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Nice day away from the desk

yellow line [stuff.co.nz] tweaked

ODT Online Fri, 19 Aug 2016
Errant DCC staff member ‘spoken to’
The Dunedin City Council staff member caught parking illegally in Green Island on Wednesday has been “spoken to”. […] Acting transport group manager Richard Saunders confirmed the car was driven by a member of the council transport team.
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DCC employee in café “having coffee and a catch-up with a guy” for about an hour between 2pm and 3pm yesterday.

ODT Online Thu, 18 Aug 2016
Double standard? DCC parking lapse
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council is being accused of double standards after one of its employees was caught parking for an hour on yellow lines, over a fire hydrant and too close to a bus stop. Green Island woman Cody Sheridan sent photos to the Otago Daily Times of the vehicle parked near an area where the council handed out tickets to customers of the cafe in which she worked.
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Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

*Image: stuff.co.nz – yellow line [tweaked by whatifdunedin]


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