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Sat, 13 Aug 2016 at 12:50 a.m.

█ Check out election candidates’ names and profiles here:

DCC & Community Boards


### dunedintv.co.nz Tue, 9 Aug 2016 6:52 pm
Nightly Interview: Pam Jordan
Nominations close soon for the local body elections, and it’s a busy time for the officials, especially those at the helm. Dunedin returning officer Pam Jordan, has one of the busiest jobs.
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Channel 39 Published on Aug 8, 2016


Tuesday, 9 August 2016
ODT: Too few standing to fill council roles
Just three and a-half days from the deadline for nominations in October’s local body elections, there are not enough prospective candidates to fill Otago’s councils and community boards. While candidates regularly leave nominations until the last minute, electoral officers across the southern region say for this election the response is particularly slow. Dunedin’s community boards have just 10 nominations for 30 positions, while in the Clutha district there have been only five nominations so far for the 27 positions available. Electoral officers have called on candidates to get cracking and submit their nominations before they close at noon on Friday, 12 August.


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Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Only a week to go

This item was published on [FRIDAY] 05 Aug 2016

Candidates wishing to stand for this year’s local authority elections have a week left to put in their nominations.

Nominations close at 12 noon on Friday, 12 August.

The Electoral Officer for the Dunedin City Council and the Otago Regional Council, Pam Jordan, says the following numbers of nominations had been received by 10am today [Fri, 5 Aug].

Dunedin City Council (DCC):
● Mayor of Dunedin – 1
● Council – 8
● Community Boards (six vacancies for each of six boards) – 5 in total

Otago Regional Council (ORC):
● Dunedin Constituency (six vacancies) – 0
● Dunstan Constituency (three vacancies) – 4
● Moeraki Constituency (one vacancy) – 1
● Molyneux Constituency (two vacancies) – 1

Anyone wishing to stand as a candidate for the DCC (including their local community board) or the ORC can obtain nomination forms and candidate information at www.dunedin.govt.nz/elections or phone 03 4774000.

Candidates can also get further information from Local Government New Zealand at www.lgnz.co.nz/vote2016/candidates.

The names of candidates are put on the DCC website as nominations are received and processed. Candidate profiles will be published once nominations close. The elections are held by postal vote and voting papers will be sent out from 16 September. These must be mailed back in time to be received by 12 noon on Election Day, Saturday, 8 October.

Contact Electoral Officer on 03 4774000.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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124 responses to “Election Candidates : DCC, ORC and Community Boards

  1. Elizabeth

    Time to name names and yell at egotists, timewasters and dreamers.
    ie People that can’t “govern” DCC or the ratepayer-owned companies, and who don’t put essential infrastructure spend at the front of their concerns as candidates.

    Who is standing.
    Who doesn’t deserve to stand and why.

    • Candy Date

      How about this as a social experiment for candidates?
      After the meetings, lay out a good supper and check on who hoovers up the most cakes, biscuits and savouries.
      This will tell us a lot about such candidates if they win office.
      Silly idea? No. It has happened before in real time. For years.

      • Elizabeth

        If they can read a balance sheet, and lines of an annual plan AND UNDERSTAND THEM – and they KNOW WHEN TO FIRE MR CROMBIE (immediately) on the grounds of HIS UNDUE INFLUENCE OVER THE DCC GCFO AND THEREFORE COUNCIL…. and know that $1M of extra spending yields a VERY UNWELCOME 1% rates increase…. and when they IMMEDIATELY WRESTLE CONTROL OF THE MOSGIEL POOL PROJECT BACK INTO COUNCIL CONTROL (it has recently escaped !!!!) etc etc and that Climate Change is not an agenda item, perhaps we will pour them a cup of tea with no sugar.

        So long as they’re not Dave’s, Aaron’s or Jinters’ accomplices.

  2. Elizabeth

    One for the Not On Your Life list:

    Islay McLeod – intends to stand for DCC

    Had enough last time she was in Dunedin. Former DCC staff – a frock trolley for the EDU….. Been sequestered in Canterbury, until she decided to lay ‘a stake’ in this year’s elections. Rubs a lot of people up the wrong way.
    How to send Dunedin backwards.
    [gives us the heaves]

  3. Elizabeth

    Updated 11.8.16 at 4:16 p.m.

    Mayoral contenders thus far by media contention:

    Dave Cull (incumbent) – a goner
    Lee Vandervis – strongest contender
    Susie Staley – out of race
    Andrew Whiley
    Aaron Hawkins

  4. Elizabeth

    What we know that isn’t written here……… hmm.
    From his online campaign:

    [excerpts – click to enlarge]
    Dave is Dave 2016

    Who is Dave 2016

    Comments ?

    • Theo R

      Front and reverse side of the barf-bag this drivel should be distributed on!

      • Elizabeth

        People need to tell their friends and family what Dave Cull has cost Dunedin in HYPER LOSS of money and confidence during his last two terms – tied to rates increases Far Beyond the rate of inflation.

        As previously posted:

        DCC Rates history
        The table and graph [go to the webpage] show the comparison between inflation and Dunedin City Council rate increases over the past couple of decades. For the first two years, the changes which followed local body amalgamation in 1989 mean it has not been possible to accurately calculate the DCC rates increase figure. Major upgrades in the areas of water and wastewater, and significant building projects, have had a big effect on DCC rates rises over the period.
        █ http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/services/rates-information/rates-history

        DCC rates-infation-chart

        Received from Mike

        This graph is a cumulative graph of DCC rates rises after inflation has been removed, graphed over the same range that the DCC graph is, with this year’s data added (and a couple of mistakes in the DCC’s inflation rate touched up to.match the Reserve Bank’s, they are minor, and mostly cancel out)


  5. Mr Cull has had two times as Mayor, so time to let someone more qualified have a go.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Gotta be better than “someone more qualified”. From his performance it’s clear a wheeliebin of roadkill would be a welcome replacement as long as the lid was a good close fit – and such a money-saver.

    • Theo R

      Mr Cull has also had 2 separate summons’ served on him for defamation. Innocent or guilty, I can question 1, but 2… ??

      Given his complete about-face on the anti-stadium issue (for which he was voted in originally), he’s not only disenfranchised the real ‘Stakeholders’ of this city (Dunedin’s long-term, rate-paying residents) with his published indifference to the people of South Dunedin – but he’s mislead the entire city too.

      Following his embarrassing appearance last year on TVNZ, despite very public assurances that a crack team of HIS idea of ‘Stakeholders’ were dealing to the City’s anti-social problems – NOTHING! Not a single meeting between those impressive signatories in over a year. Result…? The City centre and North Dunedin are now officially one of the most dangerous areas in the country.

      Who needs someone so full of No. 2’s? It’s definitely time for a change.

  6. ab

    Campaign Commercial: ‘The Molyneaux’:

    Molyneaux, Molyneaux, we’re up the Molyneaux, Mighty Molyneaux, boo on Clutha..it’s Molyneaux!
    (Don’t smoke, don’t smoke. Only River Steamers Smoke).

  7. Rob Hamlin

    Dunedin has a problem in that good candidates will do their homework. Part of that homework will be attending council meetings. If the Council meeting where Vandervis and Calvert tried (and failed) to get anything out of Crombie and McKenzie is typical of Cull’s style and Council’s acquiescense to it, then such candidates will rapidly (and correctly) draw the conclusion that in the absence of a combined ticket to oust the mayor or at least overrule him by majority, they would be burning their time and their reputation to no good purpose.

