University of Otago can’t beat broadcast news and social media #image

Hyde St 16.2.15 [] 1.2[click screenshot to enlarge]

This is how New Zealand Herald, via the National news section (it’s an ODT story and photograph by Hamish McNeilly), markets the University of Otago Campus Area to parents and intending students, nationals and internationals. Read the full article at NZ Herald.

Better advertising to reduce Otago’s student rolls we couldn’t hope to find.

Glad Vice-chancellor Harlene Hayne has everything under control.
Perhaps the VC could visit and apologise to the distressed student from George Street, hard at work today serving customers at the Octagon, who told me she and her flatmates ventured out on Sunday morning to find their driveway grossly awash with vomit.

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42 responses to “University of Otago can’t beat broadcast news and social media #image

  1. Elizabeth

    ### February 16, 2015 – 7:12pm
    Street party draws complaints from neighbours and city contractors
    More than five hundred kilograms of broken glass has been removed from Hyde Street, where a massive party was held on Saturday.

  2. Elizabeth

    Josie Cochrane, editor of Otago University’s student magazine Critic, told that Saturday night’s antics were “just normal O-Week partying”.

    ### Last updated 15:19 16/02/2015
    Chaotic street party, assault kicks off Otago Orientation Week early
    By Brittany Mann – Southland Times
    Dunedin’s Orientation Week revellers have got off to a smashing start, leaving a woman in hospital with head injuries and a famous party street awash with broken glass. […] Otago University head of communications Megan McPherson confirmed several complaints relating to rubbish and mess in Hyde St following Saturday night’s partying were being processed
    […] Dunedin Police Acting Senior Sergeant Craig Dinnissen said there were eight officers in the area on Saturday night dealing with general drunken disorder. He said 30 people were kicked off the roof of a flat in the street.
    Read more

  3. Calvin Oaten

    Welcome to Dunedin the center of ‘intelligentsia’. The annual display of the best and future leaders. Oh my God, where are we going as a society? This is no aberration, as it happens year after year. The Otago University, target of the hordes of idiots, who by some misbegotten notion think that entry is a license for mayhem. Seems to me that the terms for membership ought to be based on a set criteria with “one strike and you’re out” being implemented and adhered to.

  4. Elizabeth

    A case for compulsory social service prior to enrolment in tertiary education ?

    ODT Editorial Tue, 17 Feb 2015
    Uni: excitement and opportunity
    The colleges and flats have been filling as students flood back to Dunedin and the University of Otago. […] Students from year one are warned by the authorities the worst behaviour will not be tolerated. […] Our culture of binge drinking is damaging and dangerous and university students are among the heavy drinkers. Although there is nothing new in this, it is becoming less acceptable. Read more

    ODT articles today:
    Liquor ban may be revisited
    We cleaned street: flatmates
    O Week predictor of drinking
    Band set for Toga Party
    Key urges students to give it 100%
    Investing in clubs big focus
    Soaking up sun before the cloud rolls in

    O-Week could be target in booze crackdown

  5. Night Rider

    All Nannies and Grandfathers.
    The Party to beat all parties
    You are invited to Dunedin’s biggest smash up and throw away party
    We will show our grandchildren how to party.
    Have no fear, bring along all unwanted breakable goods.
    All broken and smashed up goods will be disposed of at the tip after we have finished partying.
    Where and when: The Octagon 1am 1/04/2015
    ps: the blind eye will be applied by all those in authority for the duration of the party.
    This advertisement has been sponsored by the Nightshade Club.

  6. Elizabeth

    Night Rider !! This memorable event could decide the local body elections in 2016……………… be in or be square.

  7. Hype O'Thermia

    Smash up and throw up and throw away party, isn’t it?

  8. Elizabeth


    ### ODT Online Wed, 18 Feb 2015
    Flat fire in student quarter
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Dunedin Police are investigating the arson of a flat in the student quarter. Neighbours called the Fire Service at 12.43am this morning following concerned calls from a neighbour a couch was burning against the front of the Leith St villa.
    Read more + Photo



    ”The flatmates have been asked to cancel the party on the advice of NZ Police and the university due to safety concerns, particularly in regard to flow over on to the street,” –Luke Rive, Frucor

    ### ODT Online Wed, 18 Feb 2015
    Party ‘just got too big’
    By Hamish McNeilly
    An annual party at a sponsored student flat has been cancelled after more than 3000 people indicated they would attend. A spokesman for beverage company Frucor said the V flat party – originally scheduled for tonight – was cancelled due to ”safety concerns”.
    Read more

