DCC: Broadband AND bicycles #fraudband speed

Contentious McPravda | ‘Cull, Vandervis censured over feud’ —read Rob Hamlin on the front page headline and story appearing at ODT today. Link

Video link received Friday, 14 February 2014 at 2:33 a.m.

Subject: Broadband AND bicycles
Comment: Yes, it’s possible to have the best of all worlds, almost.

ClarkeAndDawe Published 11 Apr 2013

A Very Smooth Presentation
“Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott release the Opposition Broadband policy” Originally aired on ABC TV: 11/04/2013

Discussing the cheaper alternative to Fibre to the Premises (FttP), known as BttP or Bicycle to the Premises.

ABCTV: For 25 years John Clarke and Bryan Dawe have broadcast a weekly interview in which prominent figures speak about matters of public importance. John pretends to be someone he isn’t pretending to be and Bryan behaves with grace under pressure. The interviews are broadcast on ABCTV on Thursday nights and are available online here, on mrjohnclarke.com and on YouTube. They are also available by prescription at selected retail outlets.


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For more on cycle lanes, enter *cycle* in the search box at right.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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28 responses to “DCC: Broadband AND bicycles #fraudband speed

  1. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    Someone should show this to Jinty and Dave when they are together.

    The light bulb would come on simultaneously.

    “This is the way to make the $47,000,000 cycleway to be paid by ratepayers/taxpayers palatable to them…

    It justifies our decision to proceed with the cycleways!”

  2. ### dunedintv.co.nz March 13, 2014 – 6:47pm
    Nightly interview: Alex Macmillan
    The NZ Transport Agency has selected a group of ten New Zealand-based experts to develop recommendations for making the country’s roads safer for cycling. The Transport Agency was asked to convene the panel in response to the findings of a coronial review of cycling safety in New Zealand last year. Dr Alex Macmillan is the Otago panel member, and she joins us.

    • @ Elizabeth
      March 13, 2014 at 10:48 p.m.
      Nightly interview: Alex Macmillan
      The NZ Transport Agency has selected a group of ten New Zealand-based experts….. Dr Alex Macmillan is the Otago panel member, and she joins us.

      Well I listened to that interview. Very good to hear and …profound.
      She found a few things were important.
      1. Obesity. So she says in effect that fat people should stop using motor cars and ride bicycles.
      2. Traffic Injury. Cyclists are mostly hurt by motor cars and even though ¾ of them are wearing high visibility clothing. So much for that expensive and ugly gear then.
      3. Climate change. The biggest problem facing us now (I almost gave up on her at that point). She didn’t elaborate so I guessed it was an obligatory insert to secure her grant …so I soldiered on.

      She wants to turn declining cycling patterns in NZ to a growing pattern. She then listed the main issues facing the panel of expert.

      1. Volumes of traffic
      2. Speed of traffic
      3. Design of roading infrastructure that excludes or marginalises cycling as a form of transport.
      4. She argues that the creation of cycle lanes will improve cycle safety but is really advocating complete separation of cycling from other vehicular traffic movement.

      Well all good stuff. But hang on a minute. I have a few questions.

      For starters: –
      1 Can we not deal with obesity with other safe forms of exercise? Maybe walking to work – on a footpath?
      2 Why should we want to change the present N.Z. declining trend in cycling to an increasing trend? Who says we should and why should they?
      3 What is the cost to redesign the whole road transportation infrastructure to accommodate a (presently) declining cycling pattern?
      4 Who is paying?
      5 Who are these advocacy groups who want to impose these changes.

  3. Elizabeth

    Received from Hype O’Thermia
    Sun, 23 Nov 2014 at 11:53 a.m.

    Re Jan Wyllie’s letter to ed

    Interesting observation about being unable to pull over to let emergency vehicle get past.

    Classic un-answer to points raised in reply by DCC transportation PLANNING (it’s that word again!) manager Sarah Connolly. The DCC picks functionaries according to personal recommendations from their lecturers in Fudging and Avoidance, with preference to those with outstanding abilities in Going Off On A Tangent. No good can come of this until the standard is lifted and these people are required to Go Off On A Tandem with a councillor of their choice, a packed lunch and their passports, on the State Highways mingling intimately with trucks the size of a 1960s family home.

    Excerpt demonstrating quality of thought-processes:
    “We have many roads around the city that do not have the provision for motorists to actually pull off the carriageway…” [to let police, ambulance or fire truck get past] – in other words, it’s fine to bring more of the (most heavily used) roads down to that standard of safety for those who need those services urgently (sirens, flashing lights tell us it’s urgent, right?) for the sake of cyclists, who would be safer on the quieter roads anyway.  In-bloody-sanity!

