Pre-election opinions on public transport and the stadium

### ODT Online Wed, 15 Sep 2010
Opinion: Transport system must respond to change
By Phillip Cole
One topic doing the rounds during this local election campaign will be sustainable transport. No doubt every prospective councillor will say we need a sustainable form of public transport for Dunedin – but how realistic are the chances of this happening? It is not just about transport. For sustainable transport to ever become a “fact of life” it needs to consider the urban form of the city – not just buildings, open space and roads, but the networks that link them and the activities that make people move around.
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• Phillip Cole is a member of Sustainable Dunedin City and a resident of Dunedin.


### ODT Online Thu, 16 Sep 2010
Opinion: Pride over prejudice… please!
By Chris Skillett
The elections are almost upon us, and Dunedin is warming to the task of choosing who should act as its stewards for the next three years. Otago looks on. Southland looks on. And there is absolutely no question about what the key issue will be this time around. For all of us, almost without exception, the elephant in the room, which will be trumpeting loud and clear, will be the new stadium.
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• Chris Skellett lives in Warrington.

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “Pre-election opinions on public transport and the stadium

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 30 Sep 2010
    Opinion: Local body vote goes to public transport
    By Peter Dowden
    City councillors should be passionate about Dunedin’s public transport and consider taking over its management, Peter Dowden writes.
    In these local body elections, I am voting for public transport. There is no political party or council ticket with such a name, but a close read of candidates’ policies reveals their interest in or enthusiasm for public transport, or their lack of it.
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    -Peter Dowden, of Warrington, is a member of ad hoc advocacy group Vote for Public Transport Dunedin.

    • Elizabeth

      Electric cars, with zero emissions, begin Wellington trial today
      Media release – Wellington City Council
      Wellington is to become the first New Zealand city to trial production electric cars with the launch of a fleet of five battery-powered vehicles.
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      See also SCOOP IMAGES: electric cars launched, in the rain


      ### September 28th 2010 | ISSUE 16 at 8:10 am
      Left Coasting : Have Pod, Will Travel
      California does some blue sky thinking about public transport

      By Rosalea Barker
      Between May this year and October 2011, the Division of Mass Transportation within the California Department of Transportation is developing a statewide transit strategic plan: “The work will lead to the development of an action plan that enables the State to facilitate the delivery of cost-effective public transit services that promote multiple objectives including improved mobility, meeting global warming initiatives, job access, and environmental improvements.”
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