  9. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 18 Feb 2015
    Vigilance urged after student quarter fires
    North Dunedin residents are asked to be vigilant following a spate of fires last night, which included an arson that caused significant damage to a flat.
    Police are keen to hear from three males, possibly wearing white tee-shirts, who were seen near the Leith St flat about 12.45am this morning.
    Read more

    • Elizabeth

      ### February 18, 2015 – 5:58pm
      Furniture and rubbish in front of flats set alight
      Police are hunting three men, thought to be responsible for lighting fires in the student quarter overnight.
      Read more [no video available]

  10. Elizabeth

    ### February 18, 2015 – 6:28pm
    Students encouraged to strike a balance between work and play
    University students are being encouraged to strike a balance between work and play. More than a hundred clubs and societies are open to local students for that purpose. And an event showcasing what’s on offer may also serve to bring campus outsiders into the fold.

  11. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 19 Feb 2015
    Scarfies warned lighting fires could ruin career prospects
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Students caught lighting fires could ruin their career prospects, University of Otago proctor Simon Thompson says. Since Orientation began on Monday, Mr Thompson has issued $4500 in fines to 35 students for breaching the code of conduct. He confirmed two students were also facing further action by the provost and the prospect of exclusion from the university as a result of their “foolish actions”.
    Read more


    ### ODT Online Thu, 19 Feb 2015
    Student area arsons alarm
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Kyle Thom has lost everything. The 19-year-old was out with mates when he was called early yesterday and told his flat in Dunedin’s student quarter was on fire. […] The front of the Leith St flat, which was empty at the time, was seriously damaged after an armchair on the porch was deliberately set alight. […] Police Otago Coastal area commander Inspector Jason Guthrie said “without the quick actions of the neighbours who called the Fire Service, this property could have been burnt to the ground”.
    Detective Sergeant Brett Roberts urged anyone who knew who was responsible for the fires to call him on 471-4800, or give information anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555-111.
    Read more

    ODT: Furniture set ablaze in North Dunedin carport
    ODT: ‘It could end bad’: street party canned
    No clubs could trump my heart
    O stands for … anything but O Week, please


    Open letter from the Vice-Chancellor

    Fires are not acceptable and will not be tolerated, and we fully support the Fire Service and Police in their efforts to apprehend offenders who carry out criminal behaviour. Our Code of Student Conduct makes it clear that any offence relating to fires and couch burning will result in serious trouble for the perpetrator. We have taken a hard line with students who have been caught lighting fires, and we will continue to do so. Every year over 20,000 students come to Otago to become the best they can be as a person, a student and a valuable citizen of Dunedin. Almost every single student makes the most of the outstanding opportunities offered at the University of Otago, and we simply will not tolerate the actions of any individual who compromises the safety of the wonderful young people who make up our student community.

    Professor Harlene Hayne, Vice-Chancellor, University of Otago
    [ODT Link]


    In which the VC misses the major problems associated with O-Week that entirely wreck Dunedin City’s reputation and environment for residents and visitors.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 19 Feb 2015
    Ritual stresses high aspirations
    By Timothy Brown
    As New Zealand’s oldest university, the University of Otago is steeped in history, and this year marks the beginning of new period for the proud Dunedin institution. University of Otago vice-chancellor Prof Harlene Hayne explains the symbolism and importance of the university’s newest tradition. […] The inaugural University of Otago convocation ceremony was held earlier this week and will now form part of O Week annually.
    Read more

  12. Elizabeth

    ### February 19, 2015 – 5:52pm
    University of Otago student arrested with ecstasy
    A University of Otago student faces drug charges after allegedly trying to sneak into Tuesday’s Cricket World Cup match.

  13. Anonymous

    How are enrolments this year? Numbers up or down? Too early to say?

    • Elizabeth

      Expect ODT and or UoO to fill us in soon ~!!!

      • Anonymous

        Hello Harlene,

        UoO will not release the enrolment numbers. It’s no surprise why.

        How many residential colleges are actually full?
        How many 1st year students transferred out at end of 2014?
        How many rental properties in Nth Dunedin are currently vacant?

        1st years go flatting in 2nd year => there is a lower flatting population this year.
        Lower 1st year enrolments this year => even lower flatting population next year.
        EFTS go boom.

        High NZ $, missed the boat on international students.
        Too late a focus on academic achievement that doesn’t stack up from the results, missed the boat on NZ students.

