University of Otago —um Harlene, what you sellin’ now, girl?

Perhaps you shoulda stopped at the ballet boys. Or dropped the watery “Hello”. But if you’re REALLY good, Santa will bring you some kiwi elocution lessons to rid the ‘broad-ness’.

University of Otago Published on Dec 14, 2014

Selwyn Ballet and Vice-Chancellor’s Christmas Greeting
Watch a day in the life of members of the University of Otago’s Selwyn Ballet troupe, followed by a Christmas message from the University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne.

First convened in 1928, the Selwyn Ballet is the second oldest amateur ballet troupe in the world, and certainly the oldest all-male one. It began as a Capping Show performance intended to take-off popular London musicals of the time but by 1937 the ballet had become a tradition of Selwyn College and more of a spoof of classical ballet. The Selwyn Ballet has also performed prior to international rugby matches at the Dunedin stadium.


All preceded by the University’s Scrooge message at ODT yesterday:

“The university would prefer to take extra time to ensure planning, design, estimates and approvals are carried out to a very high standard.”
–Barry MacKay, Property Services

### ODT Online Wed, 17 Dec 2014
University delays building
By Vaughan Elder
The University of Otago has delayed the start of construction on two of the largest buildings in its more than $600 million building programme.
Construction on both the replacement dental school – previously estimated to cost between $50 million and $100 million – and science precinct redevelopment were scheduled to begin next year, but have now been delayed until early 2016, dependent on completion of designs, and approval by the university council.
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● It was possible the Portobello Aquarium and Commerce Building redevelopment would start next year.

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2 responses to “University of Otago —um Harlene, what you sellin’ now, girl?

  1. Elizabeth

    Oh dear. Harlene’s not selling too well at all – neither here or overseas it turns out.

    And, like DCC provides any chance of improving matters that are SO NOT its ‘Core Business’ to pursue.

    Export education co-ordinator Sarah Gauthier has been tasked by DCC to double the value international education brings to the city’s economy to $330 million per year by 2023.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 22 Jan 2015
    Otago missing out
    By Vaughan Elder
    Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce yesterday hailed the latest International Education Snapshot which showed international student numbers nationwide had grown by 12% in the January to August period last year, compared with the corresponding period in 2013.
    But while most of the country was benefiting from the solid growth, Otago, where numbers were down 3%, was one of only two regions, the other being the West Coast, where international numbers dropped.
    Read more

  2. Elizabeth

    ### February 18, 2015 – 6:31pm
    Dwindling international student population get warm welcome
    The University of Otago is struggling to maintain its international student population. Foreigners studying locally are seen as a valuable addition to the city, bringing in money and expertise. And this year’s intake is receiving a warm welcome, as part of Orientation Week.

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