    There is no point in taking on either moral or legal responsibility for a situation that you do not control and in this particular case are not even allowed to know anything about. As I have noted previously, I suspect, (but am not allowed to know) that Delta is like the twittering of little birds compared to what is brewing at DCTL with their ratepayer (850 million = c $17,500 a head) guaranteed multi option variable rate note facility.

    Thus I am not surprised that Calvert is going. I am equally unsurprised that this year’s candidate list is short on numbers, and probably even shorter on genuinely worthwhile candidates.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Yes, for anyone new it’s How To Catch Failure and Ruin Your Reputation.
      At least Lee Vandervis has history – he can point to innumerable instances where he previously tried to stop the rot but was prevented and indeed condemned, so his reputation won’t suffer if he can do nothing more than stop the rot getting worse with new outbreaks.

    • Peter

      Rob. I am sure many newbies won’t have the foggiest what they are letting themselves in for. There will be five newbies, at this point, not counting the withdrawals yet to possibly announce, plus any present councillors who don’t get back in.
      They will even be more reliant on advice from the likes of Mr Crombie and the new GCFO whoever that is. McLauchlan? Any other GOB?
      Being a councillor must be one of the quickest ways to lose old friends, who hate what you have voted for and hate what you voted against.

      • Elizabeth

        Re GCFO
        The tender document calling for recruitment agencies to (international scope) headhunt McKenzie’s replacement is somewhere in the making.
        DCC will again call for a Group Chief Financial Officer (covering DCC and DCHL). The likes of McLauchlan would not get a toe in because he and Crombie (via Delta therefore DCHL) are shortly facing a constructive fraud action in the Christchurch High Court…. plus as already stated, DCC has voted to limit the terms served of any council owned company directors – therefore McLauchlan is timing out. His real or perceived conflicts of interest are HIGH… via Delta and other performances.

  8. Wingatui Flyer

    I see Mike Lord with an election plug in the Taieri Times today. Big praises for the CEO and staff, and a big push for multi-million Mosgiel pool.
    Not a dickie bird about stormwater problems that need urgent action, or any ideas how to reduce the massive debt that council have created.
    With milk prices being so low a council income becomes more attractive.

  9. Elizabeth

    Wed, 10 Aug 2016
    ODT: Lord running again to fight for local issues
    Taieri farmer and councillor Mike Lord has decided to seek re-election to a seat on the Dunedin City Council, more than a year after saying he felt ”a bit disillusioned”. Cr Lord was quoted to that effect in the Otago Daily Times in May 2015, a year and a-half into his first term as a councillor.

    Needs a campaign….

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “Needs a campaign….”
      “Big praises for the CEO and staff, and a big push for multi-million Mosgiel pool.”

      I think, Elizabeth and Wingatui Flyer, we see the campaign already: “Spend More Money on nice-to-haves!”
      “Debt-schmebt, I fart upon debt!”

      • ab

        Is that the ‘Mosley’ pool? I’m sorry, I cannot patronise any enterprise named after the leader of Britain’s inter war National Front.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Nobody gives a toss whether you use it, ab. The point is to get paid for it one way or another, enhance reputations with a certain stakeholdery sector, deliver and earn favours…. If you aren’t prepared to offer any advantage you’re as irrelevant as I am.

        • ab

          You are a tearaway, H. Good stuff. The relevance of the individual ain’t important, at this time, except the relevance of ejkerr, who offers this forum, is important. I think you’re onto it: Community.

  10. Elizabeth

    Someone today thought there is/was no corruption at the council. That it had ended with Citifleet.

    Not sure they’ve read many posts – they appear to have entered an own war of denial re Delta/DCHL (and clearly have not ventured into debate on the Stadium and CST).

    Rather than expose them to a blast furnace of indignant or violent opinion I removed their comment and emailed them directly.

    They indicate that much of this website is negative, perhaps to shine their light or plant a bushel of contrast.

    This wasn’t the day to take me on. Nor will there be a day anytime soon.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “They indicate that much of this website is negative” – oh how awful! Let me do my bit to rectify this offence against Dame Edna-style niceness.

      Going into debt for fads and fancies was a wise response to people’s call for gratification of their wishes. What with cycle ways and teeth sculptures and cycle ways, ours is a vibrant 21st century city and I am proud of the near-genius leaders we have been blessed with.
      What could be better than a stadium that provides riches to our dear Anzac buddies by way of interest payments to their banks. We have been so lucky to be lent all that money, it’s just mean-spirited to begrudge the amount of money flowing out of Dunedin.

      Golly, I’m so hot and sweaty with positivity I’m going to have to interrupt this message to have a cold shower and a cup of tea.

      Negativity, no way! We applaud all that’s good and wise and beneficial.

      • Peter

        We could do a lot worse than have Dame Edna and her Kiwi bridesmaid, Madge Allsop on council. (Actually we only get Madge as she is a naturalised Kiwi….being a Kiwi. You have to be one to stand for political office.)
        Think of the many ways Madge stands out.

      • ab

        I think this person, whose comments are paraphrased, should be ridiculed to the margins and sent to Moonie Ponds, Edna’s Melbourne home. The nerve of it.

        • Gurglars

          ab, that’s Moonee Ponds! And I am staying there right now! And Madge and Edna and Barry are all well as is Sir Les Paterson!

  11. Peter

    This person is the kind of person who would possibly be a holocaust denier.
    Though l guess a similar accusation is often put about climate change deniers.
    Not meaning to be controversial, folks!
    Key Question. How do you know when you are a x denier? Do you? Can you?

  12. Elizabeth

    The little cretin latches onto The New Hospital For Dunedin issue to try capture votes. Remember it was Invercargill’s Mayor Tim Shadbolt who turned up for the Compass Food public protest with Cullitis nowhere to be seen. Same as no sign at sandbagging on 3-4 June 2015 at South Dunedin. The No Show Except China Mayor Dave Cull – to be replaced or confronted by a new set of demanding councillors out for his tail feathers.

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Wed, 10 Aug 2016
    Nightly Interview: Dave Cull
    Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has added his weight to the push for an upgrade of Dunedin Public Hospital. He’s written to the ministers for Local Government, Health, and Tertiary Education asking to be included in discussions around the hospital’s future.
    Ch39 Link

    • Jackson Philips

      It is clear the Commissioners, including Cull’s colleague and friend, Richard Thomson, are looking at making the new hospital a general hospital. The idea has been put out there to get people used to the sound of it. The Med School will transfer north.
      Dave Cull will have a good background on this from Richard Thomson, his colleague and friend.
      In the meantime he will put up a good ‘fight’ for election purposes which will distract attention from his cockups.
      It will be a neurosurgery type campaign, a department which will cease to exist here.
      But the campaign will cynically serve Cull’s purpose. To win an election.
      Notice how Cull looks into space when being interviewed to avoid eye contact. Hiding? What?

