DCC makes no direct return from rugby or events held at Fubar Stadium

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ODT 20.6.17 (page 6)

ODT 26.6.17 (page 8)

Trevor Lloyd: Defeat of British rugby by the All Blacks in 1905 [pinimg.com]

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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6 responses to “DCC makes no direct return from rugby or events held at Fubar Stadium

  1. Gurglars

    The mission statement of Dunedin Venues Management Limited in fact does not allow in any way the concept of any profits being returned to the DCC for the reduction in debt.

    DMVL is a plaything for staff, promoters and hangers on like DCC staff, Delta management et al.

  2. nick

    So, whether the stadium makes any money or not is ‘commercially sensitive’.

    What a wonderful way to bat away any questions of fiscal responsibility over the cost of building and owning this asset (or should that be liability, on behalf of ratepayers). Seems we will never officially know whether it is costing us dearly, or is the source of untold city wealth!

    And as for Sue Bidrose with her ‘estimated $165 million of economic benefit to the city’ since the stadium was built . . .

    . . . it’s called ‘think of a number’.

    Of course, without Gavin Dann’s letter to remind us, the word from City Hall is ‘obfuscation – the art of making something unclear, obscure or unintelligible’.

    At least the NZ Rugby Football Union are able to tell us each year how many millions they have made – and they don’t even own a single sports ground.

  3. russandbev

    Ms Bidrose is still not providing a fulsome accurate or transparent response even after prompting.

    The so-called economic benefit figures are utter BS unless able to be substantiated by peer reviewed methodologies, sampling rates etc. The last time I heard, the measurements of economic benefit for the DCC were being provided by some part-time woman running a business that had no accreditation and which used multipliers without any worthwhile basis.

    The NZRU negotiates a fixed rate of payments to all stadia in NZ depending on whether it is a local, regional or national game. I was given these percentages of the take and other details some years ago by one of the many managers of the stadium.

    The fact is that the stadium loses a huge amount each and every year. These losses are covered by a myriad of payments but in each case the bottom line is that the ratepayer is the final provider of cash to cover these losses. Don’t even get me started on the other side of the ledger where the DCC directly provides professional rugby with things like state of the art changing sheds on Logan Park.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if both DCC staff and Councillors provided totally transparent, totally truthful answers to questions?

  4. Elizabeth


    At Facebook:

    The Office of the Auditor General has accused the Invercargill City Council’s director of finance and corporate services Dean Johnston of a lack of transparency over payments to Rugby Southland. In a letter received by council last week, the AG’soffice’s sector manager Jonathan Keate says councillors should have been told of a significant increase in the amount to be paid to Rugby Southland.

    WATCH ODT Video

  5. Peter

    Deja vu Dunedin. Millions poured into Otago Rugby. Gratis. The Black Tie Dinner is only a part of it.

  6. Simon

    Rumour has it that the CEO of the Invercargill community trust got the push for not shoveling more funds toward rugby.

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