DCC: Deloitte report released on Citifleet

██ Deloitte Report – redacted copy (PDF, 3.8 MB)
Project Lewis – Investigation Report

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Deloitte Report Released

This item was published on 18 Dec 2014

The findings of an independent investigation into a fraud at the Dunedin City Council have been released publicly.

DCC Chief Executive Officer Sue Bidrose says, “The Police have advised their investigation is now at a point where the Deloitte report can be released. We have committed to keeping ratepayers informed and can now make the findings of the report public.”

Deloitte was engaged by the DCC in May to launch an investigation after staff identified what appeared to be a discrepancy in the number of Citifleet vehicles when implementing new financial procedures related to DCC assets. The alleged fraud totals more than $1.5 million and centres on the DCC receiving no proceeds from the sale of 152 vehicles from the DCC’s vehicle fleet. A formal complaint was laid with the Police in August following the Deloitte investigation. The Police were asked to investigate any matters arising from the Deloitte report.

Ms Bidrose says she cannot comment on the Police investigation.

Commenting on the Police investigation, Dunedin Clutha Waitaki Area Commander Inspector Jason Guthrie says, “This is a complex series of offending involving the significant misappropriation of DCC assets. There are a number of aspects to the Police investigation and whilst it is well progressed, it will be subject to a final review in the new year.”

The Deloitte report looks at a range of issues, including the ways the fraud was carried out and internal control failings at the DCC. Some parts of the report have been redacted for privacy reasons.

Ms Bidrose says, “The Deloitte report is clear that a single person committed the fraud in a number of different ways over an extended period of time. The fact this could happen was an indictment on our business processes and we have made considerable efforts to improve and modernise these. This work was already underway and was how the fraud was uncovered. Measures have been, and continue to be, taken to make sure the appropriate level of accountability and oversight is in place in the future across the organisation. We are committed to continuing our programme of work to ensure we have best practice across the board.”

[STOP. Who aided, abetted and benefitted from the deals ???]

Ms Bidrose says the DCC has completed all the employment processes identified in the Deloitte report. These relate to a small number of staff, but she will not be discussing individual employment matters in public. The DCC has received a $1 million insurance payment following the Citifleet fraud. The DCC had $1 million fidelity insurance and insurers QBE have paid out the total amount, in two separate payments.

Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull says, “The Council has pushed for more transparency and tighter processes, with the clear aim of becoming a best practice public sector organisation. We totally support the work senior management has been carrying out and the changes which have resulted from this scrutiny.”

Ms Bidrose says a wide range of work has been completed to improve and modernise DCC processes, including:
● The introduction of a new Audit and Risk Subcommittee, with an independent Chair.
● All tenders that are awarded through the DCC Tenders Board are published on the DCC website for greater transparency.
● A central contracts register has been put in place.
● The ‘whistleblower’ policy has been updated.
● A review of fleet card processes and the issuing of cards.

Further work in progress includes:
● The appointment of a dedicated Risk and Internal Audit Manager. This position has been advertised.
● A fraud awareness campaign and training for all staff will begin in the new year.
● A risk management framework, which is almost complete.
● The development of new procurement and tendering processes across the DCC.

█ A copy of the redacted report is available at http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/deloittereport

Citifleet is responsible for the management of all DCC vehicles and the operation of an internal courier service. The fleet includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans and various trailers, plant and machinery. There are currently 122 vehicles, but the DCC is in the process of reviewing whether all those vehicles are required.

Contact Graham McKerracher, Communications and Marketing Manager on 027 294 6301. DCC Link

Deloitte report detail 2.14[screenshot]

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55 responses to “DCC: Deloitte report released on Citifleet

  1. Elizabeth

    ### stuff.co.nz Last updated 15:34, December 18 2014
    Fairfax NZ News
    Dunedin $1.5m council car fraud pinned on Brent Bachop
    A $1.5 million Dunedin City Council car fleet fraud has been pinned on its former fleet manager, suspected of committing suicide soon after questions were raised. A report by accountancy firm Deloitte found a range of fraudulent activities, spanning nearly 11 years, with Brent Bachop appearing to be “at the centre” of them. In that time, 152 council vehicles were sold without it receiving any money. Bachop died on May 21 this year. Deloitte was hired to investigate two days later.
    Read more


