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DCC: Draft Environment Strategy for consultation #ohchrist

Link supplied.
Fri, 7 Aug 2015 at 12:31 p.m.

Dunedin City Council Published on Aug 6, 2015
Dunedin’s Draft Environment Strategy for consultation
Mayor Dave Cull treasures the accessibility of Dunedin’s natural places and thinks we need to increase our awareness of the threats our natural places are under. Share what you treasure most about Dunedin’s natural environment, and what you think we need to change to protect, restore and enhance the things and places you treasure at www.TeAoTuroa.co.nz

Dunedin City Council
Te Ao Tūroa – The Natural World: Draft Environment Strategy

Dunedin’s natural environment is one of our greatest assets. We’re reliant on a healthy natural environment to provide food, shelter, water and clean air. Our natural spaces and unique wildlife are also a large part of Dunedin’s appeal to residents, visitors and migrants and the city’s economic wellbeing.

To ensure future generations inherit a healthy natural environment, we need to safeguard what we have, and strive to improve the health of our environment where it has become degraded. We also need to do our part to reduce our impact on the global environment, and prepare for the effects of climate change. Doing so will result in a better, more liveable Dunedin even today – cleaner water and air, awe-inspiring surroundings and experiences, healthier communities, and a more resilient economy.

Help set the strategic direction for Dunedin’s approach to the natural environment. Find out about the draft strategy and ● provide feedback by 31 August.

A workshop for stakeholders, interest groups and members of the public to discuss the draft Strategy will be held from 5:30pm Monday 10 August 2015, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Octagon, Dunedin.
█ To register your interest in attending the workshop, please email policy @dcc.govt.nz by Thursday 6 August 2015.
[date surpassed] ● EMAIL AND TURN UP ANYWAY !!!!!

Further workshops may be arranged. Check this page for details:

The Draft Environment Strategy, titled Te Ao Tūroa – The Natural World provides direction on how we, as a city, will protect and improve our natural environment for current and future generations. Te Ao Tūroa builds on the continued stewardship and guardianship by many people and organisations over the years. It identifies our environmental strengths, the environmental challenges we face, and opportunities for partnership.

Download the draft strategy (PDF, 2MB) or read the ebook:

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MOU DCC and TCFT New Aquatic Facility #MosgielPool

In previous weeks, with receipt of the DCC Long Term Plan 2015/16 – 2024/25, contributors to What if? Dunedin seized upon the fact (page 166) that the Council has somehow (if by political vote-catching, deception and or undemocratic business method?) — facilitated by the Mayor of Dunedin — taken on the whole cost of the proposed ‘Taieri Aquatic Centre’ for Mosgiel, to be loaded onto UNSUSPECTING Dunedin ratepayers.

This is contrary to what was discussed, and understood, at the time of the draft LTP hearings.

[click to enlarge]
DCC LTP 2015-16 to 2024-25 p166DCC LTP Section 3 – Forecast Financial Statements (PDF, 877.9 KB)
Forecast Financial Statements (financial statements, gross debt chart, accounting policies, 10 year capital expenditure programme, prospective information, significant forecasting assumptions, inflation adjusters, reserve funds, long term plan disclosure statement)

In reference to page 166, Bev Butler (23 July) emailed all Councillors about the figures for Aquatic Services new Capital Expenditure: Mosgiel Pool $410,000 in 2016/17 and $14.478 million in 2018/19.

In email reply, Cr Richard Thomson, chair of the Finance Committee, noted an asterisk:
‘you will see that the figure is asterixed and that this references back to notes that these are projects which have “full or partial external funding”. In this case the pool is subject to the community fundraising their share but that is included in the capital spend. you will see a similar situation with the cricket lights at Logan park where $2.2m is being spent but Council has approved up to $1m of its money only…’

This is what ODT reported on 22 May:

ODT: Mosgiel pool wins support
Dunedin City councillors have thrown their support behind a Mosgiel aquatic facility, despite a staff warning about council missing its debt targets. Councillors at yesterday’s long-term plan hearings voted in favour of building a facility “in principle”, subject to a number of conditions.
● Taieri Community Facilities Trust to raise $7.5 million towards project.
● Council has allocated a placeholder budget of $6 million for the facility in the 2018-19 financial year.
● Budget of up to $300,000 approved for council staff to investigate project costs, design options and site location
● Staff to report back to council by April next year, at which point councillors would decide whether to proceed with the project and how.
● Councillors voted that council staff and the trust develop a new memorandum of understanding.

