23 April 2017
Note: Lauda Finem’s url with dot com has changed to dot org, as a result the post title and link references below have all been changed.

Received from Dunedin businessman
Tue, 21 Jul 2015 at 4:42 p.m.


Hi Elizabeth, do you know the above website? They are an Australia-based blog site that seem willing to print ANYTHING! It might be a valuable tool to use in conjunction with your own wonderful site …. Maybe you could offer a link to publicise? It would be a safe place to post anything that could otherwise get you sued. It already has quite a bit of NZ stuff. Maybe useful also to some of your bloggers etc.

superpower nz103 (Stieg Larsson and David Lagercrantz Millennium Series Nicks Pics)

There is frequent speculation and accusations about who ‘Lauda Finem’ is/are. It’s conspiracy theorist heaven. –Pete George

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Australian anti-corruption and injustice watch-dogs

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: Stieg Larsson and David Lagercrantz Millennium Series Nick’s Pics [via – nz103]


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13 responses to “Publicise:

  1. russandbev

    A good site for knowing about some things that happen in NZ that aren’t allowed to be published in NZ. I can think of a few people that would hate this site…….

  2. Elizabeth

    Oh boy…. “I leave behind a very competent district leadership team, who I am confident will continue their excellent work …” –Coster

    ### ODT Online
    National role at HQ for Coster
    By Timothy Brown on Fri, 24 Jul 2015
    Otago’s top policeman has been shoulder-tapped for a national role.
    In an email addressed to colleagues, partners and friends, Southern district commander Superintendent Andrew Coster said he had been recommended for the role of assistant commissioner: strategy and transformation.
    Read more

    Related Posts and Comments
    15.7.15 Business owner forcibly removed from Dunedin Central police station [‘Backpackers Ball’, 2 View Street]
    16.1.14 Thinking of . . . [Livingstone case]

    How good are Dunedin police?
    For more, enter the terms *citifleet*, *pokies*, *dia*, *pike river*, *rugby*, *orfu* and *ttcf* in the search box at left. Oh yeah, very competent politicised liars at Dunedin CIB and management level; bent. Year in, year out. Decades.

    No fraud office south of Christchurch, local mafia take full advantage.

  3. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 23 Jul 2015
    US legal experts back Dotcom
    By Kurt Bayer – NZME News Service
    A group of prominent US legal experts has supported internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and Megaupload’s appeal against a decision to seize millions of dollars in assets, labelling the move a “dangerous” violation of due process rights.
    Read more

    █ The Cato Institute, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Institute for Justice have filed an independent brief in support of Mr Dotcom and other Megaupload defendants. Read it here.

  4. Elizabeth

    via Twitter

    NotLaudaFinem 29.7.15 via Twitter

  5. Elizabeth

    Lauda Finem at Twitter 22.8.15 [screenshot]

    Lauda Finem at Twitter 22.8.15 [screenshot]

  6. Elizabeth

    A classic read of national and local moment on NZ CORRUPTION (including reference to Dunedin Police with whom we are Quite familiar):

    Australia v New Zealand and United Kingdom – The Royal Commission v The Art of Cover-up
    by Lauda Finem
    New Zealand likes to pride itself on being a first world country, at least that’s the spin the Country’s authorities put on things, especially when using that same spin to appease the locals. Frankly whether the locals know it or not the New Zealand’s reputation Internationally as a “world leader” lost its lustre many years ago.
    But that has not stopped New Zealand’s mainstream media, working in an almost predictable and formulaic way, from lying to the great unwashed. For them, the fourth estate, in this day and age it just comes down to revenue, the almighty dollar that’s attached to Rugby, Middle Earth, and the clean green myth.
    The worst offenders are of course state-owned broadcaster TVNZ, followed closely by APN owned The New Zealand Herald, with Fairfax New Zealand’s mast-head coming in a close third.
    This is of course not an unusual phenomenon but it is one that can normally be associated only with very small countries, in particular tin-pot dictatorships.
    Read more

  7. Elizabeth

    The open-ended post gives insufficient information to nail the issues but the Central Otago and Dunedin interconnections are interesting. Have watched a number of searches at What if? lately that suggest a certain post(s) of interest to the writers:

  8. Hype O'Thermia

    What a crapspiel! Clearly Pete George has got up Lauda’s nostril – “Our starting point was to first identify when Pete George actually did start taking an interest in our investigations” resulting in a Whale-esque exercise in scattershot spite.

    As for targeting Garry George on the basis that being related is grounds for publishing every available detail about him with snide remarks suggesting dodginess where there is nothing that a spite-free person would see as dodgy, for example:
    “Another little secret that George has managed to keep under wraps is the inside information that he has been covertly receiving from the Otago Daily Times newspaper, no doubt courtesy of his well connected mini media baron brother, shyte-sheet journo and bullshit artist turned hypnotherapist Garry George who it seems is even able to get his complaints about a telco’s service’s failures published by mates at the ODT” – well, what a bitchy bundle of speculation+insinuation!
    “reinventing” himself ie changing career.

    The bitchiness is spread around with idiosyncratic regard for relevance – now another person with the surname George:
    “…we also note that the Otago Daily Times has also fairly recently engaged with another “George”, employing a young hack by the name of Damian (Damo) George, apparently as the newspapers police and court reporter.” And then, because spite is always better laid on with a trowel, a photo captioned “A more recent snapshot of wannabe Journo and Otago Daily Times journo Damian George of Dunedin”. Wannabe? Not someone who is succeeding in his chosen career or is that something LaudaFi can’t quite grasp – like Gerry George changing his career – so hides bewilderment behind a sneer?

    The muck-maker ends with something we’re familiar with, when correspondence might raise uncomfortable questions about little matters like integrity, “Comments are closed here”.

    Lloyd George knew my father. My father knew Lloyd George. For the benefit of Lauda’nem’s investigative team, visit this link.


    “Pete George himself is a bit of a mystery man, having run for local body elections there is surprisingly very little information publically available on the man, in particular his history. This fact is somewhat strange, as is his apparent failure to disclose any personal information during his election campaign.
    This vacuum, at least as far as LF was concerned raised a red flag… that first pointed to the fact that Georges 2013 campaign was indeed strange, with the motive deserving questioning.
    Not only did George have very little in the way of policy, unlike the other serious contenders George seemed very reluctant to share anything of a personal nature….. Looking at online resources George, unlike almost all of the other serious contenders for the position of Mayor, there is no information to be found on Pete George, his family and or his background. ….but that still left the question of who Pete George was and, at least in team LF’s mind, why he might want to conceal his past.”

    {Moderated. 1. Actionable material removed. 2. Repetition removed. 3. Broken link replaced by workaround. -Eds}

  9. Gurglars

    I agree Hype, if that is all they have on Pete George, he’s a saint.

    Innuendo, relationships with apparently genuine real estate persons and a rellie who works as a journo.


    • Hype O'Thermia

      Dunno about a saint, Gurglars. LawksMizFiona has revealed that he appears to keep in touch with people from the town where he went to school. Pretty alarming behaviour from anyone involved in political activity, wouldn’t you say? With further digging they may find out if he ever pulled anyone’s ponytail, as a child or since he was 15 years old.

  10. Calvin Oaten

    The only fact of interest is the BP involvement. Proof that it will never go away as long as he walks on this planet.

  11. Elizabeth

    Updated post at top of thread. New links.

    If readers find links provided to Lauda Finem pages aren’t working – simply change the urls from to

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