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COMPLETE Dis-satisfaction with DCC, DCHL, DVML, DVL, Delta….


Fake it til you make it, and hey, don’t lift the marigolds.

Sorry Daaave, looks like a D for your council’s governance. —Actually, for the avoidance of euphemism, make that D- and lower for DIRE Performance, accompanying Drivel, and Diabolical treatment of Residents and Ratepayers in the aftermath of emergency situations.

Listening to Yes People and your dwindling voter base isn’t your best hope to resolve ongoing multimillion-dollar losses being sustained by a couple of the council-owned companies, to the point where the holding company led by chairman Crombie, fronts with a “qualified audit” only on presentation of its annual report(?) to Council.

[In July 2015 Graham Crombie was appointed to the Commerce Commission as an Associate Commissioner for a five year term.]

Damages to employment, liveability and opportunity in a No-growth city keep stacking.

“It is also yet another example of good public service jobs being lost from our smaller towns and cities.” –PSA spokeswoman

### ODT Online Thu, 13 Oct 2016
ACC jobs to go in Dunedin
By Vaughan Elder
After consulting with staff since June, the decision had been made to relocate all the roles over the next 12 to 18 months to the larger Christchurch office and have “one centre for consistent customer and rehabilitation services across the Southern region”.
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Asked about people who continued to be negative about the city, he said: “Negativity is an attitude, it’s not a fact.”

### ODT Online Thu, 13 Oct 2016
Survey ‘shows Dunedin on right track’
By Vaughan Elder
A survey showing Dunedin residents feel increasingly positive about their city shows the city is on the “right track”, Mayor Dave Cull says. […] the annual survey was not all good news. Last year’s June flood was picked as a reason for increasing dissatisfaction with the city’s stormwater system [down 13 points to 43%]. Satisfaction rates also fell when it came to public toilets, the suitability of the city’s roads for cycling and the availability of parks in the central city.
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[Chief executive Sue Bidrose] said some of the areas where there had been negative results this year and in past surveys correlated to negative media coverage in the Otago Daily Times.

*1577 survey responses from 5400 residents randomly selected from the electoral roll,

The Talking Head (without helmet, unprepared)

█ Dunedin City Council (media release)
Residents’ Opinion Survey released 12 Oct 2016. Link

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: cdn.guardian.ng – marigold, tweaked by whatifdunedin


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D Scene: 2nd birthday, 100th issue

### D Scene 9-6-10 (page 1)
Rail rally
Hillside workers and supporters have vowed to press on with their against the odds campaign to convince their employers KiwiRail to keep a lucrative engineering contract in-house.

Hillside workers rally (page 3)
By Mike Houlahan
About 200 Hillside workers and supporters braved wind and rain yesterday to vent their feelings over state-owned KiwiRails’s refusal to tender for its own contract to supply rail carriages for the Auckland service. Workers at the South Dunedin engineering works and their fellow workshop at Woburn in Wellington have slated their employer’s assessment that the firm can not and should not tender for the multi-million dollar contract – work which an economic assessment has said has said could be worth 1300 jobs and $250 million to GDP.
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Parking question (page 5)
By Wilma McCorkindale
More maneuvering of the city’s parking regime may be forced, after complaints by businesses in the Moray Pl arts quadrant. The area’s spokesman David McLeod, of the Quadrant Gallery, said he met with the Dunedin City Council Parking Working Party chairman Syd Brown recently to thrash out several requests from the business community. That included free Saturday parking for the Moray Pl arts and culture quadrant south of the Octagon.

“Why not do something to attract people back to this area – something to revitalise.”
-David McLeod

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South Dunedin (page 6)
Council planners on the South Dunedin revitalisation project have lots to work with, Dunedin City Council (DCC) city development manager Anna Johnson said. Almost 100 people had their say at a recent consultation event in the suburb and more than 55 had written submissions to the DCC’s South Dunedin strategy document.
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Talk: Dunedin on Dunedin (page 9)
Your say: Letters to the editor #bookmark
Promises, promises…
By Peter Attwooll, Dunedin Central
We hear Amalgamated Builders Ltd and Lund Construction have missed out on a carpentry contract for the stadium (D Scene 2/6/10). They lose out to an Auckland company which gives a lower price.

A scandal
By GR MacDonald, St Kilda
The revelation that Dunedin workers have lost out to an Auckland company over a Forsyth Bar Stadium carpentry contract is truly a scandal.

Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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