Without building a Mosgiel pool, debt was forecast to be at $223 million in 2021, $7 million below the council’s self-imposed $230 million target. (ODT)

Now read the following chain of correspondence.

Received from Lee Vandervis
Fri, 7 Aug 2015 at 8:22 a.m.

█ Message: I believe it is in the pubic interest for the points below to be made public. Kind regards, Lee

—— Forwarded Message
From: Lee Vandervis
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2015 08:18:32 +1200
To: Dave Cull, Jinty MacTavish
Cc: Chris Staynes, Kate Wilson, Richard Thomson, Aaron Hawkins, Neville Peat, Mike Lord, David Benson-Pope, Andrew Whiley, Andrew Noone, John Bezett, Hilary Calvert, Doug Hall, Richard Saunders [DCC], Jendi Paterson [DCC], Sue Bidrose [DCC], Sandy Graham [DCC]
Conversation: MOU DCC and TCFT New Aquatic Facility
Subject: Re: MOU DCC and TCFT New Aquatic Facility

Dear Mayor Cull,

Thank you for your helpful suggestion which I intend to take up especially when DCC file evidence is available which can confirm many allegations made to me by members of the public.

I do wonder that you seem to think so little of an MOU statement of intent that apparently commits Council to “the development of a new Aquatic Facility Complex“ when Council has not yet made any final Pool Complex decision and in any case has not got the financial resources or even a sufficiently large place holder budget to achieve building the proposed Pool Complex. At the risk of boring our public as you suggest, I will do what I can to let them know.

The claim by Cr. McTavish below “that the phrase “new aquatic facility complex” covers everything from a refurbishment of the existing (which is the base level of service required for the aging, arguably beyond useful life, asset)…” is not credible in commonly understood usage of the words used, but I hope that wide publication of this particular interpretation will reduce the misrepresentation that I believe the Mosgiel Aquatic MOU currently represents.

Cr. Lee Vandervis


On 7/08/15 6:29 AM, “Dave Cull” wrote:

Rather than boring an even wider audience with your laughable brew of ignorance and malice, how about developing some testicular fortitude and going public, as you have been requested to, with the evidence behind the other far more serious accusations and insinuations you have made?


From: Lee Vandervis
Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2015 10:49 PM
To: Jinty MacTavish
Cc: Dave Cull; Chris Staynes; Kate Wilson; Richard Thomson; Aaron Hawkins; Neville Peat; Mike Lord; David Benson-Pope; Andrew Whiley; Andrew Noone; John Bezett; Hilary Calvert; Doug Hall; Richard Saunders; Jendi Paterson; Sue Bidrose; Sandy Graham
Subject: Re: MOU DCC and TCFT New Aquatic Facility

Dear Jinty,

Your response below is not acceptable to me as an elected representative.
Your being ‘comfortable’ is no reason to assume Council decision-making status.
Who is this executive that you speak of who are apparently authorised to trump Council decisions as you would have them?
If you insist on acting beyond Council resolutions, I will have little alternative but to go public.

Cr. Lee Vandervis


On 6/08/15 10:43 AM, “Jinty MacTavish” wrote:

Kia ora Lee,

Many thanks for your feedback. You raise two concerns:

A. Specific wording of paragraph.

Council’s resolution at LTP time included the following:

“That the Council agree to:
1 support in principle the development of a new aquatic facility complex for Dunedin in Mosgiel.”

