La Maison House of Pleasure, Queens Gardens —then and today

Service Gibson & Co Building (1866) – former Dunedin Savings Bank
Architect: Robert A Lawson

La Maison House of Pleasure at 5 Queens Gardens is co-owned by city councillor and former Act MP Hilary Calvert. In 2011, her eyes featured on a sign at the top of the building (the image is still evident).

La Maison (former Dunedin Savings Bank) IMG_20150829_123957 (1b)La Maison IMG_20150829_125851 (1a)

La Maison IMG_20150829_123454 (2a)La Maison IMG_20150829_124102 (1a)La Maison IMG_20150829_124338 (1a)

La Maison’s ground-floor ceiling was ornate and perfectly preserved, its below-ground vault still intact – original door included – although now it houses a “dungeon” stocked with items considerably different to those the vault was designed for. Upstairs, the building’s origin was harder to spot, although staff promised today’s tour would be comprehensive, including an all-access walk-through and details of the building’s changes through its 149 years. ODT 29.8.15

### Last updated 15:12, August 29 2015
Open day at Dunedin’s House of Pleasure
By Hamish McNeilly
It was a happy ending for the dozens of visitors who attended an open day at La Maison House of Pleasure in Dunedin. Business owner turned tour guide, Teena Ingersoll, doesn’t like the word “brothel” to described her Queens Garden based business, which opened its doors on Saturday morning as part of a Heritage Festival open day. “I hate the word brothel, this is a house of pleasure.” Read more + Images

Stuff: Dunedin brothel set to open doors to public

La Maison IMG_20150829_124219 (2a)

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Post and 6 smartphone images by Elizabeth Kerr


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9 responses to “La Maison House of Pleasure, Queens Gardens —then and today

  1. Elizabeth

    ODT Issue 1374, 24 May 1866 (page 6)

    Tender Notice RA Lawson - Service Gibson and Co [ODT Issue 1374, 24.5.1866 p6 via Papers Past]

    (via Papers Past)

  2. Peter

    I had no idea The House of Pleasure had been such a beautiful building. What a great restoration project like the Standard Building around the corner. Any prospect of that l wonder? Now wouldn’t that give pleasure to many with a happy ending.

  3. Anonymous

    “Tenders are invited for the erection”

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Tenders for the erection should be addressed to Cr Benson-Pope. Tenders close at his discretion.

  5. Elizabeth

    I humbly thank everyone for their constructions.

  6. Gurglars

    I’m not sure how exactly to pen this Elizabeth, but the words

    Dominatrix and Humbly do not fit well together and they certainly do not run close to tennis balls in any dictionary, encyclopedia or Hansard!

  7. Elizabeth

    The property owner is currently seeing to painting of the building exterior, which had been a drab and unbecoming dark brown for many years.

  8. Gurglars

    The building and business do not need a resource consent as the original was designed for Service.

  9. Elizabeth Last updated 16:34, May 17 2016
    The eyes of ex MP removed from Dunedin brothel
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Dunedin brothel La Maison is undergoing a face lift, including the removal of a billboard featuring the eyes of building owner Hilary Calvert. La Maison owner Teena Ingersoll, who prefers ‘house of pleasure’ when describing the business, said the building would look “beautiful” once completed. “The building is getting some makeup to cover up any old flaws.” She confirmed that makeover included the removal of Calvert’s eyes, with the image removed by Tuesday. Calvert, who is tipped to run for the city’s mayoralty, did not return calls. The historic building was built in 1866 and designed by Robert Lawson, who also designed Larnach’s Castle, First Church and Otago Boys’ High School.

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