Dunedin Cable Car Trust – Public Meetings SUNDAY 28 July

Mornington cable train, High St 1

The trust will hold two public meetings to provide information on the High Street Cable Car project, including details on how people can help, and a question and answer session.

WHERE Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum
WHEN Sunday 28 July
SESSIONS 1pm – 3pm or 3pm – 5pm

Entry by gold coin donation


Website: http://dunedincablecars.co.nz/

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2 responses to “Dunedin Cable Car Trust – Public Meetings SUNDAY 28 July

  1. ### ODT Online Sun, 28 Jul 2013
    US support for city cable car bid
    By Brenda Harwood – The Star
    Plans to re-establish a cable car run from the Exchange to Mornington have attracted the support of one of the world’s iconic tourism operations – the San Francisco MUNI [municipal] cable car.
    Dunedin Cable Car Trust chairman Phil Cole said the project had garnered interest from around New Zealand, Australia and the United States.
    ”During the past two years, as we have been working our way through the plans and documentation, we have been slowly generating interest,” Mr Cole said. ”We have made a particularly good contact with San Francisco’s cable car people, who are keen to support us and see the project through to completion,” he said.
    The plans for re-establishing the Exchange to Mornington cable car, at an estimated overall cost of $21 million, have been split into three phases – the construction of a terminus building in Mornington; buying cable cars and installing tracks; and landscaping cable car stops. The project would be funded entirely through fundraising, Mr Cole said.
    Read more

    • ### ODT Online Mon, 29 Jul 2013
      Ambitious $21m plans for cable cars
      By Eileen Goodwin
      Re-establishing the High St cable car line will show off Otago engineering, rejuvenate the Exchange, and encourage development south of the Octagon, Dunedin Cable Car Group chairman Phil Cole told a public meeting in Dunedin yesterday. A major fundraising push will be launched early next year to raise the first $2 million of $21 million needed for the ambitious project.
      The first step was building a terminus/museum in Mornington Park. The largest amount of funding, $15 million, was needed to build the tracks. Two information meetings were held yesterday afternoon at Otago Museum.
      Under the project time line, the terminus would open in 2017, and the cable cars would operate in 2021. The time frame disappointed one older member of the public, who called out: ”I’ll be dead and gone”, but Mr Cole said careful staging was needed to ensure the project met its milestones.
      Although it would be cheaper to source the cars from China or elsewhere overseas, three historically authentic cars would be built in Otago, with advice and support from Ferrymead Heritage Park, in Christchurch, and the San Francisco MUNI cable car operation. A fourth would be commissioned if needed.
      Read more

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