The executive’s view is that the that the phrase “new aquatic facility complex” covers everything from a refurbishment of the existing (which is the base level of service required for the aging, arguably beyond useful life, asset), with “efficient” recognising the whole of life cost associated with any option. In the context of there having been a lengthy discussions between staff and the Trust to get to the point where both parties are comfortable with the wording, and given our executive’s interpretation, I am comfortable that the paragraph allows for a wide range of outcomes. A range of options will be brought back to Council in October for consideration and a decision on which to progress to detailed design with.

B. Sign off process

The sign-off on this document was delegated to chair C&E by a resolution of the Committee.
Jinty MacTavish

{Phone number deleted. -Eds}


On 6/08/2015, at 9:31 am, Lee Vandervis wrote:

Re: MOU DCC and TCFT New Aquatic Facility
Dear Jinty,

The Intent paragraph of the proposed MOU is unacceptable to me in its present form.

“The intent of the parties is to give effect to a Community/Council partnership for the development of a new Aquatic Facility Complex for Dunedin in Mosgiel in accordance with the LTP resolutions referred to in paragraph 3.4 and with the object of Council delivering an efficient modern complex that caters for all sectors of the community.”

These are weasel words which can easily be understood to mean that Council has resolved to deliver an efficient modern Aquatic Facility Complex in Mosgiel when I do not believe Council has made such a resolution. My understanding is that despite the absurdly arrived at $6 million ‘placeholder budget’, Council has asked that the Aquatic complex in Mosgiel be thoroughly mutually investigated, and that Council has not decided to give effect to the development, as stated above.

I strongly object to any such MOU INTENT being signed off by you or anybody else, and I am deeply concerned by process irregularities and the unprecedented fast-tracking of this project past many others that have been long awaited, the South Dunedin Library/Community Complex in particular.

The INTENT as I understand it, is for the parties to give effect to a Community/Council partnership to further EXPLORE the development detail of a new Aquatic Facility Complex for Dunedin in Mosgiel in accordance with the LTP resolutions referred to in paragraph 3.4 and with the object of Council then being able to decide whether it can or wishes to deliver an efficient modern complex that caters for all sectors of the community.”

Cr. Lee Vandervis


On 5/08/15 10:20 AM, “Jinty MacTavish” wrote:

Kia ora koutou,
Please find attached a copy of a draft MOU between the DCC and the Taieri Community Facilities Trust. As it stands, both staff and the Trust are supportive of the document. As per the Council resolution, I’ve been asked to sign it off as C&E chair but would value any feedback from you before close of business tomorrow should you have concerns.
Thanks very much,

—— End of Forwarded Message


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Dunedin Rotary Club | West Harbour Recreation Trail

Link and information supplied by Douglas (Mick) Field.

█ Message: I have been involved with Rotary doing the West Harbour Recreation project. I did a video of this as a means of describing the project – it sets out the scope of the work. I had a chat to Darrel Robinson who is in charge of the project for Rotary. He is happy for me to put it on YouTube which I will be doing shortly. Take a look.
Cheers, Mick

Douglas Field Published on Aug 4, 2015
West Harbour Recreation Trail 29 10 14
The West Harbour Recreation Project has been taken up by Rotary to provide and improve recreational activity as well as enhance the landscape along the shared pathway from the Boat Harbour to Maia. Already a lot of work has been completed. At present Rotary is completing the section at Ravensbourne Station and it is anticipated that the major recreational facility just north of the Boat Harbour will begin this year. Working ‘Bees’ are held once a month in conjunction with Dunedin’s Task Force Green team who do a great job in support and keeping the momentum up.
This clip outlines the scope and nature of the project.

█ Message: As a matter of interest, the seat installed at the end of the clip is in memory of Robin Archer, ex city councillor – donated by his widow. Robin was chief architect for the Otago Education Board before it was decommissioned.

Douglas Field Published on Aug 6, 2015
Ravensbourne Station BBQ site 23 5 15
The Dunedin Rotary Club has a working ‘bee’ every month on the West Harbour Recreation Trail Project. This one was in May when they installed BBQ equipment at the Ravensbourne Station site. As you can see these people work very hard and – fast. As always, they were ably assisted by Task Force Green workers.

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