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Latest on Dunedin’s offshore oil and gas prospects

This has to be reason enough to challenge DCC’s proposed Dunedin Harbourside Plan Change in terms of purpose and extent.

Support existing businesses, including the engineering cluster, remaining on the harbourside for a very long time!

### ODT Online Fri, 26 Feb 2010
US giant joins Origin in oil, gas search
By Simon Hartley
United States-based giant Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is to contribute $US30 million ($NZ43.1 million) towards exploration of oil and gas prospects about 65km off the coast of Dunedin – with the possibility of a deep-water oil rig arriving next year. Australian-listed Origin Energy, which holds the exploration permit covering the Carrack and Caravel prospects, announced Anadarko’s 50% interest yesterday.
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What. Warming up bands for the (new) stadium enterprise, slowly.

@ForBarrStadium Check out The Black Seeds are coming to Dunedin next month to play at Carisbrook:) good times!! http://bit.ly/ddzAcq


### stuff.co.nz 26 Feb 2010
The Black Seeds at Carisbrook
The Black Seeds will play at Carisbrook as part of the Rebel Sport Super 14 billing on Saturday 20 March 2010. The concert will follow the Highlanders versus Sharks game. Tickets available now!

Tickets are on sale via TicketDirect and the usual local outlets”.

The Black Seeds are an 8-piece Wellington band that have carved out their reputation on the back of two double-platinum selling albums, and a masterful 8-piece live show regarded as one of the best in New Zealand.
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Port Otago: “Next generation” project


### ODT Online Sat, 27 Feb 2010
Port Otago proposing to deepen channel
By Simon Hartley
Port Otago’s up to $100 million plans for deepening 13km of the its shipping channel is its largest single capital expenditure project. Dredging began in 1866 and has since removed about 34 million cubic metres of spoil. Port reporter Simon Hartley looks at the reasoning behind, and the likelihood of opposition to, Port Otago’s latest plans.

Port Otago’s plans to deepen its shipping channel by 2m to 15m is essentially a future-proofing project so the port remains viable for major shipping lines. However, myriad environmental, recreational and commercial concerns may be raised because of the removal and disposal of up to 7.2 million cubic metres of a mix of sand and silt.
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• The assessment report is at www.portotago.co.nz

Next Generation Quick Links:
The Project
Project Consultative Group
Consent Documentation
Media Communications
Photo Gallery


### ODT Online Fri, 26 Feb 2010
$100m harbour plans revealed
By Simon Hartley
Information on plans for a restored beach near Harington Point, a $10 million wharf extension and a $100 million channel-deepening project was released by Port Otago yesterday.
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