John Key made NZ fall apart #FAIL

John Key decided not to challenge a generation of voters who are now rich because of the property boom and don’t want to give it up.

### NZ Herald Online 3:00 PM Tuesday Feb 9, 2010
Bernard Hickey: Leave the country now Gen X & Y
By Bernard Hickey
John Key has just sent Generations X and Y a clear message: Leave the country now. He may as well have directed those younger taxpayers who are stupid/poor/unlucky enough not to own property to the websites for AirNZ, PacificBlue and Jetstar and suggested they buy one-way tickets to Australia. He had a chance to follow up all the talk of real reform to create a ‘step change’. He had all the experts under the sun from inside and outside of government telling him he needed to do something. He commissioned reports. He talked a good game. Today he did nothing. He did worse than nothing. He shut down the debate.
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