Southern cycleways go to feasibility stage

### ODT Online Thu, 11 Feb 2010
Southern cycle trails selected
Three southern cycle tracks are among the 13 nationally which are a step closer to being part of a national cycleway. The Wakatipu Trail (Queenstown); Roxburgh Gorge Trail (Central Otago); Clutha Gold Trail (Otago) were selected from 54 contenders to proceed to the feasibility study stage. NZPA
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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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20 responses to “Southern cycleways go to feasibility stage

  1. kate

    Disappointingly, the Dunedin Tunnel Trail did not get funding. It was the project pushed by Gerard Hyland and adopted by DCC. Hopefully it will be progressed by Council anyway.

  2. Phil

    That would be the same trail that the DCC Transportation Planning manager missed the funding boat on because he “didn’t know how to fill out the application form”?

    • Elizabeth

      See ### ODT Online Sat, 1 Aug 2009
      DCC waiting for funding instructions for cycleway
      By Mark Price
      While Southland is celebrating success in the race for a share of the Government’s $50 million New Zealand cycleway fund, the Dunedin City Council is still waiting for instructions on how to enter the race.
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      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Mon, 15 Feb 2010
        Still hoping for tunnel trail
        By Mark Price
        The trust promoting a cycle trail from Caversham to Wingatui through two former rail tunnels hopes the idea will survive, despite it not being named last week as part of the Government’s New Zealand Cycle Trail Project.
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  3. Phil

    A new cycleway has been constructed from Mt Cook to the sea, at great expense to the taxpayer. Recently we took a road tour of the Waitaki from Omarama to Oamaru. On the way we came across three groups of 20-plus cyclists. What we found to be quite unamusing, they were all riding on the road, while the recently constructed cycleway that runs parallel to the road was completely empty of cyclists. Another waste of taxpayer funds on the lycra lunies.

    • Farmer

      Its easy to criticise any attempt to take NZ forward Phil. Tourism brings billions into NZ and as a nation we have to invest in infrastructure to try and keep us a great place to visit. If properly promoted, a trail like that could be hugely popular. You only have to see the success of the Otago Central Rail Trail. Ecotourism, tramping walking and cycling has a huge potential. This is in contrast to the South Dunedin Cycleway – I’m not sure if anybody could answer if you asked who their target market actually is.
      I will add that I am not a cyclist and don’t own a bike.

    • Farmer

      While on the subject of cycleways, I am all for money being spent to complete the cycleway from St Leonards to Port Chalmers. And also to complete as much as possible to Tairoa Head, although I’m not sure how this will be done in places, given the narrow width between the road and the water.
      And opening up the tunnels between Dunedin and Mosgiel would be a wonderful project to see completed. It could be used by everyone from 6 to 86 and also promoted as an activity for tourists. Train out to Wingatui and cycle back on a hire bike, or vice versa. Or Dunedin families cycle out and back with lunch at half time. Yes it will cost something, but anything worthwhile has a cost.

    • Phil

      Have just traveled the Lumsden to Te Anau road that has the Southland multimillion-dollar cycleway running beside it. Yes there were cyclists, but you guessed it. They were all cycling on the roadway. Not one cyclist was using the cycleway. Another waste of millions on cyclists.

  4. Phil

    Talk is cheap Farmer. Who picks up the tab for all these cycleways? it falls back on the ratepayer and taxpayer. The only deposit we get from your so called ecotourism is that they shit where they like, as they won’t be back again. Get on your bike Farmer, travel around the tourist cycleway hotspots and have a look at the mess that these cheapo travelers leave behind.

  5. Phil

    Farmer. Your enthusiasm for cycleways, ecotourism etc,is a bit like free range eggs. Don’t always believe the bullshit on the packaging.

    • Farmer

      Gee Phil you have a fairly depressing outlook!!!
      I don’t only have enthusiasm for cycleways and ecotourism, but tourism in general. As I said it brings billions into the country (that fact can’t be denied) and like any business that is making you money, there has to be an investment back into infrastructure – some private funded and some public funded. Airports, roads, bridges, hotels, motels, tracks, tours, viewing platforms, toilets, restaurants, B&B’s, cafes etc etc. What do you suggest? Do nothing? Doing nothing isn’t standing still, it’s actually going backwards. And the good thing about ‘off the beaten track’ tourism is that it gives a heap of small rural communities a bite of the cherry. Again, you only have to look at the Rail Trail for proof of that.
      I’m not suggesting thousands of freedom campers leaving a mess behind. That is a separate subject all together. Ecotourism does not necessarily mean freedom campers. It also means organised tours catered, gear supplied, accommodation supplied etc.