        Goodbye, Harlene.

        • Elizabeth

          It’s depressing as hell, Anonymous. But so succinct.
          May I say, you’re bright enough to get a place at Harvard.

  14. Elizabeth

    ANYONE who caused the death of a person would face a manslaughter count or more serious charges, and anyone caught lighting or fuelling a fire also would be charged.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 20 Feb 2015
    Student-quarter arsons could turn fatal: police
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Deliberately-lit property fires in the student quarter could kill someone, a detective investigating the case warns. “If it continues at this pattern then we will have an arson that will turn to a fatal fire,” Detective Sergeant Brett Roberts said yesterday. His comments come after another suspicious blaze in Leith St early yesterday – the second arson in two days in the street, with four also reported in nearby Grange St early on Wednesday.
    Read more

    █ It was possible the offender had boasted of their actions and Det Sgt Roberts urged anyone who had any information to contact him directly on (03) 471-4800, or provide information anonymously on 0800-555-111.

    O-week articles at ODT:

    Offers of help pour in after flat fire
    Talks on CCTV coverage
    Ear on the street revealing
    New material, mystery guests
    Sticky date tonight

  15. Elizabeth

    ### February 20, 2015 – 5:50pm
    Fires continue in student quarter
    Despite strong warnings from authorities, people continue to light fires in the student quarter.


    ### February 20, 2015 – 6:45pm
    Orientation week claims two more arrests
    Police are keeping tight-lipped about the arrest of two people at an orientation concert last night. They’ve confirmed seven people were evicted from the concert, and two were arrested. But they won’t say whether those arrested were male or female, or university students. Police also won’t disclose their ages, or what they were arrested for. It comes after the recent arrest of a university student for possessing the class B drug known as ecstasy. Last night’s concert was attended by about two and a half thousand people. All available police are rostered on this weekend, for the end of orientation, coinciding with two major sports events.
    Ch39 Link [no video available]

  16. Peter

    There will always be hijinks from students. There will always be disapproval from various authorities. There will always be outrage from the public about irresponsible/dangerous behaviour. There will always be media attention for obvious reasons.

    • Elizabeth

      There has never before been a series of arsons capable of taking human life in this way. THIS is new. And depraved. Might not be students. But O-week isn’t helping.

  17. Elizabeth

    University of Otago BS PR Machine kicks in….. as much as the ‘don’t hurt them / softlysoftly’ BS from city authorities.

    The University of Otago said, midweek, that the proctor had issued $4500 in fines to 35 students for breaching the code of conduct, but full figures would not be known until this week.

    Ticket sales were “slightly below last year” and reflected lower numbers of first year students.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 23 Feb 2015
    O Week praised on all sides as success
    By Timothy Brown
    While scenes of trashed streets and furniture fires in the student quarter caught the attention of national media, they were blips in a “by and large” successful and trouble free week, the University of Otago says. The Otago University Students’ Association said O Week was fantastic, and police said there were “very few issues”.
    Read more


    ### ODT Online Mon, 23 Feb 2015
    Calmly keeping the peace in central city
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Reporter Hamish McNeilly goes on the beat with police in the Octagon on Saturday night, and discovers a city with a Jekyll and Hyde character. […] Sgt Paulin says police are anticipating a busy night following the Highlanders v Crusaders game, a game which he just finished policing, and, of course, the end of Orientation Week celebrations. […] Soon, many young people will leave their student flats and begin the walk along George St to the Octagon. Already, he has received reports of police being called to a large street party in Hyde St.
    Read more

  18. Anonymous

    Yeah. Lower numbers. By about 10%. Landlord nervousness if you haven’t got your properties let…

  19. Elizabeth

    Vice-chancellor Harlene Haynes’ partyville gets dirtier and dirtier, deathlier and deathlier. Not sending my kids to Otago. Fullstop.

    ### February 23, 2015 – 7:30pm
    Police urge students to stay safe
    Illegal drugs have caused trouble during this year’s student orientation week. Alcohol has proved problematic as well, and that’s got police urging local youth to be safe.


    ### February 23, 2015 – 7:20pm
    DCC considers expanding liquor ban
    The Dunedin City Council is considering whether to extend the liquor ban area. Complaints from residents in part of the central city have prompted one councillor to suggest the move.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Tue, 24 Feb 2015
      Liquor ban area may be extended
      By Vaughan Elder
      The Dunedin City Council is investigating extending the central-city liquor ban to include a notorious party flat after years of “unacceptable” behaviour from its residents. This comes as Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said the council and other agencies were looking into the more intractable issue of out-of-control behaviour in the student quarter and measures “more draconian” than a liquor ban could be on the table.
      Read more

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      8.5.14 Student Proof Carpet – New Zealand #video

    • Elizabeth

      View Street “Backpackers” —The 17 bedroom flat has been a source of noise complaints – 24 since 2011 – and wild parties since it was converted from a backpackers in 2011.