    ### radionz.co.nz Updated 37 minutes ago
    RNZ News
    Fraud report identifies Citifleet leader
    An investigation into Dunedin City Council’s missing fleet vehicles has found long-standing team leader Brent Bachop apparently responsible for more than $1.5 million of fraud. A Deloitte report released this afternoon has detailed how he transferred vehicles to his name and sold them on, including some to fellow staff and councillors from from October 2003 to February 2014 involving 152 vehicles.
    In May this year, the South Island council called in Deloitte to find out how many vehicles it actually owned in its Citifleet and Citipark departments and in August contacted police. The transactions included deposits of $349,000 he made that were most likely from the sale of the cars. The report said many other sales were cash transactions. Fuel cards were also used to make a minimum of $102,908 worth of purchases at petrol stations. Deloitte found the total loss to the council was $1,586,380.
    Mr Bachop died suddenly in May. A police investigation is continuing.
    RNZ Link


    Deloitte calculated the fraud cost council at least $1.59, million of which $1.48 million related to the sale of vehicles.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 18 Dec 2014
    Report reveals ‘range of fraudulent activities’ at DCC
    By Vaughan Elder
    An in-depth report into a more than $1.5 million fraud at Dunedin City Council has revealed it went beyond the sale of 152 council-owned vehicles.
    The 53-page Deloitte report released today reveals a ”range of fraudulent activities”, which it appeared former Citifleet team leader Brent Bachop, who died suddenly on May 21 this year, was at the ”centre of”.
    It also details a number of ”significant gaps” in the way council detected fraud and why it failed to uncover Mr Bachop’s actions earlier, including ignoring that his lifestyle exceeded his salary.
    Read more


    The council may have a claim against the purchasers of the vehicles which include 24 current and former council staffers, including elected members, who purchased 27 vehicles from the former team leader over 11 years.

    ### 3news.co.nz Thursday 18 Dec 2014 3:42 p.m.
    Fraud investigation traces Dunedin City Council’s missing $1.5M
    By Thomas Mead – Online Reporter
    An investigation has found a senior public servant stole at least $350,000 from the Dunedin City Council (DCC) over the course of a decade. The probe discovered Citifleet team leader Brent Bachop was involved in the sale of as many as 152 council vehicles between 2003 and 2014 with much of the proceeds now missing. Independent investigators Deloitte also found Bachop, who died suddenly in May, spent at least $100,000 on council fuel cards and purchased a trail motorbike with council funds. A further $104,800 in cash cheques taken from council coffers to replenish pay stations are also unaccounted for and may have been banked by the former staffer.
    Read more


    ### tvnz.co.nz 4:24PM Thursday December 18, 2014
    Source: ONE News
    Dunedin City Council car fraud pinned on dead fleet manager
    A car fleet fraud which cost the Dunedin City Council $1.5 million has been pinned on one employee, a report released today reveals. […] “Other than obtaining vehicles at a discount to wholesale market value, we have found no evidence that any council staff member other than Mr [Brent] Bachop benefitted financially from the fraud.”
    Read more

  2. Cars

    The only persons to be found guilty by any DCC investigation are those beyond punishment. So Mr Bachop SINGLE HANDEDLY managed all of the 152 cars, all of the paperwork, all of the auditing, drove the cars to the customers, etc etc etc.

    Perhaps the only NEW employee the DCC needs is one who is an investigator who is not naive.

  3. Tom

    Dead men tell no lies.

    {Moderated. -Eds}

  4. Elizabeth

    ### dunedintv.co.nz December 18, 2014 – 6:56pm
    Citifleet fraud investigation findings made public
    Findings in the city council fraud investigation have just been made public. A report by Deloitte states that former council worker Brent Bachop was responsible for defrauding the council of about $1.5. Bachop died suddenly in May, just after questions were asked about discrepancies in the Citifleet accounts.