      • Elizabeth

        His friend Thomson, as chair of the DCC Finance Committee, has just Robbed Dunedin Ratepayers by multiple millions of dollars through coercing Councillors to accept a blind much much lesser deal for Delta. The Finance Chair !! This sordid individual should be nowhere near the future of our hospital and health board. As the chair of the SDHB, Thomson allowed Swann to function – he says differently. And now he has the scungy lowlife Crombie twirling his shoe laces. Crombie is one of the least liked individuals affecting the DCC operationals.

        • Jackson Philips

          Don’t forget Thomson, Dave Cull’s colleague and friend, voted for Compass after listening to the heartfelt appeals of the people.

          Bit by bit, with the advent of a general hospital, departments with med school staff will become understaffed as those people seek securer jobs elsewhere. Morale will decline. There will be no alternative but to dismantle these departments as they become unsustainable.

          Meanwhile we will hear more stories about how clinicians rip off the system to sustain their own research.

          Emphasis will turn to the shiny new hospital, the med school component sinking without trace.

          Dave Cull’s colleague and friend, Richard Thomson, can then enjoy a few of Chris Staynes’ fine wines in Tarras. From his $300k cellar.
          Good job done.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      He keeps saying “stakeholders” – always a sign of dodginess or worse.

      Overanimated, gesturing like an amateur’s puppet, eyes rolling upwards as if hoping for guidance from Above.
      If ever there was a man in desperate need of assistance from Above… because left to his own resources he’s a jelly hammer and a rubber nail.

  13. Calvin Oaten

    “Too little, too late”. This smacks of desperation with the theatrics and emotional over-acting. He shows all the signs of repentance. I guess up till now he has been supremely confident, but realises the mood out there. The responses to his Facebook spiel would have dented a lesser man’s spirit.
    As the saying goes, “when all else fails, PANIC.”

  14. Hype O'Thermia

    Fear not, Dunedin! ODT 10 Aug 2016, p3, LH column headed In Brief, bottom of 3rd item (Cannabis activist stands) –
    “Former three-term city councillor Bill Acklin has thrown his hat into the ring again to stand as a councillor, after stepping down at the 2013 elections.”

  15. Calvin Oaten

    Like Jinty, I’m all in favour of re-cycling. But Bill Acklin??? Landfill is the only option there.

    • ab

      Calvin, you know I’m one of your keenest ad men, but I will brook no criticism of any man who gives rock n roll the best years of his life.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        So we should vote him into Council to support him through his declining years?
        Besides, he was never rock n roll.
        Lite rocky easy listening.

      • Calvin Oaten

        ab, if those were his best rock n roll tears then God help us.

    • Peter

      It is just not right when election after election you get candidates standing because ‘they need a job or a new job’.
      Likewise it is not right when from time to time you get people struck off from their professional associations for various reasons.
      I don’t want bankrupts or former bankrupts or people who hock up their credit cards and rarely if ever pay by the end of the month. Why should l trust them with financial decisions?
      I also don’t want vacuous people who mouth cliches because they don’t have anything worthwhile to say.
      I also don’t want pet project devotees.
      What DO l want? The opposite with a decent quotient of brains and common sense.
      Is that too much to ask?

      • ab

        NO! It is not too much to ask. Hilary, come back.

        We just don’t need them to all be old white grey men.

        • Peter

          Ab. Old, white and grey is fine by me if they are not worn down by years of stultifying group think and have lost the capacity to be independent thinkers, not worried by what others might think of them if they step out of line.
          By way of example there were a few of the pro stadium councillors under Chin whom I actually like as people but didn’t have the courage to step out and not buy into the lies obviously being told to them. They were quite happy to go along with the ‘we need more information line’. Because it got them off the hook.
          Similarly most of the present councillors meekly keep quiet about the ongoing lies,exemplified in Morris’s advertorial on the stadium.
          Courage to speak out, to break from the pack, is rare in politicians. Yet it is these people who move the debate along. They may not be rewarded with the baubles of office, but they keep their dignity, self respect and the respect of others.

  16. Theo R

    I for one will not be voting for old, recycled blood to revitalise our DCC. It tends to be lacking in oxygen. Give me new blood, from people who actually choose to LIVE here and who are fed-up with the appalling governance that has bought us to the sad state we find ourselves in now.

  17. Richard Stedman

    NOT Acklin! not Acklin! PLEEEEZE NOT Acklin! We’re heading over the edge.

  18. Elizabeth

    R E L I E F

    Thu, 11 Aug 2016
    ODT: Staley not running for Dunedin mayoralty
    Dunedin lawyer and former iD Fashion Week chairwoman Susie Staley has announced she will not join the Dunedin mayoral race. […] After due consideration she decided she could not do justice to the role while running her legal practice Staley Cardoza (with her business partner), she said.

    • Peter

      Her decision reflects depth and integrity.
      Many ambitious individuals try to be superman or woman, taking on a multitude of roles and find they do none of them properly.
      Richard Thomson fell into this trap and only now has made the sensible decision to ditch his council hat.
      The personal toll of being a superman / woman must be horrendous in terms of broken relationships, weight gain, alcoholism and catching diseases / illnesses.
      Forget about the vanity stuff of leaving a legacy and doing unfinished business. No one in a short time will remember….or care if they are reminded.

      • alanbec

        Intra floor memo.
        From The Staff
        To super dooper Mr Cowper

        We, your staff, are alarmed at the turn of events on the shop floor. Please stop buying out the shop! By not delegating (sharing), you have become obese, ‘Bebe’ Neuwirth, your spouse, has left, you drink Coolers and have acute emulsion of the knees. We don’t want Industry Disease.

        The staff

  19. Hype O'Thermia

    Former Wanganui mayor and broadcaster Michael Laws is standing for a seat on the Otago Regional Council…….. “And I’m still trying to work out how a sports stadium in Dunedin got $35 million of regional council rates when there were so many pressing environmental priorities.”

    • Elizabeth

      Worth voting for. Not a climate changer. Concerned about environment in a common sense way.

      • Peter

        He gets my vote.
        He has always been a controversial figure, not a group thinker. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with everything he says but, boy, he has courage to speak out in plain unambiguous language.

  20. Elizabeth

    Thu, 11 Aug 2016
    ODT Editorial: Your community needs you!
    OPINION It is a sad indictment on society that far fewer people than are required are standing for public office. Nominations for October’s local body elections close tomorrow but, as of Monday, there was a drastic shortfall in the number of candidates required to fill the positions on Otago’s councils and community boards (there is no Southern District Health Board election while it is governed by a commissioner).

    Oh dear – note the hypocrisy from the Editor here (my bolding):

    “Admittedly, there are certain aspects of the job which are particularly tough. The constant public and media scrutiny is challenging […] The relentless and unfiltered nature of social media makes that even tougher in this day and age. […] Transparency is desirable in a democracy, and there is often more public support and understanding to be found within smaller communities.”

    Message: Most social media is filtered, maybe not to ODT’s liking. Bad luck.

    • alanbec

      Stuff. Nothing to do with WifD. This is not Facebook. It’s Media.

      • Elizabeth

        ODT has already commented on social media wrt What if? Dunedin.

        • ab

          I had not realised the meaning of ‘Social media’, thinking it to be Special rather than Broad interest. But, no, it seems SocMed is computer generated web fora by contributers.