    ODT 22.11.14 (page 34)
    ODT 22.11.14 Letters to the editor Wyllie Williams p34 (1)

    {Thanks for posting Hype’s rant Eds. Good to see Tony Williams writing in about the West Harbour cycleway; and Murray Hanan on the infamous Warrington rocks !!! –Elizabeth}

  4. Tony Williams is a steady contributor to the ODT Letters to Ed. He seems to take an interest in what’s going on, perhaps he turns them over in the back of his mind while he’s creating those amazing pieces of jewellery. They evidence thoroughness of observation and an extraordinary level of craftsmanship, and thoughts, ideas, and CONCEPTS.
    (Frightful word now in any aspect of the arts, generally it means crappy technical ability employed in the creation of something naff accompanied by a jargon-filled essay outlining a CONCEPT of lobotomising banality. Sorry Tony, if you see this, I promise I won’t ever use that word within coo-ee of your work again.)
    His letters always read as if he hasn’t stinted on thinking, then sorted his thoughts into clarity of expression before writing. Consistent chap, yes?

  5. Tony Williams is much more succinct than his respondent. A truckload of waffle when all he needed to say was “we are working on it and it will happen”. Oh, I forget, he’s a bureaucrat.

  6. Elizabeth

    Dunedin City Council – Media Release
    Further consultation on Portobello Road Changes

    This item was published on 28 Nov 2014

    The Dunedin City Council will work further with key parties to finalise a design for the southernmost section of Portobello Road.

    DCC Infrastructure Services Committee Chair Cr Kate Wilson says the decision was made following a constructive meeting on Wednesday attended by Councillors, DCC staff and representatives from the Automobile Association (AA), cycling advocacy group Spokes, local businesses and leaseholders.

    The meeting, which was chaired by the AA, discussed the recent changes to the section of Portobello Road between Andersons Bay Road and Portsmouth Drive. Discussions began with some context setting. The use of that part of Portobello Road has changed greatly, as has the land ownership in the area. Rather than being a high volume commuter route, it is now a relatively low volume road used by heavy transport, with industrial land on one side and residential on the other.

    The road has been altered to accommodate one of the key cycleways in the new South Dunedin Cycle Network. The first stage of work was completed in May. The concept was not fully implemented then because of funding constraints, but the intention was to do further work if it was required as funds became available.

    Cr Wilson says a preliminary layout for the second stage was developed in consultation with AA, Spokes and residents and businesses in the area. “However, further feedback from businesses, leaseholders and the public, conclusions we have drawn ourselves, issues around the look and feel of the road, access to the industrial properties and safety concerns at the Timaru Street end mean some further consideration of options is needed.”

    “We take seriously the concerns raised and following this week’s meeting we will seek further inputs from the affected businesses and leaseholders so we incorporate their concerns and needs into the options.”

    DCC Group Manager Transportation Gene Ollerenshaw says in the meantime some interim improvements would be investigated with urgency, such as signage and road marking, particularly at the Timaru Street end. The DCC is still aiming to complete the project in the 2014/15 year.

    Contact Group Manager Transportation on 03 477 4000.

    DCC Link

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Sun, 30 Nov 2014
      Disputed road, cycleway layout to be revisited
      By Debbie Porteous
      Plans for more work on a new road layout on part of Portobello Rd in Dunedin have been put on hold. Council infrastructure services committee chairwoman Cr Kate Wilson and council transportation group manager Gene Ollerenshaw announced the decision on Friday night. […] Business people along the stretch and the AA welcomed the move, saying they are happy the council appears to now be listening to their concerns about the road’s new layout, width and what is perceived to be an inappropriate camber.
      Read more

  7. It is now what is euphemistically termed a ‘boondoggle’ or crudely put as a ‘Fubar’. This is what happens when projects run ahead of the brain power required to control a situation. Watch for more of this as the whole cycleway thing is being pushed by conflicted interests, not logic.

  8. I believe – excuse a minor nitpick – a Fubar is a singular often multipartite clusterf*ck, whereas a boondoggle is ongoing pointlessness, such as TV’s Days Of Our Lives or steam radio’s Portia Faces Life: a Grace Gibson production.
    They share the characteristics of wasteful effort, and expenditure of other people’s money by decision-makers who would be dumpster diving for dinner if they were as profligate with their own.