      ### ODT Online Mon, 30 Mar 2015
      Extended liquor ban questioned
      By Vaughan Elder
      Dunedin City Council staff have questioned the merits of expanding the central city liquor ban to include a notorious party flat. Councillors will vote today on whether to approve a “statement of proposal”, which would then go for public consultation, on extending the liquor ban to include a View St flat, dubbed the “Backpackers”.
      Read more

    • Elizabeth

      ### March 30, 2015 – 7:03pm
      DCC to undertake full review of liquor ban area
      A proposal to extend the existing alcohol ban to include a notorious party flat has been abandoned by the Dunedin City Council. Councillors instead want to see a review of the entire liquor ban area. But there’s debate about when that should happen, with new liquor laws about to be adopted.

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Tue, 31 Mar 2015
        North Dunedin liquor ban possible
        By Vaughan Elder
        A North Dunedin liquor ban could be back on the table after a council vote yesterday. Councillors yesterday voted in favour of a wider review of the areas covered by a liquor ban, instead of starting a one-off process to expand the central city liquor ban to include a notorious View St party flat. Council services and development general manager Simon Pickford said such a review – which is to take place after the council’s local alcohol policy is in place – could include looking at placing a ban on parts of North Dunedin.
        Read more

  20. Elizabeth

    George St has never looked so good *sigh
    Those EFTS are getting slimmer and slimmer.

  21. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Fri, 27 Feb 2015
    Domestic student roll up
    By Timothy Brown
    Increasing domestic student numbers and a $16.1 million surplus were dampened by another year of declining numbers of international students, the University of Otago council meeting heard this week. […] Overall, Efts declined by 30, although domestic student numbers rose by 18 Efts.
    Read more

  22. Calvin Oaten

    “Overall Efts declined by 30, although domestic rose by 18 Efts.” Overseas numbers are the reduction. Without putting too finer point on it, this sounds like ‘clutching at straws’. When you look at the demographics of the young in NZ, together with the consolidation and shrinking of primary and secondary schools since the beginning of this century, you could believe we are witnessing an ‘apogee’ in juvenile population standings. This would suggest that we will see a gradual shrinking of the student numbers at universities following on from that of the schools. If the universities have missed this then we could see some budgets coming under real pressure in future. Let’s hope the DCC and the accommodation industry are awake to it as well. Not to mention the grandiose building programme that’s mapped out. Wouldn’t be the first time planning bureaucrats have boo-booed.

    • Elizabeth

      The University’s $650m building development programme is already delayed (see news in late 2014).

    • Calvin Oaten
      February 27, 2015 at 10:52 pm

      Calvin – you say “Let’s hope the DCC and the accommodation industry are awake to it as well. Not to mention the grandiose building programme that’s mapped out. Wouldn’t be the first time planning bureaucrats have boo-booed.”

      It is not just the University’s massive building programme – look at the city’s cycleways extravaganza and the notion of the Mosgiel pool for starters – and let’s not talk about the war er debt. We are being committed to these things against a background of an ageing population, diminishing childbirth rates, inexorable job loss in industries that once provide future growth. You are hoping that the DCC and accommodation industries are awake. Sadly – no hope for the navel gazing DCC but the accommodation industry has to sink or swim by its decisions. At least it will be focussed.

  23. Calvin Oaten

    “Which way will the city go?” This in the ODT as comment on the release of a report: “The future of Work: Dunedin” by the University of Otago’s Business School. The report’s lead author Dr Walton said the nature of work would change by 2030 and “will be ever more challenging”. “We need to start planning for the future now and incorporating ideas into current business planning and strategic thinking,” she said. That in itself is a huge worry. Planning immediately presupposes that there is a necessity for an overarching body to take on this task. Enter the DCC as it always does, moving into control mode and spending ratepayers’ monies with reckless abandon.
    The panel came up with two scenarios, one labelled “bleak” with a 2030 population of 120,000. The other “transformative” and a population of 200,000. Right there and then is where it should hit the dustbin.

