Dunedin North drunks

Mr Gable stressed not all the partygoers exhibited bad behaviour, with others trying to calm the more aggressive young men.

### ODT Online Wed, 19 Mar 2014
Man attacked by St Patrick’s revellers
By Hamish McNeilly
A Dunedin man says he had his shirt ripped, glasses pulled off his face and his car’s wing mirror yanked off after he confronted drunken St Patrick’s Day revellers who were urinating on his property. Walking from work to his Malvern St home, Chris Gable encountered a large crowd of green-clad revellers in the area of the former Woodhaugh Hotel, about 5pm on Monday. […] He later had to leave the property, and while he was away, his neighbour, Jeff Dickie found an estimated 40 people on Mr Gable’s section, including some bouncing on his trampoline and others urinating on his property.
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Figures released under the Official Information Act show the Fire Service recorded 586 nuisance fires in the North Dunedin student area between February 20, 2009, and February 20, 2014. Of those, 179 were recorded last year – compared with 77 in 2009.

### ODT Online Wed, 19 Mar 2014
Student fires dampened
By Hamish McNeilly
Nuisance fires in the student quarter hit a five-year high last year, with Castle St the area’s top hot spot. To dampen fire threats, the Fire Service, police, University of Otago and Dunedin City Council have taken a zero tolerance approach to such fires in the city. Fire Service East Otago area manager Laurence Voight said that approach, coupled with fire prevention activities during Orientation Week appeared to have ”reduced the unwanted behaviour”.
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Meanwhile Vice-chancellor Harlene Hayne, on advice received from the likes of Stuart McLauchlan and John Ward (did we mention Mayor Cull?), ‘decides’ the University of Otago should sponsor, yes, the ‘drinking culture’ that attends a professional but barely coherent and losing rugby team, The Highlanders. Some things are cumulative by fragile branding connection… a marketing marriage borne in heaven: A GREAT EXAMPLE TO ALL. This, a ‘subtle’ buttering device, before the DCC’s Stadium gets offloaded to the University for nothing, and Hail Mary/Harlene! the University doesn’t have to pay rates.

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6 responses to “Dunedin North drunks

  1. ODT 29.3.14 Letter to the editor (page 34) ODT 29.3.14 (page 34)

    Jeff Dickie and Chris Gable, with affected Woodhaugh residents, should demand a face-to-face meeting with VC Harlene Hayne, members of the University Council, Campus Watch, Proctor and NZ Police.

    [It should really be a public meeting to fry the VC, but she wouldn’t turn up…]

    SHAME ON OUR BLUESTOCKING HARLENE HAYNE for failing to adequately address this most upsetting and squalid example of student and civilian unrest in the North End, then treating the column space in reply as a free marketing opportunity for her bloody university.

    Definitely leave off inviting Dave-illegal-water-connection-Cull to the meeting, what with his exceptionally nasty history of bullying innocent people over minor boundary line issues. Remember what happened to Chris Gable last year…


    ### ODT Online Sun, 6 Jan 2013
    Boundary problem provides cautionary tale
    By Debbie Porteous
    Dunedin man Chris Gable knows only too well the issues that arise when the authorities learn a property encroaches on a reserve – even if the property is a house that has stood for more than 80 years, and even if it only encroaches in one corner by 16cm.
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  2. Ma Fia

    It is kind of ironic that here in North Dunedin we have a university, stadium and student population all at the epicentre of an alcohol fuelled culture. All three feed off each other and are interdependent. It is the ready availability of alcohol that makes the place ‘fun’. lt is in the interest of all three that nothing serious is done to stem the alcohol tide.
    For so long, beyond human memory, where this has been the reality, that we expect more of the same.

  3. It has always been thus. Students get away from home and thanks to the modern liquor laws being modified over the years (by the industry and government), both in supply terms and age of eligibility, times the multiplication of student numbers, up from around 3,000 fifty years ago (when most lived at home) to around 20,000 (including polytechnic), we have arrived at the situation today. Just so long as the effects are not felt or seen anywhere near St Leonards and the gated University Lodge, it is all pretty OK with Ms Hayne.

  4. Elizabeth

    ### dunedintv.co.nz April 17, 2014 – 8:25pm
    Fire in the former Woodhaugh Hotel
    Three people had to be assisted to safety and one treated for smoke inhalation after a fire in the former Woodhaugh Hotel in Malvern Street.

    • ### ODT Online Sat, 19 Apr 2014
      Smoke alarms help save students
      By Hamish McNeilly
      Recently installed smoke alarms helped save the lives of sleeping students at the former Woodhaugh Hotel on Malvern St just after 5am on Thursday.
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  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Alternative headline:
    Darwin Foiled Again

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