    • Peter

      What soaring rhetoric that means nothing coming from the ODT.
      Media scrutiny? Really, Barry? Look at today’s repetitive line up online. If this was the teaser to coax me to pay for more stories, sorry…..not for me.
      In fact the freebies, if uninteresting, are a disincentive to want to buy more.

  21. TS

    Last minute (and sole female) mayoral entry perhaps? Capture all the attention…

  22. Calvin Oaten

    Mayor Dave Cull in an opinion piece in the ODT attempts to exonerate himself from the ‘Dangerous mess’ of the DCC/DCHL/Delta situation facing the city. He states as facts that the DCHL group pre 2011, raised unsustainable debt to satisfy council demands for high dividends.

    He fails to mention that the main reason for these dividends was to finance the huge debt funded capital expenditure on projects such as the Stadium, the Dunedin Conference Centre and the Otago Settlers Museum.
    Omitting also the continuation of ‘subvention payments’ of some $8M per annum still being made by Aurora to DVL and DVML to keep the Stadium afloat.

    That he was a councillor that endorsed these measures seems to be a ‘fact’ not worthy of mention. He goes on to explain that his initiation resulting in changes to the DCHL directorate has resulted in the reduction of these dividends, implying that his actions have steadied the ship, so to speak. He fails to mention that the 70 odd Delta staff members drawing salaries of between $100,000 and $500,000 pa plus the CEO collecting some $520,000 pa are all still on station.

    No mention of the ‘consolidated debt’ hovering around ($600million) nor of the extent of the admitted “bad debt for work on a Christchurch subdivision”. This could seemingly amount to in excess of $25M. How that is resolved is the big question.

    If this is seen as a blatant piece of electioneering then the people ought to take into account Dave Cull’s endeavours to remove himself by publishing this artful excuse for accountability of his tenure.

    {See new post DCC trifecta : openness, transparency, accountability —All dead? -Eds}

  23. TS

    So it looks like I was wrong, Elizabeth. I don’t mind being wrong on occasion. Sorry for getting you worried.

  24. Hype O'Thermia

    Six I can vote for without gagging, a lot more I know nothing about yet.
    One filtering question for meetings: “What are your views on increasing cycle lanes?”
    Other readers, please suggest other quick filters/indicators.

    • Gurglars

      Hype- Key questions

      Traffic Lights- less or more
      Debt- Less or More
      Staff-Less or more
      City assets – sell or raise rates or decrease staff
      City competing with Privately owned business yes or no
      Car Parks – Less or More
      Overseas trips for councillors to learn – yes or no
      DChL companies should pay dividends – Yes or No
      How do they achieve that?
      Give a big tick if they reduce high staff salaries or total staff bill

      Now a couple of doosies

      Stadium- mothball or continue to spend $20 mill pa in life support
      Should elected persons be able to speak freely at Council meetings
      Should elected persons be able to question directors and CEO’s of the council and its subsidiaries inc Delta, Aurora Forests etc.

      A detailed list of these and other ratepayer concerns should be formally placed on Survey, as all the green questions were last time.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Remember how Cull danced around his impressive anti-stadium speech, such that when questioned pre-election he still gave the impression that he was anti-spending but phrased it like “just enough to make it work” or similar – which made sense in a way because by then the accursed thing was almost completely built. It would have been worse than extravagant to leave it with the electrics not completed and safe to use for instance. Little did we voters guess that he meant to keep on “making it work” by overt and covert payments, subsidies and redirections of funds forever.

        So questions with yes/no answers re debt, staff numbers, overseas trips won’t work, we won’t get answers, we’ll get fudging. Not unreasonably, because if NECESSARY work requires more debt e.g. to make S Dunedin people safe, how can we who are in safe dry houses condemn them to years more of flooding for want of necessary infrastructure work? For sure it SHOULD have been done with money we had, but since that money was thrown at fads and follies by past and current fools, we can’t expect new people however prudent to continue their “work” of doing the dirty on S Dunedin.
        Likewise staff, if they want to hire permanent city engineers instead of all these consultants and contractors I’m happy. If they want coordinators and facilitators of maypole dancing around 1000 new traffic lights……..
        Occasionally someone actually learns something useful overseas. Sister city nonsense – no. Toodling off to conferences in pleasant locations, particularly when they work in with overseas friend’s wedding or annual leave – no, not without exceedingly compelling reasons and inability to obtain the information otherwise or participate online. Interrogate with thumbscrews before approving jaunts!

        “Should elected persons be able to speak freely at Council meetings
        Should elected persons be able to question directors and CEO’s of the council and its subsidiaries inc Delta, Aurora Forests etc.”

        In other words, “is it acceptable to prevent elected councillors from fully participating in Council meetings? Do you think councillors should be able to question freely any matters where they are not sure things are being done in the best interests of Dunedin and its ratepayers?” “What is your attitude to whistleblowers? (Should they be silenced, punished, or rewarded?)”

        • Gurglars

          Hype – no overseas trips – None!

          If the staff or councillors don’t know their stuff, don’t pay them. If they are getting paid it is presumably only knowledge we pay for. If you don’t have seat warmers you can sell the seats!

          This business of learning on the job might be good for apprentice jockeys, mucking out stables at 4am and getting 4 bob a week, but these neophytes are on up to $450k per annum! Delta have over 100 people earning over $100,000. We are ostensibly paying these ridiculous amounts because these people have some specialist knowledge. Or don’t they?

          Either they have (and can afford their own continuing reeducation) or they don’t and go back to the $18.50 per hour we are supposed to pay the uneducated.

          If overseas trips have added to the sum of knowledge at the DCC, then it is only in such spheres as stealing cars, buying alfa romeo tyres, watching Trade Me, developing real estate lemons, building overpriced buildings, designing botched cyclelanes and robbing drivers with parking wardens armed to the teeth with their own high speed motorcycle. Oh and I forgot negotiation skills to enable the best deal for council employees on traffic light purchasing, road repair maintenance and sound engineering.

          To be frank give me some down home Scottish frugality skills well learned at a grandmother’s knee on free tuition days. They would be more helpful to ratepayers than a million overseas trips.

  25. Calvin Oaten

    Filters? Aren’t those the things that were in cigarettes to prevent contagion? Oh, I see the connection. Silly me.

  26. Peter

    I think the very large number of candidates has at least partly occurred due to the news, close to the end of nominations closing, where it was announced with concern that there may not be enough nominations for places available. How many of these people thought: ‘Great I could get on without facing an election.’ An instant meal ticket landing in their lap.
    It makes the ODT editorial’s alarm….cough….for democracy redundant.
    This will be a lottery with surprises as to winners and losers.

  27. Elizabeth

    Sat, 13 Aug 2016
    ODT: Last-minute rush to stand
    A famine of candidates for October’s local body elections has become a feast, after a flood of last-minute nominations. Dunedin, in particular, will have hotly-contested mayoral, council and community board elections, while five people will compete for the mayoralty in Queenstown, three in Central Otago and two in Waitaki. […] Forty-three people have put their names forward for 14 Dunedin City Council spots, and 11 for the mayoralty.

    Note in the ODT photo accompanying the article the last minute presence of the dreadful pro-stadium radio jock Damian Newell.

    Not organised, last minute – also, NOT Councillor material.

  28. Elizabeth

    Last year’s representation review threatened to rid one community board and reduce members per board from six to five.

