Proposed hotel *height and design* —the very least of it #sellingoursouls

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5.6.17 Application lodged for FIASCO Hotel by Tosswill #DunedinWrecks

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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7 responses to “Proposed hotel *height and design* —the very least of it #sellingoursouls

  1. Elizabeth

    It took us about two years to destroy the last freak show proposal. We can do it again.

    • Anthony Tosswill

      why do you wish to destroy employment in Dunedin, why do you want to prevent creating Jobs and more revenues for the Community and supporting Tourism and local Business?
      Why do you wish to keep subsidizing Dunedin venues when they can support themselves with the Services that this Hotel can offer.

      Why dont you disclose who you are so People can judge you and your motives. The Jobs that Cadburys will make redundant are you able to give them Jobs or the new Students ending there education.

      When was the Last New Hotel Built in Dunedin? Dunedin None Queenstown 6, Queenstown 26,000 Dunedin 126,000.
      How about supporting Development, and Jobs or are you one of those that just as you say destroy everything before its starts.

      Who am I, I am a spokesman for the Developer

  2. Elizabeth

    If the developer wants to have his background questioned, and cold and deliberate exposure for what the financing is and who is sitting in the wings running this project – for the project to be intensively pulled apart and undermined, here we come. Collectively.

    Further. Who was it that dislodged Sir Miles Warren from his own architectural practice, the former Warren and Mahoney. It would seem that through the proposed Dunedin ‘hotel and apartment building’ for the Chinese masters, we’re also caused to deal with lowrise buggers from closer to home.

  3. Elizabeth

    From Douglas Field:

    • Anthony Tosswill

      Great Video, it suggests you are supporting Terrorism. Is that amusing blowing up things. It also suggests you want to stop Jobs, supporting local Business. preventing People attending Events and Venues, dislike tourism and dont want a venue that supports Dunedin. I suggest you at least remove the Blowing up of the Developments its in very bad taste.
      When reading comments on this site its easy to see why it has so little support.

      I am a spokesman for the Developer, who are you?

  4. Elizabeth

    Tue, 11 Apr 2017
    ODT Editorial: Five-star hotel: up, up or away?
    OPINION The battle lines are well and truly drawn in the latest bid for a five-star hotel in Dunedin. And, with the resource consent lodged, the public notified and submissions opened, the only thing that seems certain is the project will dominate the news for some time. Anthony Tosswill is the Tekapo businessman behind the estimated $75million project. Its second incarnation, designed by Christchurch-based architect Thom Craig, is a proposal for a 17-storey building featuring three glass towers around a central core. It would be sited on land owned by Dunedin City Council at the corner of Moray Pl and Filleul St, opposite the Dunedin Town Hall. It would contain 210 hotel rooms, 64 apartments, four penthouse suites, and licensed premises, retail, conference and meeting spaces, and a hot pool and spa complex. The design is substantially different to the proposal submitted by the previous architect, Dunedin-based Ken Taylor. Although it is the same project, in many ways it is “Mark 3”, given the two designs came on the heels of a separate waterfront hotel proposal. So will it be a case of third time lucky? Cont/

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