Auckland corruption charges proved —ring any bells? #South

“The extensive provision of benefits to staff at all levels of their teams resulted in a culture where corruption flourished and was normalised, with no questions asked. There was very little chance of disgruntled or principled employees speaking out as everyone was being ‘looked after’ or was compromised.” –Brian Dickey, SFO prosecutor

### NZ Herald Fri, 9 Dec 2016 at 10:05 a.m.
Council manager guilty of majority of corruption charges
By Matt Nippert
A roading contractor and a council manager have been found guilty of corruption in a case exposing what the prosecution called a “culture of corruption” among Auckland council staff administering tens of millions of dollars in roading contracts. Justice Sally Fitzgerald delivered her verdict this in the High Court at Auckland this morning in the long-running trial of former Auckland Transport senior manager Murray Noone and roading engineer contractor Stephen Borlase. Noone was found guilty on six charges of receiving $1.2 million in bribes from Borlase. Borlase, in turn, was found guilty on eight charges of offering bribes to Noone and other council staff. Borlase was found not guilty on four charges of dishonestly using a document to allegedly inflate invoices to council. The corrupt relationship ran from 2006 until 2012, from Noone worked at Rodney District Council, continuing when he joined Auckland Transport following the supercity merger.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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5 responses to “Auckland corruption charges proved —ring any bells? #South

  1. Raymond

    Yes, large Christmas peels can be heard coming from the Cathedral.

  2. JimmyJones

    So, how come the Auckland citizens are protected from corrupt Council staff, but all we get is fake consultants’ investigations and mountains of bullshit from the highly paid spin-doctor teams whenever it looks like an inconvenient truth could be revealed – or when there is a “perception problem”.

  3. Elizabeth

    Sadly JimmyJones, Dunedin suffers an element of braindrain which leaves the local legal profession in a particularly ‘comfortable’ vapid spot that is the absence of selfless legal challenge to the rorts, fraud and corruption perpetuated by a few disgusting men, some of whom have ‘honours’ bestowed. Mafia, greed, vanity, threatening behaviour, and collusion are words that are not too strong for the South. Many of them are short as well.

  4. Gurglars

    When elected persons are finding no rorts and meting out no penalties there is always a perception or reality that they are part of the rorts.

  5. Calvin Oaten

    Dunedin seems to operate under its own rules. There has never been a case suggested other than for a dead person, so the answer is plain, die first, then maybe something might happen. Assuming of course that it is not a senior management officer.

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