Cull on senility (firing up graduates)


[Mayor Cull] also noted the “mental sclerosis and settled habits that so often accompany age”.

F***erama! The Old Fool Codpiece spins towards his grave, with the Jinty espied as Angel.

Dave Cull merge copyAgeist: A person who discriminates based on age…usually an old dude or a dumb blonde [Urban Dictionary]

### ODT Online Mon, 19 Aug 2013
Graduates urged to take place as leaders
By John Gibb
Planet Earth and its inhabitants are facing a “perfect storm” of extreme climatic and environmental challenges and the future will have “no precedent in the past”, Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has warned. The pace of change was now so great that University of Otago graduates should not wait to become what was “sometimes patronisingly” termed “the leaders of tomorrow”, but should start leading now. That was Mr Cull’s message in an address to about 350 graduates, in a wide range of disciplines, during the university’s latest graduation ceremony, at the Dunedin Town Hall at 3pm on Saturday.
Mr Cull said that over the past few years he had “learned more from younger people than older”. And, including while hearing submissions on various plans and strategies, he had been ”incredibly impressed by the commitment, intelligence, passion and values of so many of the young people”, particularly those in the city’s tertiary education sector. “That’s not undervaluing the wisdom of age, just appreciating the vibrant pertinence of so many younger voices and minds.” And he also noted the “mental sclerosis and settled habits that so often accompany age”.
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● Ageism, or age discrimination is stereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups because of their age. It is a set of beliefs, attitudes, norms, and values used to justify age based prejudice, discrimination, and subordination. This may be casual or systematic.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: Photomerge by Whatifdunedin – Mayor Cull explains the loss-making sale of Carisbrook to Calder Stewart (stills from Channel 39 footage)


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4 responses to “Cull on senility (firing up graduates)

  1. I am a great fan of ‘Futurama’, with Bender and the space cadets. I’ve had it with that old codger and, er, fair haired person, going around being Ageist, too.

  2. Dave Cull talks of “mental sclerosis and settled habits that so often accompany age”. That is a stupid statement to make publicly as it is not ‘axiomatic’ that all “mental sclerosis” is attached to old age, as he himself so amply demonstrates.
    We even see that trait displayed by the very young, as seen in today’s front page of the ODT when Jinty MacTavish roundly condemns any prospective drilling by Andarko. Regardless of her personal biases, it is as a councillor she speaks, and it was a bad example of synapses breakdown when she automatically stated that drilling off the Otago coast would contribute to the very contentious “global warming” and see South Dunedin under water. If that is not a sclerotic brain fade then what else?
    Is it possible that more of the Greater Dunedin folk are equally afflicted? Richard Thomson’s ramblings often suggest a slightly demented state and Chris Staynes at times gives the impression that there is no-one at home.
    Maybe it is something they drink when having their policy meetings.

  3. Today, another instance of Mayor Liability Short-arse Cull in your newspaper, replying to a letter to the editor from Gerry Eckhoff. Stuck in his futuristic rut is Mr Cull. The letter and the mayor’s famous last words will be scanned and published as a new post at What if? later this evening.

  4. Anonymous

    Just the current flag bearer for the usual suspects. Complete and utter piece of up-chuck of course since opposition isn’t going to magically disappear any more than the hundreds of millions of dollars in debt that has been stolen from this city. Sir must giggle with delight at the politics of it all. Back on top again, even if print is a dead medium.

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