    • I’m surprised that they didn’t delay this release until 24th December to provide maximum holiday hiatus cover – but then of course I expect that THEY will be away for Chrissy by tomorrow.

  5. Calvin Oaten

    One person embezzling $1.5million from the DCC’s vehicle fleet department involving around 152 vehicles over ‘eleven’ years. Yet it seems only he and the purchasers knew! Cr Vandervis was alerted to the inconsistencies by a substantial member of the local motor trade some considerable time ago. He took his concerns to the CEO but nothing was done. Now, we find the extent of the fraud but no-one else is to be interrogated on oath re the “significant gaps” exposed within the organisation. It seems the “buck stops nowhere” in our friendly little empire. Correction! The buck stops with the ratepayers, as always. As Mayor Dave Cull says, “we aim to be the best little city in the world”. Rose coloured glasses are ‘the dress of the day’.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Not another soul in the whole DCC noticed vehicles disappearing, reappearing as someone else’s personal property.
    Not a soul enquired how one might purchase an ex-DCC vehicle to replace their old car, nobody queried where surplus vehicles were advertised.
    Single handed, Mr Bachop did his “official” job AND ran an underground clandestine motor dealership without a whisper of suspicion disturbing the tranquil atmosphere of his working environment. What a dude!

  7. Elizabeth

    Hype O’Thermia, all the mice are quiet in the house.
    But not that cat Lee Vandervis.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Council Mission Statement appendix 3
      “Lee Vandervis is a naysayer and trouble-maker, he must be ignored at all times especially when he’s right.”

  8. Cars

    Having read the Deloitte report redacted such as it is “for privacy reasons” or alternatively to protect the “not yet found guilty” or “already resigned” clusters, I am struck by the surprising fact that Deloitte’s starting point, rather than being from first principles either no-one is guilty or everyone is guilty until proven innocent, Deloitte have commenced with Bachop is guilty and let’s prove that. That job certainly was not difficult, surely however Thompson as his boss, Harland as his previous boss of bosses and also Paul Orders must be investigated even if only to clear them of any potential involvement in this or other rackets?

  9. Cars

    Why does the Deloitte report not analyse other DCC credit card holders in the same manner as they have evaluated Bachop’s?

  10. Tom

    What about the STADIUM fraud, or do we have to wait till some one dies so that they can carry the can?

  11. Elizabeth

    Tom, the stadium fraud NEVER happened. At least that’s what DCC wants us to think. But ask the boys who creamed it on the land deals.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      The stadium fraud was the “prospectus” presented to the public for the purpose of “buy-in” and to prevent widespread opposition being expressed to those Councillors who had already been convinced by hokey mockups of Going Forward on the free train to glorious profits.

  12. I knew Brent personally and was shattered when he [died]. Whilst I am disappointed he was clearly guilty I cannot believe he was the only person involved. His death seems to be the opportunity for Council to draw a line under this matter and move on. One wonders what would have happened had Brent been held to account in a court of law. It is hard to believe that a few Council employees and purchasers of these vehicles would not have gone down with him. From what I am reading the whole fraud was committed by Brent and basically no-one else knew a thing about it. Even the most naïve of us knows that cannot be true. It is clear that if you were in the know and wanted a cheap car, Brent was the man to talk to. In conclusion, spare a thought for Brent’s family, his wife, his children, his parents. For them this nightmare goes on, they have lost Brent and yet the pain, grief and search for answers to why continues.

    {Moderated. -Eds}

  13. Elizabeth

    Jim Harland, the former chief executive of the city council, was in charge from 2000 until early 2011 – the majority of the time Mr Bachop was apparently committing the fraud. He hung up on Radio New Zealand and did not return any further calls.

    ### radionz.co.nz Updated at 8:42 am on 19 December 2014
    Council under fire after fraud report
    By Michael Allan, Police Reporter – michael.allan @radionz.co.nz
    The Dunedin City Council is being criticised for not picking up the Citifleet fraud sooner than it did. […] A Deloitte report into the council’s missing fleet vehicles has found a long-standing head of Citifleet, Brent Bachop, apparently responsible for more than $1.5 million of fraud. It also found huge pitfalls in the city council’s culture and processes and said that enabled the fraud to occur.

