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Taieri Aquatic Centre: Second try for SECRET meeting —hosted by Mayor

Remember this?
█ 10.2.15 Dunedin City Councillors invited to Secret Meeting #Mosgiel

How that SECRET meeting was abandoned after being exposed by What if? Dunedin…
█ 13.2.15 ‘Taieri Aquatic Centre’, email from M. Stedman via B. Feather

The email of 13 February indicated the next meeting would include the public: “The benefits of council and the community talking to each over major initiatives can’t be over stated.”

Men who swim [kpbs.org] 1

The latest email (below) suggests a change of tactics.

This is evidence of a ‘new’ SECRET meeting, at the instigation of Mayor Cull !!
(What if? received two copies of the email, leaks….)

A public-excluded workshop for a +$17 million pool complex, a facility designed to line the pockets of private developers (responsible for unfettered housing sprawl on the Taieri) and the good old boys’ whose businesses line the Mosgiel mainstreet —with lashings of Otago Rugby training time and hydrotherapy sessions. To be at Ratepayers’ expense, entirely.

Why is Mayor Cull involved in organising this workshop at 6pm. Will Council staff be paid overtime for their attendance. Why is Mayor Cull involved in this at all when it appears there’s no Council funding in the Long Term Plan (LTP) for new pools at Mosgiel. What’s going on.

We all know how public private partnerships (PPP) fail at the expense of ratepayers and taxpayers. This is well documented nationally and internationally. Be warned. The sleazy Mosgiel/Dunedin crew are hardly honest venture philanthropists; and Dunedin City Council is a lie a minute in the care and presentation of its annual reports.

Email received.
Fri, 20 Feb 2015 at 8:36 p.m.

From: Monique Elleboode [DCC]
Sent: Friday, 20 February 2015 12:56 p.m.
To: Community Board – Mosgiel Taieri 2013-2016
Subject: Taieri Community Facilities Trust – workshop – Tuesday 3 March, at 6pm, Plaza Conference Room

Dear All

The Mayor, together with the Chair of the Taieri Community Facilities Trust, invite you to a workshop with members of the Taieri Community Facilities Trust to discuss the decision making frame work (sic) around the proposed Mosgiel Aquatic Facility.

Council staff will give a presentation covering areas including the Spatial Plan, Council Strategic framework, New Zealand Aquatic facility development guidelines and implications for Mosgiel, options and financial implications.

This workshop takes place on Tuesday 3 March at 6pm, in the Plaza Conference Room, on the Ground Floor of the Civic Centre Building, the Octagon, Dunedin.

Please confirm your attendance back with Monique, 474 3855, or monique.elleboode @dcc.govt.nz
Thank you
Monique Elleboode
Personal Assistant to the Mayor of Dunedin
Dunedin City Council

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*Image: kpbs.org – Men who swim


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NZ First on “concrete cancer” @ NZ #dodgyimportedcement

Thursday, 19 February 2015, 4:21 pm
Press Release: New Zealand First Party

‘Concrete Cancer’ Fears Still Alive

New Zealand First wants Minister for Building and Housing Nick Smith to get independent analysis to prove that “concrete cancer” is not a concern in recently constructed buildings around the country as Minister Smith claims.

“We have been reliably informed that tonnes of imported cement are not up to industry standards and result in weak concrete that will end in structural problems,” says New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“New Zealand First warned the government about the dodgy cement last year but it is still being used.

“Now the Minister has the audacity to tell New Zealand First to provide technical reports. That is the job of the Minister who, up till now, has relied on concrete industry assurances that are both conflicted and not independent.

“Suspect cement is believed to have been used in the Manukau District Court and Fonterra’s upgrade of its UHT factory in Waitoa.

“Why haven’t independent core samples been take from these sites and others where there are concerns?”


[via Scoop]

inthehouseNZ Published on Feb 18, 2015
19.02.15 – Question 7: Rt Hon Winston Peters to the Minister for Building and Housing
Does he think he is competently fulfilling his ministerial responsibilities; if not, why not?
Provided by http://www.inthehouse.co.nz
Produced by Tandem Studios

Whaleoil’s Cameron Slater says…

“The Government has been warned about the concrete cancer issue for near on six months now, and yesterday we saw a flustered looking Nick Smith start the ol’ political trick of shifting the blame to his officials.”

20.2.15 Concrete Cancer Coverup – Winston has Nick Smith over a barrel
5.2.15 Concrete Cancer Cover-up, Ctd – What’s all the fuss about?

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Audit NZ making up for previous huge inadequacies over DCC books ?

Audit NZ as CAVALIER, INCOMPETENT and CORRUPT as DCC with regards to stewardship and protection of Ratepayer Funds —in particular, Harland era to the present

### ODT Online Fri, 20 Feb 2015
DCC censured by Audit NZ
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council been criticised by Audit New Zealand after “significantly” underperforming in the delivery of last year’s annual report. The rebuke came in Audit NZ’s annual audit report, which said the council had missed deadlines to deliver last year’s annual report to Audit NZ by “a significant margin”. The quality of the council’s annual report was also “clearly below an appropriate standard”, and internal quality review processes appeared to be lacking, Audit NZ said.
Read more

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