### ODT Online Sat, 28 Mar 2009
Rugby: Highlanders stun Bulls 36-12

Home is where the heart is but the Highlanders saved their very best for neutral territory, hammering the Bulls 36-12 in a major Super 14 rugby boilover at Palmerston North today.

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### stuff.co.nz Last updated 19:21 28/03/2009
Highlanders win in Super 14 boilover

By MARC HINTON – Rugbyheaven

On the field and in the stands, it was a day for southern men to rejoice. Not only did the good folk of the Manawatu, and its environs, come to the party in a big way – with a splendid crowd of just under 10,000 – but the Highlanders honoured them with a massive performance to upset the Bulls who were 5-0 and looking, er, unbeata-Bull before hitting this blue and gold brick wall.

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One response to “Highlanders TOTALLY EXCEL

  1. Corbin Jennings

    I’ve been a Highlander’s enthusiast for a few years now. The fact I struggle to feel any ties to any Australian side meant my alligences have fallen to the Highlanders over the past 2-3 years.

    They did the right thing about 2 years ago in clearing out all the dead wood and replacing them with young players with an eye for the future and the fruit is becoming ripe for picking!

    Bowden is a fantastic talent and I think he could be a bolter for the All Blacks this year or if not sometime in the hopefully not too distant future. Pity he is heading back to Auckland though! Michael Witt is also an excellent player and a fine replacement who will thrive in the Air New Zealand Cup with Otago and 2010 Super 14.

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