    Listen to the story on Morning Report ( 3 min 9 sec )

    […] Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said the only employee involved in the fraud was Mr Bachop. “Deloitte have concluded that there was no other staff member that benefited financially from the fraud,” he said. “There were control failures and responsibilities but it was clear there was only one perpetrator in the council.” […] Mr Cull admitted there were serious failings. “Deloitte’s review has identified control failures – lamentable ones, appalling ones – and anything that was detected, anything any of those control failures that were identified are either being dealt with or have been dealt with now.”

    Dunedin City Councillor Lee Vandervis said he tried to blow the whistle on the scam years ago. “Most of the issues in the Deloitte report had been known about for many years. Certainly as far back as 2011 and nothing was done about it.”

    Local Government New Zealand President Lawrence Yule said it was beyond belief that the council allowed this to happen for so long. “It is astonishing. It is pretty damning around the council processes that allowed that to occur,” he said.
    Read more

    █ 18.12.14 Listen to Dave Cull on Checkpoint ( 4 min 21 sec )

    Dave Cull says it couldn’t happen again – what about DELTA, what about GREEN ISLAND LANDFILL (prosecuted), what about the WATER DEPARTMENT, what about ORFU, what about CARISBROOK, what about CARISBROOK STADIUM CHARITABLE TRUST, what about STADIUM LAND PURCHASES, what about CITY FORESTS, what about DVML, what about CITY PROPERTY ……………… [see ’17 lines of fraud’ at DCC]

  14. Russell Garbutt

    By restricting any brief to only cars, it opens the door wide open for the Police to drop any wider investigation and repeat the mantra that only Bachop was involved. Which suits everyone of course. The list of DCC scandals has now reached epic proportions.

  15. Calvin Oaten

    What a sad ‘little’ man Mayor Dave Cull has proven to be. That he seems incapable of facing up to any irregularity is an indictment on his office. As Elizabeth discloses above, his tenure has been littered with indiscretions and blindsiding serious goings on. His ability to make outrageous public remarks is only out rated by his costly actions. I think mainly of the defamation suit taken by Wayne Graham and Laurie Mains over a statement Cull made on national radio. The abject grovelling and public letter of apology, plus accepting all of the appellants legal costs, in the name of the ratepayers is the most egregious act of all. An embarrassment and the laughing stock around the country.

  16. Calvin Oaten

    There’s an old legal tenet that states:

    Anyone given power over others must be subject to more scrutiny, and must be given less benefit of the doubt.”

    That obviously doesn’t apply to our council people.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Yes-but, Calvin! What’s the point of power if it doesn’t include the power to make embarrassments quietly disappear, like sand through an hourglass?

  17. Elizabeth

    Lest we forget, a smattering, a sample, of comment on Mayor Dave Cull’s ‘political’ style of leadership:

    Dunedin City Council – Council Meeting – November 3 2014
    Published on Nov 9, 2014

    Two comments:

    Submitted on 2014/11/14 at 12:38 am
    In case you missed the DCC YouTube video segment showing Mayor Cull eject Cr Vandervis from the Council meeting on 3 November – go to https://dunedinstadium.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/dcc-hospital-area-parking-changes-cyclelanes/#comment-56376
    and [VIDEO] https://dunedinstadium.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/dcc-hospital-area-parking-changes-cyclelanes/#comment-56381

    Submitted on 2014/11/10 at 11:57 pm | In reply to Elizabeth.
    YouTube segment for (Item 20.) State Highway 1 Cycleway Working Party is 41:00 – 50:26
    Cr Vandervis enters discussion on the Working Party at 43:00; and following is his ejection by Mayor Cull.

    • Elizabeth

      Dunedin City Council – Council Meeting – December 15 2014
      Published on Dec 21, 2014

      Minutes, agendas and reports related to this meeting can be found at http://goo.gl/3bDMak

      See video segment 16:40 to 19:10.