  9. Elizabeth

    Quite a telling statement there. I do. I understand completely! *smirk

  10. Oh dear! I see in today’s ODT page 30 that we “will” have a 30cm (one foot imp.) sea rise by 2050. Now that’s just 35 years away. Makes the Peninsula roadway/ cycleway development faced with a very short payback time, if you know what I mean. I wonder if Dave and Jinty have thought that one through? Boondoggle or Fubar?

    • Well Calvin both (in fact all) of them have come about because they are spending other people’s money – pipe dreams, saving the planet and trying to scare the bezeesus out of us to ensure we cough up. Doesn’t matter what they call it. It works.

    • Cars

      My question for those proponents of a 1′ ( imperial measure) rise in sea level in 2050 is

      Will this rise occur in 2049-59 or will it be proportionate.
      In other words, if there is not a 1/3″ rise in 2016 will this mean failure of predictions or just delay in commencement.

      Assuming failure can we get our roads back from the thieves from Spokes?

      Should any year not produce a 1/3″ rise is this failure? Is a 2/3″ rise a tidal wave?

      Please advise as those of us living on the edge of the harbour need to purchase sandbags and raising up our houses on stilts like the Thai people of Bangkok.

  11. Elizabeth

    The whole project would take until 2023, cost $27 million, and extend the cycleway from the city to Taiaroa Head.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 13 Jan 2015
    Portobello Rd work starts in earnest
    By David Loughrey
    Repairing slip near Broad Bay that has inconvenienced motorists since 2013 is about to start, and work on widening Portobello Rd and renewing the sea wall close to Otakou is under way. The $1.51 million project to build a retaining wall at Turnbulls Bay, by Broad Bay, would begin “almost immediately”, Dunedin City Council roading projects engineer Michael Harrison said.
    At Otakou, another stage of the Portobello Rd-Harington Point Rd safety improvements began last month. That work would involve renewing the sea wall, widening the road and building a walking and cycle lane.
    Read more

    █ For more on Dunedin cycleways enter the terms *cycle* or *portobello harington* in the search box at right.

  12. Elizabeth

    Revised plans would not include the reinstatement of a second northbound lane – something businesses had called for late last year.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 12 Mar 2015
    Council confident of cycleway plans
    By Chris Morris
    The Dunedin City Council has been accused of putting cyclists first, but remains confident of winning over businesses upset at roading changes in part of Portobello Rd. The criticism from CSL Containers director Philip Chapman came ahead of a meeting to discuss revised plans for Portobello Rd, between Andersons Bay Rd and Portsmouth Dr, next week. The meeting, to be chaired by an Automobile Association Otago representative, would see council staff presenting a revised road layout to business owners.
    Read more

    • The criticism from CSL Containers director Philip Chapman who said businesses in the area wanted two lanes, and anything less than that would be “just nonsense” and “Big trucks need two lanes. It just doesn’t make sense … They are focused on cyclists. That’s the problem. They are not focused on safety or industry.”

      Council transportation operations group manager Gene Ollerenshaw was “optimistic” the changes would meet business’s needs.

      AA Otago district cycling spokesman Hudson Biggs said he had seen the revised plans and was “comfortable” they would satisfy the concerns of business owners and road use.

      Mr Chapman has the responsibility of operating his business SAFELY in that environment. I don’t know what Mr Biggs’ responsibility is.

      Here is an example of ‘joined up thinking’ DCC style.

      It seems to me on reading this report that the council seems to have got itself between a ‘rock and a hard place’ here.

      On the one hand they are hell bent on providing ‘safe’ cycle-ways. On the other hand they are either placing the cyclists and other road users at risk. This is by reducing the turning space for large container vehicles turning into their owner’s premises OR running the risk of driving the owners of these businesses away from Dunedin because they cannot operate in that environment.

      One thing that Mr Chapman said is patently clear. They are not focussed on safety or industry. Nope – they are focussed upon ‘saving the planet’.

      • Anonymous

        Redux. The whole reason for the traffic light dispute at Anzac/Frederick was due to the safety of operating the Halls Bros truck yard.

        DCC Transportation Dept has obviously not learned from this debacle.

        • Exactly – and the outcome – well one was that they drove Mr Hall away. God knows what it all cost to achieve this. But hey – we have lots and lots of pretty red orange and green lights all over Dunners. What have they learned? Well………………dunno

  13. Elizabeth

    “Let’s have more bicycles for Economic Development!”
    “Industry? Pah!”

    Two wheels will show we are green as heck, ohhh, and require more of that soft seal to keep the GenZeroes happy, OHHH.

    [it’s like the great B-train robbery….]

