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DCC reality check —‘CEO Bidrose confirms no Vandervis complaint with a hug’

Received from Lee Vandervis
Sun, 15 Feb 2015 at 7:08 p.m.

—— Forwarded Message
From: Lee Vandervis
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 19:07:29 +1300
To: Chris Morris [ODT], Debbie Porteous [ODT], EditorODT, Nick Smith [ODT]
Conversation: CEO Bidrose confirms no Vandervis complaint with a hug.
Subject: CEO Bidrose confirms no Vandervis complaint with a hug.

Dear Chris and Co,

CEO Bidrose has this weekend confirmed in public, with a hug, that she has not made any complaint of me, that she was out of town when she received my latest email alerting her to a legal issue in the non-public section of the Council meeting underway when we spoke in the hallway, and that her secretary had not read through the email to the legal issue and alerted her prior to the meeting in which Mayor Cull attempted to push the issue through.
The legal issue related to Mayor Cull’s false claim that he was personally empowered to select the membership of the Code of Conduct Committee [against me], when this power is clearly that of the whole Council as detailed in Standing Orders J4.1 and in the Committee Structure and Delegations Manual.
This came on top of Mayor Cull’s falsely claiming statements supposedly made by me at the 3/11/14 Council meeting, and his then immediately demanding that I withdraw these statements which I did not make. Mayor Cull then used my refusal to withdraw the statements as a pretext to eject me from the meeting, all of which the video proves. This was the essence of my Code of Conduct Complaint against Mayor Cull of 10/12/14. Two subsequent Code of Conduct Complaints against me by Greater Dunedin Chairpersons do not mention any swearing or expletives and seem to be personal ‘tone’ attacks to deflect from on-going Mayoral abuses of his position and the Mayor’s attempts to silence my concerns.

Kind regards,
Cr. Lee Vandervis

PS Chris – You are back to recorded medium only comment from me. You have again invented news rather than honestly reporting it.
—— End of Forwarded Message

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DCC neglects sycamores in reserves —passes control and eradication cost to city residents

Kereru in sycamore [photo via delphinium.co.nz]Acer pseudoplatanus, the sycamore or sycamore maple, is considered to be invasive in New Zealand and is also considered to be an environmental weed in some parts of Australia.

Acer pseudoplatanus is a species of maple native to Central Europe and Southwestern Asia, from France eastwards to Ukraine, and south in mountains to northern Spain, northern Turkey and the Caucasus, but cultivated and naturalised elsewhere.

### ODT Online Sun, 15 Feb 2015
DCC prepares for sycamore war
By Dan Hutchinson – The Star
The Dunedin City Council has sycamore trees firmly in its sights as the invasive plant threatens to choke the life out of the town belt. Parks manager Lisa Wheeler said the town belt was becoming “inundated” with fast-growing trees. […] “The town belt is getting inundated again with it. Leith Valley, through the university … over the next few years you are going to see an increase in seedlings coming through.” She said the council had done a small mapping exercise in the West Harbour where there was a big problem with the trees and would now look to work with community groups and residents throughout the city.
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“A ghastly mass of stumps and branches, rampant ivy, aluminium weed, blackberry and sycamore saplings” had been left behind.
–Pat Petersen, concerned resident

### ODT Online Sun, 15 Feb 2015
Bush clearing work upsets resident
By John Gibb
Recent tree cutting and pruning operations on tracks near Jubilee Park have destroyed “magical bush walks” there, Dunedin resident Pat Petersen says. Mrs Petersen (79), who has lived near the Belleknowes park for the past 48 years and is a regular walker of nearby tracks in the Town Belt, said she was “very upset” by the continuing work. […] She said “swathes” of broad-leafed coprosma, rangiora and, to a lesser extent, five-finger and karamu had recently been “cut and slashed” beside the bush walks.
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### ODT Online Tue, 14 May 2013
Sycamores in the firing line
By Debbie Porteous
Sycamore trees are in the crosshairs of Dunedin city councillors, who have asked council staff to identify the implications of registering them as a noxious plant. Councillors also supported, in principle, initiatives to control and eradicate the trees on all public land, including roadsides and rail corridors. The decision was taken by councillors considering the 2013-14 annual plan.
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*Image: delphinium.co.nz – Kereru (New Zealand native wood pigeon) resting in sycamore tree

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