University of Otago: NEGATIVE PRESS: Weekly disorder in Dunedin campus area

● Unacceptable student and non-student behaviour ● Vice-chancellor Harlene Hayne’s bid to bring students into line fails ● Dunedin’s multi-agency approach to campus area unrest not working

Student disorder, Dunedin ( 1[Archives:]

### ODT Online Mon, 25 Mar 2013
Students blame authorities
By Rosie Manins and Eileen Goodwin
Drunken disorder in the student quarter is being exacerbated by police and council intervention, university students and Castle St residents say, citing a Saturday night incident as a classic example. At least one private Castle St party was shut down by a Dunedin City Council noise control officer about 10pm, forcing people out of the flat, on to the street.

$$$ ● About 300 people had gathered on the street by 11pm, when four Dunedin firefighters arrived in an appliance to extinguish two couch fires.
$$$ ● The size of the crowd prompted them to call for a back-up appliance and crew from Roslyn, as well as for police attendance.
$$$ ● At the same time, four Willowbank firefighters in an appliance were called to a Dundas St mattress fire.
$$$ ● They were finished in time to respond as back-up in Castle St, so the Roslyn crew was stood down, then immediately called out to back up a St Kilda crew, attending a fire in Harrow St.
$$$ ● In total, seven furniture fires were extinguished in the student area on Saturday night.
$$$ ● More than a dozen police officers, including a dog handler and two paddy wagon crews, arrived in Castle St to disperse the crowd about midnight.

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said if people’s behaviour on private property was excessive and had to be curtailed, it made no sense for them to assume such behaviour in public was acceptable.
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Student disorder, Dunedin. ( 2[Archives:]

What do we think of OUSA…
Close down the Hyde St party never to return?

### ODT Online Sun, 24 Mar 2013
Moves to increase safety at Hyde St keg party
By Vaughan Elder
The Otago University Students’ Association has settled on a range of measures to make this year’s Hyde St keg party safer, including a ”one-way” policy from as early as 2pm. An estimated 5000 people attended last year’s party, which was marred by 15 arrests, the collapse of a roof overloaded with partygoers and 80 people requiring treatment by St John. The OUSA has been looking at ways to make this year’s April 13 party safer. OUSA president Francisco Hernandez said apart from limiting numbers, it had settled on a range of measures, including a ”one-way door” policy, with non-resident party-goers who leave the street barred from returning. It was also looking at making it a 10am to 5pm party, he said.
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24 responses to “University of Otago: NEGATIVE PRESS: Weekly disorder in Dunedin campus area

  1. Bad reporting here if they couldn’t even get photos of it, why use archive shit? Irrelevant reporting.

    • wirehunt – I used archive pics because the one supplied with the ODT article online was less than dramatic…… ODT didn’t use dollar signs and bullet points……

      What if? editorial license is like that…… (not a REAL journalist) thank god

  2. In fact it just looks like they ‘read the report’ on Monday. This really is piss poor.

  3. Anonymous

    ### Critic Online, Posted 6:30pm Sunday 24th March 2013
    Couch burning no longer a healthy diversion
    By Claudia Herron
    Pyromaniac students may well be losing their get-out-of-jail free cards after Police announced they would no longer offer pre-charge warnings or diversion to those caught lighting couch fires. Fire starters would now meet their match in both disciplinary action under the University’s Code of Conduct and the possibility of a criminal record.
    Read more

  4. Anonymous

    As peash notes over at ODT Online, why do people assault support and care services like firefighters and ambulance staff? Police are the only authority state involved, although it doesn’t make it right to bottle them or anyone else such as noise control. I’ve never understood why someone would want to throw a bottle at someone or launch a glass over the heads of people, but they do it anyway. The bloody things can do serious harm, to state the obvious. Now this is a university city with exceptional research facilities, so let’s film the individuals, identify them and then study them. Find out why someone sober or intoxicated thinks it is acceptable to do this. If the particular “idiots” are students, then I believe the university already has a code of ethics regarding the treatment of animals so they can be caged and monitored under current procedural processes.