    Instead, I suggest they sit back, breathe through their noses and look at a bit of history. That way
    they might just get an understanding of what and where Dunedin is and where it has come from before knowing where it is likely to go. Study the demographic trail and it will become apparent why all recent planning strategies have fallen so abysmally short. Yet they still persevere but ignore the past.

    Starting at 1901 when Dunedin was at its peak in terms of diversity of commercial activity it had a population of 70,000 or 98.5% of NZ’s total. In 1921 it was 83,848 at 6.3%. Then in 1936 it was 82,000 showing a definite slowing. 1950 at 91,200 and in 2006 118,683. The drift North was well and truly on the move. Now in 2013 it sits at 120,258. Now even then these figures are disguised by the University, which in 1961 had an Efts role of 3,000 compared with 18,000 in 2007. It would be fair to say that the increase of 15,000 Efts would be transient visitors even though counted on the day. Therefore, realistically the true number will more likely be in the vicinity of 110,000 permanent residents. That demonstrates clearly that there is no growth trend, nor is there any way that it could be 200,000, or even the 120,000 come 2030. “THERE IS NO GROWTH.” That these people continue to come up with plan after plan, from ‘Choices’ to ‘Dunedin towards 2050’ and Spatial Plans. Then there is the ‘ten ten ten’ plan which postulates 10,000 more people, 10,000 more jobs and a lift o $10,000 pa in average income. These people are serious when they come up with this “pap”. Cost huge amounts of energy and capital as well.

    The sooner that the powers that be accept Dunedin for what it is and let it get on with living and working with the least impedance and bureaucratic interference with the associated costs the better. Loading the citizens up with debt funded “follies” like stadiums, conference centres, cycleways, and all other expense-increasing overheads is not conducive to helping the city progress. It will not meet any of the grandiose projections for simple demographic reasons and no amount of coercing will increase the fecundity of its citizens. Face it, relax and enjoy the brilliant lifestyle we have here with the space and delights of the environment. That’s what quality of life is really all about.
    But I guess we will continue to be subjected to all the stupidity as we have become inured to. It is the ‘do-gooders and improvers and job creators that rule the roost for better or, mostly for worse.

    {Link -Eds}

  24. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 3 Mar 2015
    Big rise in serious disciplinary matters
    By Timothy Brown
    The number of serious disciplinary matters at the University of Otago almost doubled over the past two years. Annual university disciplinary reports show 27 students – involving 23 separate incidents – were referred to the provost for misconduct last year, up from 13 incidents in 2013. […] Seventeen students were dealt with by way of police diversion in 2014.
    Read more


    ### ODT Online Tue, 3 Mar 2015
    Fewer cheats dealt with
    By Timothy Brown
    The number of University of Otago students dealt with for alleged dishonest practices plunged 42% last year. Academic disciplinary reports show 42 students were dealt with for dishonest practices last year, down from 72 in 2013.
    Read more

  25. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sun, 15 Mar 2015
    Firefighters busy with couch fires
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Firefighters were kept busy attending four couch fires in the student quarter last night.
    Read more

  26. Elizabeth

    Student numbers in 2015, which fell 619 efts (3.3%) short of budget, were low because of “a combination of demographic changes, labour market conditions, the … new university entrance standard, and competition between universities”. –Sharon van Turnhout, CFO

    ### ODT Online Wed, 25 Nov 2015
    Varsity braces for flat numbers
    By Carla Green
    The University of Otago’s 2016 budget reveals an institution bracing for flat student enrolments and a challenging financial situation. The budget, tabled at yesterday’s council meeting, forecasts a growth of just five equivalent full-time students (efts) overall – six more domestic efts, and one fewer international efts – than 2015 end-of-year numbers. The modest forecast comes after years of falling student numbers at Otago and stagnating numbers across the country.
    Read more


    Older qualms………………….

    PANIC !!!!!!!!!

    A drop of 350 equivalent full-time students (Efts) in domestic first-year enrolments led the decline.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 1 Apr 2015
    ‘No panic’ over roll decline
    By Timothy Brown
    A decline in student rolls led by an almost 10% drop in domestic first-year students is “by no means a disaste”, the University of Otago says. Equivalent full-time students at university were down by 469 compared with March last year, vice-chancellor Prof Harlene Hayne said yesterday.
    Read more

  27. Calvin Oaten

    Dere’s dem dat do and dem dat don’t. Study the dem-o-graphics. It’s all there in successive census’s. You would think a University would have been way ahead of the curve on this, instead of seeming to be surprised.

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