DCC AMAZE —oh, more fraud

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‘Enormously disappointing’ —And Enormously Expected.
‘ONE MAN’ did it. An outright fairytale.
DOLLY didn’t, either. More to come !!

### ODT Online Mon, 10 Aug 2015
Further cases of fraud at council
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council says the discovery of five more examples of fraud and theft inside the organisation is “enormously” disappointing. […] Details of the smaller incidents emerged last week, in response to Otago Daily Times questions, a year after the discovery of the Citifleet fraud.
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ODT 10.8.15 [Source: DCC]

ODT 10.8.15 Further cases of fraud at council p1[screenshot]

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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17 responses to “DCC AMAZE —oh, more fraud

  1. Mike

    This does rather prove Lee right, despite Ms Bidrose’s comment – all the more reason to follow up on the Mayor’s election pledge of more transparency in the running of the DCC and release the secret reports.

    Even better, it’s time to switch to fully open all council tendering – make all bids open once presented, and allow a period after the close of bids where bids can be changed – it makes it more like an auction where the city encourages people to underbid their competitors – at the end the city doesn’t have to choose the lowest bid, they have to make sure the companies can actually do what they tender to do, but with everything in the open the committee can deliberate in the open, we can see their reasons for choosing a particular bid.

    Companies worried about “commercial sensitivity” don’t need to bid if they don’t want to.

  2. “The discovery of the cluster of smaller frauds and thefts was “a really positive sign” those changes were working.” A really positive sign? I am sorry but this defies logic.

  3. Diane Yeldon

    A nice follow-up to Mayor Cull’s last contradictory public comments: No, there isn’t any fraud. Yes, there is – but only minor stuff which you would expect in any organisation.
    It seems that the more forcefully Dunedin’s current mayor speaks, the more he puts his foot in it.
    And now CE Bidrose is saying that she DOESN’T expect fraud of any kind AT ALL in the DCC – and quite rightly.
    Let’s hope the DCC is now establishing a staff culture of integrity. And I’m sure there are plenty of staff members (who we will never hear about) who never ‘joined in’ with anything dodgy, even when this organisation was perhaps not being led by good example.

  4. Elizabeth

    Note the DCC is only fessing up to ‘petty cash’ frauds (PR exercise) —not the multimillion-dollar frauds, rorts and misappropriations of money perpetrated against Dunedin ratepayers by the Chin and Cull ‘councils’.

    I guess if you’re A21 you can ignore that sort of excess, sustainably, resiliently. Or you simply resort to tears at an appropriate moment in a council meeting, like you’re truly humble if not passionate or blessed. Doh.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      ODT online, no comments possible on their clean green site.

      • Elizabeth

        More shocking(!) than the stage-managed petty theft declaration. Cull and Bidrose must have a direct line to the editor (acting, Barry Stewart) – it’s like Murr never left.

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    I can’t wait for the Christmas concert with The Culbidwarts’ rendition of “Three little girls from school”. Authentic (we’re bound to have a sister city that will provide) Japanese costumes and Japanese fans over faces to spare their eyes the sight of uncouth peasantry a.k.a. voters & ratepayers, then employed with girlish vigour to send bad smells away from their dainty noses.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    CEO Bidrose doesn’t expect fraud of any kind at all in the DCC. Of course nobody does, errrh… till it happens. Then damage control kicks in and the ‘very dark glasses’ and ‘hush puppies’ are donned. Dave Cull has several pair and wears them frequently. He expects ‘little’ ones as going with the territory, but can’t/won’t see the biggies. The ‘Citifleet’ was a big one inconclusively dealt with. We never heard of Cull’s own costly ORFU defamation defense costs to the ratepayers. Just the grovelling letter and admission of covering the appellants’ court costs. Then of course there is the “BIGGIE” which was a massive ‘stitch up’ of the ratepayers in the Forsyth Barr Stadium. Huge discrepancies here by mayors, councillors, senior staff and numerous city names. CEO Bidrose inherited this debacle but has done nothing to obtain redress for the ratepayers. So watch for the overkill of the ‘penny ante’ ones that Mayor Cull deems par for the course.

    • Peter

      This is good to see but is just window dressing. Dave Cull and Sue Bidrose know this. They still refuse to pursue the big boys. They have been alerted to serious red flags concerning stadium spending by pals, for pals, and Dave has at least acknowledged there is reason for concern.
      We can only assume they have been sat on. Not sure why they feel they need to buckle when the paperwork is there.

  7. Alex Brown

    Nearly everything coming out of the DCC is ‘bullshit’

    When Lee Vandervis first raised concerns about Citifleet, Bidrose and Graham were more concerned about rolling out the ‘bullshit’ about Brent Bachop purchasing an electric bike for DCC business.

    Bidrose and Graham are now using bullshit to stonewall Bev Butler (acting on behalf of ratepayers) from ever obtaining CST finances when they should be right behind her and demanding the same.

    There is a fine line between ‘bullshit’ and fraud, and they thrive in this environment!!!

  8. Elizabeth

    Dunedin Television has lost the plot again – no news or clips for tonight loaded at their site or at Youtube – wanted to load the DCC ‘petty fraud’ story where Bidrose and Cull blame computer software….
    [got to have something to blame]…. NO SOFTWARE can explain away the extreme compound frauds and rorts: Stadium/CST/DVML/DVL, DCHL, Delta (Luggate, Jacks Point, Noble Village), Citifleet/Citipark, Town Hall Redevelopment, City Forests, Cycleways, Cricket lights, Mosgiel Pool, et cetera.

  9. Calvin Oaten

    Like you say Elizabeth, there’s no shortage of ‘dodgy doings’ if the will was there to do the decent thing. As the saying goes, “there’s none so blind as those that will not see”. Dunedin Television and the ODT drop into that category.

  10. Gurglars

    There is one great example of fraud proven at the DCC. Explained away as follows.

    Bachop used Trade Me on 550,000 occasions annually!

    Yeh Right!

  11. Tony

    Why does the council not treat all thieves the same ?
    When they located the water thieves they simply move a retrospective resolution to make it ok. Why not do the same for the Citifleet and others who have been caught red handed. It would certainly bring some closure, until the next time.

  12. Gurglars

    Good idea, Tony an amnesty. The next act is to give amnesty to ratepayers who refuse to pay their rates.

    That would be good and would finally expose these imposters to the ultimate eventual effect of their previous and current waste of ratepayers’ rates and mismanagement.
    The nett effect, no DCC, no DCC councillors (unless prepared to act for zero pay) and the eventual forgiveness of debt by the banks who have loaned billions to a moribund organisation, laughing at the stupidity of ratepayers funding the lifestyles of DCC employees and councillors.

  13. Elizabeth

    Belated video link. Tame.

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Monday, August 10, 2015
    Discovery of Further Fraud At DCC
    The discovery of further fraud at the city council is revealing another weakness within the organisation. There’s an exploit in computer software used by the council and many others around the country. But staff say the problem’s being fixed, as fresh cases of fraud and theft are investigated in the wake of the Citifleet scandal.
    Ch39 Link

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Aug 11, 2015
    Discovery of Further Fraud At DCC

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