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IRB has not requested 3-D coverage

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Rugby World Cup may be in 3-D, but not in NZ
By Tom Pullar-Strecker – The Dominion Post
The 2011 Rugby World Cup may be broadcast in 3-D, but if so, it will probably only be television viewers in Britain who will be able to watch.
Tournament director Kit McConnell says the International Rugby Board’s (IRB) contract with host broadcaster Sky Television does not provide for 3-D coverage.
But the IRB has yet to sign a contract with a broadcaster in Britain, which would probably bring its own cameras and might be interested in filming matches in 3-D.

“We have established ourselves as a global leader in terms of 3-D capability. With this amount of time and the resources that exist in New Zealand, why wouldn’t we be looking to be the first country in the world that runs a 3-D world event?”
-Brett O’Riley, New Zealand Information and Communications Technology Association (NZICT)

Televisions capable of showing programmes in 3-D are due to go on sale in New Zealand later this year.

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ODT: ‘voters expect a frugal council’

### ODT Online Mon, 8 Feb 2010
Editorial: A spendthrift tendency
Track Dunedin City Council rate increases over the past 15 years and a pattern emerges. As expected, most increases outstrip inflation levels. Councils have complained about being saddled with more responsibilities, major infrastructure upgrades have been required and it is the nature of local government to spend more and more. Empires built on other people’s money will expand without assiduous and active watchdogs. But less obvious is the effect of elections.

‘the post-election prospects for ratepayer purses are bleak’

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