    Wed, 17 Aug 2016
    ODT: Nominations send message
    A flood of community board nominations shows the Dunedin City Council should keep its hands off the make-up of the boards, two longstanding members say. The comments followed an influx of last-minute nominations last Friday which meant every community board in the city would be contested for the first time in years.

  29. Hype O'Thermia

    Disinterestedly “two longstanding members say” leave our roles alone, we’re managing very nicely thank you.
    Alt interpretation for flood of community board nominations, “Gizza job,” just like Yosser Hughes all those years ago in Boys From The Blackstuff.

  30. Elizabeth

    Relocated from another thread. -Admin

    Hype O’Thermia
    2016/09/08 at 2:09 pm

    From http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/dcc/mayoral-profile-jim-omalleyhttp://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/dcc/mayoral-profile-jim-omalley
    “For the next short period of time we just keep going with what we’re doing. I don’t think councils can make a city more or less vibrant, what they can do is either wreck the environment or make a good environment to make that happen. The council’s job is to make sure it doesn’t get in the way and enables growth.”

    He’s pretty sure sea level will rise at some time, but not obsessed – he seems more intent on fixing infrastructure so it’ll last for many decades without dumb neglect-based flood fuckups [then the need to blame “climate change”!].
    Hasn’t been on Council. I hope he’s standing for council too and gets in. IMO one term as a councillor is necessary before becoming Mayor. It also gives voters 3 years to observe who’s a good’un and who’s an oxygen thief.

    Going by their pre-election statements they’re ALL several degrees better than superlative.

    Links by Admin:

    Standing candidates DCC and Community Boards

    Standing candidates ORC

  31. Elizabeth

    Thu, 8 Sept 2016
    ODT: Subdued response to first candidates’ forum
    Dunedin’s mayoral candidates made a sometimes nervous start as they got their campaigns under way at the first forum of the 2016 election last night. Nine of 11 candidates turned up to proclaim their interest in sustainability, and their environmental credentials, at an event put on by Sustainable Dunedin, Forest and Bird and Wise Response. […] Conrad Stedman was unable to attend and Cr Lee Vandervis did not respond to the invitation. Candidate Athol Bayne arrived about 40 minutes late.

  32. Elizabeth

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Wed, 8 Sep 2016
    Nightly Interview: Aaron Hawkins
    Tonight we continue our interviews of Dunedin mayoral candidates…
    Ch39 Link

    Channel 39 Published on Sep 7, 2016
    Nightly Interview: Aaron Hawkins


    Wed, 7 Sep 2016
    ODT: Mayoral Profile: Aaron Hawkins
    Green Party mayoral candidate Aaron Hawkins says Dunedin needs to place more emphasis on its environmental goals […] including how best to respond to South Dunedin’s challenges and to minimise, and adapt to, the impact of climate change.

    Otago Daily Times Published on Sep 6, 2016
    Dunedin mayoral candidate Aaron Hawkins
    The clock is ticking as Dunedin mayoral candidate Aaron Hawkins gets 30 seconds to explain why he should be mayor.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      He’s got a grand head of hair, just like a young John Bezett. Bill Acklin was another councillor elected and re-elected, and he was a fellow whose hair was the primary feature of his “up here for thinking”. Here in Dunedin we’re jolly keen on vigorous hair, we have faith that it signifies ability to govern wisely.

      • Gurglars

        Hype – You’re on to it. Think Peter Dunne!
        There is no other reason to elect him.

        So we can say now that tie wearers are out and big heads are in,

        Bit of a shame really, one bloke’s got a tie and a Big head.

  33. Gurglars

    Aaron Hawkins, a cross between Mega LoManiac and Chicken little.

    When are these idiots going to understand that the US and China control global emissions EVEN IF THAT MATTERS and man is the culprit!
    Election to the DCC is about solving Dunedin’s local problems first, second and third.

    Act locally and think globally when you are on your council paid jaunt!

  34. Calvin Oaten

    Again, the two biggest items on Hawkins’ agenda are sea rise/ climate change and economic development. When will these ‘jerks’ learn that neither of these items are of council’s concern. Sea rise because it’s not based on any pure scientific data but simply a line of opinions formed by computer modelling. Until it is backed up by empirical data opposing existing historical facts such as Port Otago Tide data gathered over a century then it is a non issue. Economic Development is simply not council business other than putting in place viable infrastructure for business to get on with developing its own directions. Council’s record of businesslike activities indicate it would be the last place to advise on developing anything.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Calvin, you’ll be heartened by these excerpts from http://www.odt.co.nz/news/mayoral-profiles/real-estate-agent-would-cut-red-tape

      “What do you see as the major issues this election?”
      Firstly, solving the South Dunedin issue. I don’t like hearing about retreat, because that would just be too costly for the city — and where would our people go? There’s other ways to actually solve that problem.
      [snip] I don’t like hearing about secret meetings prior to the actual council meetings. [snip] They’re supposed to be for the people, but if there’s secret little meetings prior, it makes it false when things are already decided.

      “How would you deal with South Dunedin issues of flooding and climate change?”
      I would like to see the actual facts. What I don’t want to see is smoke and mirrors, where this agenda gets pushed because that’s the easiest option. [snip] If it is climate change, let’s deal with it but if it’s actually not that, [then] what is the issue and then move forward . . . we actually just need to get on and get it done, because those people out there actually need that surety.

      “Do you accept climate change is a threat to South Dunedin or blame the infrastructure out there?”
      The infrastructure has been stuffed up — the lack of maintenance . . . [snip]
      The climate change thing — there is possibly an argument for that . . . [snip]

      “Are you sympathetic to climate change arguments, or yet to be convinced?”
      I’m yet to be convinced on that … it’s about having the full picture as opposed to a one-sided view. But, in saying that, the problem can be solved, because there are other places around the world that are actually below sea level, and they survive.

  35. Calvin Oaten

    Notice how ODT’s Chris Morris keeps on pestering about ‘Climate Change’. It is as if he knows something no-one else does. The media has certainly been brainwashed on the subject.

  36. Richard Stedman

    The ODT editorial department is peopled by closed minds, a number of whom subscribe to the climate change/rising sea level mantra and therefore manipulate their content to support their distorted view of the world. Mr Morris is captured by the former/present regime at city hall, a fate which befalls every reporter assigned to that round once they get their feet under the table.

    Two weeks ago I prepared an opinion piece re the election and South Dunedin, outlining some of the issues as I see them in the hope that it might be published. I thought it was honestly held opinion, but it was rejected because it added “nothing new” to the debate, yet they run to Cull at every turn and run column after column of repetitive nonsense.

    The following is my submission submitted on 24/8 and rejected the same day in this message: “Thanks for this submission, but we have had a ”deluge” of flood letters and op eds from all sides so I don’t feel the need to highlight the issue again at the moment – certainly if there’s not anything new in it, as such”. I have seen little evidence of the cited “deluge”.

    The South Dunedin flood of June 2015 may be a tipping point during next month’s local body election. Many voters will look at the burgeoning candidates list for the Dunedin City Council and ask “who will provide the cornerstone elements of responsibility, accountability and integrity?”

