Screening tonight: Paradigm Episode 2! Local Government Corruption in NZ #Sky #YouTube

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Tue, 15 Sep 2015 at 1:25 a.m.

Vincent Eastwood Published on Sep 14, 2015
Local Governance & Corruption, Paradigm Episode 2 Vinny Eastwood
Episode 2 of PARADIGM broadcasted on Face TV Sky Channel 083 on September 14th 2015 at 9pm NZT

TOPIC: Local Governance & Corruption
GUESTS: Bruce Rogan from the Mangawhai Residents and Ratepayers Association with activist and Mayoral candidate Penny Bright.
● How privatisation and secretive powerful roundtable groups (comprised mostly of large companies) have led to the rise of unelected, unaccountable officials.
● The utter refusal of EVERY SINGLE AUTHORITY in New Zealand to investigate corruption.
The police, the judiciary, the ombudsman, the minister for local government, the auditor general, political parties, the list goes on, every authority whose job is to investigate, prevent or punish corruption actually supports it!
● Why local citizens have no rights and why local government has no rules.

Believing NZ is corruption free was the very mechanism by which criminals took control of our country. The only reason NZ is #2 on Transparency International’s “perceived” least corrupt countries in the world list, is we’re the 2nd best in the world at concealing our corruption.

Vincent Eastwood Published on Sep 12, 2015
Paradigm Episode 2 coming soon! Local Government Corruption
Help me get as many people as possible to watch the show tomorrow night!
9pm NZT

Received. [names deleted]
Mon, 14 Sep 2015 at 4:00 p.m.


Tonight (14 September, 9:00pm) on Sky channel 83 there will be an episode of Paradigm which will feature the Kaipara Scam. Paradigm is a program that is the brainchild of a guy called Vinny Eastwood, and it is not an exaggeration to say that Vinny has picked up the ball that John Campbell (or rather Channel 3) dropped. Promo for the programme is at
Vinny has a deceptively casual and disarming manner that belies a very serious commitment to exposing corruption and fraud (he calls it scumbaggery).
As an MRRA member you will already be aware of the degree of scumbaggery besetting Kaipara, but it is highly unlikely that your friends and relations will grasp the scale of what is happening in New Zealand. Please do yourself a favour and send this email to everyone in your circle, especially your adult children, who are going to be wealth-stripped by the corporates that are taking over. Add your personal plea that they take a few minutes away from Coronation Street and watch something that might actually affect their lives.
Our financial year ends on 31 October. We want everyone to renew their membership please and we want new members from all over the country (world!) as we mount the final campaign to get justice for the country’s ratepayers. Please renew – don’t just leave it to the other guys to carry all the water. What other association can you think of that supplies over forty free informative newsletters per year?!, and has an executive team that is prepared to go to jail to defend your rights! (informative might be stretching it, but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, going to jail is still a real possibility!).
The annual sub is still only $15.00 per family, or $10.00 single, and we have put no limit on donations, because we do not want to discourage that philanthropic person out there with $100,000 they have no further use for.
The account number is 38 9012 0318164 00 or cheques to MRRA at Box 225 Mangawhai 0540. Make sure please to include your membership number […], and if you are a new member please provide a name and phone number so we can call you and get all the details.

Kind regards,
MRRA Executive Committee.
[Mangawhai Residents and Ratepayers Association]

█ More at Kaipara Concerns (online news):

Tonight, Monday night (14 September 2015), 9pm on Face (access) TV. Sky network channel 83.

NZ’s MASSIVE Local Government Corruption Scam, Paradigm Episode 2

Bruce Rogan (Mangawhai Ratepayers) and Penny Bright interviewed by Vinny Eastwood on council corruption in New Zealand.

See the promo video here. #Facebook

See Bruce Rogan’s rates revolt speech here. #YouTube

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8 responses to “Screening tonight: Paradigm Episode 2! Local Government Corruption in NZ #Sky #YouTube

  1. Gurglars

    We need to get this aired on public television. It is the uninformed voter who reads the ODT (and does not get the facts) and watches the 6pm news (and only gets four weather reports) that needs to be apprised of the slimy trail of the council corruption throughout New Zealand led by Lawrence of Napier.

    • Elizabeth

      I will look into this, Gurglars.

      More about Face TV:
      Face TV has a proud history of community TV. First as Triangle TV in Auckland and now nationally as Face TV, we have been successfully broadcasting for over seventeen years. Thanks to the wonderful management at Sky TV here in NZ, we broadcast 24/7 on channel 083.

      Face TV carefully selects and broadcasts some of the best political, news, documentary and current affairs shows available. Languages we broadcast in include Dutch, German, Korean, Spanish, Indian and Samoan.

      We screen a schedule of locally-produced and internationally-sourced culturally diverse content. Face TV is your way into broadcasting, the accessible TV channel that can take your concept and turn it into reality.

      As a Charitable Trust, Face TV is your channel, your voice, your community. The opportunity to have a television broadcast is available to you, your company, your group or your organisation. Your voice can be heard, your message understood.

      Talk to us today – Face TV is Access Television made for you & by you. We provide the opportunity, means, support, equipment & infrastructure to create your own TV show; this is niche, targeted television at its best!

      Our experienced staff offer any level of assistance you may require to turn your TV show concept into broadcasting reality. Even if you’ve never stepped inside a TV studio before, you can make it happen- you can!

