pruitt has been a vocal public denier of the overwhelming consensus of the world’s climate scientists that the Earth is warming and that man-made carbon emissions are to blame….

    Here are some reasons why Trump isn’t about to go soft on environmentalism: [abridged and bulleted by whatifdunedin]

    ● It was the coal states that helped win him the presidency….
    [Trump does not betray his friends.]
    ● No one shilled for the Democrats harder than the green lobby….
    ● Trump’s loathing for renewables — especially bat-slicing, bird-chomping eco-crucifixes — is deep and personal.
    [Trump hates wind farms because they ruined the countryside round his golf courses in Scotland. When he met Nigel Farage recently, he urged him to campaign against them.]
    ● Trump is a people person, not a Gaia person.
    [The fundamental problem with many of the Watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) of the environmental movement is that they’re misanthropists. They care about their green fantasy version of what the planet should look like (basically as it was in the Stone Age) more than they do for the people who actually live on it and who want to enjoy a better future for their children through the medium of economic growth. They actually want to STOP economic growth because they think it’s bad.]
    Trump, on the other hand, wants to Make America Great Again.
    ● Trump is surrounding himself with people who totally get “the science.”
    [From transition team member Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute to Scott Pruitt his new EPA Administrator, Trump is surrounding himself with people who totally get the global warming scam. They don’t buy into the fake science which has been promulgated by Big Eco for the last three or four decades; they don’t trust the skewed data put out by government institutions like NASA and NOAA; they’re not cowed by the ad hominems and bullying and Appeals to Authority which have hitherto made such effective weapons for green propagandists; they don’t believe what they read in the Guardian and The New York Times.]
    ● If Trump is really going green, why do you think the greenies are so angry with him right now?

    Read the full article here.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Oh dear, it looks like the DCC will be up for $60,000 odd for an efficiency audit. Well, with our Mayor being the Vice President it would happen wouldn’t it. The fact that we are right up there as an indebted populace goes with the tendency of the VP to spend and spend on all manner of things we can all do without, like stadiums, cycleways, swimming pools, an underperforming conference centre, the Otago Settlers Museum, and other items. He takes we along for the ride and we better enjoy it as it won’t stop anytime soon.

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