Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust —Update, July 2016

Thursday, 28 July 2016 at 7pm
South Dunedin Presbyterian Hall (at back)
The Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust will hold a public meeting to update the community on its progress and announce the formation of the High Street Cable Car Society Inc, which will take over much of the work of the trust.

Mornington Trailer No. 111 [ODT files]Mornington Trailer No. 111 [ODT files]

ODT Online Thu, 7 Jul 2016
Cable car group seeks funds to build
By Timothy Brown
The group behind a bid to re-establish High St’s cable car route hopes to open its temporary display museum by Christmas. The Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust is applying for funding and building consent for its temporary 72sq m display museum after securing a lease in Mornington Park from the Dunedin City Council last month. The museum would house a trailer and two grip cars in a bid to raise funds for a proposed $2.5million future facility, trust member Neville Jemmett said. “This is what we are calling our elephant step, because it’s the first time we have got a foot on the ground. Everything has been in folders and papers before now,” he said. The museum would comprise a three-door steel garage with a track for Mornington trailer No111 to be rolled in and out to allow for access and to display it. “It’s only temporary, that’s why it’s not a fancy building. It’s to basically show people that we mean business.”
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Mon, 11 July 2016 at 12:27 p.m.
Received from Neville Jemmett, Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust
July 2016 DHLRT Heritage newsletter (PDF, 8.17 MB)

[cover page]
July 2016 Heritage newsletter (front page)

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10 responses to “Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust —Update, July 2016

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    I like the down-home practicality of a plain functional off-the-shelf building, concentrating on the main purpose for which money is needed.
    ORC – take note. You want “statement” buildings a la MBIE – go for it on your own money, councillors. ORC is for rivers, environment, not custom-loomed carpets and $$$$$$$ furniture and fittings.

  2. Callum

    That would be great once the cable car comes back! My only concerns is this just going to be a tourism thing? Or are locals going to use it as well for daily use? How much would the fares cost roughly?

    • Elizabeth

      The cable car is envisaged to work with the bus system – for commuter use and visitors. The team are in close liaison with San Francisco for obvious reasons (as relates to the machinery, mixed road use, safety and ticketing etc). If you use the trams at Christchurch you’ll have some idea of what’s possible – including (far distant…) connection into light rail on the flat….. not a closed ended project ie. However, each stage must be feasible.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Of all the “visions” and “dreams” I’ve heard in this town, this was from the outset noteworthy for practicality in every detail. No tooth fairy, no multiplier effect, no thousands of extra students/tourists attracted to Dunedin, just plain nuts and bolts sense, precisely worked out step by step.
    These are not stadium peddlers or cycle lane pedallers or free new theatre in Jetty St for performers with neither business plan nor money who want a quality facility, not build it and “they” will come predictions.
    No “line in the sand” conditions that MUST be met (rugby raising money for its stadium for instance) – but hey-ho when they’re not we go ahead anyway.

  4. Elizabeth

    Thanks and Congratulations to the Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust and the High Street Cable Car Society (Inc), for the excellent work to date.

    Fri, 29 Jul 2016
    ODT: Cable car ‘grand opening’ next March
    The trust behind a bid to resurrect the High St cable car line will host a “grand opening” next March, to mark 60 years since the line closed. The event will be used to launch the Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust’s vision and be centred at the trust’s temporary museum in Eglinton Rd, trust member Neville Jemmett says. “It will celebrate the concept, having the museum and a plan of getting the cable cars down the road,” he said.

    █ A public meeting was held in South Dunedin last night to appoint the chairman and committee members of High St Cable Car Society Inc, and to inform the public of the trust’s progress. About 20 people attended.

  5. Elizabeth

    Proposed attraction to help fund next stages of the project aimed at re-establishing the Mornington cable car line.

    Mon, 31 Oct 2016
    ODT: Trust sets target for cable car project
    Dunedin’s High St could again be bustling with cable cars within the next decade, as the Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust increases its efforts to re-establish the Mornington cable car line. Trust spokesman Neville Jemmett said the first stage of the four-stage project would result in a temporary cable car museum being constructed in Mornington Park before Christmas this year. The $3 million, 62sq m facility would house three former Dunedin cable cars – Mornington No 111, Roslyn No 95 and the unrestored Roslyn No 97. Cont/

  6. Gurglars

    The only light rail cable car in the world to work out how to get around a corner. This fact alone could be a PR huge win.

  7. Elizabeth

    Thu, 30 Mar 2017
    ODT: Consent for cable car building applied for
    By David Loughrey
    A trust planning to return cable cars to Dunedin’s High St says its planned building in Mornington Park, the first tangible sign of the project, should be in place soon. Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust spokesman Neville Jemmett said the trust had paid a deposit on a building and negotiated a lease for three heritage cable cars. The organisation had a lease at Mornington Park and building consent, and had its resource consent application in. Once consent was granted, it would only take about a month until the building was in place. The trust went to a Dunedin City Council public forum on Tuesday. Cont/

  8. Elizabeth

    At Facebook:


    Scanned copy (low picture quality) of printed handout to DCC Public Forum:

    Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust 28 Mar 2017

  9. Elizabeth

    Fri, 21 Jul 2017
    Decision soon on cable car project
    By Timothy Brown
    The fate of the planned cable car project in Mornington Park will be known next week. The Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust is seeking consent to build a temporary site to house three heritage cable cars with a view to building a permanent museum and cable car line in coming years, once funding is secured. Dunedin City Council resource consents manager Alan Worthington confirmed yesterday  a decision on the application by an independent commissioner was expected next week. He could not speculate on what the decision would be. Cont/

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