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Stray letters received at What if?

Just watched TV news – would appear Canterbury, despite being successful are also suffering in a similar way to the ORFU – when will people realise that it is about how boring rugby is, not success, not lack of parochial spirit, but that rugby just isn’t our lives anymore if it ever was.
[from aggrievedandbored]

Dear Mr Reid and Mr Palenski, now that ORFU is a ratepayer subsidised professional sport would you please enlighten your compulsory supporters as to why you believe it is the recession and your players that are to blame for the result. I note that in a similar vein your northern neighbours are also in strife – bad season ticket sales, low turnout yet their team has performed admirably. Do we likewise need super hero cartoon characters larger than life too, then please get Tremain on the case. But maybe it is something else. Maybe like gladiatorial sports, rugby has had its day. Or shall we next blame the referees – especially those from England, or waitresses called Suzie…..
[from hardenup]


Dear Messrs Reid and Palenski, I somehow think Tremain might be a bit too sharp for you guys, but don’t shoot the messenger!…..
[from hardenup]

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Stadium images by Paul Le Comte (@five15design)

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@ForBarrStadium New pics of the construction site from Tuesday http://tr.im/NpK8

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John Key made NZ fall apart #FAIL

John Key decided not to challenge a generation of voters who are now rich because of the property boom and don’t want to give it up.

### NZ Herald Online 3:00 PM Tuesday Feb 9, 2010
Bernard Hickey: Leave the country now Gen X & Y
By Bernard Hickey
John Key has just sent Generations X and Y a clear message: Leave the country now. He may as well have directed those younger taxpayers who are stupid/poor/unlucky enough not to own property to the websites for AirNZ, PacificBlue and Jetstar and suggested they buy one-way tickets to Australia. He had a chance to follow up all the talk of real reform to create a ‘step change’. He had all the experts under the sun from inside and outside of government telling him he needed to do something. He commissioned reports. He talked a good game. Today he did nothing. He did worse than nothing. He shut down the debate.
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fubar website development

Tweet today…

Working on new website for Forsyth Barr Satdium [sic], hopefully up and running in the next couple of weeks:) if all goes well


Yikes, another message received for publication here:

Does the annual plan require to go through a public submission process before the extra $1.1 million is approved for DVML? If that is the case as i believe then why are they doing an interim site…. or is it that the funding is a fait accompli because of the Councillors already committed?
[from fuzzy]

Who dares answer this?

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What does Auckland City Council know that DCC doesn’t.


### ODT Online Tue, 9 Feb 2010
Eden Park redevelopment looking for $40m
Ratepayers are being asked to underwrite about $40 million to cover the cost of redeveloping Eden Park which is being revamped for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. NZPA
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### TVNZ News 8:06AM Tuesday February 09, 2010
Ratepayers to underwrite $40m park shortfall
Source: ONE News
There has been a breakthrough over who will pay the shortfall in funding for the Eden Park re-vamp. Auckland’s mayor’s look set to underwrite $40 million to complete the job in time for next year’s Rugby World Cup. The loan would also give the Eden Park Redevelopment Board time to find sponsorship, something that has proven difficult given the economic climate.
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DVML plans multi-agency bid for Wellington Sevens

### ODT Online Tue, 9 Feb 2010
Stadium boss checks the competition
By Chris Morris
[David] Davies, the chief executive of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) – which will run the Forsyth Barr Stadium – has confirmed he made a scouting trip to Wellington’s Westpac Stadium to watch the Sevens on Friday night.
DVML was … planning a multi-agency bid to try to poach the annual event from Wellington for the Forsyth Barr Stadium from 2012.
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Otago Rugby Football Union

### ODT Online Tue, 9 Feb 2010
By Steve Hepburn
Recession, results behind ORFU loss
The Otago Rugby Football Union has recorded an operating loss of more than $750,000 for the past year, with its chief executive blaming the recession and saying players had under-performed.

The total loss was $5.9 million, but that included a more than $4.5 million loss on the one-off sale of Carisbrook and the write-off of almost $650,000 in development work.

ORFU financial results
For past five years up to November 30

2005: $52,000 profit
2006: $1.14m loss
2007: $1.5m loss
2008: $467,000 loss
2009: $764,000 loss

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