      Give your attention to Mayor Dave Cull’s chairmanship of the Council meeting held on 15 December 2014 in regards to (Item 4.) Confirmation of minutes of the Council meeting held on 3 November 2014.

      Cr Lee Vandervis rightly claims that the minutes for confirmation are not a correct record of the meeting on 3 November, given reference to a remark* wrongfully attributed to him by the Mayor; and which remark is claimed to have caused the Mayor’s ejection of Cr Vandervis from that meeting.

      *[allegedly, about the intentions of Council and staff and the objectives of the cycling strategy]

      Cr Vandervis states he did not make that remark. He says the minutes are false and the video of the meeting verifies this.

      Mayor Cull replies “the minutes are not [false]” and tells Cr Vandervis: “OK you can vote against it” [confirmation of the minutes].

      With that, the Council vote is taken. It should be strongly noted that all Councillors with the exception of Cr Vandervis voted to confirm the minutes with no amendment.

      Cr Vandervis abstained from voting “on the basis the mayor asked me to withdraw a remark that I did not make”.

      • Elizabeth

        As far as I’m concerned the chairmanship of the meeting is a Code of Conduct matter.

        • Mick

          Well, whether it is or actionable or not, the mayor demonstrated (yet again) that he is not fit for purpose in that office by his actions. It is clearly shown on the video clip. After making some points regarding the make up of the committee Vandervis set out to question some of the assumptions that had been made. In my view it was entirely appropriate that as a councillor he did so. Cull could hardly contain himself and pounced. The mayor’s rude interruption was made on the pretext that there was no statement about objectives in the report. That was a straw man argument. Vandervis was discussing outcomes that may have a negative effect on the city’s well being. If anything, it deserved debate to at least falsify his argument. No. The mayor shut him down. The mayor continues to do a disservice to this city.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        What’s the point of minutes if they can be whatever fiction suits the chair-mayor and his woolblind flock of aye-sayers?

        Time is money. Why not substitute a statement at the beginning of each meeting such as “a bunch of Trevs and one or 2 sheilas had a meeting back about the [dd] of [month] and said some stuff, OK? Yeah good now lets crack on, don’t want the sausage rolls to go cold.”

        • Elizabeth

          The whole thing is disgraceful – it reflects extremely badly on the Mayor and each Councillor who failed to uphold the rights of Cr Vandervis and maintenance of the true record.

          I’m really surprised the Mayor hasn’t asked for erasure of the tapes for the 3 Nov and 15 Dec meetings.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Yes, Elizabeth, it IS disgraceful. They show, over and over in ways small and large, their utter contempt for the proper processes with which the duties and responsibilities of elected representatives are supposed to be conducted in NZ local government.
          Truthfulness? Accountability? Prudence? Good husbandry of the people’s assets?

          Nah, she’ll be right, make it up as you go along. If the facts don’t fit, change the facts, long as nobody notices. If they do just shut ’em up and call ’em names – naysayer and trouble-maker are oldies but goodies – and keep on repeating that anyone who denies your version is delusional, deranged and an Enemy Of The Comfort Zone.

        • Elizabeth

          Hype O’Thermia – will elevate this matter to a post, for the record. Link

  18. Calvin Oaten

    Again Mayor Cull resorts to derogatory comments when he says: “Cr Vandervis had zero credibility” when it came to allegations of other people’s involvement and other fraud across the organisation. What!!? Who else but Cr Vandervis was ever raising red flags over this Citifleet fraud for literally years before it finally was acted upon? Cull says: “he had made other allegations of fraud which were “unfounded”. Of course they were because of the ‘crappy’ systems where the chicken house was guarded by foxes. That is another egregious statement made against arguably the only elected member worth his salt. Mr Cull, “you cannot handle the truth, and the right thing to do is resign”.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “Zero credibility” – criticism of our on-the-ball councillor from the black hole in the zero? Yup, that’s credibility, in Dunedin-speak. We do things differently here.

    • Mick

      Anyone who listened to the Checkpoint interview with the ‘mayor’ knows where the zero credibility lies. It was with him. He couldn’t give a straight answer – coughing and spluttering and obfuscating. But pinning the blame so bravely on the dead man. Then telling us that it is all fixed – like all okey dokey.
      Yup so credible our ‘mayor’.