    Residents and business owners in South Dunedin have been sorely tested in recent times through the failure of the DCC to maintain its infrastructure. Among those adversely affected were elderly residents at Radius Fulton Home, including a number of dementia patients, the most vulnerable in our community, who were subjected to floodwaters containing sewage and transferred from the safety of their home in a crisis beyond acceptance. Some were accommodated as far away as Balclutha and Oamaru and three months passed before the facility was re-opened.

    Following the flood, obfuscation clouded the failures that led to the inundation of homes and businesses and the investigation and report into the affair was 12 months in gestation. Officials and councillors, captured by the twin mantras of climate change and rising sea level, avoided any suggestion of culpability to limit the likelihood of litigation, and offered no solace that might have been construed as admission of liability.
    The mayor and others were quick to blame rising sea level causing increased groundwater, combined with an “extreme weather event”, the result of climate change, and went so far as suggesting that a planned retreat from South Dunedin may be necessary in the future. The rainfall was described as a one-in-100-year event then gradually downgraded, but none of these pretexts are realistic. Questions arise over who is responsible for what, and how serious are the threats of rising sea level, more frequent adverse weather caused by climate change, and the “sinking of South Dunedin”, not to mention “retreat”.

    Dunedin and environs have been subjected to much larger weather events in the past. Flooding of the entire city is well recorded and in particular photographs of the 1923 flood depict rowing in floodwaters in the city as well as inundation in South Dunedin. During a storm in 1898 large tracts of St Clair Esplanade were destroyed by the sea which damaged many houses, leaving some partly suspended. More recently, the storms of 1968 were greater than last year’s, delivering 10% more rainfall. In 1968 there were 90 properties invaded by floodwater, whereas last year some 1200 properties were flooded and many contaminated with effluent. Clearly last year’s event was exceptional only for the damage created and lives disrupted.

    At a public meeting in South Dunedin on June 20, more than 12 months after the event, those affected had an opportunity to hear an explanation in the hope that someone might take responsibility for the extent of the damage. Despite a good representation of councillors there was no empathy and no likelihood of accountability. What the meeting heard was a long explanation of how the three-waters system works, or doesn’t work, as the case may be, and of failure at the pumping station from chief executive, Dr Sue Bidrose and other staff. The question is “when did the city’s councillors abdicate?”

    It can be argued that the damage and distress was the result of neglect, but the DCC says problems at the pumping station added only 200mm to the flooding which would have occurred anyway. Which 200mm was it? Maybe the first 200mm flowed across the ground, reached blocked drains then deepened throughout the area, or perhaps the last 200mm increased the depth and entered homes and business premises carrying undesirable flotsam. Without the extra 200mm would the water have stopped at the thresholds rather than flowing inside?

    What of the rising sea level threat? Is it as urgent and as devastating as the commissioner for the environment, some DCC councillors and the Green Party say? The Greens proffer that the Government should help to pay for the reconfiguration of South Dunedin. Why? There has been no disaster on the scale of the Canterbury earthquakes and there is no immediate danger condemning South Dunedin, for if sea level were to rise according to some projections, north Dunedin and other areas are also in jeopardy meaning protection on the coast is futile because the flat land would be inundated from the harbour.

    Could it be that models of sea level rise around New Zealand are exaggerated and distorted by the multiplier effect have been grossly over stated? And do the $7 million apartment complex at the Esplanade to be completed next year and the DCC’s belated discussion on a South Dunedin hub indicate mixed messages on the subject?

    There is no doubt that the infrastructure must be maintained to the highest level and upgrading implemented with haste. The seafront calls for a level-headed approach to protect the sandhills which shelter the city from the ocean. In the past a network of groynes captured the sand, maintaining a broad beach to dissipate the energy of the waves. The network succeeded for nearly 100 years, but without maintenance fell victim to the ocean, so is it time to reinstate a similar system and then plan carefully for the next 100 to 200 years?

    Council says that infrastructure will require “tens of millions of dollars” we cannot afford, but plans to spend some $37 million on George Street and the Octagon, followed by development of the harbourside. These “tens of millions” surely must be re-allocated to South Dunedin for infrastructure, to build a second pumping station, and provide realistic coastal protection.

    Dunedin needs new councillors who will make hard decisions, reduce spending on fripperies and attend to basics; people who are prepared to drill deep into reports and costings and who are not afraid to make unpalatable decisions when needed rather than govern with slogans and platitudes.

    Declaration: Conrad Stedman is my nephew.

    • Conrad Stedman impressed me with his measured responses to ODT’s man harping on to get him to say what the interviewer wants, instead of interviewee’s honest opinion . Ability to keep facts in the foremost of the mind and stay logical – a family trait? Admirable. Conrad Stedman is high on my Councillor list. With that amount of sense and practicality he’ll get on well with Lee Vandervis and with others of that calibre we could at last get a council that gets on with the real jobs that need doing.

      • Peter

        Much of what Conrad said seemed sensible enough, but he does seem enamoured with the stadium. Being a keen sportsman would he also vote for the debt bucket Mosgiel Pool?
        My heart sank when I got to the stadium bit.

  37. Gurglars

    Hear Hear!

  38. Elizabeth

    Concur with Gurglars – well said, Richard Stedman. Tremendous!

  39. Simon

    The Barry Timmings interview in today’s ODT is a great example of political double speak.. He talks about trust, progressive positive leadership and fronting up. When asked “Who did you vote for at the last national election” He couldn’t answer the question, it appears to be put in the “to hard basket”, but rambled on about anything but the question that was put to him. Can we expect more of the same from him as the Mayor ?

    • Elizabeth

      NO-ONE needs to declare who they vote for. This is a democracy. The question might better be ‘are you a paid-up member of any political party’ ?

      Some people vote not for the party but for the best person in their electorate. Or the central government direction is no longer to their taste and they vote strategically. Or they don’t vote at all some years, whatever.

      Lighten up, and just vote for who You believe in. Meet with as many candidates as possible to get their measure.

      On a personal note, being from a family involved in local body politics we made it our business to never be paid up members of any political party. It served us well. Party politics is ugly for local body constituents. In my view.

      • Peter

        Aside from all that I note Dave, when asked whom he voted for, stated he couldn’t remember!
        This from a bloke who majored in politics, I believe, at uni and who just happens to be a mayor of a small city.
        Talk about being cagey, not upfront, like most of the others when asked the same question. Barry Timmins also sidestepped the question.
        All very silly when all you need to say is my vote is privately done at the ballot box. Saying that, it comes across as rather evasive about your general political leanings. What’s the big secret? Scared of not being all things to all people?

        • Elizabeth

          I don’t have any political leanings in the same way as no ‘faith’ leanings. Why the need to categorise and stereotype (polarised thinking – the false two choice dichotomy ?) How small is the world when someone wants to ‘reduce’ you.
          Freedom to think, freedom of speech, is enshrined in the Human Rights Act. Multiplicities, ability to move and see how the shoes of others as well as yours fit in different times, places, weathers. The blaming of secrecy and fear is shallow and I think ugly and sinister in this context.