      Viewing is on Sky Channel 083, proudly supported by Sky Television.

  2. That was an awesome production so I will go and have a look for it on Youtube.

    • Elizabeth

      Post at top of thread updated with the full Paradigm screening via YouTube.

      Good to read updates at Kaipara Concerns for more information and background to the Mangawhai ratepayers ‘revolt’ and High Court proceedings. Litigation continues.

  3. Elizabeth

    Here’s the YouTube link for Everyone to email to the Mayor of Dunedin, Dunedin City Councillors, DCC Chief Executive, DCC Group Chief Financial Officer, and DCC Executive Leadership Team (ELT).
    Local Governance & Corruption, Paradigm Episode 2 Vinny Eastwood

    (what was it they mentioned about a mayoral apology at Mangawhai…. shades of Ruth Stokes and the DCC Chief Executive’s handling of the South Dunedin cycleway debacle, or the (delimited) Citifleet fraud…. but of course, the Stadium overshadows all that “petty crime” by many hundreds of millions of dollars – so what’s to apologise for anyway, Suck It Up Ratepayers, We Know Best And Now We Will Build Hotels And Redevelop The Dunedin Waterfront. Suck it up again, Serfs – said Sue and Dave) (with Jinty and Kate not far behind, god bless their infernal whips and chains)

    So long as we’re having a tragic miserable time as bankrupts, they can keep skimming their OVERBLOWN stipends, salaries, fees, bonuses and disbursements.

  4. Peter

    I see the Hawkes Bay people have rejected the amalgamation proposal of five councils. The only council, which was keen on amalgamation, was the one led by Lawrence Yule of Hastings. Funnily enough, I understand, being the only council in debt.
    Down this way the Clutha District Council and the Waitaki District Council, which have managed their financial affairs properly, would be mad to take on amalgamation with the DCC with its massive debt should the proposal be put forward.
    Share the debt? Not bloody likely! For them.

    {Link: Big ‘no’ result in amalgamation referendum -Eds}

  5. Elizabeth

    Link received.
    Tue, 15 Sep 2015 at 10:17 a.m.

    █ Message: OAG seem to be sticking it to the Auckland Council just as they should but you would have to wonder whether the government are driving this given OAG’s lazy performance with other public entities.

    ### September 15, 2015 at 9:00am
    Auditor-General says Auckland Council budget is poo
    By Cameron Slater
    Auditor-General Lyn Provost has pilloried Auckland Council for the state of its accounts and its budget. The Long Term Plan lacks integrity. She has recommended – in Auckland Council’s annual report – that the Council include a sensitivity analysis in future long-term plans on how growth rates impact the budget. Sensitivity analysis is code for ‘forecast costings’.
    Read more

    My reply: I too suspect this OAG enslaught is govt driven, given Key’s boys will want AKL as less of a drain on central govt/NZ economy, to pay for super city’s lagging infrastructure services and more. Mind you, who assisted/fostered the true costs of local body amalgamation and immigration, and lack of business and export diversity…. such that the NZ economy is utterly screwed (successive L & N governments).

  6. Elizabeth

    Northwest Shopping Centre at Westgate Town Centre under construction [via]Northwest Shopping Centre at Westgate Town Centre, Auckland, under construction [via]

    ### NZ Herald Online 2:35 PM Tuesday Sep 8, 2015
    Westgate town square gets new name as Auditor General probe continues
    By Anne Gibson
    A new town square on Auckland’s north western outskirts has been named, as an official inquiry continues into Auckland Council’s role in the development.
    Vanessa Neeson, Henderson-Massey Local Board chair, announced today that Westgate’s new town square has been officially named Te Pumanawa Square. But the Auditor-General inquiry into the council’s role in the wider development is yet to conclude.
    “In 2010, Waitakere City Council entered into a set of agreements with New Zealand Retail Property Group Limited and related companies for the development of a new town centre at Massey North. This development is part of the overall Northern Strategic Growth Area (NorSGA) project. The agreements set up a collaborative project between the Council and NZRPG, with NZRPG managing the construction project for both the Council’s and its own parts of the development,” the Auditor-General’s office said.

    “Auckland Council became responsible for the project when it was created on 1 November 2010. A number of concerns have been raised with us about the way in which the project was established and is being managed, largely relating to how the line between the public and private benefits of the project has been managed.
    The Auditor-General has decided that it is appropriate to examine and report on these matters, given the public sector’s continuing interest in exploring new ways of working with private sector partners and the novel collaborative arrangements in this project.
    The inquiry into the project will focus on the period from 1 November 2010, but the background section of the report will describe events before that, as they are relevant to setting the context for the matters we will inquire into.
    The inquiry will examine:
    • the steps Auckland Council took to assess the project and to put in place appropriate management and reporting systems for the project;
    how Auckland Council is:
    • managing the risks of conflicts of interest and related-party transactions within this project; and ensuring appropriate separation and allocation of costs for the work carried out for the benefit of Auckland Council and for NZRPG;
    • how Auckland Council is checking, monitoring, and reporting on the project’s costs and benefits (both tangible and intangible) and progress to management, Auckland Council, and the public; and
    • any other matters that the Auditor-General considers it desirable to report on.”
    A spokesperson for the office said no completion date into the investigation had been announced.
    Read more

    █ 1.9.15 NZH: Why West Auckland needs the $160m monster mall

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