Student Proof Carpet – New Zealand #video

Marketing student life (passive/aggressive)

Godfrey Hirst 30 Apr 2014

18 Students, all male, flatting together in Dunedin over Orientation Week 2014. Did our Student Proof carpet survive?
[View Street]

5.5.14 Human traffic: Otago students put carpet through its paces

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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5 responses to “Student Proof Carpet – New Zealand #video

  1. alanbec

    A thought about the commercial: WTShagpile? No product information whatsoever. What is the material, wool or synthetic fibre? Is it commercial grade or Tread Softly grade? Missed the point entirely. I assume landlords are the target market. Here’s a working idea: a gang of shearers up from the Woolshed for lunch, drag their oily boots through the Missus’ new Axminster. Missus says ‘Musn’t grumble, it’s the way of it’. It was. Godfrey Bowen would not be impressed.

    • Triexta, carpet fibre.
      All boots off at our farmhouse door.

      • alanbec

        Yes, come to think of it, shearers were polite enough to do that. Still, Rural Women are remarkable. Who could forget the ad ‘Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams’? A real poem, 50 years or more out of copyright. And the gloriously silly shampoo jingle ‘Thank You, Thank You, Richard Hudnut!’ Richard, it transpired, was a chemist of Knights NZ, Petone. Knights of Soap.

  2. Mark

    The part they neglected to tell you ‘The carpet was replaced within 12 months’ !

  3. helenback

    Call THAT Student Proof!!? Try setting the bloody stuff on fire and see how long it or anyone standing around it lasts! Haha

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