          Across the 43 council candidates a mere few will be experienced in dealing with stupid grilling from ODT. Rise above people, rise above.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        “NO-ONE needs to declare who they vote for”- darn right, Elizabeth. It’s bad form to ask, culturally inappropriate in fact. It’s a secret ballot, that’s an important part of our democratic tradition.
        As you say being a member of any political party is another matter, it indicates commitment and loyalty to their policies.
        The alternative is voting for whoever AT THAT TIME best represents what you hope for in your city or NZ. Whether that’s the strongest vote to keep your least-wanted party gaining power, or voting for the one whose policies look like the best way forward for the next 3 years – that’s your business. In the former instance you may have tactically voted for someone who you didn’t feel represented your views but was the best way to prevent a worse outcome. Answering the intrusive question could give people entirely the wrong impression of what’s important to you.
        As for “I forget” – yeah, Quardle oodle pants afire, the Tui sang.

  40. Elizabeth

    Linkin Park Uploaded on Mar 4, 2007
    Numb (Official Video) – Linkin Park
    Linkin Park “Numb” off of the album METEORA. Directed by Joe Hahn.

    I’m tired of being what you want me to be
    Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface
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    (Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow)
    Every step that I take is another mistake to you
    (Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow)

    I’ve become so numb, I can’t feel you there
    Become so tired, so much more aware
    I’m becoming this, all I want to do
    Is be more like me and be less like you

    Can’t you see that you’re smothering me,
    Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control?
    ‘Cause everything that you thought I would be
    Has fallen apart right in front of you.

    ImagineDragonsVEVO Published on May 7, 2013
    Imagine Dragons – Demons (Official)
    From the album Smoke + Mirrors
    (C) 2013 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

    When the days are cold
    And the cards all fold
    And the saints we see
    Are all made of gold

    When your dreams all fail
    And the ones we hail
    Are the worst of all
    And the blood’s run stale

    I wanna hide the truth
    I wanna shelter you
    But with the beast inside
    There’s nowhere we can hide

    No matter what we breed
    We still are made of greed
    This is my kingdom come
    This is my kingdom come

  41. Elizabeth

    The lack of opportunities to mix and mingle with voters before next month’s local elections has led one Otago Regional Council candidate to organise his own public meetings.

    Sat, 10 Sep 2016
    Is ORC flying ‘under the radar’?
    Last night two organisations in Wanaka followed a tradition. The Wanaka Chamber of Commerce and the Wanaka Residents Association organised a public meeting so voters could take a good hard look at the candidates for the Queenstown Lakes District Council. But in what appears to be another tradition, Otago Regional Council candidates were not invited.
    And, so far, the same appears to be the case in Dunedin, Queenstown, Balclutha, and Alexandra. [East Otago], Omakau and Cromwell are exceptions. The East Otago Review newspaper has organised a public meeting at the Waikouaiti Events Centre at 7pm on Tuesday and invited district council and community board candidates, as well as regional council candidates, and organisations in Omakau and Cromwell have done the same.
    But, beyond [East Otago], Omakau and Cromwell, regional council candidates wanting more time with voters this election have been left to their own devices. That has prompted career politician and Dunstan ward regional council candidate Michael Laws to organise public meetings in Wanaka, Frankton, Alexandra and Cromwell. […] He has invited all other regional council candidates to attend the meetings, to speak and answer questions.

    █ See Wednesday’s ODT for an 8-page election special, which includes coverage of ORC candidates.

    What the Otago Regional Council does
    “The Otago Regional Council exists to promote the sustainable development and enhancement of Otago’s resources. We work to ensure that these unique resources are used in a way that preserves them for future generations. As well as looking after the environment, we must take into account the people of Otago — their economic, cultural and social needs.” Source: Otago Regional Council

  42. Anonymous

    Otago Regional Council candidates have a tendency to slip under the radar.

    This year just 10 are running for 6 councillors in the Dunedin constituency (noting too that the ODT wasn’t concerned about that lack of interest) and they also run the much less confusing first past the post vote, something I’m sure the then DCC council implemented to support its Pretty Things agenda.

    I would be interested to know whom readers would vote for. For example, is Michael Deaker still reflecting the same strong principles he has exhibited in the past? Is it okay to vote for Andrew Noone even though he was a Stadium Councillor and contributed to the horrific debt that DCC ratepayers are committed to?

    Just wondering because it’s hard to vote for ORC councillors on the basis of such a comparatively small amount of information when compared to the nefarious activities of the DCC.

  43. Hype O'Thermia

    Good points, Anonymous. Please, anyone with knowledge, insights, observations – share them quickly before we’ve all voted using the one-potato 2-potatoes method for choosing ORC candidates.

  44. russandbev

    At the meeting organised by a local resident in Omakau, all the ORC Dunstan Ward candidates were invited and spoke as well as answered questions. Michael Laws pointed out that in his view all of the various issues such as lagrosiphon, wilding pines and noxious pests had been known about for decades but all the ORC had done was take out a loan to help build a rugby stadium, had millions in the bank and were wanting to build a new office building. What can be denied about that? The ORC have proven to be ineffectual in their core business and complicit in the professional rugby community scam. Time in my view for a very strong voice and some action on what really matters.

  45. Elizabeth

    Council candidate Abe Gray’s cannabis museum at Forbury Corner should be relocated to the heart of South Dunedin’s King Edward Street.

  46. Hype O'Thermia

    Isn’t Abe Gray an impressive candidate! When he first announced he was standing my attitude was a mix of amusement and scorn. Not now, now after reading and hearing him, seeing how on the ball he is. He doesn’t waffle about vague ways Dunedin will become great if we elect him – you know the guff, more business, more jobs, more tourism, more prosperity but no actual details about how this wish-list is to be achieved. I’m voting for him.

    Ironically there are other candidates who I’m sure wouldn’t even set foot in the cannabis museum for fear of contracting Reefer Madness, who come across as stereotype vague-brained stoner/dreamers, benign in intention though bereft of enough bandwidth to do anything more than take up space – and a nice take-home salary.

  47. Elizabeth

    Wayne Idour Published on Sep 23, 2016
    Wayne Idour 19/9/16
    Wayne speaking at the City Council Candidates meeting Opoho Church

    Wayne Idour Published on Sep 23, 2016
    Home Grown
    Wayne Idour speaking at the Candidates forum held 20/9/16

  48. Elizabeth

    Sat, 17 Sep 2016
    Responses from Wayne Idour to the Questions put to all Candidates by City Rise Up (CRU), a large grouping of residents and ratepayers from City Rise residential areas, Dunedin.

    1. Do you think the bad behaviour of young renters is hurting Dunedin? If so, what would you as a Councillor/Mayor do about it?

    A: In a word Yes. I blame the City Council, the University and the Police for sitting on their backsides and allowing the level of disruption we are experiencing to become the norm. Their innaction and on-going minimising of the problem has resulted in a level of anti-social behaviour here now that would not be tolerated anywhere else in the country.
    It will never be stopped completely, but the solution is very simple. It is a matter for the police to enforce the laws they have already and to use the tools in their workshop to control the situation to prevent it impacting any further on the businesses, residents and reputation of Dunedin as a great lifestyle destination for families.
    This must stop! If elected, I will be very vocal about this issue to ensure this type of destructive behaviour does not continue in the volumes we are currently experiencing.

    2. Recent development in City Rise is mainly cheap, high density rental accommodation that looks out of place with the surrounding architecture. Is this a problem and if so what would you as a Councillor/Mayor do about it?

