Stadium: Leonard Cohen not coming

Leonard Cohen [AP]
Leonard Cohen plans to visit New Zealand in December. Photo / AP

### 6:45 AM Tuesday Jul 30, 2013
Tour news: Leonard Cohen to play three NZ shows
Leonard Cohen has announced a full New Zealand tour in December, taking in the country’s three major cities. Cohen – who last played here in October, 2010 to packed venues – will perform in Christchurch on December 14, Wellington on December 17, and Auckland on December 21. Cohen will be performing with his nine-piece band that includes Sharon Robinson, the Webb Sisters and musical director Roscoe Beck.
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ODT 30.7.13 Leonard Cohen announces NZ dates

NZH 28.1.12 Leonard Cohen: In his own good time
NZH 21.8.10 Essence of Leonard Cohen

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9 responses to “Stadium: Leonard Cohen not coming

  1. Mike

    According to the ODT this is “a full New Zealand tour”.

    But no problem – direct flights Dunedin to Sydney are running by then – it only costs $200 more to fly there than to Christchurch if I book now.

  2. Peter

    Well, well, well. Big enough act to go to three centres, but not Dunedin with its point of difference, roofed stadium.
    Why? Not enough bribe money in the council kitty to pay them to get here? Pissed off promoters now giving the stadium a bum steer? Now legendary qualms about the sound quality? Darren on holiday?
    Think positive. We don’t lose any more ratepayer money to stage an event at the stadium.

  3. Mike

    To be fair Leonard Cohen is a close up Town Hall or Regent Theatre sort of act not so much a large dank barn sort of guy.

  4. Mike

    Yes and he hasn’t booked any overseas performing acts for there yet (with the possible exception of the Dali Lama, depends on your definition of ‘performing act’ I guess – besides Farry promised us he’d play at the stadium).

  5. Simon

    Who is Leonard Cohen? Was he in the draft for the Highlanders? What position does he play? Wing, lock. I say we should just grab him, we need new blood in the Highlanders. To hell with the money just get him.

  6. Mike

    you know Leonard Cohen and the Dalai Lama might play better than the current team, they could only get better

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