  19. Rob Hamlin

    There is now only one significant report remaining. The Coroner’s report (not inquest unless they have to) on Mr Bachop. I do not think that that particular process has come to an end, but I suppose that it may have been quietly concluded and the outcome slipped into the records. Does anybody know? It is surely a document of public interest – and that includes the details of its evidence and its reasoning as well as its likely outcome.

    The DCC are very good at ‘slipping things’. Did you know that there was a ‘public forum’ on the Mosgiel swimming pool last week? Well there was – starting at 1.00 PM, immediately before the 1.30 council meeting on Monday. I arrived at 1.40 to observe the Mosgiel Pool Trust’s submission of their report as the first business item on the agenda of that meeting (the time of this meeting had also been changed at very short notice), only to discover Mr Stedman concluding his ‘public foruming’ to an audience consisting of the Council in the main chamber, council staff in one wing and Pool Trust bods in the other.

    I am pretty sure that I was the only unconnected bod present. Not surprisingly, when the Mosgiel Pool item came up, it was dealt with like lightning, with little further debate – Why? Because it had all been covered in the presentation and Q&A between trust and Council in the ‘public forum’ – Clever, Eh?

    Further to this non-event in the Council Chamber the ‘research report’ upon which the Pool Trust’s claims that the Mosgiel Community would donate $7.5 million to the project was not attached to the report that was attached to the Council minutes. This little gem and its incredible conclusion that Mosgiel would happily stump up the dosh was circulated separately (and privately) to Councillors (presumably with ‘confidential’ written all over it.

    I have applied to the DCC under LGOIMA for a copy of this document. A document that was publicly funded and concerns charitable giving by the Mosgiel community to a project that will deliver a non-commercial facility to be located in Mosgiel. I have been informed that my request is being ‘considered’ – I am not holding my breath. But I will be interested to see what the basis for the likely refusal will be.

    Further to my attendance at the meeting, I was absolutely delighted at the newly refurbished council chamber. Dave sits on a platform above and away from the others, and within a little wooden classical temple kind of thing with elaborate Corinthian columns – Dave is thus presented to his council and the public a bit like a statue of Apollo – but sitting down, without the muscles and with clothes on (luckily).

    I was not so impressed by the acoustics within the fenced-off cattle pen off to one side that now holds members of the public (plebs – or Helots if we take the ‘Dave as Apollo’ analogy an amusing step further). I could barely hear a word that was said. Mind you, that feature may not be accidental!

    • Rob
      You are not allowed to mention how Brent died but I think the term is no suspicious circumstances. It seems comments from the general public to the ODT on this entire matter are still unprintable for what they will say are, legal reasons. It’s lucky this forum is here or there would be no discussion whatever about this important matter. When our local paper shuts down any discussion on the fraud and all the details surrounding it one wonders what their stance is on free speech and the public’s right to know? It is clear by the initial resignations by Senior Managers that there was far more to this story than Brent Bachop’s involvement. My understanding is that when Brent took the job on it was already a wink, wink, nudge, nudge situation that had being going on for many years. Without others being involved Brent could not have sold that many cars, how about the unnamed car dealer who bought at least 14 cars? Are we to believe that he had no clue that the prices he was paying were far below market value? How about the Council employees who knew if you wanted a cheap car all you had to do was talk to Brent. Whilst they all may be innocent where is the inquiry? Where is the transparency? Where is the detailed Police report? Is this now the end of the matter as it seems the entire fraud will be pinned on someone who can no longer be questioned. How convenient, how utterly typical of this Council. Just another grubby unresolved episode in the ongoing saga of the DCC.

  20. Hype O'Thermia

    Don’t pick on people, not even politicians, who ignore red flags. Possibly it’s not down to gutlessness, spinelessness and being a waste of skin.
    “Red-green color blindness is a generic term for protanopia (red-blindness), protanomaly (red-weakness), deuteranopia (green-blindness), and deuteranomaly (green-weakness).
    More than 99% of all color blind people are suffering from a red-green color vision deficiency.
    About 8% of all men and 0.5% of all women are suffering from it.” http://www.color-blindness.com/2010/03/16/red-green-color-blindness/

    That’s my attempt at charitable Christmas spirit. Don’t ask for any more as refusal may offend.