    A: Yes it is a concern as it’s happening all over Dunedin, but more obviously in City Rise. I’m not for cheap developments at any cost to character neighbourhoods. The new 2GP goes some way to addressing these issues, but it’s too late when it comes to what’s been been allowed to go ahead under the old plan – particularly the unmanaged high density units. These are magnets for the pop-up party scene and if left unaddressed, will continue to be a problem for the City and for surrounding properties.
    The fact that the present Council doesn’t consider residents affected by these kinds of developments to be ‘stakeholders of any influence’, makes me very angry as a born and bred Dunedinite. If elected I will be speaking out for those who are presently excluded when it comes to finding a solution for these issues.

    3. The proportion of out-of-town and overseas investors in the Dunedin property market is growing. Is this a problem and if so what would you as a Councillor/Mayor do about it?

    A: Let’s face it Dunedin was colonised by overseas investors! We are trying to grow this city and I would welcome sympathetic development, so long as it takes Dunedin’s citizens and wealth of heritage property into account.
    Our architecture is a growing tourist attraction which I consider has as much going for it as Melbourne.
    My ancestors migrated to Dunedin in the late 1800s and built the Kanese (Orthodox Church) still standing in Fingal street, which is now a historically protected site. I am the Mooktah (Leader) of that church and know first hand what it is to cherish my South Dunedin heritage – where much of the old architecture is crumbling for want of attention. To me it’s as important as any of the grand old mansions up on the hills. It saddens me to see many of these old cottages around Dunedin bought up for rentals where demolition by rough treatment is their fate, impacting on their neighbourhoods like a cancer.
    I don’t have the answers to it all, but there needs to be a plan put in place – One that is achievable and followed through with – not just another talk-fest with warm fuzzies.

    What are its STRENGTHS as a place to live now?

    A: Whether it’s City Rise, North or South Dunedin – we are a 10-minute city! Compact, convenient, no congestion, and so close to our environmental attractions. At it’s best Dunedin is a lifestyle hard to beat.

    What are its WEAKNESSES as a place to live now?

    A: There are a number, but the most pressing is that Dunedin has seen its streets become dirty and unsafe in a very short space of time. That’s such a sad indictement on our city authorities.

    What are the OPPORTUNITIES for making it a good place to live in the future?

    A: Simple – Toughen up on the dangerous drinking culture and anti-social behaviour. Council must become more business friendly because people follow jobs. Everyone benefits from a cleaner, safer, family friendly environment with a world class education sector. Watch Dunedin grow!

    What are the THREATS to it being a good place to live in the future?

    A: Continue as we are to ignore the known problems, the cancer will spread and Dunedin will suffer more.

  49. Elizabeth

    Dave Cull’s response to the same questions.
    Although, quite a different stance in Saturday morning’s paper (24.9.16), see the quarter-page campaign advert on page 2.
    You’d almost be for given for thinking he cared!!

    From Dave Cull, standing for Mayor and Council:

    Hi [CRU members]
    See my answers below. My apologies for not completing all the questions, but I am simply swamped at the moment and better to do the main bit than not get around to any.

    1. Do you think the bad behaviour of young renters is hurting Dunedin? If so, what would you as a Councillor/Mayor do about it?

    Answer – The behaviour of a minority of young renters does hurt Dunedin in at least a couple of ways. First, their immediate neighbours, some of whom are also young renters. Secondly, bad behavior hurts Dunedin’s reputation as a destination for students and for visitors, especially when it is highlighted in the media. Council does not (usually) have jurisdiction to curb bad behaviour on private property. However cooperative efforts between Council, University, Students Association, Police and landlords can help and has in the past. In the long run I think that pressure from peers, university and landlords will have the greatest long term effect.

    2. Recent development in City Rise is mainly cheap, high density rental accommodation that looks out of place with the surrounding architecture. Is this a problem and if so what would you as a Councillor/Mayor do about it?

    Some of what is being built looks notably out of place. However, some new developments “fit” the area and are not unattractive. Specific heritage zones or requirements on allowable design are an alternative. I do think that the definition of a rateable unit needs to be amended so that self-contained studio apartments are rated as separate units.

    3. The proportion of out-of-town and overseas investors in the Dunedin property market is growing. Is this a problem and if so what would you as a Councillor/Mayor do about it?

    Council has absolutely no powers to limit who buys property in the city.


  50. Gurglars

    Barry might be the one handed candidate.

    On the one hand this and on the other hand that!

    However intellectually he appears to have the goods.

    Has he the balls to confront the spivs?

    Up until now only Lee Vandervis has proven this!

    • Elizabeth

      It seems the most negative campaigning for these elections is being done by David Loughrey, reporter at the ODT – if it weren’t for the greenies set up by Hawkins to troll candidates’ Facebook pages. Or His Honour’s trolls paying to redirect views away from a leading mayoral candidate’s website. And other dickisms.

  51. JimmyJones

    Anonymous (above) observes that “Otago Regional Council candidates have a tendency to slip under the radar”. That seems to be why the current councillors are of such a low standard. ORC Chairman Stephen Woodhead should be the first one to go because of his arrogance, and disrespect for democracy. My view is that all the current councillors are useless and probably harmful except Gerrard Eckhoff and probably Michael Deaker.

    I dislike Michael Laws because of his personality, but in his campaigning he appears vastly superior to any of the current councillors. Also good, based on a Letter to the Editor in Saturday’s ODT, is Andrew Rutherford who criticises the ORC for appealing the resource consent granted for rebuilding at 38 Richmond St. He accuses the ORC of having a destructive and ideological stance towards permitting building in South Dunedin. The ORC is acting to sabotage the future of South Dunedin.

    Do vote carefully because one of the ORC candidates (Dunedin Ward) is another Green Party NZ representative. Pat Wall is his name. Sometimes you can tell by looking, but Pat Wall looks reasonably normal. That makes three official Green Party candidates including Arron Hawkins (DCC) and Marie Laufiso (DCC). Also DCC candidate Liesel Mitchell seems quite friendly with the Green candidates.

    • JimmyJones

      Andrew Noone is also an ORC (Dunedin ward). As I said before: I hope he gets a seat as an ORC councillor. Recalling the old Muldoon joke: if Cr Noone moves from the DCC to the ORC it will improve the performance of both Councils.
      Noone has very average average abilities, but as an ORC councillor he would be a shining light of competence. Stephen Woodhead is the one that needs to go.

  52. Elizabeth

    ODT 24.9.16 (page 34)


  53. Gurglars

    Gurglars law on Greens

    If the Greens want it, it’s bad for your Wallet.

  54. Hype O'Thermia

    See Lawrie Forbes’ letter in ODT today, p 13, headed ORC Rates. Re bus component of commercial rates –
    But it’s the ORC, and Mr Forbes has a good reputation, so I know who I believe!

  55. Elizabeth

    All the Candidate meetings have been great stockyards for sorting chalk from cheese. Well worth the time spent in attendance – these, Facebook, Websites, Blogs, newspapers, radio and video plus coffee meetings. Tis the season. Make the most of the time left seeking out the people you don’t know (or want to know better on certain issues) for a chat before mailing off your voting papers – the majority of candidates have been generous with their contacts and available time.

    • Peter

      We can do all these things, keeping in mind candidates, if they win, can delight or invariably disappoint. Fair enough. They don’t have to agree with you on all things, but it is different when they turncoat on the fundamental issues they supposedly held dearly prior to election day.