  5. Mike

    I’ve never understood why the fire brigade doesn’t simply stand back at a safe distance and soak the area around the couch, no reason to put themselves in danger and no reason to worry about getting drunk onlookers wet

    • [I remember, years ago, a local incident at a petrol station where young idiots out of it on drugs threatened to set their car on fire at the pumps, while they were sitting in it with a can of petrol and a lighter. The lads turned up and motioned inside the car with the high pressure hose. Tragedy averted.]

  6. I’ll let you off this time Elizabeth.

  7. Peter

    Unfortunately, it will take a tragedy or two for some change to occur to modify, but not to eliminate, their behaviour. Dunedin is party town for uni students, to let their hair down after shacking up with the olds for years. The drunken antics of students are legendary over time and us olds will still be shaking our heads for years to come.

  8. Whippet

    Why not have a couch burning session in the stadium for students. We build it for them to play in, didn’t we?

  9. Mike

    but that might melt the grass

  10. Perfect Whippet. Maybe we could get a mayor or two along with some councillors to join in as their parting gesture.

  11. Whippet

    November 5 would be a time to have the couch burning in the stadium. Just imagine. We could have the students doing their thing, supported by the riot squad, fire brigade, ambulance, armed defenders all doing their thing. Seating for 25,000 @ $20 bucks a ticket, plus sales of booze and pies. Make it an annual event and council could make up to a million $ a year. This event could be the best thing for Dunyden since sliced bread. Halleluiah.

  12. Hype O'Thermia

    The Hyde St party was getting bigger and bigger. Now it’s having to be scaled down there will be hundreds of people excluded. A stadium HydeOutDone party to cater for them could grow into a major event on the youth calendar.

    • As a small contribution to the cleaning of the stadium after the event(s), Farry should be made to do it single-handedly, as part of his jail-crew sentence.

  13. Whippet

    Don’t worry about the cleanup Elizabeth. The council can handle that no trouble. The way they have cleaned up my bank account to build the stadium and all the other vanity projects, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to clean up after students. By the way I see that the Mr Orders didn’t come here to sit on his hands. I just hope that he stands on a few toes, looks like he may have started that already.

  14. ### ODT Online Fri, 12 Apr 2013
    Taxi company expects more keg party hassles
    Students jumping on their building’s roof, staff being terrorised and property being damaged is par for the course for Hyde St business Dunedin Taxis. This year, manager Simone Green is expecting nothing different during the Hyde St keg party.
    Read more

  15. Anonymous

    “Dozens of extra emergency services staff are on standby in Dunedin for today’s Hyde St keg party. Additional clinical nurse specialists, registered nurses, senior doctors, clerical staff, X-ray technicians, orderlies and security have been required for an expected increase in visits to Dunedin Hospital’s emergency department (ED).”

    That’s great. But what about the rest of the year?

    Many people are facing increasingly longer waits, from 12 weeks to six months for x-ray and scanning services… how about the board pull its chubby fingers out of the public salary bucket and figure out how to provide this level of service to the wider community.

    Shrink wrap that white collar National puppet Tony Ryall in a week-old meal-box and let’s get back to genuine health care for people, rather than budgets and ministers cooking up get-richer schemes.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 13 Apr 2013
    Emergency services mobilise for party
    By Hamish McNeilly

    • ### ODT Online Sat, 13 Apr 2013
      Fine day for a street party
      Dunedin has turned on a stunning day for the Hyde St Keg Party, and a good-natured crowd has caused few problems so far, police say.
      ● Nine arrests had been made, for trespass or disorderly behaviour offences, Inspector Greg Sparrow said. The number included students and non-students.
      ● St John, who are operating a triage at the event, said by mid-afternoon they had treated 35 people for problems ranging from minor cuts and bruises to gross intoxication.
      ● Eight people had been taken to hospital, among them a woman who fell off a roof in Leith St and broke an arm, St John Event Commander Doug Third said.
      Read more

      [Our bullet points – add to that the ● fire trucks active last night in the student area.]

  16. Anonymous

    News heard on the radio at 11 o’clock: Only nine arrests at Hyde Street keg party, due mostly to bad behaviour. After the break: Dunedin stakeholders and Stadium Councillors arrested, due mostly to bad behaviour. Later: Sports.

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