      • Elizabeth

        Noted. Phil was out being a “domestic tourist” when he got rattled by the cyclists. Maybe he bought a coffee or an icecream somewhere.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Tourism may be bringing in money but it also relies on turning locals into low-paid casualised employees juggling several McJobs to try and make it through the week. The best thing cycleways – not the silly ones retrofitted into cities making already busy roads less safe for all – deliver is as Farmer says, viability of small communities. The failure of “move everything and everyone to Auckland” has become as glaringly obvious as sentient types predicted. Cities that grow beyond affordability are NOT success, socially or any other way.
        “That’s where the jobs are” – and hundreds more people applying for each one. “That’s where everything’s Happening!” but it takes hours to get from where you can afford to live to where it’s happening, you’re not earning enough to attend and anyway you’re working at one of your part-time on-call jobs.
        Norway and France, as examples, use subsidies to keep rural activities and populations going. They recognise the value to the whole country of widely defined Culture, so they don’t amalgamate landholdings then shut down large tracts of their countries and flog them off to overseas owners who then keep locals outside the fences. In NZ we need to keep the whole country alive and populated with NZers, whether born here or immigrants who come here with the firm desire to be NZers. Taking business out into the provinces is one way of doing that. Cycle trails appeal to NZers and tourists alike, they enrich the rural areas they go through not only through spending but also through bringing liveliness, conversation and delight to the locals who provide food, shelter and goods. Social enrichment results, and this is good. With luck teenagers no longer feel trapped in a place where everyone has known everyone since the year dot, that they can’t wait to escape, because the world comes visiting them, telling them how enviable their lifestyle is compared with “back home”!

        • Elizabeth

          At Facebook:


          Local government* would have to pay over a billion dollars to get facilities up to standard to cope with New Zealand’s freedom camping boom.

          [*Daaave weeps]

          Tue, 14 Mar 2017
          ODT: Local govt pushes for billion dollar tourism fund
          Local Government New Zealand estimates the country needs to plan for $1.38 billion of new public toilets, carparks, freedom camping facilities, footpaths and other basic infrastructure if the tourism industry is to keep up with booming arrival numbers. The call comes amid widespread news media reports of an international tourist relieving themselves in a Dunedin street and is accompanied by a call for urgent decisions both to allow councils to develop new funding sources beyond property rates and user-pays charges. The estimate covers requirements identified by local government over the next decade or so for tourism infrastructure that it agrees with the tourism industry should be paid for jointly by central and local government, and private tourism operators. NZME Cont/

      • Phil

        Well Farmer. It appears that I’ve got you on your bike, but you can stop pedalling tourist bullshit about the billions they bring into the country. Go visit ACC and find out about the billions that they cost the economy.
        Elizabeth. Coffee and icecream didn’t work, but half a bottle of Johnny Walker surely helped.

  6. Farmer

    Yes I will continue to say that tourism earns us billions of dollars Phil, cos thems is the facts. 99% of tourists DON’T crash their rental van, get lost in the bush or crap on the side of the road. They come here, travel around spending their holiday dollar and go home happy.

  7. Gurglars

    Lawrence Yule and his extraordinarily unelectable bunch of idiotii will do anything to tax you to transfer monies from the earned and the earners to the bureaucrats and naysayers. Do not fall for their thieving conniving wys. Better to give it to Bernie (madoff with your money) than this bunch of thieves looking for a cause to blind you into munificence.

  8. Phil

    Yule can’t supply clean water to his constituents but wants billions to look after tourist needs. Certainly got his priorities right.

  9. Hype O'Thermia

    Tourism includes NZers who “tour” at home instead of going abroad for holidays, keeping NZ money at home.
    And we all need toilets in addition to the ones in our homes and workplaces.
    Given the cruel gulf between comfy-to-rich compared with the payday to payday precariat, freedom camping by NZers is bound to increase far beyond the trampers who sleep in their car before setting off at sparrowfart in areas out of the popular tourist tracks.
    For sure there will be waste and extravagance as council wallies with too easy access to OP Money grandiose-ify toilets with materials far above the specs req’d for robust practicality – see facilities at Logan Park, described elsewhere (Elizabeth, can you link?) for examples. What is needed is hard-nosed supervision of those designing, OKing and constructing, not ignoring the need for facilities.

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