  21. Calvin Oaten

    Rob, at the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board their ‘Apollo’ Dave would wear feathers. That at least would disguise the fact that he has no clothes.

    {quickies from the site editors}

    Modesty cover momentarily
    emperor-no-clothes [psychicdonut.com] 2

    but we’re headed here …
    emperor-no-new-clothes-oct-2012-vannevar [blogspot.com] 2

    *Images (tweaked): (top) psychicdonut.com; (bottom) vannevar.blogspot.com

  22. Elizabeth

    The weekend is a good time to consider what actions could be brought against the sorry burghers of this city council for loading every public statement they make against the deceased and his family in removing themselves (currently employed or by stipend) from acute blame for the extreme failure of governance and executive performance. And that’s before consideration due to the former CEO and former CFO.

  23. Anonymous

    I know that one current Councillor has requested access to historical files in order to corroborate allegations against a former CEO. Cooperation has so far not been forthcoming. Opening that particular box of worms (several boxes in fact) leads directly through the stadium, so that’s most likely why it is still firmly closed.

  24. Elizabeth

    Anonymous, not only a councillor, not only by LGOIMA request, as witch hunts presume for months under radar of legal threat from Northern star.

  25. Brian Miller

    What about the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board’s discretionary fund being misappropriated, or could the term fraudulent be used? … A member of the board forming a new group outside, away from the board, then getting a puppet to make an application for funds, and the board member not declaring an interest and voting for the funds to be allocated to groups that the member was involved in. At least two applications that were granted funds, with at least two board members involved, have not spent the grants on what they applied for, nor met the conditions that were attached to the grants.
    I met with the CEO Paul Orders, and the Mayor to point out what was going on at the Mosgiel-Taieri board. All I got was nice to met you have a good day. The CEO and the Mayor did nothing. Fortunately, I took along to the meeting a councillor as a support person. I am not sure that I did the right thing, as I read in today’s paper that the Mayor thinks that the Cr that I took to the meeting has “zero credibility”.
    Maybe I will have to wait until a board member dies to load all the blame on before I get any action.

  26. Murray

    Mayor Cull claims Vandervis has “zero credibility” – hopefully not another defamation law suit against the same Mayor who defamed Laurie Mains and Wayne Graham of the ORFU without producing the evidence, a mistake we all paid for.

    If Vandervis had produced the evidence there would have been no need for the expensive Deloitte report and a Police investigation which was simply about picking up the insurance. Lee Vandervis’ early warnings and instincts have been proven to be right and he did more than other elected members’ admit they should have to do on such matters.

    What the hell did you do Mayor Cull. Oh I forgot, you don’t deal in evidence you deal in spin !!

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “Mayor Cull claims Vandervis has ‘zero credibility’ “. Isn’t that the same as saying he’s a liar?
      One might with some justification conclude that Mayor Cull is a slow learner, though on reflection it’s only money. Ratepayers’ money. No problem then.

  27. Elizabeth

    I greatly suppose that Graham McKerracher, DCC Communications and Marketing Manager, is sorely regretting how this has been playing out on his watch since Thursday’s release of the Deloitte report / insurance claim. Whereby McKerracher has little or no control over the Mayor’s lack of ability to make agreed PR lines sound sincere. It’s like wholesale slaughter mixed with suicide of mayoral grace and humility —none remaining, not the tiniest fraction. We’re at the culmination of ineptitude and untruths, with national media fully apprised and sneering like demons. Merry Christmas, Cull.

  28. Calvin Oaten

    What was that Cull said about “a lunatic fringe” again? Seems like he is acquainted with a few “lunatics” himself. One he sees in the bathroom mirror every morning. But that one has “zero credibility.”

  29. Murray

    Mayor Cull and his Management have lost the plot !!

