DCC whitewash on serious fraud, steals democracy from citizens

Stadium / DVML
City Property
Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board

The story today at ODT, Further DCC inquiries possible amid changes – with comments off – shows up the very worst of undemocratic processes and shonky leadership coming to light at Dunedin City Council.

“The Government had the power to replace an elected council with commissioners, or appoint managers alongside, or over the top of, a council’s existing management team. Dr Bidrose confirmed the council had been keeping DIA staff informed about the alleged Citifleet fraud, as well as the council’s reform process, but there were no signs an intervention was likely.”

Be pleased with today’s ODT editorial: Disturbing ‘we know best’ attitude

Meanwhile, take a look at this NZ Herald story:
Council votes to sue ex CEO for cost overruns
(see Comments to article, fascinating! suing of Audit NZ and OAG pending)

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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9 responses to “DCC whitewash on serious fraud, steals democracy from citizens

  1. James

    What about community board funds that have either been misappropriated or fraudulently used is there to be any investigation into that ?
    If not why not?

    • Elizabeth

      Yes, add that to the list – hey presto we’re way over SFO’s $2M guide limit, with astounding reasons in place for their multifarious lines of investigation to rigorously commence – for government-appointed commissioners and statutory management to replace mayor and councillors ….or who is participating in the cover-up going on now.

      New ‘accountability systems’ DO NOT COVER IT.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    James, are you referring to funds relating to Mosgiel Pool proposal, that kind of evaporated leaving no trace?

  3. James

    Hype. It is rumored That members of a community board have been forming groups and then making applications for board funds. These community board members appear not to abstain from voting on the funding allocations. Rumor also has it that some rather good nights out for board members and their partners were had on board funds

    • Anon-o-mouse

      That’s the way we like to do our fraud up in Auckland. Get elected members to set up separate “charitable” trusts and then you and your mates approve funds to each other’s trusts. It works best when you each have a different trust that way you each get a turn signing off the other guy’s funding. Sweet.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Isn’t it shocking the way these rumours get around. We, of course, would not believe them for a minute – would we!
    Full accounts of where the board funds went, down to the last cent, are available – aren’t they?
    I wonder if the generous donor of such funds has enquired recently.

  5. Peter

    If these rumours of board largesse with fine wining and dining are true, it doesn’t surprise me. This is the Black Tie dinner mentality all over again….not alone the obscene spending on such high life by the CST and DVML. This is what happens when there is no accountability. I was disgusted when Dave Cull wrote the Black Tie dinner off without demanding repayment.
    For a start booze tabs should never appear on DCC invoices. I am not happy to pay people for getting pissed.

  6. James

    Silly boy Hype wanting full accounts of where the board funds went.
    If they can’t give a full account of where all those cars (152) disappeared to and all the illegal water connections including at least two councillors being involved. Why would they worry about the drop dead money that they hand out to boards to keep them off Council’s back? Hype, you have a lot to learn on how to run a city the size of Dunedin and keep the restless natives quiet.

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