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Quake felt strongly at Dunedin 24.3.16 #eqnz

2:06 a.m.
My Pitt Street apartment went CRACK at its northeast corner as I watched TV. Nothing in the room moved except a miniature pohutukawa potplant, its long branches were swaying. Heard not felt, was it a quake ? Opened up GeoNet on my smartphone, confirmed. Completed GeoNet (felt) report.

[click to enlarge]
QuakeMap NZ 24.3.16 at 2.06 amhttp://quakemap.co.nz/

New Zealand Earthquake Report
Magnitude 4.3, Thu, Mar 24 2016, 2:06:11 am (NZDT)
25 km west of Oamaru, Depth 15 km, Moderate

[click to enlarge]
Geonet 1 - 24.3.16

Geonet 5 - 24.3.16

Geonet 2 - 24.3.16

[Felt Reports]
Geonet 4 - 24.3.16

Geonet 3 - 24.3.16GeoNet maps – screenshots by whatifdunedin

█ David Seymour is wrong –Dunedin gets quakes reasonably frequently.

ODT 23.3.16 (page 9)

ODT 23.3.16 'Call to exempt Dunedin from quake rules' p9 (1)

Image: Paul Le Comte (via Twitpic). Source: ODT
[original tweet]

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CST problem with stadium cost?

The Carisbrook Stadium Trust put its case for the $198,000,000 covered stadium being built in Dunedin to the Rotary Club of Oamaru on Monday night. (ODT, Wed 12 Aug 2009 Link)

Last Friday, CST announced newly appointed Arrow International director Lale Ieremia as the project manager for the $188,000,000 Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza. (ODT, Sat 8 Aug 2009; page 5)

What was the figure published by the Otago Daily Times: $261,000,000 – cost to ratepayers. (ODT, Tue 23 Jun 2009 Link)

And sorry, the figure in Dunedin City Council Chief Executive Jim Harland’s affidavit: $217,400,000 (ODT, Sat 16 May 2009 Link)

Could someone get the story straight and tell Malcolm. Please.

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