    They heaped false praise on the DCC Managers who resigned after the release of Deloitte’s report into Citifleet, but in stark contrast, are now intent on destroying the credibilty of the whistleblower, Vandervis, the bloke whose information, had they acted on at the time, could have saved the ratepayer a serious amount of money.

  30. Whippet

    New game in the Town Hall called “The Culling of the Whistleblowers”.

  31. Russell Garbutt

    Lee Vandervis has a clear email trail on the issue which shows conclusively that he raised the whole matter of Citifleet with the appropriate management staff. Cull’s hatred of Lee Vandervis and his comments since the story broke are a disgrace and have been getting in the way of governance for some considerable time.

    Every person I’ve spoken to within the last few days – mainly in Dunedin – are of the view that a lot more people involved in this fraud are being protected by a number of people. How convenient it is to have the one key witness to the whole affair permanently out of reach with no ability to be able to cross-examine. How many more days before we hear “moving forward”?

  32. Whippet

    The following should be hung over the Mayor’s office door.
    CREDIBILITY: The capacity of a local government, of maintaining the public’s confidence that its report of conduct of its affairs is worthy of belief.

  33. Hype O'Thermia

    ”He has made on many occasions allegations against staff of corruption … and on no occasion when asked would he, or could he, provide any evidence.” More wisdom from Cull.
    Does he think it’s a waste of time to raise the alert when a person has been informed of or seen some dodgy-looking goings-on? If all the people who had been aware of Mr Bachop’s actions had passed their information further up the line till they found someone who was prepared to take it seriously, proper investigations would have been carried out YEARS ago. How much money would NOT have vanished if there were not such a robust culture of “shut up, we don’t want to hear information that might oblige us to see ‘something nasty in the woodshed'”?

  34. Murray

    The DDC’s revised whistleblower policy:

    DDC Management shall ignore all whistleblowers and ensure they are treated with zero credibility.

    In cases where a loss of life occurs, the DCC may act on the information only after first determining what money can be recovered from its insurer or the deceased.

    At the conclusion of the case, the DCC will erase all records of the whistleblower and assume full credit for uncovering the crime.

  35. Elizabeth

    From what you say, people, seems Sue Bidrose’s newly revised whistleblower policy is decimated, so much duckshot in the pond. Not sure the so-called independent woman appointed as contact for DCC whistleblowers — the ‘Balclutha accountant’, and coincidently, chair of DCC’s recently instituted audit and risk committee — will get many calls. And to think Athol Stephens wrote the first whistleblower policy….

    “Hai, Chief Ombudsman Beverley Wakem” Link to post

  36. Calvin Oaten

    Dave Cull, the chair of the DCC – Damage Control Committee – is adopting a policy of character assassination of any ‘whistleblower’ or recalcitrant elected member. “El Duce” is the role he sees for himself. Any chance of a repeat of being hung by the heels from a lamp post in the Octagon? Perish the thought.

  37. Hype O'Thermia

    A panel must be set up to investigate whether the Mayoral lamp post adornment would be (a) popular or (b) unpopular with cruise ship visitors.

  38. Tom

    What about the credibility of the fraudster out on the Peninsula who had an illegal water connection for many years, and was never prosecuted?

  39. Cars

    Ms Bidrose states that the Deloitte document only finds that “one person” committed the fraud. Does that mean that the other staff members who have exited the stage, or worked with, for or over Bachop were in fact not guilty, or implicated, or just not examined. It looks like not examined and therefore implicated UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. There is no way they can be held to be innocent as the fraud went on for ten years proven and many years prior anecdotally. Therefore the DCC owes it to them to continue the investigation to prove their innocence. If the former DCC financial wizard Athol Stephens saw fit to call Bob Heasley , Arthur Daley and all that intimates – why did the DCC brass at the time, Harland, Murray Douglas et al not investigate him and others working with him? Why did Deloittes not question Stephens and others relevant to the investigation?

    There are only two possibilities that I can see, either they were derelict in their duty of care with ratepayers money or they were part of the act.

    As the saying goes its only a RORT if you are not in it!

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