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Stadium: CST labelled “either misleading or incompetent”

6.2.10 All is well. The ODT Online story is back, with the Clarification at end… Further $1.8 million for stadium

4.2.10 For further updates refer to comments on this thread.

3.2.10 Update. The ODT weblink to this story says “Access denied”.
Being of an older generation, my colleagues and I, let’s say, appraise daily online and print editions of the Otago Daily Times. We are fond of our local rag.

The online version might be blocked but the print version is alive and well and is now a collectible item. We have carefully plastered copies of the Wednesday, 3 February 2010 front page of the Otago Daily Times (note, the story continues on page 5) on our private walls and personal noticeboards all over town. Some have added the item to their stadium scrapbooks. Some of us at the council meeting took notes of councillors’ discussion, debate and emphatic statements.

The fact remains, of a councillor’s honest opinion – spoken in the public session of the Dunedin City Council meeting, held Tuesday 2 February, reconvened to consider the Pre-Draft Annual Plan 2010/11.

If there is a dispute or other over the way the Otago Daily Times represented the spoken word of the councillor in today’s newspaper, then the offended parties ought to let down their hackles.

As stated in the comments to this post… awaiting further developments.

[confession: we’ve moved our precious copies of front-page and page 5 news to safe and secure archives – they are, in a word, bunkered]


### ODT Online Wed, 3 Feb 2010
Further $1.8 million for stadium
By David Loughrey
The Forsyth Barr Stadium swallowed another $1.8 million yesterday, and the Carisbrook Stadium Trust and its consultants were labelled “either misleading or incompetent” for budgeting far less than that for the company set up to run it. Even Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) chief executive David Davies said some of the assumptions he had heard had been made before he arrived last year had been “optimistic”.

“Our belief is there is no second chance; if we get it wrong we will be forever condemned.”
-David Davies, Chief Executive, Dunedin Venues Management Ltd

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