    • Ah yes – Alex Macmillan. I had forgotten about her. (dunedintv.co.nz March 13, 2014 – 6:47pm)
      She was about as good as the previous expert from Otago University yesterday. Is there something in the water down there these days? Their common solution is to have a talk – to everyone – ‘cos they always use the word ‘inclusive’. But then they immediately exclude anyone who might have a different view. These dudes are really smart.

  14. Elizabeth

    What if? Stats show considerable activity today around this post (including the judgment) and related comments:

    20.11.12 Dunedin City Council vs Anzide Properties decision: The road “has no legal basis”

    As well as multiple hits on other *sh88* posts detailing DCC / CST’s diabolical run on corruption, and costs of the High Court injunction brought.

  15. Elizabeth

    ### dunedintv.co.nz March 18, 2015 – 5:54pm
    Opposing parties reach agreement over Portobello Road development
    Parties at loggerheads over plans to develop the southern part of Portobello Road have reached an agreement. The Dunedin City Council and Automobile Association has met with cycling advocacy group Spokes and business owners about changes to the road. Representatives have come up with a mutually agreeable plan to widen the section of road between Timaru Street and Portsmouth Drive. It will provide room for large trucks to safely enter and exit industrial sites along the road. And there will be a 3m cycleway separated from traffic, allowing cyclists to travel in both directions along the road. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
    Ch39 Link [no video available]

    Dunedin City Council – Media Release
    Positive Meeting on Portobello Road Plans

    This item was published on 17 Mar 2015

    A revised concept plan for the southernmost section of Portobello Road has been welcomed by key parties.
    A meeting was held this morning between some Dunedin City Councillors, DCC staff and representatives from the Automobile Association (AA), cycling advocacy group Spokes Dunedin, local businesses and leaseholders. Those at the meeting, which was chaired by AA Otago District Councillor Norman Oakley, strongly supported the revised concept plan for the section of Portobello Road between Timaru Street and Portsmouth Drive. The proposed plan addresses concerns with the existing layout, by providing room for large trucks to safely enter and exit industrial sites along the road.
    The revised concept plan increases the total road width to 10.1m, made up of a northbound and a southbound lane, with a 2.5m painted median strip between the lanes (such as in Hillside Road). A 3m wide, two way cycleway, separated from traffic, is still part of the plan. This concept means removing the current concrete median to make more room for the new lanes and the median strip. The intersections at either end of the road remain the same.

    DCC Infrastructure Services Committee Chair Cr Kate Wilson says, “I congratulate all the groups involved for working collaboratively to reach such a positive result. Once the revised plans have been finalised, we will be asking other interested parties and the wider community for feedback.” Cr Wilson noted the revised concept plan did not propose major changes for residents on that stretch of road, who can still access their properties as they do now.

    AA Otago District Councillor Hudson Biggs says the revised plan is a workable solution for all parties. “There has been a lot of work in the background to get to this point and what has been presented recognises the fact there needs to be cycle access from South Dunedin along Portobello Road, while still meeting the needs of other road users.” Spokes Dunedin Chair Robert Thompson also supported the revised layout. “It strikes the right balance between all road users, providing a high standard cycleway and improved vehicle access within a more intuitive road layout.”

    CSL Containers Director Philip Chapman says the new plan addresses his concerns very well. “I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

    DCC Group Manager Transportation Gene Ollerenshaw says the proposed design will now be finalised and released within the next two to three weeks for wider feedback from the community. Further consultation will include a mail drop to nearby residents, discussions with other parties such as Bayfield High School and signs to alert motorists who use that route. Following that feedback, the design will be finalised and construction completed as soon as possible before the end of the year.

    Portobello Rd cross section information[click to enlarge]

    █ Download: Portobello Rd cross section information (PDF, 96 KB)

    Contact Infrastructure Services Committee Chair on 03 477 4000.
    DCC Link

  16. Elizabeth

    The estimated cost of the revised design is $300,000.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 6 May 2015
    Portobello Rd cycleway progress
    By Vaughan Elder
    Work on a compromise solution to a problem-plagued section of cycleway on Dunedin’s Portobello Rd could begin as early as this month. […] The Dunedin City Council’s revised plan – which retained the two-lane layout but provided more space for turning vehicles between Timaru St and Portsmouth Dr – received support at a closed-door meeting between councillors, council staff, business representatives and cycling advocates in March.
    Read more

    • The ridiculous thing about this fiasco is that a cycle lane was totally unnecessary on this section of Portobello Road. It has little traffic, few parked cars and two lanes in both both directions : cyclists happily shared the road, and children could ride on the footpath if they wanted to.

      • Elizabeth

        Such is the transportation planning department at DCC, Alistair.
        A random affair lacking brilliance or practicality ;)

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